Peach Fuzz: The Phone RingsPeach Fuzz: The Phone Rings


This is the third installment of this story which is the tale of a divorced senior citizen and the young lady who met when the girl was peddling merchandise of her private school’s fundraiser. This new story was inspired by the incredible reaction that the earlier episodes got, both pro and con.

I think that reading the previous installments would be necessary to understand this part. For those readers offended by the earlier tales, I don’t suppose you will be interested in this one either. For those readers who are able to enjoy fiction and don’t read things into stories that aren’t there, I hope you like this as well.


“Everybody loves somebody sometime,” crooned the two men, although only one of the men, Henry Wilcox, was in the living room as the theme song of The Dean Martin Show began.

Dean was surrounded by young women who seemed pleased to be scantily dressed and fawning over the singer, but while Henry was alone he was still reveling in the delightful afternoon he had experienced when the phone rang.

“Damn. If you’re selling something,,,” the old man muttered as he made his way to the phone, and after answering the call gruffly he softened when he heard the faint voice on the other end.

“Debbie?” Henry asked.

“Yeah,” the girl giggled. “Sorry to bother you. I called information to get your number. Hope you don’t mind.”

“Of course not. Can you talk louder?”

“Don’t think so. I’m in my room.”

“Wait,” Henry said as he stretched the cord around the wall so he could reach the TV to kill the volume. “That’s better. You have a phone in your room?”

“Yeah. A pink princess phone I got for my 18th birthday,” Debbie explained.

“That’s because you are a little princess. Thank you for calling honey. I was thinking about you.”

“Same here,” Debbie said. “Was thinking about you and stuff we did and now I can’t get to sleep.”

“Oh. I know the feeling,” Henry commiserated.

“I talked to Jennifer before,” Debbie said. “Told her about what we did. She thought it was neat. I told her if she ever comes to visit she could meet you.”

“That would be nice,” Henry sighed.

“I told her about getting to suck on your thingy – she thinks I’m goofy for calling it that.”

“What does she call your grandfather’s thingy?” Henry asked.

“She calls it his cock – sometimes she calls it the big brown monster,” Debbie confided. “She says his thingy is really big. Bigger than the boys she’s messed around with. She says that if she puts both hands around the bottom she can still see the head part.”

“Oh my, that is large,” Henry said as he reached into his pajamas and pulled out his rapidly stiffening member. “Much larger than mine I’m afraid. Ferah Escort I’m very ordinary in that regard.”

“I like yours just fine,” Debbie responded. “I think yours is plenty big. Jennifer said the knob on Grandpa’s hides under the hood like yours does, and she likes pulling the hood up and down. She says he likes it too. Is that something you like?”

“Yes honey,” Henry said as he held the receiver between his shoulder and ear while he slowly stroked his erection. “As a matter of fact I’m doing it right now while we’re talking.”

“You are?” Debbie giggled. “That’s funny. I’m playing with myself too. Have to be quiet because Mom and Dad are down the hall.”

“What are you wearing honey?” Henry asked.

“Just a t-shirt. It’s pretty long though. It has Krazy Kat on it. He’s a cartoon character.”

“I know. I bet you look cute as the dickens too,” Henry guessed.

“I dunno about that. I took a shower before so I don’t have to do it in the morning,” Debbie said. “I shaved my legs too. I know they don’t get real hairy but when you rubbed my calves this afternoon I think you could probably feel it.”

“I could feel it, but it was so soft that it felt nice,” Henry opined. “Sometimes when girls don’t shave the stubble is really coarse but not you.”

“I didn’t shave under my arms though,” Debbie said. “It seemed that you kinda liked the – what did you call it – peach fuzz? – and I like the way you rubbed it too. I even started doing it to myself without realizing it. Sitting at school with my elbows on the desk and all of a sudden my thumbs are under my arms stroking like you do.”

“Are you doing that now honey?” Henry asked as his hand started to moved faster up and down his stiff tool.

“No, my hand is – somewhere else,” Debbie admitted with a nervous giggle.

“Well, if you like my fingers stroking your underarms like that, maybe you’d like my tongue doing that too,” Henry suggested, and after some rustling he said, “Debbie? You still there?”

“Hello?” Debbie gasped. “Sorry. Lost the phone there for a second.”

“Did I gross you out honey?”

“No Henry, it’s just that I never thought – gee – the next time I come over I’ll have to make sure I use extra deodorant.”

“No honey, don’t do that. I love you just the way you are,” Henry said. “Deodorant burns the tongue, and besides you’re sweet enough as you are.”

“What are you doing Henry?” Debbie asked. “Your voice sounds – funny.”

“I’m masturbating honey,” Henry admitted. “My fist is going up and down my cock. Thinking about you gets me so horny that I don’t feel my age anymore. I can still taste your pussy too. I can’t wait until I see you again.”

“Same here,” Debbie said. Ferah Escort Bayan “This is so exciting having a boy feel like this about me and look at me like you do.”

“Maybe a lot of fellows have but you didn’t notice,” Henry said, smiling at being called a boy. “Oh honey, you sucked my cock so good today. I wish it was your mouth going up and down instead of my hand.”

“I tried my best,” Debbie said, her voice coming out in bursts. “I’ll do better next time though.”

“I know you will,” Henry said, his fist relentlessly stroking himself. “You’re so sweet – can’t – gonna! Ah!”

“Henry…” Debbie gasped, and then came a minute of silence with only breathing on each end that eventually slowed.

Henry Wilcox pulled on his deflating cock, trying to milk the last of his orgasm out, and while the orgasm lacked the intensity of the one earlier in the day, the fact that he could get it up twice in one day at his age made him a bit proud even though it was the girl at the other end responsible.


“Here Henry,” Debbie said.

“Did you?”

“Yeah, but it wasn’t the same,” Debbie said. “Nothing like today.”

“Same here Debbie.”

“I can’t come over tomorrow after school,” Debbie explained while Henry looked at the rope of semen on the back of his hand. “We go out for pizza on Friday nights.”

“That’s okay honey,” Henry replied. “You have a life of your own. I’m grateful you share a little bit of it with me.”

“Are you kidding? I was telling Jennifer about you and was going on and on and she said that it sounded like I was in love with you or something,” Debbie related. “I told her that I just liked you a lot and I loved the way you made me feel. I think I can come over Saturday afternoon for a while if you’re going to be around.”

“Nowhere else for me to go,” Henry said. “Especially if you might come over.”

“Okay. Um… what are we going to do?”

“I don’t know. Maybe you can help me hang some curtains,” Henry said, and laughed after there was a moment of silence.

“I will if you want,” Debbie said.

“No honey, I wouldn’t waste a minute of time with you like that,” Henry said. “I was thinking that we could hug a little, and then maybe kiss a little…”

“That kiss today? Wow! That made my toes curl up. You kiss so good.”

“So do you honey.”

“Then what will you do to me?”

“How about if I take your clothes off again?” Henry suggested. “You have such a sexy body that I want to nibble you all over.”


“Then I could start at your navel and kiss my way down. You know to where?”


“Where honey? Tell me where I’m going to go. Say the word. You know what the word is.”

“My Escort Ferah pussy?”

“Yes Debbie. I’m going to kiss right down to your pussy. The hair around your pussy is so soft, it’s like a cloud against my cheeks,” Henry explained. “Not really peach fuzz but more like down. Getting to look at you so up close and in the light today, I saw that you’re furrier than I thought you were.”

“Is that good?”

“All the same to me honey, but I’m going to do what I did today. You know what that’s called?” Henry asked, playing the educator again. “It’s called cunnilingus.”

“Oh. This is like being in class but more fun,” Debbie giggled. “That sounds dirty. You’re making me tingly again. Is there a name for it when you don’t stop licking there and keep going? Jennifer said that Grandpa does that to her sometimes.”

“It’s called analingus honey,” Henry said. “Does Jennifer like it?”


“Do you want me to do that to you next time you come over?”

“I think so,” Debbie replied. “Jennifer said that Grandpa does that to her right before he – don’t know if I should tell you this.”

“He has anal sex with her?”

“She says you can’t get pregnant like that,” Debbie said. “Jennifer says she likes it but she says it really hurts too. Does it?”

“I wouldn’t know honey.”

“Didn’t you ever do it?”

“Sure, but I was never on the receiving end so I couldn’t really say,” Henry explained. “The way you described your grandfather I suspect his equipment is a lot bigger than mine though, so that might have something to do with the pain.”

“I like your thingy,” Debbie said. “Think I better go to bed before I get all excited again.”

“Okay honey. Good night.”

Henry slowly rose from the chair and turned Dean Martin back up before going to the bathroom, and as he washed his hands he looked up in the mirror.

“Her cousin thinks Debbie’s in love with you,” he told his reflection and shook his head. “Puppy love.”

“What’s your excuse you senile bastard?” he asked the mirror before retiring, and while sleep didn’t come easy Henry did drop off eventually.

Like there was an alarm clock waking him, Henry woke up around 6:30, and like he did every weekday after getting the coffee going he put on his robe and waited.

Like clockwork, Debbie came down the road to catch the bus on the corner, holding her books tightly to her chest and walking briskly. Unlike his usual custom, instead of peeking through the blinds Henry opened the inside door and looked at Debbie through the screen.

Debbie turned towards his house and when she saw Henry she smiled and gave a sneaky little wave while passing by. Henry returned the wave and his eyes followed Debbie until she got out of sight behind the trees.

“You didn’t need the coffee,” Henry mused as he talked to the steaming brew before sipping it, because Debbie had just provided enough of a lift to last all morning.


Thank you for reading.

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