Fucking 8

The bed sagged and creaked, Will backing up to give Sam room. His hand reached out to his rival’s limp manhood, but he stopped. There would be time for that later. Now, he needed to get down to business and show Heather he was worth something.Pungent sweat and combined love juices filled Sam’s nostrils with a heavy presence. He leaned down and settled in, hefting Heather’s legs over his shoulders. Even when he teased her little button, she didn’t acknowledge him. Her body, however, trembled at his touch.Sam kissed and licked. Arousal ran down his chin, but he didn’t mind. Being covered in other’s fluids felt like something taboo, something filthy, and it excited him to no end. He forced his tongue into Heather’s canal. A moan disturbed her dazed reverie.Heather curled forward until her face peeked over her breasts. “Oh, hi, honey. I didn’t see you there.” Her fingers intertwined in Sam’s hair. “You’re so sweet, cleaning me up.”Praise, however skewed, sent a thrill down his spine. He pulled back to say something, but Heather’s hands gripped the back of his head and kept him close. His nose brushed up her folds. He blew out a harsh breath, inhaled, and dug in.Diluted semen slopped onto Sam’s taste buds, and he moaned against Heather’s lower lips. She forced him deeper. His fingers sank into her hips as he held her in place. Groans filled his ears before her thighs pressed in on either side of his head.“It might be because I’m still super sensitive, but,” Heather yelped and squirmed, “your tongue feels so good. Take your time.”Sam cocked his head to the side and breathed. Eager to prove himself, he withdrew his right hand from around Heather’s leg. He drove two fingers inside as he lapped her slit. Her walls didn’t squeeze tight, so he thrust in a third to stretch her the slightest bit.“Stick your ass out and wiggle it for me, honey.” Sam obeyed with glee, arching his back to provide Heather with a view. “Show me how happy you are to eat me out.”Excitement ran through Sam, and excess juices leaked down his thighs. He swayed his hips back and forth. Whatever Heather wanted, she got. He didn’t care what she desired if he could serve some part in it. She tightened around his digits.“Look at me, honey.”Sam didn’t stop, but he tilted his gaze up Heather’s glistening body. Her beautiful, lust-filled eyes met his. Desire swelled. He wanted to do more than just use his tongue and fingers. If only he still possessed his dick.The bed creaked behind Sam. Something hot and hard flopped between his spread cheeks. His breath caught in his throat. Will’s huge hands slipped onto his waist and held him still. The cock that had been inside his wife teased his own lips.Every muscle in Sam’s body locked up. He tried to breathe, to calm himself, yet only a wheeze squeaked out. His mouth hung agape. He had forgotten Will existed. When met with the object of his fantasies, he didn’t know if he could go through with it.Sam attempted to pull away. “No, no, no,” Heather pleaded, reaching down and holding his head in place. “Don’t freak out. Just keep doing what you’re doing and keep your eyes on me. Don’t worry about anything else.”“I-I don’t think I can.” Fear bubbled up, and Sam tried in vain to wiggle out of Will’s grip. Even after witnessing all the pleasure he had brought Heather, Sam didn’t think he could give himself up to Will.“Don’t be silly. I saw how you looked at him, how you watched him make me cum again and again.” Heather took Sam’s hands in hers and squeezed. “Give in; it’ll be so hot and so worth it. Trust me.”Sam arched his back and presented himself to Will. “If I say stop, tell him to stop.”“Okay, honey. I promise. I’m here for your big moment of becoming a woman.” A gentle push guided Sam back to Heather’s sopping womanhood.Pressure built between Sam’s legs as he tried to focus on Heather. Will squeezed Sam’s hips and pressed forward. Hot and hard, the fat head pried Sam open. He gasped and shivered, and his body flinched away. However, Will clamped down, preventing him from moving. He was at his bully’s Anadolu Yakası Escort mercy.Sam glanced up at Heather, panicked and afraid. She met his gaze for a moment before her eyes drifted past him. A smile slipped onto her face, and she stroked his hair. She blew a kiss, not to him, but to Will. Pain lanced Sam’s heart as Will’s giant cock lanced his tight, virgin pussy.Agony ripped through Sam’s body. His legs spread, and his walls parted. A sensation of fullness bloated his pelvis. He groaned and whimpered, squirming against Heather. She pried his hands off her thighs and slipped her fingers between his. The gesture comforted him despite the overwhelming intrusion behind.“Honey,” Heather said, her eyes meeting his. Strain twisted her face. “You’re squeezing me so hard, but he’s barely in yet.”Another inch split Sam, his insides about to tear. “I-I can’t do this. St—”“Shhh, shhh, shhh. I believe in you. Take that big, hard cock.” Heather raised her hips until her pussy pressed up against Sam’s mouth.Will pulled back, and Sam’s canal shrank, trying to revert to normal but unable. Fear sent thrills down his spine. If only a fraction of the monster caused this, what would the whole thing do to him? Heather continued to prompt him to eat her out, but he couldn’t focus on anything besides Will and his cock obliterating the last tiny scraps of his self-respect and manhood.Weakness struck Sam, and his knees buckled. He fell back. Thick, hot man meat stabbed into his pussy. He cried out, half of Will’s length splitting him. The pain remained, but something else teased in on the fringes. A moan escaped his lips. He buried his face between Heather’s legs and tried, in vain, to hide that he experienced something other than suffering.“What was that, Sammy?” Will eased his dick out of him before he slid right back in.Sam clamped his mouth shut as juices slickened his face. “I could be wrong, but I think he moaned. Is that true, honey? Do you like being penetrated by a real man?”“No.” Sam managed between clenched teeth.“Then,” Heather squeezed Sam’s hands in hers several times until he looked at her, “why aren’t you telling him to stop?”Shame seared Sam to his core. All he had to do to make it all stop, was say the word. However, every time he tried to speak, a pathetic mewling seeped out of him instead. He knew, Heather knew, and Will knew he wanted this—to be conquered, dominated by the man who pleased his wife when he couldn’t.“Awww, don’t be ashamed.” Fingers spread Heather’s pussy until it gaped in Sam’s face. “I know how it feels. How you don’t think you’ll be able to take anymore, how you think you’ll break.” She stuffed her hand in, closed her eyes, and shuddered. “But I promise you: you’ll never want to fuck anything else again when he’s done.”As captivated as Sam was by Heather’s naughty display, his eyes met hers. “But I still love you.”“Oh, I love you, too, honey.” Heather smiled and removed her hand from inside, cupping Sam’s cheeks. Her juices smeared across his skin. “Come here and give me a kiss while he fills you.”Sam obeyed and crawled toward Heather. He slipped off Will’s cock until only the head remained in his abused pussy. His body shifted to rectify the mistake, but Will followed him. He collapsed on Heather’s chest, ample breasts cushioning his face, and moaned. She pulled him up and pressed her lips to his.Gentle and warm, Heather kissed Sam. He melted against her, kissing her back with equal tender passion. More of Will’s massive rod invaded his lower bits, but it didn’t hurt anymore. His mind focused on the embrace of his wife and the pleasure she and his new womanhood brought. He didn’t care what happened if he could feel this way.Sam gasped, and Heather’s tongue slipped into his waiting mouth. Her hands roamed, teasing and groping his tender spots. She gripped his fat ass and spread his cheeks. His cunt stretched and invited Will deeper. The tip of his head bumped up against the depths of his insides. He couldn’t take more.Something Anadolu Yakası Escort Bayan built up and up deep inside Sam. A similar sensation to the one that filled him before he came earlier. He tried to continue making out with Heather, but, between gasping for breaths and in elation, he failed. Instead, his head fell beside hers, lips grazing her ear.“I think I’m gonna cum.” Sam’s legs quivered as Will thrust himself deeper.An ecstatic, charged breath escaped Heather, and her fingers dug into his backside. “Go ahead—there’s no shame in it. I didn’t make it either the first time.”The thought of Heather experiencing the same delight he now felt, tipped him over the edge. He gripped her tight as his body convulsed. His slutty pussy clamped down hard, stuffed full. A mewling moan rushed out of him. He bit her neck, riding out his first orgasm given to him by a real man.“Ow, honey, you’re hurting me.” Heather squirmed beneath him.Easing back, Sam shifted his eyes from his teeth marks in Heather’s lovely skin to her face. “Sorry,” he breathed, tingles dancing down his limbs. “I lost control.”“It’s okay. It was so hot.” Heather planted a peck on Sam’s lips. “Just wait until he actually moves inside you.”“He’s so big. It feels so good, but I’m a little scared of what he’ll do to me when he starts moving.” Despite his reservations, Sam stared deep into Heather’s eyes.Heather leaned in and kissed Sam’s forehead. “I’m right here.” A mischievous grin slid onto her face. “I know that naughty pussy of yours can take it.”Will slapped Sam’s ass. “You got really tight, Sammy. Trying to push me out or something?”The urge to turn around and meet Will eye-to-eye bubbled up inside Sam, but he hesitated. He bit his lip and stared at the wall. “I want…”“Go ahead, honey.” One of Heather’s fingers caught Sam’s chin and finished turning his head back for him. Will locked eyes with him. “Tell him what you want.”Sam swallowed, drawing on his desire more than courage. “I want your huge cock to ruin my tiny, sissy pussy.”“You were always a joke as a man.” Will drew his hips back, sliding almost all the way out of Sam. He smirked. “I’ll gladly turn you into a big cock slut like your wife.”Humiliation drove Sam’s gaze away from Will’s. He wanted to say something, anything, to defend himself or Heather, but a surprised shriek of ecstasy ripped from his lungs. Will slammed his entire length into Sam’s poor hole, his balls and pelvis slapping against him. He collapsed again on Heather.Will withdrew and hilted himself again. Pain screamed from Sam’s womanhood, but something else dulled the edges. He slid up and down Heather’s breast, her nipple flicking his lips. She pressed his head down until he suckled at her tit. Sharp huffs of air escaped his nostrils with every thrust.“See? I knew you could take it.” Moans and breaths worked Sam’s mouth open and closed, sucking. “Don’t bite my nipple like you bit my neck, or you’re in big trouble, mister.”Every time Will pulled back to dive back in, Sam’s lips stretched, clinging to his mighty shaft. He thought Will would rip out his insides, but nothing ever tore or not collapse back inside when he thrust forward. How could his virgin body take such a monster without breaking?“Pound that tight little pussy,” Heather’s nails dug into Sam’s ass cheeks, teasing the rim of his unused hole. “Make him understand how a real man fucks.”Will gyrated his hips and slid deep inside. The underside of his cock rubbed against Sam’s g-spot for much of its incredible length. He moaned and sucked Heather’s breast. She arched her back to make it easier on him. Another orgasm began to build—his inexperienced womanhood overwhelmed by being dominated.Flesh clapped together as Will worked himself into a steady, powerful rhythm. Sam’s legs trembled, losing the strength to support his weight. They slipped, but Will adjusted his grip and relieved most of the strain. However, the driving thrusts mushed his face up against Heather’s chest until he could no longer Escort Anadolu Yakası enjoy her tit.“Honey, look over there.” Heather gestured with her chin toward the large mirror across the room. “Some horny little bitch seems to be enjoying herself on a huge cock in our bed.”Sam peeked over Heather’s body. His eyes locked with the woman’s blue eyes in the mirror. Her swinging tits and thick ass jiggled each time Will filled her. Ecstasy twisted her beautiful face. Her tight pussy lips stretched, ripped out by the colossal dick plugging away at her. Somehow, the entire thing disappeared inside her with ease.Everything about the enraptured woman captivated Sam, but his gaze focused where white flesh yielded to black. His head swayed back and forth as he followed the in and out of Will’s manhood. Squelching mixed in with the slap of his balls and pelvis. Sam couldn’t believe how desperately his womanhood clung to Will.“My pussy doesn’t want to let go of him. It’s…” Sam moaned, shuddering, “hot.”Hands gripped Sam’s face and guided him up to Heather’s lips. He tightened up as he kissed her back. However, as pleasant as kissing her was, he wanted to watch himself be dominated. Making out, he tilted his head, catching sight of himself out of the corner of his eye.Sandwiched between Will’s unrelenting hardness and Heather’s welcoming softness, Sam reached heaven. His body quivered between his two partners. The edge of another growing orgasm came up quickly. He lost all concentration and stopped making out with her, moaning and trying to hold back. They weren’t done yet.A satisfied noise rumbled out of Heather’s throat, and she broke their kiss—lips still touching. “Show me just how he makes you feel.”Sam tore his eyes off Will’s pumping cock. An eager intensity he had never seen before greeted him in Heather’s eyes. “It’s—it’s too much. I’m gonna cum.”“Cum for me, honey.” Heather took Sam’s hands in hers, and he squeezed.Overwhelmed by the pleasure assaulting him deep inside his cunt, and the delighted coaxing, Sam exploded. He slammed back against Will with all the strength his dominated body had left. A loud clap echoed in the bedroom, soon overtaken by the shrill shriek of absolute ecstasy. His entire body locked up.Heather’s soft breasts caught Sam as he collapsed. He gripped her hands, holding on for dear life. Ripples of bliss pulsed through his convulsing body. To his surprise, Will didn’t continue thrusting away. He let his cock, in all its glory, rest nestled within the milking confines of Sam’s pussy, waiting.“Do you see why I chose him?” Heather’s voice seeped in through the orgasmic haze clouding Sam’s mind.Sam managed to crack his eyes half open and tilt his head up against sweaty flesh. “I’m sorry I kept you from feeling this all these years.” Will twitched inside, and Sam gasped. “Oh, God.”“Watching you break down and slowly embrace worshiping a better man is making it almost worth it.” Heather’s fingers intertwined in Sam’s hair and yanked his head back. “Almost.”As unbridled desire grew between Sam’s leg, his lazy eyes drifted up to Heather. “I want more.”“Oh, I know.” A grin split Heather’s face before she hauled Sam up and bit and tugged his earlobe. “How about you do the work and show him how appreciative you are that he’d fuck you?”“Anything for more,” Sam said, breath short, heart beating in his ears.“Up ya go, Sammy.” Will bent forward against Sam’s back, wrapped his muscled arms around his stomach, and lifted him into his lap. Sam’s balance wavered, but the steel grip holding his torso kept him impaled on the massive cock. “Put on a good show for her.”A moan seeped out of Sam as he slipped to the base of Will’s manhood. Heather remained on her back, propped up by her elbows. Her fingers traced down her abdomen to her womanhood. Three of them penetrated her, and she tilted her chin up, prompting Sam to move. His muscles were weak, but he couldn’t disappoint her now.Will’s arms untangled themselves from across Sam’s stomach, but his hands lingered on his hips—as if Sam needed more than the monster splitting him in two to show who owned him. Sam mustered all his strength and flexed his thigh muscles. He rose a few inches before he fell back down. His insides shifted, and pleasure flowed.“Oh, honey,” Heather cooed, squelching coming from her exploration of her sopping wet pussy. “I think I can see him inside you.”

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