Can I Borrow Some Sugar? Pt. 01Can I Borrow Some Sugar? Pt. 01


“Good morning! Come on in, I just took some cookies out of the oven.” Sasha smiled, holding open the front door of their home to Lily.

“Thanks! I’m making cookies too, I was wondering if I could borrow 3/4 cup of brown sugar?” Lily said, picking up and folding a baby blanket as she followed Sasha into the kitchen.

Sasha began to pour her a cup of coffee, without asking. They had been neighbors long enough that she knew that Lily took just a bit of cream in her coffee, and she always had three cups on Saturdays. “Of course, take whatever you want. Is John working today?” she asked.

“Yes, today, tomorrow, and Monday.” Lily sighed as she helped herself to the pantry.

“It’s hard when schedules conflict. Matt is gone all weekend, too. I probably won’t see him until Thursday.” Sasha said, putting the coffee on the counter in front of Lily and peeking out the kitchen window to see her two sons tossing a ball with Lily’s daughter. She felt a pang of love in her heart, overwhelmed with the joy that their children were such good friends.

“It is. I miss having him around, falling asleep with him. And, you know.” Lily wiggled her eyebrows over her cup at Sasha.

Sasha laughed, “Oh, I know. It’s been a week and a half for us. The boys keep asking why I take so long in the shower, ha ha.”

“Oh, they’ll learn soon enough.” Lily said.

“If they haven’t already.” Sasha muttered.

They glanced at each other and giggled. Even though the women were in their early thirties, they often felt like school girls around each other. The mention of the long shower prompted Lily to blurt out, “Do you use toys?” She could feel her face go red as she said it aloud, already wishing she could take it back.

“Yes! I have a couple. Do you?” Sasha leaned on the counter, finally relieved to be able to discuss this. Surprised at her eagerness to talk about it, Lily stood up straight.

“I do. I wasn’t sure if you wanted to talk about it.” Lily said, her face still burning.

“Of course! I love playing with them. I’d rather have someone else to play with, but toys help.” She said, eyeing Lily now, gauging her reaction. As the words sunk in, Lily wondered if she meant her husband or someone else.

“Oh, I agree.” She replied, deciding that was the safest answer. Sasha looked directly escort london as her now, a strange intensity in her gaze.

Lily was taken aback by Sasha’s bluntness. They’d been neighbors for about five years now, and she had hinted at their being closer than they were a few times, but never like this. Unsure of how to respond, Lily stared at the tiled floor, sipping her coffee. Sasha abruptly stood up and went to the back door.

“Hey! You stay away from the pond, you hear me?” She yelled out across the yard to the children who were playing closer and closer to it. They could all swim, but the pond was muddy and smelled terrible this time of year. It was the last thing either of the women wanted in their homes.

“Well, I’d better get to making those cookies!” Lily said, taking the opportunity to leave the room.

“Alright, I’ll see you later!” Sasha replied, watching her friend leave. She hoped she hadn’t gone too far. But lately she’d been more and more curious to play with another woman. It had gotten to the point that she now only watched lesbian porn, and she actually had images of Lilies face between her thighs when she had her orgasms in those long showers. She didn’t want to ruin a five year friendship, but she also wanted it it to be so much more.


Back in the safey of her own home across the yard, Lily’s face burned with embarrassment. Had Sasha really meant what she said? That she wants them to play together? Lily had never thought of Sasha that way. She was beautiful, of course. Her German ancestry coming out in her blonde hair and her thick curvy body. She was the light golden opposite of Lily’s black hair and slender pale frame. She shook her head and went to her own kitchen to start baking.

Two hours later while her daughter took a nap, Lily decided to take a shower. While the water warmed up, she assessed her reflection in the full length mirror. She was tall, thin, and had enormous brown eyes. Her small breasts were still tight, though not as perky as they were before her pregnancy. She ran her hands over them, slightly pinching and pulling at her nipples, enjoying the sensations. She ran her hand down over her flat stomach, touching the warm place between her thighs. She began slowly circling her fingers around her clit when there was dubai escorts a loud banging at the door.

“Mommy? Mommy, I’m done napping, can I go play with Brandon and Clay?” her daughter’s trill voice yelled through the door.

“Yes, but make sure you let Sasha know you’re there.” Lily replied. She watched from the bathroom window as her daughter went into Sasha’s house, and out their back door with the boys about three minutes later. She got into the shower, taking her time and exfoliating her skin. Still excited, she used the hand held sprayer against her pussy, enjoying the feeling of the water pressure on her clit. It wasn’t enough though, now she was really horny. She finished her shower, dried off, and walked in her robe to her bedroom.


“Mom? Mom! Annabelle says there’s a snake by her house, can we go find it?” Brandon asked Sasha.

“No, don’t go looking for trouble.” She said as she flipped through her cookbook.

“Peeeeeeeeeaaaaseee?” Clay pleaded, tapping his mother’s knee. Sasha sighed.

“Alright, but I’m coming with you, the last thing we need today is a trip to the ER.”

They boys and their mother followed Annabelle across the yard and to the rhododendrons lining the back of their neighbor’s house. She crouched down low and pointed at something long and black under the bushes, crying out, “See? See?”

Sasha leaned down to look, and saw a black extension cord lying forgotten in the bush. She laughed.

“Oh honey, that’s a power cord.” Sasha smiled down at Annabelle.

“Oh.” She said, obviously disappointed.

“I know where we can find some lizards, though.” Said Brandon, grabbing her hand. They ran to the top of the hill to go searching for lizards, leaving Sasha behind, still smiling and shaking her head. Suddenly she heard a voice, and looked behind her into the window with the partially closed curtain above the rhododendrons. She had to stand up on her toes to peer over the sill. Sasha’s jaw dropped.

There was Lily, completely naked on her bed, fucking herself with a large black dildo. Her moaning was the sound Sasha had heard, which was coming out fast as she furiously fucked her cunt with the toy. Sasha felt herself get wet as she crept as close as she could to get a better view. Almost as though she knew Sasha was Escort Dubai there, Lily got on all fours with her ass towards the window to ride her toy.

Sasha glanced towards the kids, making sure they were still over the hill and out of sight. She very discreetly put her hand down her pants and rubbed her clit, mesmerized by Lily’s ass bouncing as she rode the black cock, which was shining from her pussy juices. Lily started humping wildly, her hips jerking as she came. Sasha had to move away from the window as Lily slowly climbed down off the bed to avoid being seen as she got dressed. Breathing hard and now incredibly turned on, Sasha made a decision.


Still coming down from her orgasm, Lily got dressed on shaking legs. She had cum so hard, harder than she could ever remember. When she remembered how the image of Sasha being beneath her, her huge breasts in each hand while she rode her, sent her over the edge into a mind numbing orgasm, she blushed. She had never had those thoughts about another woman before, let alone about her friend. But Sasha’s words about having someone play with her echoed in her mind, and she couldn’t stop thinking about it. Wondering what her skin felt like, what her pussy tasted like….

She felt herself blush harder, and shook her head as if to clear it. There was a knock at the back door, she opened it to find Sasha and Annabelle waiting on the porch.

“I believe,” Sasha smiled, “That you have a new family pet.”

Looking down, Lily saw that Annabelle’s hands were cupped, holding something in.

“Oh no, what did you find?” Lily asked, kneeling down to her daughter’s height.

“A lizard. Brandon caught it for me.” Annabelle replied, looking at her mother through her thick dark lashes. Lily sighed.

“Let’s get a container for him, then.” She walked away, pulling open the tupperware drawer.

“Would you all want to come over for dinner tonight? I’m making a huge pot roast.” Sasha casually said as she walked over the the counter.

“Sure!” Lily replied. “That would be lovely.”

“And me and the boys can play in the basement!” Annabelle squealed. “I love their games, mommy.”

Even though she was too young to understand pool or air hockey, Lily’s daughter loved hitting the balls and the pucks with the two boys. Lily smiled down at her as she handed her a square container.

“You absolutely can, sweetheart. We’ll come over around 6?” she added, turning to Sasha.

“Perfect. We’ll see you then.” Sasha smiled, and left without another word.

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