Raven , Cherry Ch. 1Raven , Cherry Ch. 1

Female Ejaculation

-Part 1-

Raven Macintyre was a little disappointed, but just a little, When her eighteenth birthday came. You see, in Ravens family, when someone turned eighteen the family had an orgy. Her older sister Cherry had told her about hers several times. (For the story Cherry told Raven read ‘Cherry’s Cherry’ also on this site.) So of course Raven was expecting things to go pretty much as Cherry had described them.

Raven supposed they pretty much had, it was just that Cherry’s eye for measurements weren’t perfect. Not that Raven thought it would be, she just assumed cherry would eventually get around to actually measuring her brother (Greg) and father’s (Mark) cocks. Hell that was one of the first things Raven herself had done after her cherry had been popped by dear old dad. But it seems that Cherry was content with her guesswork; because when she measured that night her brother was only 9 ¼” long, pretty close to the 10″ reported by cherry. And her father was only 13 ½” long, several inches short of the 16″ mark claimed by Cherry, but still VERY impressive. But Raven had wanted to be able to brag to her girlfriends that she had taken a 16″ monster, not that they wouldn’t be impressed with 13 ½”, but just wasn’t going to be the same. Not that she would ever be able to tell them WHO that big cock belonged to, but the size alone would awe them.

All of this was just a minor irritation though, the real bummer was that Cherry herself had not taken an active role that night. In fact, Cherry had not touched her at all in the week since either. Raven was starting to think Cherry wasn’t attracted to her. She couldn’t understand it! She knew Cherry often had sex with both their mom (Barbara) and their older sister Cassie, so it wasn’t that she didn’t like girls. Raven was also fairly confident that she looked good too; Pale creamy skin, firm 34C breast, A 23″ waist, 28″ hips, and a perky heart shaped ass that, to quote her brother, “just won’t quit”. To top it all off, Cherry was moving back into their old room with her the day after tomorrow. Raven just didn’t know what to do, was she doomed to spend every night lusting after cherry with no satisfaction!

Meanwhile, the very night that Raven spent pondering her predicament, Cherry spent the night begging Cassie and Greg. You see Cherry had made a deal with them, and she was starting to regret it, big time. They had all wanted to be the one to share a room with the nubile young Raven, but cherry had been completely smitten with her sister since before her own 18th birthday. The wait for Raven had been torture; thankfully, the rest of the family had been more than happy to satisfy all of Cherry’s carnal desires. But in the end there was always something missing; Raven.

The wait had been worth it though; Raven had grown into a truly beautiful young woman, whereas before she was only an engaging and fascinating girl. So in order to be the one who would get closest and most direct access to Raven, Cherry had agreed to be Cassie and Greg’s love slave for one week. What’s more; she agreed that she wouldn’t touch raven on her 18th or on the following week. It was hell for Cherry! And this; the sixth night of the week of slavery, of absolute torture, was starting to break her.

She was on her knees before them both, tears streaming down her cheeks, begging them to just let her hug Raven, kiss her, anything. She promised she would continue to service them for a month, longer even. She said they could all share one room and store their things in the other. And finally she just broke into sobs, saying “I love her, let me tell her, please Topkapı Escort god, at least let me tell her!!” over and over in broken and choked words.

In truth, Greg’s heart went out to Cherry, he had tasted of raven’s hot young form in almost every way over the last week, and could understand Cherry’s need to do the same. But while Cassie also understood the need, she was sure that the reward was so great that the suffering would be worth it, well worth it.

She was also enjoying making her sister pay dearly for the spot in Raven’s bed she had wanted so badly herself. This was in part because she was somewhat angry that she had been unwilling to accept such strict conditions herself, when the three of them agreed that they were the only way to settle the matter of the treasured bed spot. So she kept saying over and over “sorry babe, those are the rules, if you want out me and Greg will have to decide which of us gets to move in her room instead.” To which Cherry’s only reply was to gasp for breath and choke out “no, no, no,” gasp, “I need her!”

Thus an impasse was reached. And so it continued throughout the night with only brief breaks in the tears and refusals for Cassie and Greg to demand sexual favors from the distressed Cherry, as per her agreement to act as their love slave. Strange though it may seem, these periods of sexual activity were the only times Cherry felt any comfort during the night.

Infact she actually started to feel much better whenever she had Greg’s tumescent boner in her mouth. As she would slowly bob her head up and down over his massive spit and precum slicked cock, she would find an odd sense of peace that came from being able to pleasure any member of her beloved family. In the few minutes it took Greg to reach climax, cherries bobbing head and busy tongue were her gateway to heaven. A similar feeling would come over her whenever Cassie started to orgasm above her, smearing her woman cream across Cherry’s face. For, even though they were in some way at odds this night, there was an abundance of unconditional love and lust between the two of them. And so the night goes, until at last they fall asleep tangled up in each other and covered with sex and tears, to wait the dawn.

As dawn broke and Cherry awoke she made a decision; she was going to be strong on this last day. She had actually been enjoying being her brother and sisters sex slave, and if she could hold out against touching or speaking in an intimate manner with Raven until midnight the treasured spot in Raven’s room was hers. She was sure she could do it, after all, she was so very close. She wouldn’t fail now.

When Raven got up, about an hour later, she made a somewhat different choice. She was going to wait until that evening, get Cherry alone, and confront her with her rejection of Raven, and then we would see what was what. If Raven was right and Cherry was uninterested in her then they would approach mom and dad together and ask that either Cassie or Greg be allowed to move into Ravens room instead. And if she were wrong she would have Cherry that very night! How could anything go wrong? With her plan firmly in mind she went to take a shower.

Cherry’s first test of the day came as she was stepping out of the bathroom after her morning shower. She was naked, as was customary around her house; you just didn’t worry about clothes on the way to or from the bathroom. As soon as she stepped out of the room she saw Raven, stark naked except for a towel draped around her shoulders, heading her way. She blinked, swallowed, and quickly ran Escort Topkapı for the room she shared with her brother and sister for one more day. Her nipples hardening and her sex wetting every step of the way.

For Raven this was a very odd moment. For a split second she thought her nude body was turning on Cherry, but then Cherry ran for her room. Just as she convinced herself she was mistaken she notices the hardening of cherry’s nipples. “Curiouser and curiouser” she quoted in her own mind, and then promptly forgot it, confident in her plan to find out the truth. As she begins to shower one final thought about Cherry crosses her mind, “Whether she hates me, loves me or whatever; she has definitely been acting damn weird!” She than begins to soap herself up, enjoying the feel of the suds on her nipples, she settles in for a nice long masturbation session.

Her busy fingers slipped lovingly across her own stomach, sliding ever so slowly down to the small patch of hair over her cunt. She slipped two fingers between her outer lips, rubbing around the inside of her wet, soapy slit. She then plunged them both into her grasping hole and let her thumb caress her engorged clitty. After several minutes of this, combined with her other hand mauling her breast she finally felt the encroaching release of climax. She moaned and shuddered as her sweet reward came over her. She then finished washing up and shaved fairly quickly, still wondering about cherry in the back of her mind.

Once Cherry got to her room she immediately let her fingers wander down her stomach over her neatly trimmed strip of pubic hair and into her dripping, shaved pussy lips. As she slipped three fingers into her boiling quim, she let her thumb trip lightly across her hard little clitty nub. Almost instantly bringing the pressure in her middle to a bursting point. As she welcomed the release of a huge orgasm, she thought “I have got to keep myself away from her, or I’m gonna lose this damn bet!” And that thought, above all others hardened her resolve to stay away as much as possible for today.

She then made herself get dressed in a nightgown and head down stairs for breakfast. As she got to the kitchen she was relieved to see that raven was still upstairs. “Hello,” she said to her parents, “how have you two been.” “Fine,” they answered. They had been working a lot so she hadn’t seen much of them. She made herself a bowl of instant oatmeal and headed back upstairs with a quick comment about still needing to pack up some of her stuff. As she returned to her room she just saw Raven going into the room they would be sharing once again come tomorrow. That was close, she thought to herself, too damn close!

As Raven’s day went on she noticed that cherry was spending a lot of time in her room. She probably just wants to sit in there and cry over having to move in with me, she thought. “Damn it, why can’t she love me too,” Raven muttered to herself. She also noticed that when her brother and other sister had left for college they had looked oddly smug and self satisfied. She wondered what that was about. Oh well, she supposed it didn’t matter, all that mattered was getting a chance to talk with Cherry after dinner and getting this all sorted out. It was going to be a long damn day she thought as she started to check her e-mail.

An hour after Greg’s last class he came home and found cherry crying on the bed they both had shared with their sister for so many months. “What’s wrong little cherry blossom,” he said, invoking her childhood nickname, “you seem a tiny bit upset.” “I can’t take it, she’s going to think I hate her; Topkapı Escort Bayan what good is sharing a room if she won’t even look at me without being angry.” “She’ll know how you feel the first time she looks in your eyes cherry blossom, I can see it, even through your tears.” It was true, he could see a mixture of her pain and her love of raven warring in her eyes every time he had looked into her eyes this week. Once again his heart broke for her. “Why don’t you just let someone else have the room and tell her how you feel.” “I can’t, I made a deal and I am sticking with it; besides, you don’t know what its like looking over at her when she is reading or combing her hair. You have no idea how it has been killing me inside not to be near her.” He wanted to tell her he understood. He wanted to tell her that he was sorry he had ever let them make this damned deal. He didn’t.

What he did do was take her in his arms and tell her that he loved her and it hurt him to see her in pain. Then he kissed her like he had never kissed her (or anyone else) before, this wasn’t the kiss of a brother to a sister, or the passion filled kiss of blind lust. This kiss was a slow and tender mingling of hearts, a promise of love and that things would get better. It was more erotic for both of them than all their panting, desperate, lustful embraces of the past combined. It was a kiss that spoke volumes of one person’s love for another, a kiss of completion.

Yet still there was something missing for Cherry, but in that moment it did not matter. All that was important to either of them at that instant was consummating this new aspect of their love. He tenderly pulled her lace nightgown (all she had managed to put on today) over her head to be discarded on the floor, while she busied herself with unbuttoning his shirt. As he continued to plant small kisses all over her face, neck, shoulders, and chest she quickly removed his clothes. He then kissed his way down her body to the quivering heart of her sex. Lovingly tasting her as if for the first time. As his tongue danced around her clit she begged him to take her, to shove his massive phallus deep within her, to ease her burning need.

He lifted her willowy legs by the knees, bending them up and out so they were beside her ample breast. He then slowly, softly, slid his manhood deep within her cunt, enough to make her feel wonderfully full of him. She was panting and groaning as he started to slowly thrust in and out of her. They both looked down to where their bodies met and saw the ring of her inner lips clinging to his large member, stretching out of her as he withdrew and returning inside as he thrust forward into her. As they watched this obscene but beautiful display both the tempo of their coupling and of their breathing increased.

She had orgasm after orgasm, not even trying to stifle her lustful cries. Then he thrust as deep as he could and half whispered half bellowed her name as he convulsed in climax, his seed pouring into her womb. As they lay there in the after glow he looked over at her and asked, “are you still on the pill?” “In this house?” she replied, “of course.”

Across the hall in her own room, Raven had heard them. She wasn’t very happy, even though it sounded like some of the hottest sex anyone had ever had. She wanted to be the one to make Cherry scream like that, and she vowed that either tonight she would get her chance, or she would take Greg for her own and let cherry see what it was like to love someone who was denied you. Yes, one way or another, it would be settled tonight.

As these bitter thoughts ran through her head she slipped her hand into her panties. Finding herself moist, she slipped a couple of fingers into her slippery quim and tripped her thumb lightly over her engorged clit. Quickly bringing herself to the edge of climax, but then stopping there in exquisite torture of herself.

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