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“He has beautiful cock,” I said, practically drooling.“Uh-huh,” my fellow voyeur said as he pursed his lips and turned up his nose. “But, he smells a bit.”The plump prissy queen, then summarily left the viewing room after his evaluation was finalized, in a plume of designer cologne. Goodness knows how this evaluation got conducted before I arrived in the room.From the muted and reflective light of the television screen, I had a good view of the ‘odourous’ rough white trash, who’s eyes were glued to the television screen. From his salacious grin, as he watched the porn movie entranced, I could see that he had a missing upper, secondary incisor tooth to the left.The missing tooth only enhanced his hillbilly scruffiness on his handsome face. Trev, short for Trevor, as I would later learn, was in his mid-thirties. The t-shirt he was wearing was pulled halfway up his stomach, and his shorts and underpants had been pushed halfway down his thighs as he lustfully toyed with his large uncut cock. As I alternated my glances between the screen and his active hand, I could tell, despite the dim illumination, that he had a rough, workman’s hand.What my perfumed advisor hadn’t realized was that guys like Trev were fantasy in my life. Of course, I had no plans of hanging out with filthy homeless guys, but the ‘luxury’ of an odd bit of skank was like a delicacy to me.Not wishing to be too forward, I sat down two seats away from him. Trev was oblivious to me as he magnetically focussed on the screen. Although Trev looked like a straight guy, with him being in the gay viewing room that was showing a gay porn movie, I surmised that he batted for the same team as me.Because of the distance between us, I quietly commenced sniffing to see if the perfumery queen had made an accurate assessment. I, truthfully, couldn’t detect an off-putting odour.As we sat watching the onscreen action for the next several minutes, Trev hardly acknowledged my existence.Next, Trev got up and pulled his trousers up and t-shirt down, before departing. Disheartened, I quickly followed to see where he was going. To my further dismay, I then observed him leaving through the entrance to the back area.To fully put readers in the picture, let me briefly explain where I was. I was in a branch of a well-known adult franchise. There were dozens of these branches scattered all around the country, and this was the one I liked best. Because of the business I worked in, it allowed me the opportunity of travelling all over the place and therefore, was able to visit many of their stores. isvecbahis For whatever reason, this branch was always the one where I enjoyed the best success. Additionally, it was only a one-hour drive away from my home.These stores were fairly similar as far as layout was concerned. In front of the store they sold DVDs and sex toys, but the back area was where all the heavenly M2M action took place.The back area’s all had individual viewing booths, a glory-hole section, stalls with bunks and mattresses to fornicate on, and usually two cinema areas, one for straight movies, and the other for gay movies.I cannot attest to a demographic breakdown of the customers, but from my personal experiences, I can only say that I found that most of my encounters were with bisexual/married guys, who used these places for an escape from their humdrum heterosexual existences. These stores, of course, we’re also like a paradise for gay guys like me.After the disappearance of Trev, I disappointedly walked toward the glory-hole section to see if my luck would change. I approached the small flight of stairs leading to the raised platform that serviced the glory-hole cubicles. As I scanned the space above the cubicles for the heads of guys waiting to be orally serviced, regrettably, there were none. All the stall doors were also slightly ajar, meaning that there were no men were waiting to suck dick.As I was processing this information, a bulky young guy that I had previously had a few assignations with, passed by me with a smile of recognition and entered the furthest stall with a ‘come-on’ look on his face. I, naturally, took up the invitation.I had never learned what his name was but had enjoyed my trysts with him in the past. ‘Nameless’ had a lovely plump cut dick that I had sucked and got fucked by in the past. What I had always liked about him, was that he was very affectionate and loved kissing.Predictably, once we had dispensed with our trousers and shirts and hung them over the hooks provided in these stalls, I was soon in his meaty embrace. The kissing, as always, was sensual and very enjoyable.Following that, I was shortly on my knees sucking him off. Later, once my body was lifted and turned, my arse got plowed. Throughout, he caressed my head and then my body, as he went about his pleasure. He also kissed me on my shoulders and neck continuously, as he fucked my arse.Our get-togethers never lasted too long, and in my head, I always imagined that he was a closeted guy who still lived with his parents.After another splendid interaction, isveçbahis giriş Nameless got on his way.As I dawdled in the cubicle, slowly getting dressed, the minimal light emanating from the glory-hole aperture went dark as a magnificent uncut dick slithered through the opening. Having forgone Nameless’ offer to suck my dick, I was still fully loaded and horny.When I took hold of the glorious phallus and moved my mouth closer, my nostrils were infused with a collection of masculine smells. I could smell aged piss topping an unwashed dick, and a combination of weed and tobacco. Although many men and women would find this a turn-off, my prediction for skank made my mouth water. I simply couldn’t wait to unfurl his foreskin in the hope that further pleasure would follow. As I did so, my olfactory sense was not let down as the bouquet of his rank cock-head materialized.Much as I was eager to taste the tangy flavours, my nose won the war over my mouth for the next minute or so, as I toyed with his cock as sniffed to my heart’s content. When my taste buds could no longer wait, my mouth sprang into action.I couldn’t help wondering as I did so if Trev had possibly made a miraculous return.This wonderful fact was soon confirmed when the cock mysteriously disappeared from the hole and a face appeared at the opening. It was indeed Trevor!“Listen, buddy, hold your head still at the hole and let me do the thrusting until I stop, then your head can take over again. When I tap on the top of the stall, then hold still again, and so on,” Trev concluded.“Okay,” I readily agreed.Shortly, we were well underway.What I didn’t realize at this point, was the ordeal that lay ahead for me., Trev thrust before I sucked, over and over, as Trev continuously tapped for the next twenty minutes. By then, my mouth was worn out and sore, and I simply couldn’t take any more.After my service ended and my mouth withdrew, Trev’s face once more appeared at the hole.“What’s wrong, buddy?” he asked.“My mouth is exhausted,” I informed him.“Okay… then meet me at the bottom of the stairs once you have dressed,” Trev informed me.Generally, one encounters two types of men at these glory-holes. The first, are there to get their rocks off, and cum in your mouth between two to five minutes later. The second type, I refer to as the ‘variety seekers.’ They will face-fuck you for a few minutes, before moving on to find another mouth to fuck. Trevor, however, introduced me to a third kind that day, and my mouth and throat were exhausted afterward.“So, I fucked isveçbahis yeni giriş your face ragged,” Trev exclaimed with a look of pride on his face as I joined him.“You sure did,” I replied.“Well, come with me so you can relax a bit,” Trev said as he motioned me down the passage where all the private viewing booths were. When we got to the end booth, he produced a key and unlocked the door.“Did you rent this cubicle?” I asked.“Nah… I have a deal with the guy at the counter. I supply him with weed and he lets me use this booth for free,” he answered.The cubicle at the end was far larger than the others en route and had a bunk with a synthetic covered mattress.“Let’s get naked and relax on the bunk,” Trev then suggested.Once we were naked, I got my first real look at Trev. He was around six-foot-one-inch-tall and lithe. Although he had a beautifully proportioned body, there were insect bites and scrapes all over his arms and legs, from the gardening that he predominantly performed for a living. His rough skin was weather-beaten and his hands and feet were unkempt. Fortunately, his nails and toenails were short-clipped, but not to any professional pedicurist’s standards.Trev now embraced my body and commenced kissing me. As he did so, I could tell that his body odour wasn’t fresh, as the plump queen had advised me, and it was clear that his natural body juices had been stewing for a few days.“You smell great,” I uttered, as my partiality to skanky men overwhelmed my olfactory senses.“Ha… That’s not what the fat queen from earlier thought,” he said with a snigger.“What happened?” I innocently asked.“Well, after he sat next to me and gave me the eye after drooling over my dick, I invited him to suck my cock. Upon lowering his head, however, the little shit jumped up and moved away, telling me that I stink,” Trev informed me.“Fuck him,” I replied.“Yeah… So, you like skanky guys,” he then inquired.“Fuck, yeah,” I lustfully replied.“That’s my boy,” Trev countered, before asking, “So, what’s your name?”“Matthew,” I responded.“I’m Trevor, but everyone calls me Trev,” he informed me. “Well Matt, let’s lie down for a while, so your mouth can fully recover,” Trev then suggested.After we got on the bunk, Trev became very chatty. The information that followed, however, had its ups and downs.Trev told me that he lived in a flatlet on an old woman’s property, where he lived rent-free because he did all her gardening on Saturdays. Besides that, he did a lot of odd jobbing, mostly gardening, and had acquired some valuable clients. Upon inviting Trev to elaborate, he told me about two gay guys he did gardening for every two weeks, who were into fisting and water sports. The next story about a straight couple whom he had done carpentry for, however, sent chills down my spine.

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