Never Too Old To LearnNever Too Old To Learn


Steve and I were in our early sixties the year we won the lotto. Not one of the big prizes mind you but Fifty thousand dollars after all the taxes were paid. When you had raised a family of four on twenty thousand a year and sent them all to collage it was a treasure.

We went together to collect our money. We put thirty thousand away for our retirement and then we each took ten thousand dollars. That was our no need to explain money.

I went out and bought Steve that fishing boat and motor he wanted. It wasn’t new and it wasn’t huge but now my Steve could fish in style. I liked that idea my Steve fishing in comfort and style. He was so happy he went and took a long shower and put on that after-shave that drove me crazy. I knew what that meant “little Stevie” wanted to get happy tonight too.”

Sex at our age is iffy at the best of times. Thanks to Viagra it’s better then it used to be. I had bought some stuff too, so after we cuddled for awhile with Steve nibbling on me and me asking him if “I looked like a chocolate bar.” He always answered the same “Nope, but sweet enough to eat” and then he did. I surprised him. I left him with a beer and a promise and went to shower.

I had bought some stuff too, and was hoping my Steve wouldn’t laugh at me. Instead of wearing the woolen long nighty with the buttons up to my neck, I was going to wear something sexy. I had purchased a Victoria’s Secrets sexy long silk red nightgown with a low neck and a long slit that showed my legs when I moved, and some very sexy thong panties to match. My Steve is a panties man. Some expensive perfume too. It smelled good and the nightgown made me feel about twenty.

Returning to the living room, I turned on the radio. Once I found my music, I slowly İkitelli Escort stripped off my robe revealing my new silky nightgown. When I saw “little Stevie”, jerk, and get fatter around I knew I was on the right track.

When Steve caught sight of the panties he did more then just give me a whistle. He came to me and sliding down my body removed them with his teeth. Never in our whole-married life had he done something like that and then he licked me there. Oh wow what a feeling that was for me. I pulled his head into my body whispering “Please don’t stop”.

He kept it up until weak kneed and coming in the biggest climax of my married life, I had to sit myself down.

Steve he got the old Polaroid and started snapping pictures. Good thing they were instant. Some of the things he had me do our druggist would have had a heart attack when the pictures came in.

I didn’t know my Steve had such ideas. I even took pictures of him. That was the fattest and hardest I had seen “little stevie” in years. and he hadn’t even taken any magic pills.

After the picture taking was done he pulled me onto the rug by the fireplace and pushed me up on my hands and knees. I looked over my shoulder to see what was up and he shoved into me so deep I felt his balls tickling my ass.

In forty years of wedded bliss, Mr. Missionary had never done anything like this in his life. I felt another orgasm coming on and he grabbed my hips and started pumping every now and then smacking my ass hard enough to make me yelp and yet it wasn’t really hurting it was making me hotter and wilder.

Usually I have to stay really still when he pumps so he doesn’t fall out even with the pill, not tonight he was King Kong lord of Escort İkitelli his jungle and taking his mate. I started to come and he joined me. Finished climaxing he just collapsed next to me. The thunder of his heart had me worried he would have a heart attack.

Instead as he recovered he pinched my ass and said, ” We need to do that at least once a week woman.” I could only nod in agreement. Life indeed was looking up.

I was so happy I did something I have waited all my married life to do. I slithered down and took ‘little stevie” into my mouth. My girlfriends talk about it at the bar all the time. How it gets their men hot and stiff again how good, it feels. I figured I like it why won’t he, but he had never let me do it to him. I think its cause sometimes “little stevie” doesn’t work so well and that is embarrassing to him.

Anyway, I did it. Tonight he sighed and pushed into my mouth. I kept doing it. He started to harden up and then to lengthen and pretty soon I couldn’t keep it all inside me so I wrapped my hands around it and moved them up and down as I sucked. When I felt him quivering and his balls tightening, I stopped.

“Steve does this mean we can do it again?”

He looked grinned and said, ” appears so get on”

It took me a minute or so to realize he wanted me to get on top of him.

“Oh did that feel good. On top of him, he touched every sweet spot I had. Every movement felt good. Perched on top of him I was moving up and down like on a Merry-go-round horse. I could touch him and me anywhere and everywhere. I was in heaven until I got to thinking. “Who the hell was the bimbo teaching my Steve all this stuff?”

I stopped dead and hit him hard. “Alright Casanova İkitelli Escort Bayan “who’s the bimbo?”

He looked dumbstruck. “Bimbo? what are you talking about you daffy woman?

Keep in mind I was still riding his cock, which was rapidly getting soft and mushy so I started moving again as I hit him harder. “Tell me Mr. Frisky have I got surprises for you new positions, new ideas. Where did they all come from if not a woman?”

He laughed “You daft old woman, let me up and I will show you.” I did.

He went to his dresser and came up with four of those xxx rated movies. “From these. Why would I go looking for another woman when I already have the best one at home?”

I was sniffling by then so he came and wrapped his arms around me.” I had made “Little stevie” soft again so I pulled him to me and took him deep into my mouth until he pulled out and pushed me flat. “Back to the old standby daft woman” and slid inside me. It only took minutes and we were climaxing again. It was wonderful old position or not.

Later much later we put in a tape as he told me how he sent for them to get some ideas to help “little stevie” satisfy me. He was afraid I would look somewhere else if he didn’t. As if with all the twenty year olds around any one would want me.

I was amazed at the movies not much on dialogue but I didn’t know men and women could do some of those things to each other and I got to thinking he has always had a fancy for my girlfriend Delores. She has been a widow for over two years and is horny. I wonder what old Steve and “little stevie” would do if we both attacked them. I smiled at him.

“Old man lets go to bed and dream about the possibilities.” He looked at me kind funny and said “what are you thinking woman, I can see your brain working from here.” I just kissed him and said “Wait and find out. Have I ever disappointed you yet?”

While that’s another story. There was that time in Chicago but we never talk about that anymore.

April 14,2002

Copyright no reproduction without permission

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