Subject: St. Georges Special Academy Ch.4 St. George’s Special Academy. Chapter 4 “I already knew you had been successful. Ms. Kember came and told me. I bet they will find something else along the same lines even if there is no cock fucking.” “I don’t care. I love you Nick. I don’t want anyone else to fuck me except you.” Nick heard the love word and was torn. He loved this little bombshell as well, but he couldn’t see a future for their love so he didn’t want Omega to get to deeply in love with him. “I love you as well Baby Lover, but let’s be realistic. We can’t have a future. I will be leaving in another 1 � terms, then three years at university. You have four more years here, then three years at uni. Seven years before we could be together.” Omega looked very serious. “I can wait that long if I know you love me as well.” Nick nodded and looked at his lover with a new understanding of his maturity. “We can try can’t we?” “Can we make love again tonight, Nick?” Nick laughed. “My little nympho. I think we should leave it a few days to see how the dust settles.” Omega didn’t want to but understood Nick’s thinking. “Ok, I’ll talk to you again on Friday.” Today was Tuesday so Nick thought that would probably be ok. Everyone appeared to know what had happened with Nick and Omega, and staff were noticeably less strict meaning very few naked boys in class or round the school. The calm couldn’t last and by the weekend things were back to normal. In the meantime, Nick had entertained Omega in his room and both boys were happy. The next week the shit hit the fan so to speak. Another year 12 boy entered Nick’s room and caught him 10 inches deep in Omega. Nick had got careless. It was round the school in no time. No staff made any serious moves because of the actions of staff with students. It stopped short of intercourse, but only just, so it was ignored. Nick and Omega took some stick from class mates, but nothing that worried either of them very much. Tracy naturally gave Omega as much grief as she could. She was furious that Omega was being fucked by the boy that she would have sold her soul to have fucking her. *********************** In a tete a tete Tracy had with Ms. Ashford, Tracy winged about Omega having a hunk like Nick for his boyfriend. “He should be letting a girl play with him, not another boy.” That was Tracy’s comment and that caused Ms. Ashford to think about how she could make that happen. She looked at the sex education programme and came up with the answer. She cleared her idea with the headmistress and then talked to the science teacher responsible for the module. The lesson was all about the differences experienced by boys as they passed through puberty. It was a co-ed module even though boys only were involved in it. Omega’s class had fourteen students on the day of this module, Ms. Ashford had printed off check sheets and the students were told to pick a partner for the lesson. Each set of check sheets were numbered and Ms. Ashford made sure that Tracy and her partner had number 7. She then organised for seven year 12 boys to act as models for the lesson, giving them numbers as well. Nick got number 7. Show time and Ms. Ashford told the seven boys they were to turn up outside Science 3 five minutes after the start of the lesson dressed in jockstraps, athletic shorts and vests. Track shoes, but no socks. They were to be clean inside and out. That rang alarm bells, but what could they do until it happened. “During your time here I am sure you have all taken a naked punishment, so I don’t want any silly responses to orders you are given here. You will do whatever your student or I specify.” She then opened the door and marched her models in. Nick was at the end and saw Omega immediately. He hoped beyond hope that he had the same number as Omega and Tony who was his partner. Ms. Ashford started. “Now pay attention. These seven year 12 students are going to be your models for this sex education module. Understand that I will be monitoring your actions with them very carefully because you will be getting intimate with parts of their bodies.” All of the female students grinned. The boys looked less enthusiastic. “Come to the front in your numbers order and collect your model and your check lists.” Nick watched and was gutted when he saw who he was getting, so was Omega. He knew Tracy would give Nick a really hard time. There were ten tables to accommodate ten pairs of students for scientific experiments. They had all been cleared and the seven pairs of students had their check sheets on clipboards. “Now, models can sit up on the tables for this first part.” The tables were 36 inches long and 24 inches wide. “I want the class to examine closely the faces of their model and note what difference there is to their own class mates. Feel their faces to confirm your observations.” escort It was obvious. All of these 17 and 18 year olds had facial stubble. “Good, now models remove your gym vests and place your hands on top of your heads. Class, check under arms and the chests of your models and again note the difference between them and your classmates.” “Please Miss, for us girls it is difficult to make comparisons. Can’t we have a classmate to compare with?” Ms. Ashford thought Tracy had been clever with her question, it gave her the chance to involve Omega. “Valid point, Tracy. Omega, why don’t you come to the front. At each point in the lesson you can go to each table occupied by a girl and let them compare you to their model.” Omega went to the front and was told to remove his jacket, shirt and Tie, and then his T shirt. “Take your shoes and socks off now as well as we are in the classroom.” Omega felt very uncomfortable with where this was going. “Off you go now, stand by each girls table while they compare you.” Omega had no body hair at all. Most of the seven seniors had some, and all had underarm hair. Back to Ms. Ashford’s side. “Now boys, shorts off and back on the tables. You can take your trousers off Omega.” He did and wondered why Ms. Ashford was being so nice to him. “Look at the model’s legs and then have a look at Omega’s as he walks round.” Again it was obvious and Omega was quickly back out of reach of the girls. “Now, all of you should have noted that your class males have none, or very little hair in any of the places we have mentioned. The next part will emphasise that condition even more. Models, remove your jockstraps and get back on the table on your knees. Get to one side if your students are girls so that Omega can get up alongside you, but sat up straight, hands gripped behind your heads. You can remove your underpants, Omega.” It didn’t matter how often he did this with witnesses, Omega always felt acute embarrassment. For the 7 models it was even worse because the heads of the class were almost perfectly in line with their groins. “Now class, look closely all-round the front of your model’s groin area. Omega, spend a couple of minutes alongside the girls models. There is no need to touch your models at this stage.” When she thought Ms. Ashford wasn’t looking Tracy gave Nick’s cock a squeeze, and the same with Omega. She was clever, only making it gentle because she knew that would start them chubbing up. If she was rough they would remain flaccid. If looks could kill, Nick’s look would have done so and Tracy just sniggered, as did her partner. “Conclusions everyone.” Tony spoke up then. “The seniors have considerably more hair than we do Miss, and in general their penises are larger than ours, flaccid.” “Well done Archer. Have all you girls come to the same conclusion?” “Yes Miss,” came a chorus from all the girls. “My model doesn’t have any Miss.” “Bellamy is a swimmer Tracy and most swimmers shave their pubic hair to improve their performance in the water, but if you feel all-round your model’s groin and look closely I am sure you will feel and see hair follicles.” Tracy did, as did her partner, and Nick was well on the way to an erection. “Good, now models, turn round, drop onto your elbows and spread your legs as wide as you can.” None of the models moved, they just went with Nigel Evans who had been lucky enough to get Tony and Omega. “No way Miss. That is disgusting, they will be able to view my anus.” “That Evans is the whole point. I will paddle anyone not in position in one minute.” The boys all knew a public paddling would be worse than showing their anus’s so they all turned. Most of the girls didn’t even want to look, but Tracy and her partner almost had their noses in Nick’s butt. Tony whispered to Nigel. “Nice arse, buddy.” That set off a chain reaction with all of the boy’s models, but red faces for the girls models. “If any model’s anuses are not visible you may use your hands to stretch their bottoms a little more.” “Alright Omega, one minute on each of the girls desks. What are you looking for girls?” “Hair, Miss, but my model hasn’t got any on his bottom.” A couple of others said the same thing. When Omega was on the table with Tracy, both her and her friends stretched both boys arse cheeks, making quite a meal of it. “Well done. Models, you can sit again.” Sighs of relief soon changed when Ms. Ashford spoke again. “Now we are going to look very closely at the male reproductive equipment and how they get excited.” The seven seniors, and Omega wanted to run. Omega because he was sure the bitch would have some way of humiliating him as well as the seniors. “Models, lay down on the tables with your legs spread as wide as the table allows. Now girls, look at your model’s penis. Some of them have the head covered by a skin and others don’t. Can any girl tell me why that is?” Tracy, of course knew. “Yes Miss. The boys with their izmit escort bayan cockhead on show have been circumcised. Whereas the others are natural.” “Well done Tracy. Is your model natural?” “No Miss, I can see his cockhead.” “The word is glans, girls, not cockhead. Now, Omega is natural so let’s see the two together. Omega climb up alongside Bellamy both of you kneeling up.” Both boys were blushing. Ms. Ashford joined them, stood at the side of Omega and spoke again. “Girls, I want you at the front. Now if you watch me. I am going to skin Omega so that we can see his glans.” With no more to do, she took Omega’s cock in one hand and used the other to slide his foreskin back. “You can see now that Nick and Omega have penis heads that look very similar.” She let Omega’s cock go and made Omega cringe with her next comment. “Any girl who has a model with a cut penis, check how to skin Omega before returning to your table.” There were only two girls and then Omega was left with Tracy and her partner while Ms. Ashford returned to the front of the class. Tracy used that time to keep skinning Omega while her friend played with his balls. Ms. Ashford called for Omega to join her again by which time he was well on the way to an erection, and he was blushing almost scarlet. “You can see that Omega has become excited having his penis played with. Tracy, please come to the front of the class, take Omega to an empty table, lay him down and finish what you started and then you can measure Omega’s penis. Legs wide, Omega, hands behind your head.” Omega wanted to run, but he was naked, and where would he run to. He suffered the humiliation of his whole class and 7 seniors watching a girl play with him and measure him. “Gosh Miss, he is more than 6 inches.” “Boys and girls, Omega is not a good comparison to make for penis length for his age group because I know that he has the longest penis in year 9.” There were gasps from all quarters and Tony couldn’t resist making a comment. “Way to go `Mega.” The room dissolved in laughter. “Very amusing Archer. You can join Zavros and strip for us. Tracy, you can do the honours again on Archer.” Poor Tony, he was on his back on another empty table and underwent the same embarrassing action. Tracy loved this and played with Tony for ages before measuring him as well. “Gosh Miss, he is only half an inch shorter.” Ashford was obviously annoyed. She stomped over to a computer terminal and pulled up a programme. When she came back she was blushing. “I have made another bad choice for comparisons. Archer has the second longest penis in his year. Now all of you return to your models including you Archer, but you can remain naked.” Tony didn’t mind. He thought he was in good company. Seven buff seniors and Omega. “Now I would like you to palpate your models until they all have erections as well. Then circulate and look at all the seniors erections.” Tony was smiling as he brought Nigel to an erection. Still stroking it he spoke. “Nice one Buddy, maybe the bitch will let me get rid of it for you.” Nigel grinned as well. “Mmm, no problem with me. With your mouth I hope.” Both boys laughed gaining a frown from Ms. Ashford. Tracy was now in her element. She and her partner were playing with Nick’s cock and balls driving him crazy. He hated who they were, but his cock and balls loved what was being done to them. Tracy whispered to him. “I bet Omega isn’t nearly as good for you as Eve and me.” Nick had his chance now. “You can’t even come close bitch. Omega sends me round the planets every time he touches me down there.” Tracy was so angry at that comment, she grabbed his balls and really squeezed them. It made Nick scream with pain. “Ooh, sorry Miss, I guess I got a little over excited.” Nick got off the table and moved away from Tracy and Eve. “That wasn’t an accident Ms. Ashford that was an unprovoked attack because I told her she couldn’t hold a candle to Omega when it came to exciting me. She doesn’t get near me again.” The whole class gasped and looked at Omega. “Can I book you for tonight then Omega?” That was Nigel. Then almost every boy in the room came up with, “And me Omega, or any night your free.” It was hysterical. Most of the girls made comments as well, like. “You must be some stud, Omega, can I try you?” That one nearly caused a riot. Ms. Ashford was almost puce with anger. It took her about ten minutes to get control again and her plan fell apart when every senior refused point blank to be Tracy’s model. “Very well, Omega, you will be Tracy’s model.” Nick was now in 100% aggressive mode. “No he won’t. That slag isn’t getting near my boyfriend, and nor is any other girl in this room.” “Bellamy, I am awarding you one month of nudity for your insulting comments.” “I will accept that under protest until I have talked to my father.” That just got him a load of quizzical looks. Who was Nick’s izmit sınırsız escort father? “Now class, we need to finish this. Tracy and Eve you will just have to join me and watch for the remainder of the lesson. All of you seniors will be getting demerits for this disobedience.” None of them cared. One more term and they would be out of here, demerits only worked in the school, not in their exams. “Now, to continue. Class, palpate your model’s penis until they are erect and then measure them.” Ashford was angry still because none of the boys appeared to be embarrassed anymore. The smallest and shyest boy in the class, the one that Delta had taken under his wing, whispered to Delta. Delta sniggered and approached Nick. “Now that you have no students, Nick, Joshua wondered if he could take over from Tracy.” Nick looked at a little cherub with a red face. “Ok, Delta. I think I would like that.” He hopped up on the table and winked at Joshua. “Go for it little man.” Ms. Ashford saw it and was going to say something but couldn’t think what, by which time Joshua was grinning as he played with Nick’s cock and balls. Nick put his arms behind his head and directed Joshua. “Cup my balls in one hand and then use that thumb to rub over them. Use your other hand to jack me slowly. Don’t grip too hard.” Joshua looked into Nick’s eyes with a beatific smile on his face. “Gosh, Nick, that cock is stupendous. I wish I could suck it.” Nick nearly fell off the table. Here was another little gay boy, and he was so cute as well. “I wish you could as well, I think you are delightful, Josh.” By the time Ashford had got them all to measure the models, Joshua had a hero. He also nearly fainted when Ashford told them the next bit. “Males have a gland in their anus which is sometimes called their G spot. When stimulated, if it is sensitive, the male can ejaculate without touching his penis, just exciting that gland. We are going to check that now. I want you all to don a sterile glove, and lubricate your middle finger. Models, I want you on your backs, legs spread as wide as you can get them and bent up as close to your shoulders as you can get them. Class, I want you to stand at the end of the table and pull your model towards you.” Job done and every models arse was within six inches of the end of the table. “Now models, lay your legs sideways.” Tracy could see what was happening and wanted to scream. “Now, palm up, slide your finger into your model’s anus and feel around for a little lump. You will know you have touched it by looking at your model’s penis. It will regain its full hardness if it has gone soft at all.” Of course they all had. Being finger fucked was an instant turn off until their prostate was touched. Well it was in public. Ashford now ramped up the humiliation. She stood by each girl group for a minute and then told them to change over, but the second one in was to go in with two fingers. “In two minutes, change over again and enter with three fingers.” She told the boys the same. When Joshua got to three he let out a little squeal and Nick tried to cover a grin. Josh had cum in his pants. Nick then had an orgasm the first jet shot at least two feet in the air. “Oh fuck, Josh, I am going to have to get you to teach Omega to do that.” Josh forgot about his sticky groin he was so pleased with himself. “Gosh, really, Nick. I would be happy to help you and Omega.” “I promise you then that if Omega is willing I will let you join him in my room one evening for a sex lesson.” Joshua was probably the happiest boy in school at that moment, and even the joshing from his class mates who saw his wet patch didn’t change that. With Delta as his protector, Josh gained in confidence all the time When all the models had cum Ashford wanted to rub in the humiliation where she could. She went through the details of each model and the class boys. The boys with the smallest cocks blushed, but Nick, Nigel, Omega, Tony and Delta all stuck their chests out more as they were told they had the longest cocks in their year. For Ashford the lesson was only a partial success because the models had stuck together and not let the humiliation get to them. In fact, she noted that Bellamy and Evans particularly had thoroughly enjoyed it, as had Archer and Watson. Omega had stood in the designated position throughout with a permanent hard on meaning he also had enjoyed it. Tracy was almost beside herself with anger because she had screwed up. Her only consolation was that she would see Nick naked for a whole month. ********************** The next day Tracy couldn’t believe it. She saw Nick in the corridor fully clothed. “Why have you got clothes on? Ms. Ashford gave you a whole month naked as a punishment.” “Ms. Ashford’s contract at this school was terminated this morning. All punishments outstanding from her have been cancelled. Ms. Kember is now the health head honcho and our illustrious male coach is now head of sport.” Tracy wanted to cry. Her mentor and confidant was gone. She knew she would have to tread carefully as she checked how the new regime would work. ************************************

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