Quiet SeductionQuiet Seduction


It is just me with you in a quiet room. Within the room, a small fire place with a warm fire burning next to a large stained glass window. The furniture in the room is a chair, comfortable and sturdy just close enough to the fire to feel its warmth. In the center of the room, a special made ottoman, low to the floor very cushioned and sturdy as well. This ottoman has four small poster corner handles and long enough for a tall person and wide enough for comfort. A small table near the head of the ottoman sits with several flavored oils.

On the wall across from the ottoman, four chains secured to the wall with hand and leg shackles. To one side of the shackles is a table with incense burning and a few candles. To the other side another table with more incense, flavored oils, and a vibrator of no specific shape but made for all kinds of uses.

You arrive at the address you were given dressed in a very soft button shirt and slacks. Upon entering you are asked to remove your shoes and asked to sit while your feet are washed and placed in clean slippers. You are taken and instructed to wait outside the room and you are blind folded while you waited and left to be escorted to your destination. You have no idea to what room you would be led or who would take you. You are just left to wonder and anxious for what awaits.

You hear a door open but not sure which room yet. You’re told to walk forward until you are asked to stop. You stop and asked to turn to the left and enter the room. Once inside the room, the door is closed and locked for privacy but you are still blind folded as requested.

You keep your arms to your side as I slowly unbutton the shirt starting at the top running my fingers down to each one undoing them slowly. As my fingers reach the bottom of the shirt, I take my hands and open the shirt from the bottom moving up and out towards the arms to remove it. I slowly move to the right side to slip the arm out and move around the back running my hand across the body and arm to the other side to slip the arm out of the other sleeve.

Returning to the front, I complete removing the shirt and begin to undo the button and zipper of the pants. You are still blind folded. Once the pants are undone, I use my hands on each side of the hips and slowly slide them down your legs to be removed leaving the slippers on. Your legs feel so solid and fine as I remove the pants.

I lead you over to the wall with reassurances you are ok and no harm is intended. I place the shackles on the right erzurum escort wrist. Once in place, I move to the left wrist running my fingers across your chest as I move to shackle that wrist as well. Moving down to the ankle again slowly using the fingers to run only down the side of your body and leg, I secure the left ankle in its shackle. As I stand up, I use my hand to feel your leg as I move. I move to the right side running my hand across your waist and down again running my fingers down your body and leg to secure the right ankle.

As I step back to move to the table for the oils, I see you have a full erection and excited even though you have no knowledge of what will be next and are still blind folded. There is no talking just quiet as I proceed.

I reach for the vibrator and turn it on. You tense up a bit from hearing it turn on. I move towards you standing as close as I can without actual contact of bodies. Using the vibrator, I start to ease the tensions by using it on your neck and shoulders with one hand as I slowly remove the blind fold off. You see me next to you in a medium blue lace gown, see through but leaving enough areas not seen. As you gaze around the room letting your eyes adjust, you are amazed at the setting and relaxing as I use the vibrator across chest and arms.

I walk away leaving you on the wall. As I start to sit in the chair, I slowly remove the gown and I still have the vibrator and it is still on. I use the vibrator and move it across my breasts slowly making sure to stimulate the nipples as I go and moving the vibrator down towards my legs, yes still very slowly. From the inside of my thighs, I move the vibrator up to my pussy. Just to the sides as you watch. With one hand I open the lips so I may use the other with the vibrator to massage my clit. You watch as I use the vibrator only now for massaging my pussy and clit just for the tease and for you wanting to see me use it inside. I can see your face hoping.

I stand and walk back to you getting close but yet not as close as I was to you before. As our eyes meet, I see questions in them wanting to know what I am doing to do now. As I stop I kneel and instantly use my hand to hold your hard cock and begin to lick and suck on it. I hear you gasp. I stop. No noise, you must stay quiet. I return but using one hand massaging your balls and licking around them and lifting them so I can lick and slightly nibble just under them. I continue this and moving back to sucking and licking on your bodrum escort hard wet cock taking breaks just to stroke it, to feel it with my hands.

Your breathing is heavy, your heart racing, as I stand but you gasp, and you don’t want me to stop. I put a finger on your mouth to get you quiet, no noise. I remove the shackles and lead you to the ottoman. You lay down and I tie you to the four corners.

Moving to the table, I retrieve a bottle of oil and kneel at your feet. I remove the slippers. Using the oil I begin to massage your feet. As I move up to the ankles, I use my tongue and start licking the oils and sucking on your toes as well. I slowly move up your legs one at a time massaging and licking but only to the upper thighs avoiding your cock already so hard. Carefully I move to the body massaging in the oils and licking as I move my hands up. Just slightly near your cock licking just teasing you. I can see you want more sucking and licking on your cock. I move up to our chest using more oils. I move to your arms, to your fingers where I start to lick and suck on them one at a time. I move across your chest to the other arm and fingers repeating what I had done.

I stand up and moving my right leg over your body to startle your body just over your chest area. I use my fingers to caress your face, you lips, and I let you lick at my fingers then use them to play with my pussy and clit as you watch. I move forward close to your face. Your eyes get excited as I tell you to eat me as I move close and down so you can. With your tongue, you lick my pussy around the outside and on the clit. I use my hand to open my pussy so your tongue can lick the inside as I play with my clit. Your tongue joins my fingers at my clit licking as I play with myself. I move my fingers to open my pussy more and you begin to suck my clit.

I stand up again the confusion in your eyes is there. I move to the end and remove the shackles from your ankles then move forward just over your cock. I use my hand and reach down and take your cock massaging it with my hands and running it around my pussy teasing the head by placing it near my pussy just barely inside. I continue this; it excites you and me both. I can see you want your cock in my pussy as much as I do but I continue to massage it and move it around the outside of my pussy.

Your cock is so hard now. Harder than it was when we began. I put your cock inside my pussy and slowly move down to sit on it and feel it inside me. I just sit there and eskişehir escort enjoy feeling your hard cock inside me while I massage your chest and body with my hands. I can feel your body wanting to move, to move your cock in and out of my pussy but I push down with my body on yours to keep it still, no moving yet.

You start to lick your lips as if to have a taste of what was there. I lean forward and kiss you for the first time, a deep passionate kiss each taking turns using our tongues in each other mouths. As we continue kissing, I remove the ties. I take your hands and place them on my breasts as we continue kissing deep and passionately. We stop as I raise up slightly so and take your head to my breast to suck on my nipples and lick them.

As you suck and lick my nipples and breasts, I move my body so your cock can more easily move in and out of my pussy. You put your arms around me as we kiss more and our bodies begin moving together slow at first and your cock deep inside me. The tensions mount as our bodies move faster and you hold me closer. I can sense you’re getting close to cumming; I stop moving and stand up.

I reach my hand out to you and you take it. You stand up by me holding me with your arms we are kissing even more. I turn around so my back is to your body and bring your arms around to the front of me letting you run them all over as you want to. We both move down to kneeling next to the ottoman. As I lay there with you behind me, you take your hard cock and put it inside my pussy and start again moving in and out. Slow at first. The pace picks up it feels so good. Faster, faster, we go. You feel so good inside me. I feel you getting ready to cum as I am about to climax as well. Our voices both can be heard as we both climax together. It feels like we are cumming more and taking a long time and we don’t want to stop. We both cum hard but want more. You stay hard and we keep going to another full climax.

Once we are done, I take your hand and we move to the room next door. There is a shower and we step in and wash each others bodies taking our time to enjoy the feel of the caressing touches and kisses that are passionate still. I feel your cock it is still hard I have to play with it. Your hand goes between my legs massaging my pussy. We both love the feel of each others hands. We continue in the shower masturbating each other until I bring you close and take your cock and place it in my pussy again. I’m back against the shower wall as we fuck in the shower till a full hard climax again. We finish the shower and dry each other off. From there, we move to another room where there is a large bed. We climb in to the bed and lay in each others arms and rest just holding each other. No words are spoken still. We’ve already said enough.

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