Our Black Neighbors Cuckold My HusbandOur Black Neighbors Cuckold My Husband


It sometimes amazes me how luck can play such significant roles in our lives and this story describes how those factors caused a dramatic change in the sex lives of my husband and me. My name is Joan, and my husband Ed and I had recently moved to Tampa from the Boston area at the time of this story.Ed is an executive with a high-tech company, and he was being promoted to manage the company’s facility in Tampa. I was forty-two years old and Ed was forty-five, and since we had married very young, our two children were already in college, making it a good time for us to move.Ed and I both worked out regularly, and we were in pretty good shape for our ages. I don’t mean to brag, but I am five feet and four inches tall and weighed one hundred and twenty pounds. Even though I had given birth to two children, I was firm in all the right places. My nicely sculpted, short blonde hair frames my pretty face and helps to accentuate my sparkling green eyes. I have D-cup breasts which have a seductive sag to them, and my ass is full and firm. Ed is always telling me that men can’t keep their eyes off me, especially when we’re in our bathing suits or if I’m wearing tight shorts and a t-shirt.Ed is a handsome man at six feet and one inch tall and weighing one hundred and ninety pounds, and he is very confident and assertive in all aspects of our lives, except for one thing. His dick is only four and one-half inches long and thin, and he always felt self conscious about that. We still have a good sex life though, and it is routine for him to suck me to orgasm after he cums in my pussy.We rented an apartment for the first three months in Tampa, to give us time to find a home, and we finally found a beautiful, smaller home in a gated community that would give us just enough room to have our kids home for the holidays and allow other friends to visit. Many of the homes in our community are much larger than ours, and most of the bigger ones have pools.The neighbor’s home immediately to the south of us is a large ranch style with a lovely pool and patio area, and our neighbors just happen to be a handsome black couple, which was the luck that I was talking about. We’re not the least bit bigoted, but that was the first time that we lived next door to a black family.Our neighbor Samuel was forty-eight years old and six feet and three inches tall and weighed about two hundred and ten pounds, and he was in very good shape for a middle-aged man. We found out later that he was a starting linebacker in college, and he obviously kept himself in good shape over the years. Shari was forty-six years old, and at five feet and six inches tall and one hundred and forty-five pounds, she’s a full-figured woman with gorgeous DD-cup breasts and a large protruding ass. Both Samuel and Shari have medium brown, mocha complexions, and they make a nice-looking couple.Sam and Shari came over to introduce themselves the day we moved in and they invited us over to their home to have dinner with them since all our belongings were still in boxes. We hit it off as friends right away, and as we sipped on a very tasty wine, Sam and Ed talked about sports and work while Shari and I discussed the best places to go shopping. I was really impressed with Sam, and I kept sneaking looks at him. You can see how well developed his arms and legs are since he was wearing a casual shirt and shorts, and he just has this attractiveness that I find hard to explain.Shari is also attractive in her own way, and I found myself looking at her large tits with big nipples protruding through her t-shirt, and her large ass swaying seductively as she moves. Her shorts were also very tight, and I saw her very distinct labia protruding into a perfect camel toe. I could hardly believe that I was so attracted to that couple, and especially to Shari, since I had never had any of those thoughts about a woman before.When Ed and I got home after dinner with our neighbors, I was still very impressed with them and said, “Well, almanbahis şikayet Ed how did you like our new neighbors? I can tell you that I feel very good about living here and having them as our neighbors, and they both seem so nice. I also find myself attracted to them in a way that I don’t understand and can’t explain.”Then Ed said, “Wow, honey, I can see that Sam and Shari have really impressed you. And, I have to tell you that I feel the same way. If you don’t mind me saying so, Shari has a body that just exudes sexuality, and Sam seems so virile and strong, that even though I’m a guy, I also feel myself strangely attracted to him a little.”I then continued saying, “I don’t mind that you find Shari sexy, especially since you’re always telling me how sexy I am. It’s been a long time since we used to fantasize about others to enhance our love life, and it looks like we will certainly have some attractive people to think about now.”We continued for the next couple of months having dinner with Sam and Shari once or twice a week and we were now able to invite them over to our home since we had gotten settled. We always had plenty of beer and wine at those occasions, and that really helped all of us be in a relaxed mood.Shari and Sam continued to impress Ed and me as being very nice and sexually attractive, and I also noticed that Sam would glance at me when he thought no one was looking. It did turn me on a little knowing that a virile man like that would be paying so much attention to me, and I must admit that it does get my pussy wet. Ed and I had our fantasies, but we had always been faithful to one another, and I was struggling with those feeling of attraction to Sam.A significant change in our relationship with Shari and Sam began when they invited us over to swim in their pool one Sunday afternoon. We were then in early summer and they had opened their pool for the season. I wore my bikini which is a little skimpy, but modest by most standards, and Ed just wore his usual swim trunks. We went through the side gate to their patio and Shari was already out by the pool arranging the snacks and liquid refreshments.She was wearing a very skimpy white bikini, and the bottoms are almost a thong. Her large labia and prominent pubis were clearly visible through the thin material, and I also saw her clit, which is half the size of my thumb, pressing against the fabric. The top of her bikini just barely covers her large and protruding nipples, and she looked just amazing. The contrast of the white bikini against her mocha skin was very tantalizing. Ed and I finally stopped gawking at Shari, but our stares didn’t escape her attention, and she had a smile on her face when we were looking at her.After we had seated ourselves on the lounges, Sam made his appearance from the patio door. He also had on white swim trunks which complement his mocha skin, and although they aren’t real skimpy like Speedos would be, they’re still pretty tight and made of a stretchy material. Ed and I both stared at him as he walked up to welcome us to his home, and I could hardly believe the size of his cock, which was bulging in his trunks.His cock looked like it was soft, but it was still almost as thick as a beer can and looked to be nine inches long and was wrapped across his right hip. His huge balls looked to be the size of eggs, and they were crammed down into his crotch in a most revealing way. He was standing just a couple of feet in front of us, and I finally came out of my lustful gaze and realized that he was talking to us.Once I started to listen I heard him say, “Welcome to our pool, guys. Please eat and drink and let’s have a good time.”He was smiling broadly at us as we thanked him for inviting us over, and when he turned to go to the pool, I got another visual treat. His very tight ass was clearly visible as he walked away, and that combined with his overall muscular body made him look like an Adonis. In addition to seeing his ass flexing as he almanbahis canlı casino walked, we also saw the bottom of his large balls bulging between his legs. Sam dove into the pool and Ed and I relaxed and had some wine, as we processed the images of Shari and Sam in their swimming suits.Shari was sitting between Ed and me and we were having a great conversation as Sam climbed the ladder out of the pool. Then we were in for another thrill. Sam’s white trunks had become almost totally transparent since they were wet, and we saw his cock and balls, almost as if he was nude. The large crown of his cock head was clearly visible, and we could even see the large and bulging veins that covered his meat. We also saw that the skin on his genitals is much darker than his other skin, and the whole thing was very erotic. Sam was smiling as he watched us watching him, and then he just walked over and sat in a lounge next to me.My pussy was getting so wet at seeing Sam like that, that I was beginning to smell my own juices. I also looked over at Ed and his little dick was hard and pressing against his trunks. I then looked down at Shari’s crotch, and saw that her clit was thicker and longer than it was before, and her bikini crotch was soaking wet. The tension was thick as we all sat there talking, with and Ed and me trying to act like everything was normal.I finally needed a break from the tension and wanted to wash away the strong smell of my pussy and said, “Come on, Ed, let’s take a dip in the pool.”We dove into the pool and then swam to the side to talk. Ed said, “Holy shit, can you believe the bodies on Shari and Sam. Shari’s clit is almost half the size of my dick, and Sam’s cock looks like a fucking baseball bat. How do you feel about seeing them like this?”I said, “I know , I know. I’ve never been turned on by a woman before, and that cock is just unbelievable. That’s why I wanted us to jump into the pool. My pussy was so wet that I could smell myself, and I also saw that your dick was as hard as a rock.”Ed then said, “Look, honey, I know that we’re both very turned on right now, probably by both of them, but we can’t have sex with them. We’ve had our fantasies, but this would be a whole new level. And besides, it wouldn’t be a very good trade for Shari with my little dick.”I then said, “Okay, honey, I know that we can’t swap with them. Let’s just make it through the rest of the afternoon and then go home and fuck like rabbits.”We made it through the rest of the day, although we did keep stealing glances at Shari and Sam’s genitals, and it was also clear that they knew that we were looking and getting turned on by them, but no one said anything about getting together sexually, at least not until the next day.Shari invited me over on Monday morning, and at first, we just had a little wine and talked about everything but sex. But as we drank more, and got a little more relaxed, Shari started talking about our experiences on Sunday. She said, “Joan, we both know that you and Ed were very aroused at seeing Sam and me in our skimpy swimming suits yesterday, and I just wanted to know if we could talk about it.”I had a little more wine than I should have, which lowered my resistance to having a sexual conversation. I said, “Shari, I’m so sorry that we seemed to be gawking at you guys, but you must know how attractive and hot you are. Your body is just gorgeous and exudes sexiness, and I have never seen a cock as big as Sam’s, even in pictures. I can’t even begin to imagine how big it gets hard and what it would feel like inside of me. Ed has a little dick, but he has always satisfied me orally after we fuck. We have always been faithful to each other but seeing that huge cock and your full labia and clit really has me confused.”Shari had an excited look on her face and said, “I was hoping that we turned you two on. Please don’t take offense at this, but Sam and I have cuckolded other white couples in the past, and we just loves seeing almanbahis casino the look on your white faces when we made you hungry for sexy bodies. We usually try to find couples with a hot wife like you, who has a husband with a small dick. A lot of white women want to be fucked by a huge cock like Sam’s, which is twelve inches long and even thicker when it’s hard, and we like to have white couples being sexually submissive to us.”I was a little bit stunned by her revelations, but managed to say, “I don’t understand, Shari. Why would you want to share that fantastic cock with another woman?”Shari then smiled and said, “We both really enjoy having white folks take care of our sexual needs, and I also have to admit that I’m bisexual. I allow Sam to sink his huge black meat into pretty and sexy white women like you, if they’re willing to have sex with me too. I just love the taste of white pussy, and most white women like having their faces fucked by my big pussy and clit. I also squirt when I cum, and both men and women seem to get aroused by that.”I was starting to get excited and replied, “Well, what about Ed in all of this? I know that he has a small dick, but he still appreciates a lovely woman like you and he has needs.”Shari laughed and replied, “You don’t seem to know much about cuckolds, so let me explain. A lot of white men with small dicks fantasize about their wives being fucked by big black cocks, and then they like to clean the cum out of their wife’s cunt after she’s been fucked by her black lover. I don’t really understand why so many white men feel that way, but black couples like Sam and me are happy for their submissive, sucking mouths.””Those white cuckold men also usually evolve to the point that they will suck the big black cocks to get them hard for their wives and to clean them up afterwards. And as far as Ed and I are concerned, I don’t need or want him to fuck me with that little dick. I like to sit on a cuckold’s face after Sam has ejaculated into me and slide my slimy cunt and clit over their faces until I squirt into their mouths. I really enjoy them sucking feverishly on my big cunt to be sure that they have gotten all the fuck juices.””Many of those men also enjoy sucking my big ass crack and asshole, and I like feeling their tongues in me as I smother them with my ass. For some reason, they just love the feeling of my big, black ass enveloping their faces. Hell, I’ve even pissed in a few of those men’s mouths, and they just love taking all of my fluids into their mouths and stomachs.”I was getting very aroused and was interested in having this cuckold relationship with Sam and Shari. But I was afraid that Ed would never want to take any of it beyond fantasy. So I said to Shari, “Ed and I have had our fantasies, but he’s always said that we could never act them out. Do you really think we could get him interested in doing this? If so, how could we make it happen?”Shari then smiled broadly and said, “Knowing what I know so far, with Ed’s little dick and the fact that he always eats his own cum out of you after you fuck, I don’t think it would be too hard to get him to be your cuckold. My suggestion is that you try to enhance your fantasy play by including Sam and me in it, and then introduce him to some cuckold story sites on the internet. Once he starts reading those stories, he’ll see himself in the submissive cuckold role. And besides, the way he was hungrily looking at Sam’s cock yesterday, this might be easier than you think. So how do you feel about all of this now?”The wine was really getting to me then, and although I wasn’t sure that I was ready for it, I said, “Shari, I really want to try to make this happen, but I’m not sure how to start.”Shari looked deeply into my eyes and then leaned in to kiss me. Her lips are thick and soft, and her tongue felt long and thick as she sucked my tongue back into her mouth. As we continued to kiss she pulled my shirt up over my breasts and started to rub them, and I also hesitantly pulled up her blouse and began rubbing her large tits. That was my first woman to woman experience, and I was surprised by how good and natural it felt. We continued kissing for about ten minutes and then we got up and went to her bedroom.

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