Turning the SkepticTurning the Skeptic


—“I’m fighting the war against prostate cancer!!”I can remember hollering that to a family member in an attempt to get them to leave me in peace once, and that’s all I’d say to the prostate’s credit. My doctor claimed it would be both good for me and feel good, but I never bought it. I’ll admit to being a skeptic freely–hell, I still am today in a way. I wasn’t sure it was even all that big a deal for sex; I never got off when I got fucked and I never Erzurum Escort got off on dildos or butt plugs either. I mean, sure, I came, but I had to jack it to finish myself off. Doc claimed I should try it once, just to see how it felt…even wrote a prescription for me so I could try it out. (I bet the company he sent me to pays him to do that…)So it comes in the mail one day in a box as unassuming as a cell phone box. I open Erzurum Escort Bayan it up: the toy itself is unassuming in size, a little smaller than my hand. Its biggest part was at the top, and it had a handle that stimulated the area between your balls and ass and kept it from falling out. It’s smaller than my man by far, but it looked just as thick at the top. I decided to try it later that night, more to get the doctor Escort Erzurum off my back than to actually enjoy it.I relax and take a hot shower to loosen up. After I dry off, I lube myself up and insert it in–I remember how smooth and easy the entrance was. I took a look at the instructions:”Thank you for purchasing blah-blah-blah…we have satisfied over blah-blah-blah…TO USE:”Finally, I thought,”Contract your sphincter to use. You may find you’d like to speed up and/or slow down the speed of your contractions, based on how much pleasure you want.”OK, Doc, I thought as I begun, If nothing else, I’ve tried it.I clench my sphincter like I would on my lover’s thick cock as it rammed me. But this time, I felt something in return.

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