Property of Devil’s Outlaws (Part 12)Property of Devil’s Outlaws (Part 12)


Chapter 13: Hannah Hates Needles

“Wake the fuck up slut!” Tank shouted, slapping the unconscious Asian hard across her cheek.
“No!!! Please, please, please,” Hannah shrieked, as she was jolted awake and instantly began pleading in terror.
“We marked you up pretty good last night,” Tank remarked, as he stared at the Asian’s battered and bloodstained tits. “But not as much as you deserved slut. You’re lucky we didn’t fucking kill your ass for that little bullshit stunt you tried to pull.”
“Please don’t—don’t hurt me, please no more,” Hannah begged, wriggling around weakly as she hung in the air from the hook.
“Oh no, there’s definitely gonna be more,” the Outlaw replied, as he motioned a couple of his friends over to the Asian whore. “Your punishment ain’t even close to over.”
Hannah whined in fear as two bikers reached up and untied her hooks from the leather cuffs. As soon as they released her to the ground she cried in pain as the burning sensation returned to her shoulders. After hanging from the hook all night, her shoulders felt like they’d been dislocated. Her legs were shaky as the Outlaws on either side of her held her upright.
“But first things first,” Tank declared, grinning at the tiny, naked Asian. “It’s time to run another train through your little Asian ass.”
“Please, please just stop,” Hannah moaned in despair.
“Get her on the bed fellas,” Tank instructed the other bikers, as he started removing his jeans.
Hannah felt the tears starting to form in her eyes already as the two Outlaws roughly dragged her over to the large, dirty bed in the corner of the room. They bent her over the edge of the mattress and kicked her legs wide. Hannah remained still on her belly, clasping the bed sheets while she waited for the inevitable fucking to begin. She screamed in pain as Tank got behind her and slapped her ass hard with his palm. Seemingly every square inch of the girl’s bottom was decorated with horrific bloody slashes from the canes. It literally looked like Hannah had been subject to the worst beating imaginable, and yet Tank and the bikers still intended on punishing her further.
“God I could fuck this ass forever,” the Outlaw declared, spreading Hannah’s firm buttocks apart before placing the tip of his huge cock against her asshole.
“Aaaaauuuuggghhh!!” Hannah cried, arching her neck back in pain as the biker drove every inch of his dick inside her anus with one slam.
“Looks like we finally loosened you up some, eh?” Tank laughed, pulling back on Hannah’s hair so he could whisper into her ear. “I remember the first day we all fucked your ass, how goddamn tight you were back here. I thought you were gonna chop my dick off every time you squeezed me with this little asshole. It’s just a shame you’ll never be that tight again.”
“Aaaaggghhhh!! Pleeeaaaasse!!” Hannah screeched, squirming around weakly as the burly Outlaw started hammering his cock in and out of her raw anus.
“Yeah you little fucking gook!” Tank growled, cupping the Asian’s chin with one hand while he gripped her hair with the other. “How fucking stupid are you??? Thinking you could ever get away from us! You’re never fucking getting away from us cunt! This is where you belong! You were born to be our little bitch!”
Hannah closed her eyes and started bawling as the man’s words cut into her like a knife. She thought back to that fateful night, which now seemed like countless lifetimes ago. She’d been full of a million regrets every single second since Tank and the Outlaws had kidnapped her that evening. If only she hadn’t stopped at that gas station to ask for directions. If only she’d written directions instead of relying on her navigation. If only she hadn’t taken all those turns and stayed on the main road. If only she’d never chosen to go to Cabo in the first place. All of these lamentations—and more—had replayed in the Asian’s mind over and over again since that terrible night the biker gang took her.
“Goddamn your ass still feels so good though!” Tank exclaimed, hooking his middle three fingers into Hannah’s jaws while he pounded the shit out of her.
The huge biker lasted more than five minutes as he fucked the poor Asian at a furious pace. He, along with all the others, was still so angry at Hannah that he purposefully raped her as brutally as he could. Hannah, meanwhile, did the only thing she could—she held onto the bed-sheets and screamed in misery while she waited for the Outlaw to finish. Just seconds after Tank emptied his semen in her burning rectum, she felt another biker’s powerful hand grip her hair and pull her off the mattress.
“On your knees bitch!” Another hefty Outlaw commanded, forcing Hannah to her knees as he flipped his cock out of his pants.
“Open your fucking mouth!” The biker shouted, giving Hannah a vicious slap across her face.
The weeping Asian slut screamed in pain and quickly opened her mouth as wide as she could. She closed her eyes and shuddered as she felt the man’s penis against her lips just before a river of urine began shooting into her mouth. Because she’d done it dozens of times now, Hannah barely even hesitated as she started gulping down the vile piss. She was very careful not to spill even one drop, since she knew it would result in a severe beating if she did.
“That’s a good little whore,” the biker stated, stroking Hannah’s hair while he finished urinating in her mouth.
Hannah yelped in fear as the man swiftly jerked her back up by her hair and threw her back onto the mattress. He was between her legs in an instant, holding the Asian’s arms down while he pounded her raw vagina with his fat cock. After the dozens of horrendous lashes it had taken last night, Hannah’s tender pussy was so enflamed and swollen, and she immediately began screaming in agony as the Outlaw cruelly raped her.
“No!! Please!! Pleeeeeaaaaasssee!!!” Hannah squealed, struggling miserably as the pain quickly became intolerable.
“Fuck you bitch!!!” The biker roared back, keeping Hannah’s wrists pinned firmly against the bed while he hammered away at her cunt.
Ten minutes later Hannah was back on her arms and knees as another big, nasty Outlaw savagely fucked her torn anus. As soon as he finished, he was immediately replaced by one of his peers. This process continued for over four hours, as one biker after another came into the room to fuck and abuse the little Asian. The first six men all raped Hannah solo, but as the morning stretched on and more of them began to drop by, they began using her in pairs. Hannah spent half the time on her back, sandwiched between two Outlaws while they pounded her asshole and cunt. The other half of the time she was on all fours, sucking on one biker’s cock while another drilled her fuck-holes from behind.
It was past 1PM when the Asian was finally given a reprieve from the onslaught of cocks. She’d been fucked by over three dozen Outlaws since Tank had woken her. Her face was smeared with cum and torrents of the disgusting spunk streamed from her asshole and vagina. For Hannah, however, the most sickening feeling came from her belly. She’d been forced to swallow over 20 loads of piss and another dozen or so loads of semen. Her stomach was so full of the vile fluids that she felt seriously ill.
When the gang was through with her, they dumped her back onto the mattress and tied her to it spread-eagle. They left her alone for a few hours, which Hannah spent almost all of sleeping. She was so terribly sore all over that she could barely move an inch, and did not even have the energy to stand if she wanted to. Eventually, Tank and another Outlaw returned with a plate of leftover scraps from the diner. They forced Hannah to eat it then untied her from the bed and dragged her to the bathroom. The bikers spent about five minutes hastily washing the sperm from the Asian’s face, hair, and fuck-holes. While they didn’t mind seeing the girl in such a filthy state, they figured the paying customers would want Hannah relatively clean. When they were through, they hauled Hannah back to her room and bent her over the edge of the mattress before splaying her arms and legs wide and tying them to the struts and posts of the bed-frame.
“You’re gonna be making us some more money tonight bitch,” Tank declared, pulling a box full of 1.5” long needles out of his jacket pocket. “And you’re gonna be in fucking agony every second while you do.”
Hannah’s head was slumped forward and she did not even notice as Tank and his friend squatted down behind her. The two bikers grinned at one another as they stared at the Asian’s badly worn asshole and vagina. After a few seconds, Tank grabbed one of the needles and cruelly plunged it deep into Hannah’s anal ring. She instantly screamed in pain and writhed around as the Outlaw stuck the needle in as far as possible, until only the small black bead at the end of it was visible.
“Noooooo!! Pleeaaaaaassssssee!!” Hannah shrieked, as the other biker did the same thing to her pussy.
“God, why didn’t we think of this sooner man?” Tank laughed, as he sank another of the steel spines into the Asian’s sphincter.
“Aaaaoooowwww!! Stooppppp!! Please!!!” Hannah wailed, already starting to weep now as the searing pain of getting her holes pierced was excruciating.
“Make sure you angle it right,” Tank instructed, as his friend prepared to insert another needle into the Asian’s cunt. “Shit, we don’t want her clients getting their dicks poked, do we?”
“Shit, you’re right,” the biker agreed, before pushing another needle into Hannah’s pussy.
The two Outlaws spent more than 10 minutes forcing spine after spine into the hysterical Asian’s asshole and vagina. They inserted each one at a sharp, almost sideways angle, to safeguard against them slipping out or pricking a customer. Hannah screamed and begged at the top of her lungs all throughout, and momentarily fainted several times from the tremendous agony. By the time the men were finished, Hannah’s anus and pussy had over a dozen needles imbedded in each one, and her voice was hoarse from all of the screaming she’d done.
“And now bitch,” Tank declared ominously, as he rose to his feet and unbuckled his pants. “I’m gonna make sure you’re safe to use before we start sending in your clients. Brace yourself whore, this is probably gonna hurt bad.”
“No!!! Please!!! Pleaaaaasssseee!!!” Hannah shrieked, yanking at her bonds in terror as she felt Tank grab her slender waist.
“Nooooo!! Nooooooooooo!!!” The Asian wailed, thrashing around frantically as Tank pushed the tip of his huge cock against her asshole.
The Outlaw let out a primal roar as he rammed forward and drove more than half of his cock into Hannah’s sphincter. The Asian reared her head back and Muratpaşa Escort instantly screamed in sheer agony. The sensation of the many needles all spearing deep into her flesh was so painful that Hannah felt nauseous. She wailed miserably as Tank lunged forward once more, burying the rest of his shaft inside her rectum.
“No please!! Stop!! It hurts!! Please it huuurrrtttss!!!” Hannah squealed, desperately pulling at the cuffs on her wrists and ankles as the biker started pumping his cock in and out of her asshole.
Tank ran his hands up the Asian’s back and cruelly yanked back on her hair while he continued to pummel her sphincter. Each time he slammed his unbelievably thick cock into her ass, the biker could feel Hannah’s anus stretching so wide, and he knew every single needle inside the orifice was stabbing deep into her flesh. Every single thrust was also met with an absolute wretched scream of pain from the Asian, and in less than two minutes Hannah was reduced to a blubbering mess as she begged Tank for mercy with all of her soul.
“OH MY GOD PLEASE STOP!! PLEASE I’LL DO ANYTHING!!! I’LL DO ANYTHING!! PLEEEAAASSSEEE!!” Hannah screamed in complete and utter torture, as Tank continued to batter her asshole.
It took nearly ten minutes for the large Outlaw to cum, which for Hannah was an absolute lifetime. She screamed at the top of her lungs nearly nonstop the entire time. Normally she stopped begging for mercy within a couple of minutes whenever one of the bikers raped or beat her, but this time the pain was so unbearable that she beseeched Tank the entire time he fucked her. She briefly fainted several times from the anguish, but was never out for very long.
“Ahhh!!! Yeah bitch!! Fuck here it comes!!” The Outlaw bellowed, cramming all 8 inches of his dick inside Hannah before shooting his jizz inside her.
Hannah was elated as she felt the biker’s warm, sticky sperm flooding her bowels. She had never yearned for a man to ejaculate inside of her so badly. Not even when those times when Big Joe spent nearly 20 or 30 minutes straight destroying her anus. The Asian groaned in misery as Tank jerked back on her hair and leaned forward to whisper into her ear.
“Just remember slut, every single time one of those filthy bastards out there slams his cock in this nasty little asshole tonight,” Tank declared forebodingly. “You just think about what you did last night to deserve this. Every single time we send someone in to fuck you, and when he’s fucking you so hard and those needles are giving you hell, you think long and hard about what you did.”
“Pleeeaaaasse!! I’m sorry!!! I’m so sorry!! Please I’ll never do it—I’ll never do it again I swear!!” Hannah sobbed wretchedly.
Tank snickered at the girl’s anguish while he slowly withdrew his penis from her asshole. Once he did, the biker stepped back and smiled as the hole slowly contracted while a slimy trail of sperm dribbled out of it. He still could not believe how tight the Asian was. While she was nowhere close to as tight as when he’d taken her anal virginity, Hannah’s asshole still hugged his cock so good every time he clobbered it.
“Well whore, so long for now,” Tank stated happily, as he pulled his pants back on. “Don’t worry you won’t be lonely tonight. We’ll be sending guys one after another for at least the next six or seven hours. We’re charging them just $20 to fuck your asshole or pussy, so you can be damn sure you’ll have a lot of company. Since we’re nice, we’ll at least make them wear rubbers.”
“No please!! Please!!! Don’t do this!! Please don’t—I’ll behave!! I’ll be good I promise!! Please don’t do this!! I promise I’ll be good!! I’ll be such a good girl I swear!!” Hannah shouted in abject terror, pulling feverishly at her restraints while Tank and his friend exited the room.
Once the door closed Hannah dropped her head down against the mattress and wept in complete dejection and fear. She kept trying to bring her legs together, even though the cuffs kept them spread obscenely wide. Only two or three minutes had passed when the door was jerked open. Hannah reared her head back nervously and took one look at who it was before breaking down into tears again. Standing at the doorway with a diabolical grin on his face was Wayne, the 6’5”, 280 lb. behemoth who had spent over four hours fucking and beating her a few nights ago with his friend. He’d actually raped Hannah for the past five nights in a row and she easily recognized him by now. The Asian screamed in depression and once again began tugging at her restraints.
“Ah come on, that ain’t the way to greet a paying customer,” the brute laughed, closing the door behind him as he made his way to the bed. “You should be thanking me slut after all the money I spent on you lately.”
Hannah continued to bawl like a pathetic whore as she thought about how much pain she was soon going to have to endure. By now she was fully aware of how big Wayne’s 9” cock was, and moreover, how viciously he liked to fuck her. Every single time he raped her, the massive psycho took every single ounce of strength from the Asian slut. He was so horribly brutal that Hannah literally could not even walk for 30 minutes whenever he finished with her. In fact, getting fucked by Wayne was so bad that the Asian purposefully avoided soliciting him the past few nights despite how determined she’d been to hit her quotas. While all of the Outlaws and most of the patrons all enjoyed using her hard, Wayne was easily among the worst. The huge maniac wasn’t happy unless he was completely dominating her in every way.
The former college linebacker walked over to a cupboard along the wall and grabbed an extra large condom from a box. He giggled like a little kid as he saw a cardboard sign with instructions written on it to kindly empty the sperm from used rubbers into a plastic mug next to it. Wayne continued to chuckle as he stripped his pants and underwear before pulling the condom over his already hardened cock.
“No!! Noooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around in horror as the massive john squatted down behind her.
“Shit you have got to be kidding me,” Wayne declared in wonder, as he spread the Asian’s ass-cheeks wide and saw the beaded ends of the needles all around her anus. “Are these what I think they are? Are these fucking needles???”
“Aaaaooowww!!” Hannah cried, as the ugly fiend pressed his thumbs against her sphincter.
“Holy fuck this is crazy!” The giant exclaimed. “God them Outlaws are fucking geniuses. Crazy, twisted, fucking geniuses man. I guess this is what you get for trying to escape though, huh?”
“Please…please take them out,” Hannah begged the man. “I’ll do anything you want, I swear, just please take them out. I’ll—I’ll do anything for you, I’ll never charge you again. You can have me—you can fuck me whenever, I’ll fuck you for free forever, please.”
“No thanks bitch,” Wayne replied, declining the girl’s offer. “I think I’ll leave them in there. I wanna hear how loud you can scream for me while I’m fucking the shit outta you.”
“Nooooo!!! Please!!!” Hannah wailed, shaking her head in protest.
“They charged me $20 to fuck you slut,” Wayne declared, as he brought the head of his huge cock against the Asian’s pussy. “But they never told me when I had to finish. So I’m gonna take my sweet, sweet time with you whore. I’m gonna make sure I get every single penny outta that $20, you got that?”
“Aaaaaaaggggghhhhhh!! Noooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, yanking feverishly at her bonds as Wayne drove his cock deep into her needle-infested cunt.
“Yeah bitch!! You like that?!” The huge brute growled, shoving more of his dick inside Hannah’s vagina. “How’s that feel huh?! Scream you little fucking gook bitch!!”
“Aaaauuuuggghhhh!!! Stoooppppppp!! Pleeeaaaassssee!!!” The Asian screeched, thrashing around in agony as Wayne began ruthlessly pumping his cock in and out of her twat.
“Louder cunt!! I wanna hear you scream your little lungs out whore!!” Wayne bellowed, pulling on Hannah’s locks while he pounded her vagina with all of his might.
“AAAAAAGGGGGHHHHHH!!!” Hannah screamed, as her face turned red and her eyes bulged in dismay from the excruciating torture.
“That’s more like it bitch!!” The hulking john laughed, fish-hooking Hannah’s mouth while he raped her savagely.
“AAAAUUUUUGGGGHHHHH!!” The Asian continued to shriek, as Wayne pumped his 9” cock in and out of her pussy as deep and hard as he could.
Tears were coursing down Hannah’s cheeks as she screamed and begged for mercy like the pathetic hooker she was. Every single pounding stroke from Wayne’s enormous dick shoved the many, many needles deep into her vagina, and the pain was simply insane. The bed-frame trembled intensely as Wayne dug his fingers deep into Hannah’s jaws and raped her like a complete lunatic for over 5 minutes.
“No no no, I ain’t finished with you yet,” the brute uttered, as he appeared on the verge of climaxing just before pulling his cock out of the Asian’s snatch. “Like I said bitch, I’m gonna milk that $20 you cost me.”
“Aaaauuuuggghhhh!! Noooooooooo!!” Hannah screamed, squirming around miserably as she felt the giant press the tip of his cock against her anus.
“Oh God that just feels so right!!” Wayne exclaimed, gripping the Asian’s tiny waist while he crammed every inch of his cock inside her asshole.
“Aaaaaiiiiieeeee!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaasssee!!!” Hannah screeched, closing her eyes and gritting her teeth as the scores of needles inside her anus stabbed deep into her flesh.
The Asian began wailing in horrendous pain as Wayne started thumping his huge dick in and out of her sphincter. The constant piercing of the needles into her anus was so agonizing that Hannah could not even think coherently. She thought she was going to die from pain overload as Wayne fucked her ass ferociously for nearly 10 minutes. When he was close to cumming again, he pulled out of the Asian’s asshole and simply switched back to her vagina. He fucked the bound whore for over half an hour, switching from one hole to another until he finally could not last any longer.
“Yeah bitch!! Oh God fuck!!!” The giant roared, burying his cock one last time inside Hannah’s anus just as he began filling the condom with his sperm.
Once he was finished, Wayne kept his cock buried inside the Asian for a moment longer, enjoying the warmth and surprising tightness of her rectum. He then pulled out of the girl and got to his feet. Even though he’d literally just ejaculated, the sight of Hannah’s upturned ass and spread legs was so heavenly that he was already thinking about paying another $20 for her later. He walked over to the cabinet and pulled the condom off his penis before emptying almost Muratpaşa Escort Bayan every drop of sperm from it into the dirty plastic mug.
“Thanks for another awesome fuck session whore,” Wayne stated happily, as he pulled his pants back on. “I’ll be back later tonight. That is if you’re even available, I’m sure the line for you is gonna be crazy long. We’ll see though, it’s still early.”
Hannah’s cheek was pressed against the mattress as she wept in utter desolation. Her asshole and cunt not only ached from the awful stretching caused by Wayne’s huge dick, but they were also stained with blood from the constant piercing of the needles. The fucking had been absolutely horrible, and it left Hannah in a stupor of unimaginable misery. Her body was so sore from her exertions and her throat was raw from screaming her lungs out. So when Wayne left only to be replaced by another client in mere seconds, the Asian closed her eyes and started sobbing uncontrollably.
“Noooooooo!! Pleaaaaasssssee!!!” Hannah begged weakly, as a man who appeared to be pushing 60 quickly donned a condom and got into position behind her.
She screamed in fear as the john pressed the tip of his cock against her anus before plunging it deep into the abused orifice. Hannah wasn’t surprised he chose her asshole, as the vast majority of her clients favored that hole over the others. For some reason practically all of the rednecks in this town seemed to love sodomizing her, probably because none of them ever had the good fortune of fucking a pretty little Asian city girl like Hannah in her tight ass.
“Aaaaaiiiieeeee!!!” Hannah screamed, struggling frantically as the nasty john began pounding her sphincter.
Hannah didn’t think she had any more energy left in her after getting raped by Wayne, but as soon as the needles began stabbing into her anus again she tugged desperately at her bonds. The man’s cock was a couple inches smaller than Wayne’s, yet every time he slammed into her Hannah thought she would faint from the sharp metal spines. The drunken slob was yanking savagely on the Asian’s hair and calling her all kinds of vulgar names, but Hannah didn’t even notice because of the pain at her asshole.
“Aaarrrrggghhhh!!!” The man bellowed, ramming his cock one last time into Hannah’s ass before filling up the rubber with his seed.
“Drink it you little gook slut!” The john commanded, as he pulled the slimy condom off his cock and brought it against Hannah’s lips.
The Asian was crying hard as she opened her lips and allowed the old brute to empty the contents of sperm into her mouth. When he was finished draining the milky fluid Hannah closed her eyes and downed the load of cum with one gulp. She did not react as the john slapped her ass and thanked her before putting his clothes back on and leaving.
“Nooooooooooooo!!!” Hannah screamed, shaking her head in complete misery as another huge redneck entered the room just seconds after the old man exited.
The poor Asian cried and begged nonstop as the hairy giant slipped on a condom and fucked her asshole brutally for almost 15 minutes before finally climaxing and depositing his spent jizz into the plastic mug. The moment he left, he was immediately replaced by another drunken customer from the bar. On and on it went, as the Outlaws sent in an endless train of horny men to fuck the helpless little Asian whore. Staying true to their word, they did not allow Hannah even one minute of rest between johns. There was always a biker standing at the doors that led to the backrooms, and as soon as one man passed through them the Outlaw immediately motioned for whoever was next in line to use Hannah.
The Outlaws kept Hannah tied to the bed for more than seven hours, and in that span she was fucked by exactly 47 men, with a handful of them using her twice. Also, over 2/3rd of the men opted to fuck the Asian in her asshole. There was just something about the tiny, albeit thoroughly torn opening that made so many men want to stuff their cocks inside it. Incredibly, Hannah fought and struggled and screamed feverishly as each john used her. This was because every single time she was raped, the pain of the needles plunging into her anus or vagina was insanely horrible. She shed so many tears that it did not even seem possible.

Hannah was crying in utter woe as her last client of the night finished up with her. After he blew his load the ugly john pulled out of Hannah’s anus and removed the condom from his dick. He held the rubber carefully as he walked over to the cabinet and emptied his sperm into the 60 ounce plastic pitcher. Nearly four dozen men had donated their jizz to the large jug, and it was filled almost to the brim with the disgusting white fluid. It was just past 1AM when the happy patron left the room. As soon as she heard the footsteps of another visitor, Hannah screamed in anguish as she braced herself for another fucking.
“Relax whore, it’s me,” the Asian heard a familiar voice declare.
“Damn, I guess we stopped at the perfect time,” Tank laughed, as he stared at the full pitcher of semen. “You ready for your reward cunt? You deserve it—you made us almost $950 tonight.”
“Pleeeaaaassee,” the exhausted Asian moaned, shuddering in fear as she heard the large biker approach.
Tank quickly unlocked the cuffs on Hannah’s ankles and wrists before yanking her to her feet by her hair. The weary whore shrieked as Tank brutally dragged her out of the room and down the hall to the bikers’ lounge. Her heels clicked loudly as she barely was able to keep pace with the Outlaw. Once they were inside Tank forced Hannah to kneel near the center of the room. There were about 20 other bikers packed inside, and it was clear they’d all been waiting for the Asian.
“Shit, can someone go get the pitcher of jizz?” Tank asked, just realizing he’d forgotten it.
One of the Outlaws instantly disappeared before returning just seconds later with the filthy jug in his hand. As soon as the other men saw it they all erupted into cheers and joyful laughter. Practically all of them had lingered around just to watch Hannah ingest the ridiculous amount of cum inside the pitcher. Just seeing the little Asian swallow one load of cum was a wondrous sight for the bikers, so they were beyond excited to watch her down nearly 50 loads.
“Listen carefully slut,” Tank stated, jerking on Hannah’s hair. “If you want us to leave you alone for the rest of the night, then you got exactly one minute to drink all that sperm. One minute, that’s it. You take any longer and we’re putting you back on the hook and beating your pretty little tits all night.”
“Here bitch,” the biker with the pitcher said, holding out the container full of nasty sperm.
Hannah let out a big sigh of despair as she reached forward and took the large pitcher in her shaky hands. It was so heavy and she felt her stomach churn as soon as she looked down at the disgusting pool of semen. Hannah felt the tears welling up once again in her eyes as she thought about all of the men who’d used her earlier, and how in a sense she still was not free from them.
“You ready whore?” Tank asked, bringing his wristwatch up to his eyes. “Remember, one minute, and all that spunk better be inside that belly of yours. You go over by even one second, and its tittie beating time all night. Let’s go!”
There was a chorus of cheers and laughter from the many bikers as Hannah tilted her head back and brought the edge of the pitcher against her lips. She hesitated for half a second before closing her eyes and pouring the vast collection of sperm into her mouth. The Asian immediately began groaning in complete revulsion as she took several huge gulps of cum to keep pace with how fast she was draining it into her mouth.
“Eeeeeuuuugggghhhhh!!” Hannah screamed, finally pulling the jug of sperm away from her lips after consuming nearly ¼ of it.
“Awww I don’t think the gook whore likes it!” One of the bikers shouted from the back of the room.
“Bullshit man, that bitch fucking lives for jizz,” another Outlaw retorted. “It gives her energy to be a good little whore.”
Hannah was crying openly now as the many bikers around her all laughed and joked about how much of a filthy slut she was. She never felt such shame in her life as she brought the jug back to her mouth and the room full of bikers exploded in cheers. The Asian took another few big gulps of cum before the nastiness of what she was doing hit her and she nearly puked. She pulled the pitcher of sperm away from her lips and sobbed in complete anguish as she thought about all of the filthy, disgusting men who’d fucked her earlier in the evening and whose cum she was now drinking.
“Thirty seconds slut!” Tank warned, as he smiled down at the inconsolable little Asian whore.
Hannah screamed in despair as she once again raised the huge plastic jug to her lips. There was still roughly 2/3rd of the semen remaining inside the container, and Hannah knew that she would have to chug the entire amount with no interruption if she was going to accomplish her task in time. Every single biker’s eyes was fixed on the Asian as she craned her neck back and proceeded to pour the vast amount of sperm into her mouth.
“Whoo!! Look at that chinky little whore go!!” An Outlaw yelped in delight, as Hannah quickly swallowed mouthful after mouthful of the horrific jizz.
Every single biker inside the room could hear the Asian groaning in sheer misery as she guzzled the pitcher of sperm. She looked so incredibly pathetic, on her knees with the shiny metal rings dangling from her bloodied and bruised breasts while she gulped down a jug full of cum. She had about ¼ of jizz left when Tank started the ten second countdown.
“Seven! Six! Five!” The Outlaw shouted loudly.
Hannah grunted in terror and disgust as she frantically tried to consume the remaining amount of semen. Her heart sank as Tank and the others bellowed that her time was up. There was a little more than half a beer can’s worth of cum left, and Hannah took about ten extra seconds to gulp it all down. She foolishly hoped that the Outlaws would take some mercy on her for at least drinking the entire amount of spunk, even if she did not do within a minute as instructed. As soon as she drained the last drops of sperm into her mouth, Hannah threw the empty pitcher to the side before breaking down in both misery and anger.
“Good effort slut, but you failed,” Tank stated in dissatisfaction. “And ‘cause of that, your night ain’t over. Get her on the hook fellas.”
“Noooooooo!!! Pleeeeaaaaaaassssssse!!!” Hannah screamed, kicking and clawing like mad as several Outlaws immediately seized her and hauled her toward the Escort Muratpaşa center of the room.
Despite her wild struggles, the powerful bikers were easily able to cuff Hannah’s wrists together before hoisting onto the hook in the ceiling. The Asian was already starting to weep in terror as she jerked her arms and vainly tried to dislodge the hook. She felt so helpless as the large pack of Outlaws quickly formed a circle around her naked, wriggling body.
“Nate, get the needles,” Tank instructed one of the men.
The biker grabbed the same box of needles they’d used on Hannah earlier and handed it to Tank. Hannah’s eyes were bulging with fear as the huge brute approached her. She whined in terror and shook her head as Tank stood before her and looked straight into her teary eyes.
“As promised, we’re gonna beat your tits for not being a good little whore,” the Outlaw calmly declared. “And since you like needles so much, we’re gonna stuff your little tits full of them, just like we did your asshole and cunt.”
“No please,” Hannah begged, shivering in abject horror as Tank pulled out one of the 1.5” spines. “Please! I’m—I’m sorry!! I’m so, so sorry!! I’ll be a good whore I swear!”
“Somebody hold this bitch’s legs,” Tank asked his buddies, as the Asian kicked her feet at him to keep him at bay.
Hannah squealed in protest as two large, sturdy pairs of hands grabbed her skinny legs and held them far apart. The Asian continued to beg and cry as Tank stepped in front of her and clutched one of her small breasts in his meaty fingers. He pressed the point of the needle in his other hand against the tit, just above Hannah’s nipple, and drove the entire thing straight into the mound of flesh.
“Aaaaaaggggghhhhhh!!” Hannah screamed, tilting her head back and writhing around in pain.
“And now one for this little tittie,” Tank giggled, before plunging another needle into Hannah’s other breast in the same area.
“Aaaaaoooowwwww!! Pleeeeaaaaaasssee!!!” The Asian wailed, jerking at the leather cuffs on her wrists.
Hannah screamed and sobbed as Tank inserted about a dozen more needles into her chest. He then handed the box off to another biker who eagerly stuck a few spines into the Asian’s breasts also before passing the needles over to another. Much to Hannah’s horror and dismay, one Outlaw after another forced his own set of needles into her tits until there was none left in the box. At that point, there were over 80 spines embedded in the Asian’s chest, and each tit literally looked like a pin cushion. Hannah’s cheeks were streaked with tears and her voice was hoarse from screaming so much. Once the last needle was inserted into her breast, she finally stopped screeching, and assumed that her suffering was at an end.
“Okay boys, get your belts out,” Tank directed the room full of horny bikers. “It’s time to show this dumb fucking gook what her little tits are for.”
“Noooooooooooooo!!!” Hannah squealed, breaking into fresh new tears as all of the men anxiously pulled their belts off at once.
“Relax fellas, you’ll all get plenty of time with her,” Tank stated, as the bikers jostled to get into position in front of the terrified Asian. “Let’s do five at a time, and just rotate out when your arm gets tired. Don’t worry this bitch ain’t going nowhere, we got all night to beat her little boobies.”
“NO!! PLEASE!!!” Hannah shrieked, as five burly Outlaws quickly formed a semicircle in front of her.
“Aaaaauuuugggghhhhhh!!!” The Asian screamed, twisting crazily in the air as one of the bikers ripped his belt across her left breast with all of his strength.
“Damn nice shot Donny!” The Outlaw next to him applauded, admiring Hannah’s round tits before raising his own belt and taking aim.
Hannah let out a shriek of absolute terror as two of the tattooed fiends viciously slammed their belts against her tender breasts at the same time. The explosion of leather against skin was like a gunshot inside the room, followed by an equally ear-piercing scream from the little Asian slut. Hannah nearly fainted at the agony of dozens of needles puncturing and jostling inside her small tits. The pain was simply unimaginable.
“Aaaaaaaiiiiiiieeeeee!!! Pleeeeeaaaaaaaassssseee!!!” The Asian wailed at the top of her lungs, as all five men now began savagely beating her defenseless titties.
Tank and the other bikers watched and laughed as their friends absolutely pummeled Hannah’s breasts. The five Outlaws all worked in great harmony as they unleashed strike after strike onto the pathetic little Asian’s chest. The two orbs jiggled and bounced constantly as a sadistic and nonstop parade of blows rained upon them. Although none of the men were admitting it, it was quite obvious that they were all competing amongst each other to see who could unleash the hardest, most excruciating hit on Hannah. They were all cocking their arms back as far as possible and slamming their belts against the poor Asian’s breasts with all of their might.
“AAAAAGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!” Hannah howled, convulsing violently in the air as the pain in her tits was completely and totally horrendous.
After a couple of minutes, the Asian lifted her legs as high as she could, and was able to somewhat block her tits with her knees. Of course, that defense did not last long, as a pair of Outlaws quickly stepped forward and jerked her legs apart. Once again Hannah could do absolutely nothing but scream, cry, and beg while the five bikers in front of her happily thrashed her bruised and bloody breasts.
Hannah floated in and out of consciousness for the next two hours as the entire group of roughly 20 Outlaws all thrashed her little tits. Like the pathetic whore she was, Hannah futilely begged the men for mercy the first half of the beating session. Eventually, the slut finally stopped her pleading and simply hung in the air and wept like an infant while her breasts were pummeled. Her mind was completely consumed with suffering and the Asian thought she was going to die from pain overload when Tank finally gave the men the signal to stop.
“Okay boys, how ‘bout we make this a little more interesting?” The Outlaw suggested, as he pulled out a thick wad of cash from his pocket.
“What’s up Tank?” One of the bikers beating Hannah asked, panting heavily from the countless shots he’d administered on the sobbing Asian.
“This here is all the money this fucking slut earned tonight,” Tank declared, as he stepped in front of Hannah and pulled several of the needles about halfway out of her breasts. “We’re gonna have a little competition. Any guy that hits a needle off, you get $10. You hit two off, that’s $20. Ya’ll get the picture. We’ll take turns—keep rotating out till there ain’t no more needles left on her titties.”
“You’re a fucking genius Tank,” one of the bikers commended.
“Well you know, I try,” the man chuckled, setting the pile of cash on a desk before grabbing his belt. “I’ll go first fellas.”
“Please…no more,” Hannah groaned, staring at the biker in abysmal torment.
“Aaaaaauuuugggghhhhh!!” The Asian wailed, as Tank blasted her left breast with all of his might.
“Whoooooo!!!” The Outlaw bellowed, as two needles went flying from Hannah’s severely pummeled tit.
Tank stepped forward once more and half-removed another pair of needles to replace the ones he’d just beaten off. He then walked over to the desk and removed a $20 bill from the large stack of cash. Meanwhile, Hannah screamed in agony as the next biker slammed his belt against her breasts. He cursed in anger and disbelief as none of the pins detached from the Asian’s chest.
“Lemme show you how it’s done Phil,” another Outlaw declared, as he stepped forward and ripped his strap across Hannah’s right breast.
“AAAAAAOOOOWWWWW!!!” The Asian screamed, as three spines instantly scattered onto the floor.
“Please just STOP!!!” Hannah begged, writhing around in misery as the man went to collect his reward money.
“My turn whore!” Another biker exclaimed, before furiously slamming his belt against the Asian’s small tits.
Hannah kicked her slender legs in the air as another needle spilled to the ground. She cried and begged in abject suffering as one by one the Outlaws all took turns beating her round little breasts. Now, with a financial incentive, the men truly were hitting the Asian as hard as they possibly could. Every once in awhile a blow would strike one of the needles at such a precise angle, that instead of removing it, it would actually drive the spine back into Hannah’s chest. It was those times that the poor Asian would unleash an absolutely deafening scream and flail around in the air like she’d just been shocked.
It took more than an hour for the Outlaws to beat almost the entire 80 something needles from Hannah’s breasts. The last dozen or so alone required about thirty minutes, as Tank had intentionally pulled them out just slightly to make them more challenging for the gang. The sadistic biker simply loved the sight of Hannah’s tits getting thrashed and abused, and could literally watch it all night. When the final needle was violently stricken from the Asian’s breast, the entire group of Outlaws cheered in accomplishment. Hannah, meanwhile, had her hair slumped forward and was weeping in utter wretchedness. Her breasts were covered with blood and bruised all over.
“Congratulations slut,” Tank praised the lifeless Asian. “You made it.”
“Now I know you’ve had a long night,” the biker continued, as he began removing his jeans. “But after all that tittie-beating, the boys and I are all real fucking horny.”
“Eeeeuuuuggghhhh!” Hannah cried, squirming around feebly as Tank got behind her and pulled her legs apart.
“So I hope you don’t mind if we fuck your nasty little holes before we let you sleep,” the biker stated into Hannah’s ear, as he lined his erect cock up against the Asian’s asshole.
“You mind if I join you Tank?” A massive biker requested.
“Of course not Roy, come stuff this bitch’s pussy,” Tank replied.
Hannah began sobbing as Tank roughly jerked her legs wide apart and the huge Outlaw got between them. The Asian squealed in agony and terror as in just seconds Tank and Roy began cramming their giant cocks into her. In the midst of the awful beating, Hannah had forgotten about the needles that were still lodged inside her anus and vagina. As the bikers’ dicks drove up into her and pressed against the many spines, Hannah screamed in excruciating pain.
“I fucking told you you’d regret that stupid little escape attempt yesterday,” Tank growled into the Asian’s ear. “Don’t you fucking get it by now gook? You ain’t NEVER escaping from us. You belong to me, to us. You’re property of Devil’s Outlaws.”
“NOOOOOOOOOO!!!” Hannah screeched, thrashing about with renewed vigor as the bikers rabidly began pounding her anus and cunt with their cocks.

**I hope you enjoy the story so far. Feel free to email me at [email protected] I would love to hear comments or ideas about the story.**

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