Taking Amy Ch. 1Taking Amy Ch. 1


“Hey Good-looking’!”

Amy’s boyfriend Robbie hollered to her across the front lawn of the school. She turned and watched with pleasure as he jogged towards her. She still felt lucky every time she realized anew that he was her boyfriend. He was so cute with dimples, black hair, fair skin, and blue eyes. Robbie grabbed Amy and swung her around before swooping her down into a big, romantic kiss.

“My dad’s out of town today.” Glee shone in his electric blues. “We can have the house to ourselves. Wanna come over for a candlelight dinner?”

Amy smiled happily. This was part of what she loved about Robbie. He was so romantic. She knew other girls’ boyfriends would think of an empty house as an opportunity to get laid. Robbie thought of soft music and a candlelight dinner. They had been dating for almost six months already and he had kissed her and held her hand while they walked and never tried to go any farther. “Except, she thought to herself, “for that one night he got a little drunk at a party and ran his hand up the back of my skirt, over my ass, as he kissed me.” Even then his innate gentlemanliness had stopped him from trying to press his advantage.

“Sure, handsome. What time should I come over?”

“How about now? We can do some studying and then watch tv or something before we eat. I told Amanda she could have the rest of the day off. She’ll leave something I can put together easily for dinner. Just you and me, babe.”

Amy gave him a kiss on the cheek and told him she’d be over as soon as she dropped off her stuff and showered. She had gym her last period of the day but had skipped her after workout shower so that she could meet Robbie on the lawn.

House doesn’t begin to describe where Robbie lived. He lived in a mansion up on a hill overlooking the town. His mom had died giving birth to him and his father never remarried. He and his father lived in a huge place with just a live in cook. Housecleaning was taken care of by a maid service that came in twice a week. Amy had asked Robbie once if he didn’t get lonely in that great big house with just his dad. He laughed and said no, he was blessed with a lot of cousins who were frequently in and out and his dad always seemed to have all the time in the world for him. Actually it was sometimes a blessing to have time to himself. Which was why, she thought, he seemed so happy that his dad was out of town and that they would have the house to themselves.

Robbie grabbed a couple of cokes and some chips out of the kitchen and they settled down in what he called the conservatory. A big, sunlit room with wall-to-wall windows on two sides. It was Robbie’s favorite room, filled with plants and even, outrageously, butterflies flitting from place to place. They sat on the couch with their books spread out on the table in front of them and started to study but the soft air and warmth of the sun soon made them drowsy. Robbie finally stretched out full length on the couch and Amy nestled in between his legs, her head on his chest, and they took a nap.

The sun was just setting when Amy awoke, spreading a soft glow through the room. While she had been napping she had moved down the couch and now her cheek was resting on Robbie’s crotch. She never knew what possessed her, maybe the warmth of the sun, maybe how safe and cosy she felt, but she pressed her lips against the bulge in his jeans. She was surprised at herself. She had never done anything like that, never thought about doing anything like that. Maybe she was immature but her fantasies, such as they were, revolved around romance and kissing, sex never entered into them, except maybe for the occasional tingly feeling “down there”. But today she opened her mouth, pressed against Robbie and exhaled warm air through his jeans. She was startled to feel his cock move and it seemed to start to swell.

“Mmmmmmm. God, baby, that feels so good.” Robbie’s voice was thick with sleep and happiness. Suddenly he sat bolt upright, almost knocking Amy off the couch.

“Um. Geez, Amy! I don’t think you should do that!” She laughed out loud at the shocked look on his face. She didn’t know yet how this could make a man crazy. She really was naive. Snuggling back against him Amy continued to kiss his growing bulge.

“Oh my God, Robbie. Look, you’re getting bigger!”

“Amy, stop! You’re making me crazy!”

“Please, Robbie. Let me take it out. I’ve never seen a real guy naked before.” Real guy. She laughed to herself. She meant somebody other than the occasional glimpse of her brother or dad as they changed into swim trunks or emerged from the bathroom after a shower. Her own words surprised her. She was feeling that tingle “down there” that usually accompanied thoughts of getting kissed by the handsome highwayman. She wasn’t a bit scared, just curious, and happy and warm. Although she had some idea that this was what “bad girls” did, Amy knew she was safe with Robbie. Tentatively, she unzipped his pants and tugged his hardening cock beylikdüzü escort out from behind his boxers and jeans. The sight of it excited her in a way that glimpses of her brother and dad never had. She wrapped her hand around it and felt it pulse in her palm.

Robbie collapsed back against the arm of the couch with a groan. “I don’t think this is a good idea, Amy, but I don’t seem to want to stop you either.”

She ran her fingernails lightly down the length of his manhood. By now it was sticking straight up out of his pants. Now that it was out, she didn’t know what to do with it. She continued to pet it, almost like one would a small animal. She was surprised to hear Robbie continue to moan and even more surprised to realize that his hips were raising up off the couch as he pressed himself against her hand.

“What should I do, Robbie? What do you want me to do?”

Again he moaned and then through gritted teeth he said, “Kiss it, lick it, take it in your mouth, keep stroking it! Anything! Just don’t stop!”

Kiss it? What a strange thought. Amy realized she wanted to kiss it though, so she did. And then she took it in her mouth like he suggested. Just the head of it. The head that was smooth and pinker than the rest of his shaft. Intuitively her tongue flicked into the tiny opening at the tip. She looked up at Robbie and saw his eyes were closed and his cheeks flushed. She got on her knees between his legs and then leaned forward, her hands on either side of his hips. She could feel the sunlight warming her bottom and realized that her position had caused her skirt to ride up over her hips. She thought to tug it down but realized that there was no one to see, they were alone in the house and Robbie’s eyes were closed. She kept her own eyes open as her mouth moved up and down on his cock and watched with interest as his hand moved to the opening of his pants and he cupped his balls. Feelings she had never experienced before surged inside of her. She could feel her panties slide up, splitting her pussy lips and her ass cheeks. She felt so good, so excited. She could hear herself moaning now as she licked and sucked at Robbie’s sweet cock.

She heard a soft click. It seemed familiar but she couldn’t place it. She looked around the room trying to identify the source but there was nothing. She thought she must have imagined it and returned her attention to Robbie’s cock. Fluid was starting to seep out of the tip and she licked it up, intrigued by it’s slightly salty, slightly sweet taste. Suddenly she was shocked out of her self. At the same time that something thick and rough insinuated itself under her panties and between her pussy lips a voice said, “What exactly is going on here?” And then more quietly, “As if it wasn’t obvious.”

Robbie shot up off the couch. She was too shocked to move. The finger, for that’s what it was, in her panties gave one long, rough rub and a fingernail flicked against her clitoris, before it was withdrawn. She was amazed at how smoothly it slid out from between her lips and realized she was soaking wet. All of this happened in much less time than it takes to tell it. Frustration and fear filled her being.

“Da-a-ad!” Robbie gasped. “You, you’re supposed to be out of town!”

By this time Amy had managed to collect herself somewhat and was seated on the couch frantically trying to tug her skirt down. A scent she didn’t recognize but knew came from her seemed to fill the room.

Robbie’s father dragged a finger under his nose and she blushed in embarrassment as she realized that it must be the finger that had insinuated itself into her most private regions just a moment before. She stared at his hand, mesmerized. She had never noticed how big Mr. Matthews’ hands were. His fingers were both thick and long. His hands were easily twice the size of Robbie’s. She trembled as her body recalled the feeling of that thick finger parting her lips.

“Yes, well,” he said. “Looks like a good thing I had to come home early. You’re in a lot of trouble, young man. Go get yourself straightened up and then get your ass back here, right quick!”

A look of mingled shame and fury crossed Robbie’s face. “No!” He said. “I’m not going to go and leave you here with Amy. It’s not her fault! It just, it just happened!”

His fathers gaze slid down to Robbie’s withering cock. Mr. Matthews looked both amused and mocking. ‘I’m not going to hurt her boy. I’m not even going to yell at her. Go get yourself straightened up and then you can take her home.”

Abashed, Robbie did his father’s bidding. She knew he was humiliated and torn between being a man and being a boy. The boy won out and he hurried out of the room.

Mr. Matthews looked down at her. With a half-smile he ran his finger under his nose again.

“Sweet.” He said so softly she wasn’t even sure she heard him.

“Are you okay?”

“Oh please Mr. Matthews. Don’t be mad at beyoğlu escort Robbie. It was her fault, really it was. But we’ve never done it before. Honest!”

“And what do you think I should do, little lady? Now that I’ve caught you so brazenly sucking my son’s cock?”

A thrill made her body shudder as the words “my son’s cock” came out of his mouth. She looked up at him, almost seeing him for the first time. Something that had first come to life when she felt Robbie’s cock move under her cheek seemed to spring into full flower as she looked up at his father. She gasped, suddenly realizing what she had kept from herself for months. Robbie’s father was the image of her romantic highwayman. Thick, black, wavy hair, the same electric blue eyes that Robbie had, high cheekbones, and full lips that so easily could curl into a sneer. Her pussy throbbed. Involuntarily her eyes moved down to his crotch and she gasped again as she realized that the front of his pants were tented out. Mr. Matthews was excited. Under the thin fabric of his lightweight suit pants his cock gave proof.

“Perhaps I should call your father?”

“Oh God no, Mr. Matthews! Don’t call my dad. It won’t happen again! I swear it won’t!”

“You know,” he said softly, “I didn’t expect this kind of slutty behavior from you. Nor, frankly, from Robbie.” He seemed to be speaking to himself as he added, “I didn’t know the young pup had it in him.”

“There’s a bathroom off the kitchen. Go get your stink cleaned off of you!” His words were harsh but he smiled and smelled his finger again.

Overcame with shame and humiliation she hurried off to do as he said. Once in the bathroom she sat on the toilet and gave herself over to tears. How embarrassing! Now that the cosiness she had share with Robbie had been shattered she couldn’t believe that she had actually been sucking his cock, let alone that they had been busted by his father. His father. Her sobbing subsided as she thought of Mr. Matthews’ handsome face and mocking smile. Unwillingly her thoughts drifted to the bulge in his pants as he looked at her on the couch trying to tug her skirt down. She felt her face flush with shame as she pictured him smelling his finger. Oh my God! He had touched her! Somehow, in her humiliation, she had not zeroed in on that fact. He had taken advantage of her compromising position to stick his finger in her pussy. What a pervert! But the thought didn’t sicken her at all, it just made her feel tingly again. Suddenly she imagined her highwayman again but this time, instead of just kissing her, his hands strayed across her breasts and down to her pussy. She wondered what it would be like to have Mr. Matthews’ huge hands running up and down her body. Her hands were straying to her pussy of their own volition when she remembered where she was. She shook herself, trying to shake off the image of her secret lover. Turning on the tap at the sink she washed her face and then wet a washcloth and scrubbed furiously at her crotch, trying to wash away the smell of her excitement. When the flush was gone from her cheeks and her breathing had returned to normal, she checked her clothes in the mirror and went out to face the music.

The conservatory door was open and as she approached Amy heard Mr. Matthews voice say, “…nice young pussy, you’ve found.”

“Shut up, Dad! You can’t talk about her that way. It’s not like that! This is the first time we ever…”

Amy made a noise at the door to warn them of her return and Robbie’s words cut off mid-sentence.

Mr. Matthews grinned at her. “Well, look at you. One could hardly tell that you had so recently been flaunting yourself before God and everybody.”

“Dad,” Robbie said between clenched teeth, “knock it off!”

Mr. Matthews laughed. It was not a particularly nice laugh and yet it thrilled her. “Take her home, boy, and come straight back.” He looked at her. “I don’t think I’ll be telling your father this time. See that this kind of thing doesn’t happen again. Now go on. Go on home. And try to be a good girl from now on.”

As Robbie and Amy slunk out the door she turned back to look at Mr. Matthews. His finger was under his nose again and he raised an eyebrow at her. As she started to turn away again she saw him put his finger in his mouth. God! He really was a pervert! And though she knew she should have felt shame all she felt was excitement at the thought that he could taste her on his finger.

Robbie pulled his car into our driveway. Shutting off the motor he turned and looked at her and for the first time since they had left his house, he spoke. “God, Amy, I’m so sorry. I can’t believe my dad…” She waited in shock for him to say something about his father’s finger in her pussy and then as he continued, “caught us, ” realized he probably didn’t know! His eyes had been closed when his father came in the room. The subsequent events had happened to swiftly. She was safe bizimkent escort from further humiliation at least on that score.

He looked at her shyly. “It sure was nice while it lasted.” Leaning over he kissed her and as she closed her eyes Amy allowed herself to pretend it was his father leaning over her. She kissed Robbie with a passion she had never felt before. Guiltily she started to pull back but he was oblivious to the cause of her sudden desire.

“Maybe we can do it again sometime,” he smiled. “Away from the house!”

She laughed self-consciously and replied. “I’d like that.” As she got out of the car Amy realized it was true. She did want to do it again. She ignored the little voice that said, “yeah, but it’s not his cock you want to suck.”

“See you, tomorrow, Robbie. I hope you don’t get in too much trouble.”

“I don’t think I will. I think the old man’s kind of proud of me actually. I’ll probably get a lecture on safe sex and pregnancy and that will be the end of it.” He winked at her. “Catch you later, hotstuff.”

“Hey, what’re you doing home so early?” Her dad called out when he heard her key in the door.

“Hi, Daddy. I have a horrible headache. It was clear I wasn’t going to get any studying done or be a very good dinner companion, so I just came home. I think I’m going to go to bed and see if I can’t sleep away this headache.”

“Ok, sugar. I’ll bet Robbie was disappointed. He’s a nice kid, I like him.”

“He is nice, Dad. I do think he was disappointed but we had fun for awhile. I don’t think he’ll be holding anything against me tonight.” She smiled to herself as she thought of Robbie’s cock pressed against her lips. “Goodnight, Dad.”

She heard her Dad call out goodnight as she headed up the stairs to her room. Dropping her books on her bed she turned and looked at herself in the full length mirror hanging on her door. Did she look different? She sure felt different. Slowly, watching herself in the mirror, she stripped off her clothes. It was still her. Amy was disappointed. Somehow she thought after this evening’s events she’d look more like a woman. But the same small body presented itself. The same small breasts. At least the nipples were respectably large but her breasts were still the breasts of a young girl. Same narrow hips. She was still waiting for her body to fill out with the curves that other girls had. She had the ridiculous hope that magically her breasts and hips and butt and legs would have filled out. Tonight she had taken her first tentative step towards being a sexual woman but her body didn’t mirror her experience. Disgusted she flopped down on her bed. She looked like a little girl, immature and underdeveloped. No man was ever going to think she was worth anything. “Stop it!” Amy scolded herself. “Robbie thinks you’re hot. You are a woman, you proved it tonight. It doesn’t matter if your body still looks like a little girls. You are not a little girl. Even Mr. Matthews got excited looking at you.” She felt a smile cross her lips as she thought of Mr. Matthews. She remembered the feeling of his thick finger under her panties, the bulge in his pants. As she thought of him putting his finger in his mouth to taste her, her hand strayed down to her pussy. She was already getting wet again, just thinking about him. Her pussy throbbed and she reached down to touch herself, in her fantasies it was His hand touching her. She stroked her face with her other hand imagining it was His hand caressing her cheek.

“Oh, sir!” She whispered to herself. “You should be ashamed to use a maiden this way.” In her mind’s eye her handsome highwayman leered at her from under a thick lock of black hair. His hands ran up and down her body possessively. As she stroked her wet pussy with her hand Amy imagined thick fingers taking her, ravaging her maidenhead. Her whole body convulsed as feelings she never experienced washed over her. Her first orgasm ever with the image of Robbie’s father, her Highwayman in the flesh, in her mind’s eye. Her body only slightly sated she fell into a restless sleep.

She was awake at 2:00 in the morning when her phone rang. She had been tossing and turning for hours, alternating between thoughts of Robbie’s cock in her mouth and her Highwayman’s lips lingering on hers. She was sure it was Robbie. No one else ever called her that late.

“Did you get in much trouble?” She whispered into the phone. The reply caused her eyes to fly open, all thoughts of sleep immediately banished.

“I can still smell you on my finger. I can’t get you out of my mind, Amy.”

Oh God! It was Mr. Matthews! Amy didn’t answer. She couldn’t think of a thing to say.

“I know it’s wrong, Amy. I shouldn’t be calling you but I can’t sleep. I can’t stop thinking of you. Your face is burned into my mind. The smell of you is all over me.”

“Mr. Matthews!”

“God help me, Amy. I tried not to call.”

The desperation in his voice filled her with pity. “It’s ok, Mr. Matthews.”

“It’s not okay! God, I can’t believe this. Listen, Amy, you can’t tell anyone. You can’t tell anyone that I touched you.” His voice was rising now. She could hear the desperation. She was mortified. This was Robbie’s father! And who was she going to tell? Who could she tell without revealing what she herself had been doing when Mr. Matthews touched her.

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