Subject: A Hot Red Haired: A Hot Red Deel Chapter 1 (Revised) A Hot Red Haired By: Kick Barber (M/t, oral) ============================================================ Disclaimer/Warning: This story graphically depicts sex among males. If you are underage to read this where you live, or offended by the idea of this, what are you even doing here? Go! This story is a complete work of fiction. It contains however much memorable aspects. This story is about boys in their teens; m/t. ============================================================ A Hot Red Hottie I’m Alex, math teacher at school and tutor of students. Like 15 year old student Sam, a hot red haired beauty. Sam didn’t fit in the normal bunch of boys. Boys who liked football (or pretended to…) Boys not able to accomplish interest in academic skills. Boys careful how to dress, to talk all confirming the rule of the day. Claiming to be boring up to date. But looking like all the other imitators without a trace of individual taste. Sam was different and to make it worse Sam was red haired. And loved to change his hairstyle pretty often to look sharper. Yes, an outsider, but it he was not concerned about his position. And since everyone knew that boy like that for ages, was not to disturbe, so they accepted the boy in the group and left him out the same time. Not being associated with the other students, Sam often stayed after school to finish some work, or give a hand in tighten up the classroom at the end of the day. Boys hanging around me a little longer wasn’t new; sometimes strange sparkles seemed to jump over being with me. Careful students might have noticed a bump sign. When Sam stayed it was even worse. I looked at my best in tight clothing, showing my muscled outfit. Without boosting myself: I could be compared with hot porno hunks. Last time Sam mentioned his hair color after a geography lesson, It was about Ireland and the Irish looks: red. He was amused to be considered Irish now since his red hair mop. I was already triggered by that part of this slender beauty kid. Red hotties always triggered me. And sure this red hottie, modelling it hotter every time during class. So I asked him if he felt bad about that color. Like being afraid not being attractive for the girls. To my great surprise, being red did worry him, being not attractive. But on the other hand girls didn’t interest him that much. I felt a task coming up: let the boy know he is not only good looking, but even looking very, very hot! Not a message like a compliment about new shoes. Or like a grade on your list. I remembered my collection of Newstar model Richie III. Thinking of this red-haired boy pics and looking at Sam, caused me to shift things in my pants. I mentioned the boy to Sam, calling Richie ‘a former student’, A good looking red haired ‘who had become a successful model’. ‘May be’, I carefully mentioned, ‘I might have some pics somewhere’. And, yes, Sam reacted curious: Could he see it? Sam came so close I felt his breath and his boyish smell. Now I had a problem, besides hiding my raising lid. Those pics were different from a kids’ fashion page. Like in a dull ladies’ glossy. And showing a model-boys site on the classroom computer, would be suicide. I promised to search into my computer and promised to send Sam a mail with an attachment. There should be at least one or two decent pics I carefully considered. When Sam left, a sultry atmosphere filled the room. And some release in my pants. Back at home my first run was straight at the computer. I had to find fast a suitable picture to send to Sam. Using the school mailing system wasn’t the right way. So I sent an update about malatya escort homework for Sam’s class. I added the remark to mail me if there are questions. I hoped Sam would understand to respond with his private mail address ‘by accident ‘ not using our school mail. And right I was, he soon responded through his private mail. Now I could send him the two, oh so, decent Richie III pics. I promised to ask -‘my former student’- more pics. I pretended I had to find out how to get in touch. Like chatting, Sam immediately responded with a ‘ yes please ‘. I took some time to give the impression of searching the net. Enjoying once more those pics of the model-boy, imagining Sam once doing the same as Richie. Ten minutes later, as if I succeeded getting in touch, I sent another two pics to Sam. I mentioned that the model career of this boy looked `strange’. Like it had to be to impress young girls. I asked if Sam should be interested in those sexy shots…. A super quick answer caused presenting more swimming trousers, Later also shorts to follow and even a peep hole between legs…. A boy now seemed to be getting excited. He was clearly showing his interest for these pictures. Not realizing his teacher learned more about his pupil drive. Or belonged also to his attitude: When he liked something, he just goes for it, whatever you think? The pics -still decent and little less- got more, the conversation got less… Till I mentioned that also Sam could be a model, A model like that and make money. It triggered the boy right away. Either he needed money urgently or wanted to show off too. Did I know an agency like that he could turn to, even might he meet that Richie boy? Boy, he must have been in a hot state getting me involved in his wishes. I carefully considered my next step, trying not to show my eagerness but playing a fatherly advising role. The last neutral step I could imagine was to advise to make pics first, to present an agency. And then he asked me to name a photographer who would like to help. I took the BIG step: I didn’t know one, of course, but if he wanted, maybe I could help out? I could show him all the Richie pics I found. We could discuss what kind of them he would like to imitate. His response was ‘of course’ as if he already made up his mind. To involve me in his new next stage of puberty. We agreed a photo session that very next day, a Saturday afternoon we both had plenty of time. I told him to be aware of his clothing to look suitable. Suitable for an agency like Richard’s! We shut down or conversation after sending him another more pics. Even hotter…. Now it left me little time to rearrange my computer room. It had to become a suitable place to take hot pics and more… Taking things out, install lights and a huge colored sheet. Studying all the model boys pics for years had made me aware. How to create such a porn studio. To seduce a hot redhaired sexy boy. The next morning I rushed to finish the room. Beside the computer desk I installed a large comfortable couch. Fitness items were put in a corner. A blue sheet was covering one wall as if it always had been there. It all fitted excellent with the couch in front of it. It looked as if the study room had been looking like that for years. The preparations made my heart and other parts getting excited. But how to seduce Sam if he only was interested in boys of his age? Like the sexy model boys or …. Is he only interested in himself like a narcissist? Thinking of that, I also put up a toilet table with a mirror. Hardly ready with that rearranging, the doorbell rang. Yes, it was Sam and yes, he looked as sharp I’d never seen him before. maltepe escort He was definitely not created for the other sex! Self-confident as always he entered my house. Already showing some twink behavior. As if he was to become the star boy model of the century. And I think he was. And yes, a narcissist too, at the first mirror he fixed himself. Once more he wanted to see himself handsome, totally in love with himself. He was ready for it, he declared. So was I, but for another type of sport. I figured out to do the modelling session quite neutral, really as a help for one of my students. Leaving out my own desires in the beginning. Showing well prepared pics of hot boy models should trigger Sam. Then leave him alone with his irrevocable boiling lust feelings. I was gonna find out how he was gonna deal with that. We took some drinks along upstairs. No time to waste any more. The boy was surprised to see my fitness room. `Did I take here those Richie pics’, he wondered. I almost said: I wished that. No I didn’t make pics here, here I developed my muscles. I showed my arm. And more lower strong muscles. He didn’t hesitate to punch me right away. I didn’t hesitate to lift him up and put him on the couch. We were already at the point of physical contact. A boyish tickle fight? No objection. Soon after that I started showing Richie and other boy models. I turn on the beamer and showed them huge. I mentioned special all their positions. So we started to imitate those stands And not later we started to make the pictures. I showed some of those boys teasingly lowering part of their underwear. Sam didn’t mind to do the same. Slowly I started commenting Sam’s looks comparing them. Like: your bottom is just sharper(meaning sexier) Or you look is so much more challenging. And: if I sell these pics I become a millionaire and you too. It all made him to exaggerate the positions and his looks. Every once in a while he jumped to the mirror, And made himself another style of hair with the help of nearby gel. Together we looked in between the results the first shots. It made him telling himself how to improve some of them. And then do it again, different hair, less clothes. Lower looks in(to) the shorts, half pulled up shirt. Since there was only one chair for the computer he just sat in my lap. He wanted to see and also manage the pics taken. Or wanted to feel me close by… It was quite a burden for a certain grown friend being close to its target. Still no mention was made of any lust feeling. But the air and his behavior pointed to only one single road to heaven. Only waiting for one of us to start this next chapter. And it wasn’t gonna be me, staying the professional but helpful teacher…. When became we tired of the photo-shoot ? Was it possible to take another picture we didn’t make already?- At last I showed some videos of our beloved model boys. Teasingly slow exercises on the fitness things. If this was going to be Sam’s next project I’d probably not survived it. Again we touched and I let my hands sensually travel down, I raised his T-shirt up to strike his belly and… Like a lamb person Sam leaned into me waiting for some more cuddles. I bowed to untie a belt (to smell his cross area of course), Then he felt limp over my shoulder. Again I lifted the newborn star to the couch. When I laid him down, his arms strongly gripped my waist. He surely gripped me to have me lowered over him. Without any saying I positioned myself over the shivering boy. He must have known that this moment was coming: It was needing me to comfort him in his tensed situation. To help his unfulfilled urge to have it all mamak escort come out. Even some little padding made him react like mad. He only whispered ‘more’ and ‘do it.’ I’m always convinced you should be there for your students. If they need your help, you should not ignore him. So what could I do? Slowly I took the shirt over his head. Treated the shivering boy with a tit massage. Kisses, stroking, pinching, biting softly. Lowering hands playing the now loose waistband of the shorts, teasingly above his crown jewel. But it was Sam now who lowered his shorts, taking my hands towards his love pistol. So it left me still satisfying my student’s needs, wherever he wanted it and increasing his needs. To my surprise he strongly pulled my shirt, even ripped the thing. Next he tried to lower my shorts, with my help it took seconds. So I landed on him and we were bare in touch. Now not only our breasts intermingled. Or secret weapons got also acquainted. Our faces so close needed a place to touch too. His tongue kissing me betrayed some prior knowledge. Which was alright with me. Slowly our attention was to become focused on lower parts, Two swollen members of the fun factory were ready to get loose. Sam appeared to be a proud possessor of a sturdy right up 10 cm. His hands joined the two in an overture for a great play and finale. Meanwhile my hands enjoyed his firm buttocks and its gate. Preparing more feasts to come internal. Knowing the speed young boys wanted to fulfill their screw, I didn’t hesitate to treat his prick with a good suck. Meantime accompanied with my fingers somewhere inside. The poor boy gasped for air and moaned a song. It could enter the top ten of a pop hit list. He was close to orgasm, I felt all spasms of pleasure. Still I waited to go over the top. Despite his pleading to get it `done’ I tried suck him slowly. At last he did emptie all he could, wildly shocking… It was my favorite drink a last…. Young boys sperm do taste so much nicer and fresh! I took my time to comfort the boys first encounter with me, wondering how often and with whom he did it before. I still guessed I was the first grown up he felt for. Laying limp and dull I managed to turn the boy to explore my way in. Treating, licking and kissing his bottom made the boy awakening fast. His giggling betrayed his recovery and like all those youngsters, his fast recovering lust feelings. It looked like his prick never had lowered. Nowadays boys are often warned to take care for us. But doesn’t that awakens their curiosity even more? Take care of what? Oh, some men like to fill your butt. Eighh! Why do they want that, is it so nice? How would that feel? The rascal even took my prick, he was a pro sucker. I had to get rid of my load soon. Yes Sam, now you go to feel it. I couldn’t stop. Holding the boy knees over my shoulder, kissing firmly, my prick slowly lowered in laughing, crying Sam. Slowly entering and changing positions. It was not hard to manage to pump my load in my new boy model star. It was clearly not the first time for Sam, but surely his first adult prick! He wrangled his butt, milking mine endless huge sperm fountain. Exhausted we enjoyed a calm finishing our first hot date. And the camera still buzzed. Making a video of a narcissist little red haired devil. It was his initiation in the world of real men and sexual pleasure. A happy boy left my house, promising hot times to follow! I was lucky to have been helpful one of my students. On his path to real life. And a video to enjoy and share with hot b.l. colleagues in the world. next part 2: Red hottie cannot stop. Alex and Sam are also to be met in the story `a young romance’ (highschool) where sissyboy Matthew meets them. After being with Alex, experienced Sam helps Mathews’ awakening. Any ideas for more little new friends? Write me, kickbarber: ail And also don’t forget to help financially to keep this treasure of stories. fty/donate.html

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