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As I enjoyed the ass fucking Sue was giving me with our 9-inch vibe, I though how lucky I am to have a beautiful wife that is a good fuck as well as a good fucker.

I had taken my time giving her a good licking and fucked her pussy and ass to a good orgasmic finish, how she was taking her time to fuck my ass hard, I just love the way she works my ass with our toys, often taking more than an hour to fuck me with many different toys before fist me

Just as I was having another good anal orgasm, we heard the doorbell ring, bugger, it was late morning, we work from home, so who was it. Sue slips out to look, and comes back slipping a dress on, saying it was a good friend and her daughter.

As I waited for her to return I heard her talking, so with a sigh, I put on a pair of shorts and went out to see what was going on. It seems the daughters boyfriend had dumped her last night, and our friend, was hoping we might look after her today, and try to cheer her up, of course we said yes, my ass was saying fuck off, we’re busy, oh well, we can make up for it later tonight I thought.

Our friend left to go to work, and Kim the daughter sat, sad and down hearted. Let me fill you in on Kim, she used to come around a lot when she was younger, and swim naked with us, but she was a kid, Now she was grown up, 18 and looking good.

We went about trying to make her laugh. In the end, I said well, we’re going swimming, join us if you want, we stripped of and jumped in, Kim sat watching. I knew Kim loved the water so it might help. As Sue and I began to play and muck around, I saw Kim strip of to her undies, Sue said why not get rid of them, so you don’t have wet undies to wear later, Kim stripped of and walked in. I was a bit surprised to see her pussy shaven, last time she was a lot younger and didn’t have hair any way, At least she’s smiling, so as normal, I mucked around, dunking her and playing as we had done many times before when she was younger.

I let her dunk me a few times to make her laugh, Sue left us, knowing we get a bit rough, dunking each other several times, then as Kim struggled, she kicked off, her foot hitting me fair in the family jewels. I bent over double, as she swam off, my hand holding my sore nuts, Kim stopped and looked around, seeing me bent over, she came back, asking what was wrong, with my hand still holding my nuts I said what do you think. She apologized, saying she had not meant to kick me, and then her hand joined mine holding my nuts, Well pain or no pain, my cock jumped, and grew some, as her fingers wrapped themselves tighter around, then looking down, Kim said “did I cause that” I smiled, ‘Yep” as her hand, moved up to my shaft, just as our lips met.

I was in shock, as she kissed me, fingers working my cock slowly, then she moved her hand more, and our lips met again. The next thing I heard was Sue, “that looks nice” she said, as she walked into the pool, seeing Kim’s hand on my cock as she did. Without missing a beat, Sue kissed me, then Kim, their lips met, I thought Kim would pull away, but to my surprise she kissed back. Both woman now holding my cock, as it grew to full size.

Sue then moved me to the edge, sitting me down, her lips circling my cock head, then in it went, Kim continued to kiss, watching Sue’s head job. Then Sue took Kim’s head, and eased it towards my cock, what a sight, my cock going most the way in this young ladies mouth. She was good to, her ex, was a lucky guy, why did he dump her I thought. Then Sue took control once more, leading us both into the bedroom.

Kim’s eyes lit up, my toys we’re still on the bed from before, a ‘WOW” came from her mouth, as I put them on my towel, and moved then aside. We lay Kim down, Sue going down between her legs, working her pussy and clit; I took my cock to her mouth for more. We took our time, making sure she had a good orgasm, and then swapped, I went down eating her delicious pussy juices, while Sue sat over her face. I was sure Kim would react, but I heard her sucking and licking Sue’s pussy, so all was well. I took my time, and then eased up, my hard cock knowing where it wanted to go. Kim put a hand down, and helped me guide my cock in her wet pussy, Sue still sitting over her face,

I was in heaven, inch by inch she took my 8 inch cock, just as I hit rock bottom, she screamed, her best orgasm yet raced though her. I began to fuck her slowly, not wanting to hurt her, then she fucked back, moving to take all of me, so I sped up, harder and longer strokes, fucking her now as hard as any one I had fucked. She loved it, going though several orgasms, Sue also had quite a few orgasms to with Kim’s tongue working her clit. I wanted her doggy, so told Sue to lay down, putting Kim over her in a 69, I pushed my cock back in, Sue’s tongue licking me cock as well as Kim’s clit.

My balls now began to strain, wanting to empty into this young ladies pussy, with all my might I held off, but then escort service Kim gripped my cock hard, and that was it, with one hard trust, the first of many reams of cum flowed free. Kim screamed a nice orgasm, as my cock pulsed in her body, then fell limp, my balls empty and cock going soft, I lay along side her. Sue asked how she felt, and Kim said, “a lot better now thanks” as we both cuddled her.

After awhile Kim grabbed my toys, saying whose are these, I shyly said “Mine”, then she pulled out the strap on, “Oh WOW” what do you do with this?

I looked at Sue, and said, “want to show her”, a nod said yes, I said to Kim, “this might shock you”, “are you sure”,” yes” she said.

Sue put the strap on back on, and put our 9-inch vibe in, I got on my knees, and waited. Slowly she eased it in, working me up to my first anal orgasm with it. I heard Kim make strange noises as Sue continued to fuck me, after some 15 minutes or so, and several more anal orgasms, I told Sue to swap our toys. She grabbed our 12 inch dildo, Kim made a weird sound of shock, as inch by inch it went in, I told her to lay under me and get a closer look, also I was hoping, she might suck my cock. She did, as Sue began to pound me hard, the full 12 inches in me, orgasms flowed one after another, my cock now in Kim’s mouth was feeling good to. Then I said to Kim did she want to see more, yes she said.

Sue opened the drawer, pulling out our big dildo, its huge, about 3 inches across, and over 12 inches long. Kim nearly gagged, as Sue rammed it in my well used ass now, I shook as another orgasm rocked me.

I took it for some time, then Sue said she needed to rest, I moved off Kim, but stayed kneeling, as Kim stood up I heard Sue say, “want too”, next thing I know, my butt is being used again, this time by Kim, Sue telling her how to fuck me. I went crazy, knowing she was fucking my ass, I took as much as I could, but Kim wasn’t used to the size, and pulled back, as she did, Sue slid her fist in, again Kim went WOW, I shook as more and more anal orgasms raced though me. The girls were talking, but my mind was to occupied with fun to care, then Sue pulled her fist out, and a slow and nervous fist began to enter my body, as her knuckles went in, I went crazy, shaking wildly, and moaning out loud, as she got more fist in me,

I guess Sue was guiding her, as I began to ease up a bit, but still my butt took me over and over the top, each time feeling better than before. Then I know the feeling, my 9 inch vibe, going in along side Kim’s fist, my mind went blank, again Kim let out a Wow as I took both in me, groaning thought several more orgasms. Then after awhile Kim pulled her fist out, but continued fucking me with the vibe. Then she pulled that out and lay next to me.

As the day wore on, we rang her mum saying, she was staying over night with us, and not to worry that she had cheered up a lot, and that tomorrow we planned to take her out, we didn’t tell her we were going to the nude beach.

The next morning, we got ready, me and Sue used our douche, Kim said no, but thought about it for awhile, then I fucked Sue’s butt for a short while showing Kim how she got off having her butt fucked, and said just try cleaning yourself a bit, I showed her how to use it, and left her alone for awhile, she called me back, and asked a few questions, and then took some more time to clean, she came out later, looking shyly at us, saying it felt strange, but nice,

I told her it was best to use it again in a few minutes, and to hold the pressure inside by gripping the hose in your butt, which she did. after that we can head of to the beach.

We found a nice empty area, and set our beach blanket down and striped off, Sue went down licking between Kim’s legs, sending her over the top in her first orgasm, we didn’t tell her that guys would be walking nearby.

As I got her to take my cock once more, Sue sat over her face. We fucked like that for awhile, with a few guys now watching on, I told Kim to kneel up and lick Sue’s pussy once more, she did and I went back to fucking her pussy, quietly I got one of the guys to come over behind her, and whispered did he want to fuck her, he nodded yes of course, I pulled back, and his hard cock went in deep. And he took over fucking her pussy,

I let him fuck her for another orgasm or two, then went around to fuck her mouth, as I pushed my cock in, she gasped, and tried to look back I held her head, as the guy in her pussy shot his load. Then another took her pussy as I got her to swallow my member, he too fucked her for a short while before leaving his seed in her, I then went back and plunged my cock in her cum filled pussy and fucked her, before all too soon filling her with my cum, I then told her to sit on my face, at first she was hesitant, but Sue said do it, she did, I ate the cum from her hole, sending her over the top once more.

I let her rest, she said that wasn’t independent escort dubai fair, letting other guys fuck her, I said well if you look, there are 4 or 5 more here that want to as well, Sue was now sucking a cock while taking one in her arse, Kim looked on, and turned, kneeling in front of me, and said OK, as a well hung guy walked up, probing her inner being with his 9 inch cock, she squealed a bit but took it all, as another cock filled her mouth, quickly flooding it with cum.
I took his place,

My cock was hard once more, and she sucked it for me, as two more guys took her pussy and fucked her, both filling her with juice, again I told her to sit on my face, this time she did and once again I ate her dry, turning her over, I began to fuck her pussy once more, she was orgasm quicker now, so I slid one finger in her ass, she jumped but stayed still, I took my time, then another finger, again she moved, but said nothing, bit hard with a moth full of cock, as more guys waited.

Then I spat on my cock, and with out warning, pushed it in her butt, she jumped and squealed, but I stayed in her, slowly working in and out, by now she had regained her composure, and went back to sucking cock, as inch by inch I went in, before long all my 8 inches went in and she was orgasm loudly.

I knew my cock wouldn’t last long in her virgin ass, and my balls let loose, what felt like gallons flooding her body and she rocketed thought another orgasm, as my limp cock slipped out, I let hung guy move in, his cock went in her pussy, and he gave her a good pounding, then he too, plunged into her butt, this time she jumped a lot, but held by guys, she took it, her body telling us she was having fun, as she screamed a loud orgasm. Then he griped her hips pulled her back hard, and let loose, the cum seeping out her butt over her swollen pussy lips, looked great, as I went down licking it up.

I saw Kim give me a big smile, as I ate her pussy juices, she also said, that I had been naughty not telling her why we wanted to come to the beach, I replied, would you have come, if I had told you, she said NO, I said but have you enjoyed it, a big nod said yes.

I motioned for another guy to use her ass or pussy, he chose her pussy and fucked her hard, then I told him to lay down, and slip his cock in her again while she sat over him, without telling her, I moved between his legs, and aimed at her butt, my cock began slowly, she turned saying what the hell you doing, I said relax and see, as the first inch of my cock went in her butt, then more and more went in as she relaxed, her butt muscles pulling my cock in deeper, then with one huge shudder, she had a massive orgasm, shaking for ages,

Sue looked to see Kim with 3 cocks in her, as another guy filled her empty mouth. I continued fucking her butt, my cock happy now, and going hard, the guy under her cum, and we swapped him for another better longer cock, she took us both again, and pushed back now.

What a fuck, as I gave her one last thrust and emptied my balls in her bowels, setting of the guy in her pussy, she loved it squeezing her anal muscles on my cock, and I bet his too. Kim rested for a while lying cuddling me as we watched Sue. She was being lifted and impaled on two cocks and a third guy trying to dp her butt with the other cock, he got his cock in, as Sue moved around a bit, leaning forward to allow him room, as she did her mouth was filled by a 4th cock, Kim looked at me, saying how hot Sue looked, I said you looked just as hot with us 3 in you too. She gave me a big cuddle and said thank you, kissing my mouth sharing tongues.

I told her that more guys were waiting, and she took the hint, kneeling on one,as the second fucked her butt, she was learning fast, now her mouth for another full house, all the guys had big smiles as Kim began to work them, it seemed like she knew what to do, as some 10 minutes later all 3 blew their loads, Kim smiled saying more please.

I watched her and Sue take more guys as I took several myself, Kim watching as my butt took guy after guy and I dp a few too, then I told one to fist me, he said no, but the guy next to him, slide his fist straight in, Kim’s eyes lit up, and between cocks said, one day and smiled. I let her take a few more guys then lay her on her back, arm up and sat on her fist, my cock in her mouth as she was fucked by a nice sized cock. Then I wanked my cock, her fist working my ass well, as I felt the cum build, aiming at her face I blew a massive load, she licked up what she could as another guy helped, as she sucked me dry.

Sue and Kim, had finished the guys of, and we left to go home, Kim and Sue in the back seat naked, playing with one another pussies and boobs as I drove.

This girl was a quick and very willing learner, we ordered pizza for tea, Kim went to the door naked and paid the delivery boy, he must have cum in his pants poor bugger, as we laughed.

We Escort Girl Dubai rung her mum, once more saying, all’s well and we had a great day at the beach, and we’re going to get an early night, hehehe didn’t say we would be rooting all night, I rang Frank and Dave, and a few other guys, turning up an hour or so later, and seeing Kim they quickly grew instant hard on’s. As I slipped her onto my cock, Frank went straight for her butt, his good-sized cock, slipped right in, as Dave fucked Sue’s ass. Tony went for my mouth, as he’s more gay than straight, and Mike went for Sue’s mouth, as we set about fucking the night away,

We were all close on the bed, as guys swapped from one hole to another. Kim did get a bit more attention, but we expected that, being new to the guys.

Then I got Kim to slip Dave’s cock in her ass, while she lay over him, I had also introduced Kim to poppers, sniffing them to help him go in, I eased up behind her, my cock, pushing in with his, Kim yelled at me, as the first inch went in, I pushed the poppers under her nose, she took another sniff then relaxed. I pushed in further, Dave’s cock fully home in her butt, filled it already, mine pushed her limits hard, I’ll give her this, she’s game to try new things, as she sniffed hard a few more times, we could feel her anal muscles relaxing more.

I knew it was now or never, my cock plunged in, Kim jumped and quickly pushed back hard, her ass now taking us both, as I worked up speed.

Her orgasms were coming quick, only just time to breath between them as she rode us both, Dave and myself trying hard not to blow to soon. But all good things cum to an end, as Dave’s cock pulsed, setting mine of to, we both flooded her innards with hot cum, and load’s of it.

I was spent, but let the guys use my ass for fun, as I had anal orgasm’s,Tony had spent most of the night fucking me, but had tried Kim’s butt to, and gave her a cum load.

Kim had taken them all, and now walked up behind me, and pushed her fist in deep, surprising me as well as the guys. She worked my hole, fingering and playing inside, sending me over the top many times, as guys let me suck their cocks for them. Sue was now helping Kim, as they double fisted me, I needed a good sniff for this, and once in I could feel them playing with one another fingers inside my ass.

I was pushed forward hard, as one of the guys fucked her butt from behind while she stood, causing me to fall forward some, then as I moved back, both girls rammed their fists in harder, gees, how far were they going in.

I let them play for some time, as guys stood behind fucking them, all happy just to fill a hole or two now, then I got Kim to kneel on the bed, sliding my cock back in her butt, once more. As I built up speed, I told her to take a few good sniffs, she did, and without warning I too pushed a few fingers in her butt, up to the knuckles, she jumped but took it,

I told her to sniff again, this time she took 4 or 5 good sniffs, I think she knew what I was intending to do, as her body relaxed, I pushed hard, my fist going right in, past my wrist. And a few inches more, she jumped big time, but very quickly pushed back onto me.

I told the guys this was her first fisting, and they all said how hot she looked, as her mouth swallowed a cock, then I moved around, slowly at first letting her get used to the feelings. It didn’t take long as her body shot into a huge orgasm. She was now a anal slut, loving any thing I could push in her, as my 9 inch vibe went in next, she took it all, then after another good sniff, I got my huge 12 inches out.

Sue said be careful, as I eased it up to her hole, Kim sniffed again, this time pushing back hard, as the first inch went in, I was blown away. It had taken me ages to work up to this big bugger, and her she was taking the tip in days. I told her to work it in herself, as she rocked back and forth, each time more going in, the guys now watching in disbelief, as she fucked my toy.

I just stood and held it as her body got used to the dildo, every inch was another battle for her, but she seemed determined to get most of it in her butt, as around 8 inches went in, I pulled away, telling her, she should wait until another day to push further, I saw her take another couple of sniff’s then with one huge push all but the last inch went in, her head rolling around, as I nearly fell over.

Sue gasped, as did most of the guys, cocks being stroked all around her, Kim went wild, riding my toy as she blasted her orgasms out. Then just as quickly, she pulled forward, dropping to the bed, exhausted, gasping for air, a round of applause came from the guys as they all bent down to kiss her and cuddle this sexy woman.

Well when the guys left each and all, said what a great night it had been, and asked Kim if she was game for a rematch, a big smile and a definite YES made them happy. We lay in bed, more than happy with a great days fun, and one very happy and now experienced
girl with us. Kim asked what we could do tomorrow, as she fancied going to the beach again, we both smiled and gave her a cuddle as sleep took over.

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