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I have to admit, I was a little perplexed when I found the thick manila envelope in my mailbox. I hadn’t ordered anything recently, and anyway, all that was written on it, in big block letters, was “HANDLE WITH CARE.” They hadn’t bothered with my address, much less a return address. It was obviously hand-delivered.

Curious, I took it indoors. The package was heavy for its size, so I suspected photos. When I opened it up, I saw that I was correct: It was a neat slack of eight-by-tens, wrapped in opaque white tissue paper. A card taped to the packet read: OPEN THIS SIDE AND LOOK AT ONE AT A TIME…OR YOU’LL SPOIL THE SURPRISE.

“Okay,” I breathed, and carefully unpicked the tape. I folded the tissue paper out and found myself looking at the plain back of a photo, upon which someone had written in neat script,

“You have such gorgeous girls!”

Lifting an eyebrow, I flipped over the top photo and there they were: Candace and Kendra, my precious little angels. well, the truth is, they’re not so little anymore. Candace is 19, her sister nine months younger.

I grinned; I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything so utterly cute. Both girls are strawberry blonde beauties with dimples, and they were grinning to beat the band. In the shot, they were hugging each other, their heads turned so that they were cheek to cheek, looking at the camera. Their sparkling eyes and clear skin made them look so alive I just had to laugh.

The photo was of professional quality, full-color and beautifully composed. I wondered who had taken it, and who had sent me the packet. Well, my birthday was coming up, and I’d always adored the girls. It was probably their idea…maybe their Mom had paid for it, and come to think of it, her sister was a professional photographer…

Happily, I set the first photo aside and reached for the next one. This one was labeled, “You may not realize just how lovely they are…”

I snorted. Of course I did! I had eyes, didn’t I?

This photo proved to be a glamour shot, and it was simply breathtaking. The girls were dressed in elegant evening gowns and were artfully made-up, seeming much more mature than they actually were. They stood in catwalk poses in front of a massive live oak tree that looked a bit familiar. Candace’s watered silk dress flowed down to her ankles; Kendra looked darling in a classic off-the-shoulder little black dress. I thought Candace’s dress a bit tight, and Kendra’s skirt a bit high…but they were simply beautiful.

I put the photo aside reluctantly. The next one picked up where the last had left off. It was labeled, “…or how beautifully they’ve matured.”

Hmmph. I thought the last photo had proven that. I flipped this one over…and gasped. This time, both girls were dressed in thong bikinis that did very little to hide their nakedness. I let out my breath in one long sigh, and peered closer. After a long moment, I reached into my desk drawer and brought out my reading glasses. That brought things into much sharper relief, proving I wasn’t losing my mind. They were at the beach; Kendra was holding a beach ball in the air, and it was easy to admire the way that he pose brought out the chiseled clarity of her tomboy musculature, or the way her sweet little breasts jutted toward the sky…

Her older sister way lying in a chaise longue, her brown skin glistening with oil. Her head was canted back, shaded with sunglasses, and the pink tip of her tongue protruded just a bit, touching her top lip. She looked simply amazing. Oh, my yes…how my angels had matured.

I felt that old familiar tightness in my groin, and wished, heaven help me, that the swimsuits weren’t getting in the Mecidiyeköy Escort way of me seeing every square inch of their bodies. It was getting harder to put the pictures aside…but I wanted, had, to see what was next. I wondered where the hell this was going…

The next photo was labeled, “They’re sexy little vixens!”

Hands shaking with anticipation, I flipped the photo over…and my heart jumped in my chest. My beautiful little blondies were kissing passionately, with every evidence of great enjoyment…but that wasn’t the best of it. Each was fondling each the other’s bare breasts! I leaned close and saw that Kendra was pinching and twisting her older sister’s nipples, which stuck out like little pencil erasers. Oh. My. God! I couldn’t imagine anything sexier at that moment…and by the time I’d finished examining that picture, my cock was harder than it had been in years.

The fifth photo was titled, “Oh yes they are!”

This one sent my sexual temperature higher: it showed the girls facing a brick building in bright sunlight, their hands splayed against the wall and their glorious asses thrust toward the camera. Both were wearing nothing but their thong bottoms, and their ass cheeks all but glowed in the sunlight. I closed my eyes and swallowed hard when I realized what I had just thought about my girls. I had to admit it: though I’d never thought of them in a sexual way, not even once, now they were quite simply the sexiest creatures on Earth.

And there were still many photos left in the stack. I had to see them all; who knoew what else might be there? My hands were steadier as I picked the sixth one off the pile. I was past the trembling stage. This one was labeled, “Your darlings are all grown up now.”

Before I turned it over, I unzipped my fly.

And there they were, in all their nude glory — apparently still at the beach, because the sun was lighting them up beautifully and glinting off their pale hair. This photo had nothing of the pornographic about it; it was more nudist than anything, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they were at the nude beach off Sandy Hook. The girls were standing there large as life, without a stitch on, hands on their hips and grinning innocently at the camera. I gave their sweet curves all the attention they deserved, and before long I reached into the desk drawer and pulled out my magnifier. That confirmed it: there were a few golden sparkles framing Candace’s pussy—her cunt, I thought nastily—but Kendra’s was as innocent of hair as any toddler’s.

Mouth dry, I reached down and pulled my erection out of my fly, giving it a few good strokes as I drooled over those innocent pussies. Innocent — hah! I changed my mind about that when I saw the next photo, which was labeled, “Especially Candy, who could make a statue hard.”

When I flipped this one over, I saw that it also been taken while she was lazing in the chair in her green thong bikini…except this time, she wore only the top. Her nipples were hard little points that seemed ready to pierce the thin cloth, and her head was thrown back in an expression of pure pleasure. That’s because her legs were splayed wide apart, and the first two fingers of her right hand were buried deep in her lightly-furred cunt while she rubbed her hard little clit with the left hand. The inside of her vagina was amazingly, erotically pink, and I found myself rubbing and pinching my own nipples.

The right photo was labeled: “Like all Candy, she’s made for eating.”

Eyes wide, I turned it over…and there she was, still lying in the chair, groaning with pleasure. But this time the photo was taken from a slight sideways angle…and this time she wasn’t alone. One dark haired boy was nestled between her legs, jamming his tongue up her pussy, while another sucked eagerly at her left breast. My free hand found my cock, and I stroked it for a while as I confirmed my initial impression: those were her cousins, Drew and Pierce. From the prominent bulge in Drew’s trunks (I couldn’t see Pierce’s), they were enjoying it too.

I forced myself to stop pumping my cock, because I knew there was better, hotter stuff to come.

The next photo was labeled simply: “And she loves the cock.”

This one was set indoors, in a large room I half-recognized…because there was no way in hell they were going to get away with something like this at a nude beach. “This” was the classic doggie-style slut pose of Candy pleasuring two males — one of the boys in her pussy, and a mature man in her mouth. The other boy lay underneath her, sucking her tits, his flaccid glistening cock suggesting he’d enjoyed her pussy before his brother. Her eyes were dreamy with pleasure as the guys rutted into her from either end.

I couldn’t handle it anymore…I just couldn’t. I knew there was more and that it would be amazing, but this was just so hot that I immediately dropped the photo and, staring at it, starting jacking my cock with both hands. I came amazingly quickly, turning aside at the last minute to spatter a framed (and decidedly no-pornographic) painting of my little angels on a nearby end table. Thank God I didn’t get any on the photographs!

I had to take a break, so I spent a few minutes cleaning up and making myself a sandwich. When I was done, I returned to my unexpected gift. There was nine photos left; I was only half through.

Photo 10 was captioned: “Little Kendra likes to experiment.” What did that mean?

One way to find out. I turned the photo over…and could feel my aching cock start to rise again. Damn…

I had always thought of Kendra as the sweeter of the two, innocent and silly. She was anything but in this picture. The nature of her experimentation was immediately obvious: she was crouching on one of the boy’s cocks, and I could see that it was plugged into her anus, dragging so tightly at her that it looked like it was about to turn her inside out. I could see the tips of her fingers plunging into her literally dripping cunt, and she was craning her head upward, sucking an adult woman’s breast. Was that her aunt?

Who would have thought that sweet little thing was so…well, nasty? On one hand I was a little disturbed, but on the other I was a lot aroused. Gulping, I put the photo aside on the growing second stack. I’d have to spend a lot more time with it later.

The eleventh photo took me immediately to half-mast, just from looking ay the title: “And she really loves the cock.”

As you can imagine, my mind was just about blown when I turned it cover. Little Kendra was lying on a bed, full length on her back, lying on top of one of the boys. He had pillows under his ass, raising them up a foot or so, and his cock was firmly buried in her asshole while he mauled her perky tits. The man stood between her legs, balls-deep in her cunt, while the other boy was feeding his considerable length into her mouth. Mmmm, mmm!

I fanned myself with that one and put it on the other stack. The next photo was labeled, “We call her our little cumbunny.”

My youngest baby was centered in the photo with a wide, happy pixie grin on her face — as semen dribbled from her brow, cheeks, and chin. The boys stood to either side of her, their cocks in her face, still hard; one was still jetting. Her little hands were curled possessively around their bases.

I was breathing hard now, and my penis was fully erect again. It ached to be in that sweet mouth or one of those tight orifices…and I hoped it would be soon.

The next caption was another two-parter that started, “Did you know your hot little babies…”

I turned the photo over, and was treated to a dildo show. The girls were sharing a huge, black double-ended shlong that would have been a trial for an experienced slut to take; it was about as thick as a soda can and glistened with lube. I was amazed that it would ever be able to fit in either of those tiny cunts, but it did, and the girls seemed to love it! They were thrusting insistingly toward each other, their backs arched and their nipples hard enough to cut glass. Kendra was pulling her legs wider with her hands, and appeared to be crying out with pleasure.

Oy. I found myself pumping my cock again, and I could feel that tingly gathering sensation at the base of my balls that told me I’d soon be shooting another thick load. I turned my attention to Part II: “…have been playing together for years?”

I turned over this photo, and there was Kendra with Candy’s left nipple between her teeth, one hand tweaking her sister’s other hard nip like she was turning a radio dial. Candy was grinning down at her fondly.

Just a few photos left. The next: “The girls love the taste of pussy.”

This one I could guess, and I was right: the girls locked in a passionate 69, reaming out each other’s cunts with their tongues. It was just about the most erotic thing I had ever seen, and if my hand had been on my cock, I would have shot off right then and there. But I couldn’t. There as more to come. To coin a phrase.

Photo 16 was labeled, “But your hot little daughters prefer to be fucked good and hard.”

The picture showed them facing each other, being ridden from behind by their own personal studs. They were really into it: heads down, pushing back at the cocks pounding into them, concentrating on the sensation, hair veiling their flushed faces. Candy had Drew grinding into her; Kendra was being fucked by the much larger cock of the man, whom I suspected was her uncle Jack. In the background, I could see Pierce fucking his mother. Christ Jesus.

The second to last photo was titled, “What they really want is their Daddy’s big cock.”

In this lascivious image, Kendra and Candy were pouting into the camera and cupping their beautiful tits in their hands, as if offering them up to me.

Last picture. This one said simply, “Let’s make it eight. You’re cordially invited to join in.” This photo showed seven happy, naked people with their arms around each other, including my sweet angels, their hot and horny Mother (the photographer, apparently), their Aunt Peg, their uncle Jack, and of course Drew and Pierce. The girls stood in the middle of the photo, grinning big and unselfconsciously, stroking the nice-sized boy-boners sported by their slightly younger cousins.

Well, that did it. Turning back to the doggie-style shot, I stroked myself off for a second time that afternoon, again landing a bullseye on the painting of Kendra and Candace. When I was done I was shaking again, and I very carefully cleaned up my painting before cleaning up myself.

I looked at the clock. It was 3:10, less than an hour after I’d found the packet in my mailbox. I had time…

After I scanned the photos into my computer and wiped off my fingerprints, I put them all back in order, squared the them up neatly, and repackaged them just the way they’d been before I opened them. Then I went to my next door neighbor’s mailbox and quickly slipped them inside.

After all, they’re his daughters. I’m just the kindly old neighbor who used to babysit his girls when they were little.

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