Rewiring–A New Radical Theraputic ApproachRewiring–A New Radical Theraputic Approach


Rewiring–A New Radical Theraputic ApproachWith so much emphasis on sex crimes and sexual indiscretions these days, it might make sense for society to re-evaluate its typical response when a male commits what is generally considered a sex crime. I refer to male offenders because females very rarely commit such acts. I believe it is time to take a much more enlightened and effective approach to addressing these offenders’ behavior and their relative danger to society. Until the psychological underpinnings and consequent behaviors are permanently changed, these offenders cannot truly be considered rehabilitated.It is pretty much universally conceded that sex crimes are not primarily about sex, but about power. The offender exerts his perceived power or superiority over the female victim he regards as powerless to stop him, and achieves gratification in imposing his power over her. It is quite clear that he has an obviously skewed thought process about females, seeing them as objects to be taken and conquered rather than the equal or even superior human beings they are in reality. Consequently, a strong, consistent and dynamic bahis siteleri theraputic approach is necessitated to reverse these harmful and destructive ideas.Once the offender is discovered and taken into custody, a thorough evaluation is done and in most (perhaps just about all) cases the following procedures are initiated. First, his bedroom is outfitted with a camera/voice system with which the (necessarily female) sex clinician can monitor him. A device (controlled by the clinician) is installed in this room that the offender attaches to his erect penis at the direction of the clinician. This device incessantly and relentlessly pumps and sucks the offender’s rigid cock and also has a sensing component that can accurately determine the precise moment when the stimulation must stop so that the offender is NEVER allowed to orgasm. In this manner the offender’s helpless erection can be tormented for as long as the female sex clinician desires, he can be edged for hours while suffering incredible arousal and frustration. If he is allowed to watch porn, it is only femdom, male sub material. All the while, the clinician canlı bahis siteleri is talking to the offender, hypnotically reinforcing fem-dom concepts, male subjugation and total female superiority while never allowing him to orgasm no matter how much he begs and pleads (and he will be begging and pleading, and his endless denial will only augment his helpless subjugation to her necessarily cruel and sadistic pleasures in tormenting and torturing his penis for hours).When the clinician decides the session should end, the offender removes the device from his now traumatized, steel-hard cock and ices down his erection so that he can wedge it into its chastity cage. He then locks the cage, imprisoning his tormented penis and puts the key in a box that has a combination that is remotely changed after every session, so that the only way he can open it is with the updated combination that only the female clinician/tormentor has. These sessions are at the total discretion of the tormentor but in most (practically all) cases will happen every night for at least two to three hours. The offender has two choices, he can canlı bahis either submit to these regular, tortuous edging and denial sessions or he can remain imprisoned. Imagine how incredibly effective this approach will be, permanently altering the offender’s sexual identity, totally reversing the power/powerless psychological dynamic he previously labored under. He will be totally controlled, dominated and sexually destroyed by a powerful and sadistic woman, a very fitting societal response to a male who exhibited such deleterious behaviors and attitudes before being discovered. This complete sexual re-wiring will result in a former offender who is no longer a threat to any female but instead totally submits to and accepts his complete subservience to them.This approach may seem harsh in some ways and perhaps overkill in some cases, but these kinds of offenses are very serious matters and if such an effective remedy can be widely implemeted, we will have hundreds of thousands of offenders who, rather than being incarcerated and languishing in prison, can instead be rehabilitated, thoroughly sexually punished and made harmless. An expert and sadistic female tormentor will truly work wonders with time, commitment and these tools–weapons against the offender’s previous criminal ideas and behaviors and instruments to destroy and remake him sexually.

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