Revenge is so Sweet Ch. 04Revenge is so Sweet Ch. 04

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As Diane and I retired to bed, I discussed w/ her what would happen the following morning.

“Diane we need to get the girls underwear and Kevins and throw them out.”

“Alrighty baby.”

“Also…I know that Kelly has some pot.”

“Get out of here? How do you know?”

“I caught her the other night. We’ll grab that as well.”

“We damn sure are.”

“So, have you ever smoked pot Diane?”

“Well…back in college I did.”

“Well Diane, I think its time you practiced. We’ll all be doing a lot of toking around here from now on.”

“You mean the kids too?”

“The kids too.” as I pulled out a joint. She smiled and took the joint out of my hand. She took a nice long drag. Her eyes stayed closed for what seemed like an eternity, then she sighed letting the cloudy puff escape her big red lips.

“Cough cough…cough…” she coughed quietly.

“Feels just like yesterday.” she half smiled and passed the joint to me. We both kept taking turns until the joint was out. Immediately after, she grasped the slit of my pajamma pants and pulled my semi hard cock out. She gave it a few strokes and spat on the head a couple times before engulfing my whole cock in her mouth. After a bit she raised up and let her spit drool all over my cock, then she rubbed it all around the base of my cock and my balls.

“I just lost to fuck when I’m high.” she then got on top of me facing me. She grounded my cock into oblivion. She was like a woman possesed to get off. I came in no time and she right after me. She then rolled off of me and both laid and stared up at the ceiling.|

“Do you have anymore weed on you Louis?”

“Okay calm down my pot princess. Just wait until morning, you’ll see.” I stroked her hair. She smiled up at me and we both fell asleep.

I had set my alarm an hour earlier than everyone elses. I turned and got Diane up as it went off. I had her put on a skimpy skilky robe. I told her to go into her son’s and clean out all of his underwear drawrs and throw them out. I went into Kelly’s room. I took all of her panties, thongs, and bras and tossed them out. I searched her closet shelves and not only found her bag of weed, but also a bong. I chuckled to myself and thought how nice its going to be to get inbetween this little girl’s legs. I set the bag of weed and bong on the table in the family room. I then went and woke Shelly and told her the plan. We all then waited for the kid’s alarms to go off. As they did I had Diane instruct them downstairs. Shelly I waited for them in the family room. Shelly sat on my lap. She only wore s small thrifty looking shirt that barely covered her tits. I only wore my pj pants. She grabbed the front of my knees and started grinding on my cock slowly. Just enough to get me hard. Diane brought the kids down. They stopped dead in there tracks as they saw they’re older sister’s bare pussy grinding on me. Diane shuffled them along and sat them down on the couch.

“W-w-whats this all about?” Kevin asked?

“W-w-why is my pot and bong on the table? Kelly asked.

“Just settle down guys. Your mother will explain everything.”

“Yes my darlings. Well as you know Louis is a friend of your father’s, or so you thought. Really your father has been kidnapped. If we don’t do as Louis tells us your father will be harmed or worse, killed.

“This is bullshit I’m calling the cops.” Kevin started to get up but Diane raised her right leg and aimed her foot towards her son’s crouch. She lovenly guied him back down and started Türkali Escort pressing firmly on his crouch with her foot.

“You mustin’ do that honey. Just do as me and Louis say and everthing will be fine.” She then sat between them and opened the baggy of weed. she grabbed some out. She picked a couple of seeds out and then proceeded to load the slide on the bong. After she had it packed in, she lit the weed and covered her mouth over the bong’s hole. It started to bubble and the smoke ran up the tube and into Diane’s lungs. She exhaled and turned to kelly and handed her the lighter.

“Your turn baby.”

“Why mom?”

“Do as we say dear. Please…for your father.” Diane said. Kelly then lit it and took a nice, long hit. Diane then took the bong and lighter and gave to her son.

“Now you sweetie.” Diane said cheerfully. Kevin took that bong and lighter but was suprized by his mother’s excitement. She almosted seemed happy about this whole weird situation. But never the less, Kevin was no stranger to pot. She lit and took a good hit just as his sister did. Diane, Kelly, and Kevin all passed it back and forth until the whole bag was smoked. During this time I reached in my pocket and pulled out a bowl and some a small baggy of weed and handed it to Shelly. She packed it and we took turns smoking while she inserted my cock into her and we started fucking. Pretty soon everyone’s eyes were half open and red. Everyone was stoned. At that time Diane got up. She motioned for Kev and Kel to get up. They did, but slowly. Diane turned to Kev and pulled his boxers right down and the turned again to Kel and slid her thong down her fat thighs. She ordered them both to step out of they’re underwear and take they’re shirts off. They both looked at eachother, laughed, and did as they’re mother said. Diane then grabbed Kevin’s already hard cock and leaned in to kiss him. they made out while she stroked him.

“Yeeeeah mom. Play with little Kevy’s fuckin’ cock!” Shelly yelled as I really started to fuck her fast. Diane raised up. A long strand of saliva came down from her lip to Kevin’s cockhead. She broke the strand with her hand. She then turned to Kelly. She cupped her hand and felt up Kelly. As she did this she grabbed kelly’s right tit with her free and proceeded to kiss Kelly. Kevin started jacking off.

“Oh fuck!” I yelled as I slammed into Shelly three hard times. I came inside of her.

“Mmmm…fuck yeah…” She moaded. She then got up and rushed over to her brother. She pushed him down onto the couch and knelt down. Wasting no time she grabbed his cock and shoved it in her mouth.

“Ohhhh fuck Shelly!” Kevin growned while Diane had Kelly on the couch with her legs spread. Diane was eating away at Kelly’s pussy. I got up and knelt behind Diane. Her ass high in the air, I shoved my tongue down into her her brown rosebud.

“Oh fuck mommy…I’m gonan cum!” She whailed. Diane fingered her fast as she licked her clit.

“Yes…cum…baby…cum for mommy Kelly.”

“Ohhhhhhhhh…YEEEEEssssss…!!!” She whailed. Just then Kevin started to scream in excasty. Diane turned and pulled Shelly’s hair forcing her off the cock.

“Sorry but I get to taste my baby boy’s cum first.” She then inhaled his cock and came deep sinside her mouth. She swallowed most of it, some it of drooled out of her mouth back onto his cock. Shelly licked up the remains.

“Well…hahahaha…now that we’ve got that out of the way…haha.” Diane giggled. “From now on every Escort Türkali time we are home everyone will be in the nude. Otherwise there will be punishment. Louis and I have already thrown out all of your underwear. You have no more use for them. Everyone is free to fuck eachother whenever. Also, everyone is to be stoned if you are in this house. Louis and I will provide it for you. Now is that understood?”

“Yessss.” They all nodded.

“Good, now everybody get dressed and head off to school. I know your stoned right now, but just deal with it for today.” She said. Everyone got dressed. She met them at the bottom of the steps. First up was Kelly. She lifted Kelly’s short skirt and saw no underwear. She then kissed her on the lips and let her by. Next was Kevin. Diane stuck her hand down his sweat pants and felt his cock, no underwear. She kissed him and sent him off. Last was Shelly. Shelly frenched her mom as she felt up Shelly’s skirt and felt her bare wet pussy.

“Lovely hon, now take your siblings to school.” Diane smiled. They smooched and then the kids were off.

“Hey Kel?” Shelly asked as she made left hand turn.


“Why don’t you take Kevy’s cock out and suck him off.”

“Are you serious?”

“Yes. Do it now!” Shelly said sternly. Kelly obeyed her sister and was sucking her brother’s cock in no time.

They were half way there when Shelly made another demand. “Hey Kel?”

“Ya…?” She said slurping her brother’s cock.

“Are you on the pill?

“Ya, why?”

“Get on top of Kevin and ride him.”

“No! I’m stoned as it is and we’re almost at school Shelly!”

“Do it now you fucking cunt!” Sheila yelled as she reacher and slapped Kelly on the face. Kelly then got up raised her skirt and sat on top of his cock. She rocked her hips back and forth as Kevin has his hands wrapped around her fat, teeny bopper ass. As Shelly turned into the school Kevin shot his load deep inside his twin sister. Kelly rocked back inforth to get all his cum out just as Shelly pulled up the curb. Kevin opened the door and Kelly rolled off of him.

“Bye my baby brother and sister!” Shelly said as she blew them kiss. Shelly was then off to college.

Meanwhile, I kissed Diane goodbye as I was off to take care of some things. I went to go see Diane’s husband. I made him fork over some money and also left some forms for him to fill out. He probably won’t be too pleased to find out they are divorce papers. I then met my dealer. I bought enough weed to last us all for a week. I also bought five bongs. One for each of them in there room and one in the living room. I also bought them each a bowl. When I arrive back at the house, Diane was in the shower. I put a bong on the living room coffee table, one on Kelly’s dresser, one on Kevin’s and one on Shelly’s. I then each put a bowl in their dresser drawr. I then went into Diane’s room and did the same. As she got out I told her to pick all the seeds out and pack everyone’s bowls and bongs and then give them each they’re own weed. She did her’s first and took a couple hit’s out of her bong.

“Mmmm…those were good ones baby!” She smiled and grabbed at my cock. I then myself took a couple hits and then Diane was off to distribute the goodies.

As it became late in the afternoon, Diane started preparing dinner. I was in the living room watching t.v. and breaking in the new bong that was on the coffee table.

“Shelly should have been home a couple hours ago and Kel Türkali Escort Bayan and Kev should be home by now. I hope I didn’t scare my babies Louis.

“ahh cough cough…now, now Diane. They’re fine. Your kids love to fuck, but they’re young. They are just probably out with their friends.” I explained. Just then the front door opened and in came Kevin.

“Is that Kevin I hear?”

“Yeah Di. Kevin, go in and give your mother a kiss.” I told him. He gave me a glare and went to go see his mommy.

“Hi sweetie, give mommy a kiss.” She said as they played a friendly game of tonsil hockey. She grabbed at his cock and then asked how his day was.

“It was fine mom, but it’s better now.” He smiled as he started to get hard. He also couldn’t help himself from his mother’s bare tits. “I’m hungry now mom.” He said as he attacked her right tit and mawled at her other one.

“Come on honey, lets go up to your room and get those clothes off. That is one of the rules around here now you know?” She said. She unzipped his fly and took his hard cock out. She wrapped her right hand around it and guided him to his room. Once there, he kicked his shoes off. Diane took his shirt off and slid his jeans off. She sat him on the bed. She instructed him to take a couple hits out of his new bong. She then got in his drawr and handed him his bowl. “Here, this is yours too. Smoke that while I suck my baby boy’s fat, young cock.” She said seductively. Boy did she suck Kevin’s cock good. She made it one of those messy ones. On top of that Kevin got blazed out of his mind.

“Ohhh fuuuuck mom, I’m gonna blow in your mouth!” He said.

“No, no baby. Let me sit on that horse stick of yours. I’ve had your cum in my belly already. I want my boy’s seed in my cunt now.” She said very seriously. She stood up turned around. Her back facing him, she sat down on him. She ground her hips a bit as his grabbed his mother’s hips for support. He then blew his load inside of his mother. His own mother.

“Fuck mom…fuuuuck.” He panted.

“Ohhhhh, yessss…my baby boy’s batter is inside of his mommy.” She said very pleased. She got up and went to his dresser. She did a hit of the bong and then walked back over to Kevin and exhaled the smoke on his cock. She then cleaned him up with a tongue bath.

“Alright baby, go get cleaned up and mommy will finish dinner.”

“Alright mom.” as they smooched and she left. She went downstairs to check on dinner and then she was shocked to find her girls in the kitchen.

“Yeah tongue the clit baby sister. Yeah fuccccck!” Shelly yelled as Kelly ate her. Louis was fucking Kelly from behind, her skirt hiked up. Kelly was then eating Shelly out as Shelly was sitting on the kitchen counter smoking a joint. Diane smiled and simply set the table and dished out the food.

“Dinner’s ready!” Diane called out.

“Oh fuck! I’m gonna cum!”

“Don’t pull out Louis, she’s on the pill its ok.” Shelly told him.

“Ohhhh fuuucccckk.” Louis came in Kelly as he gave her right ass cheek a couple of hard slaps. Kevin by then came downstairs and the newly nude family had dinner.

“Lets ear!” Louis yelled. Before dinner was finished, Shelly decided to rub her foot into Kevin’s crotch. She tried to make him hard before he stood and she was successful.

“Oh my, someone’s excited. Shelly would you please suck your brother off.” Diane asked.

“No problem mother.” Shelly said.

“Hey I’ll help him out too!” Kelly smiled. While the girls were busy sucking they’re brother off on the couch, Diane and Louis took care of the dishes. When they were done they retired too bed. Kevin then stood up and came all over his sisters’ tits. He then went to bed. Shelly and Kelly both took a shower together and got each other off. Everyone then got a good night’s rest.

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