The Smith Family: Part 1The Smith Family: Part 1


Austin Smith was jacking off to porn after school on a Thursday afternoon. He was just about to come when he heard his stepmom, Sandra, walking towards his room. “Damn.” Austin thought as he closed his computer and pulled up his pants, right as his stepmom walked in to get his laundry. “Dinner’s in five.” she said, as she walked out. But Austin paid no attention to her words. All his focus was on Sandra’s ass. She was wearing yoga pants and a sports bra. Even though Austin had his own girlfriend, Ali, it was still hard to take his eyes off of Sandra. It wasn’t the first time he had admired his stepmom’s body. Austin’s dad, Carl, remarried after his first wife left Austin, Claire (his older sister) and Carl. It had been nearly ten years since then (Austin is now seventeen) and Carl had married Sandra only two years ago. While Carl was forty Escort Bahçelievler eight, Sandra was only thirty two and extremely hot. She had wavy brown hair down to her ass, perfect blue eyes, 38D tits and the nicest, roundest ass Austin had ever seen. As soon as Sandra closed the door he went to finish what he started, only this time to Sandra’s body and not porn. — Later that evening at dinner, the three family members, with Claire being at college, sat and had a normal conversation; until the end of the meal. “My company wants me to go to China for a little while. Three and a half weeks actually.” Carl announced. “When do you leave?” Austin questioned. “Three days.” he replied. Austin was shocked. Not because his dad was going on another trip, but due to the fact that his birthday was Bahçeşehir escort in five days and it would mean that his dad would miss it for the third year in a row! — The next day, Austin could not keep his mind off the fact that his dad would miss his birthday. It wasn’t until eighth period that he was able to let off some steam. “Meet me in the secret spot.” Ali texted. Earlier in the year, the two had found an empty classroom that was unused because grades six through eight had split off from the high school into their own building. The room was perfect, they could lock the door from the inside and close all the blinds. When Austin got permission to “go to the bathroom”, he made his way to the room and found her waiting inside. Ali was a natural blonde,very short and had perfect breasts even Bakırköy escort bayan though they weren’t huge. As soon as he walked in, Ali locked the door and began to unbutton Austin’s pants without saying word. She pulled out his cock and began to stroke it thoroughly, up and down until it became hard. She then proceeded to slowly lick it back and forth before suddenly popping the whole thing inside her mouth. Enjoying every minute of it, Austin began to relax. It felt so good. Her soft lips on the outside, going from the tip of his dick, all the way down to the base, while her tongue was constantly playing with the nerves on his head. Soon enough, Austin began to feel his cum building up. “I’m about to shoot!” Austin exclaimed, but she just kept on going. As he came, she sucked it all in getting every last drop. One of the best parts about Ali’s blow jobs was how she always swallowed. All of it. Leaving nothing behind. As quickly as they started, they finished and Austin went back to class with a clear head, but a small part of him wanted more. He and Ali were both virgins, and while they had oral sex multiple times, they never had full intercourse.

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