Roles Reversed Ch. 01Roles Reversed Ch. 01


She watched him from the couch, with her headphones on, with some concern. His head was turned, but she could see his form under the sheets straining. Was it the sleep apnea, that kept her up at night, or some other thing?

All of the sudden his back arched up off the bed and he inhaled explosively; she pulled her headphones off and started to come off the couch as he settled back down.


His eyes still closed and his chest still heaving, he managed to grunt out.

“Come back to bed.”

She was uncertain, but he didn’t seem distressed-

“Naked.” He said it definitively and her eyebrows raised.

“What is-” she started.

“Need you. Naked. Now.”

“But,” she trailed off.

He struggled with the sheets, pulling them off his body. She thought she was getting the picture when the sheets revealed his cock, exposed through the hole in the briefs. It pulsed with his heartbeat, and each vein distended, the head red and tight, the briefs tightly constricting the base of his length. Looked painful, she thought, her eyes slowly moving back to his.


She could hear the ankara escort need in his voice; she drew her shirt over her head. She watched him drink her in, the way her nipples tightened in the cool air blowing from the fan, eliciting a groan from him. His hardness flexed, and she drew down her underwear and slid onto his side of the bed, between his legs. The puppy grumbled, hopping off the bed to assume her warm spot on the couch.

“That looks painful,” she said.

“You have no idea,” he bit off.

She moved up further between his legs, and reached out to touch him. It was burning hot in her hand and harder than she had ever felt it. He shivered the way she loved, and to elicit another, she brought her mouth down on the head of his cock without warning. Every muscle in his body tightened and he shivered again. She felt the tingle begin between her thighs as he shivered under her ministrations.

“Oh, fuck.” he breathed.

Her lips parted around his member, her tongue danced under the head. He gasped, breathing shallowly, trying desperately to keep from thrusting his hips. She worked her ankara escort bayan hand up and down his length, his heat warming her palms, as she coated him. Pulling her mouth from him, she slowly jacked him, watching his body shake with each pass.

“I’m not sure I’m helping.. ” she teased, watching him dance.

He almost whimpered. As soon as he started to reply, she sucked him back into her mouth, her hand trailing down to his balls, trapped in the briefs.

Whatever he was going to say came out as an incoherent gasp…

Enjoying the way he jerked about like he was attached to a live wire, she fluttered her tongue against the underside of his cock.


He was long past coherence. Hot and hard in her mouth, she decided to free him from the briefs. Not only were they constricted around the base of him, they’d twisted and tightened every part of him. Pulling her mouth from him she tried to slide them down, but they were tangled, so she just yanked them off over his length. His member slapped against his stomach, wet and shiny in the midmorning sun. The tingle between her escort ankara thighs had graduated into wet, watching him fall apart under her ministrations. She made as if to slide up his legs to push his cock inside her, when his hands caught her shoulders.

“You know the rules. You come first, and often, always,” he whispered.

She decided the rules didn’t apply today and firmly wrapped her hand around his dick, followed by her lips. She pumped him mercilessly, long wet strokes, palms fluttering across his impossible firmness, tongue dancing across his head, lips wrapped tight around his length.

“Rules be damned, you’re coming first this time. I want you–“

She stroked him in earnest now, faster, slickly, watching him jerk around under her hand.

“– to come in my mouth.” She plunged him back in deeply.

Almost immediately he cried out, and exploded in her mouth, four fast spurts that overwhelmed her lips, his come leaking down his shaft and running down his balls. She could feel his heartbeat on her tongue, hammering fast, as he was gasping for air.


Now he was at his most sensitive, her favorite time, and she made the most of it, letting the rest of his come coat her palm to stroke him, and watched him writhe and twist and cry out. She tickled his thighs with her hair, snaking her tongue out periodically to lick him and make him twitch.

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