Nurse Has Me First TimeNurse Has Me First Time


Yes the heading is for real, first time with a nurse who was hired to look after my grandma.(true story)

I had just turned 18 when it all happened, but before I start my story I should say that at 18 I had had my hand on a tit or two and ventured under a skirt for what we guys called stink finger.

My story starts when I was a young boy and spent many weekends and holidays on my gran’s farm. As I got older my stays on the farm became less frequent, sport and doing what young teens do took up most of my weekends.

At 16 I got my first set of wheels, a motorcycle, this gave me the chance to visit my grandma after work and in the evenings, who was now confined to a wheelchair and needed a nurse to look after her.

The first nurse that gran had was caught sly drinking so only lasted a couple of months. This was when my cherry popping nurse was hired, Nancy the nurse at 25 years of age should have been called Jane, as the name would have suited her looks, plane-Jane. But Nancy did catch my attention as she had a good looking body, about 5’8” tall slim and liked to push out her medium sized tits. Nancy cloths were mostly tops and short skirts, so when Nancy bent over to help my grandma I got some pretty good looks down her top or up her skirt.

As time went on Nancy and I became good friends, I started to visit my grandma more on the weekends just to cop a look up Nancy’s skirt. Nancy’s bra’s and nickers were mostly white or light in colour and this allowed me to see a dark pubic outline through her nickers and her dark nipples when she wore a white top. During the days Nancy’s time was pretty much her own as gran needed help mostly in the evenings. This meant that Nancy spent more time with me at weekends working around the farm. When out on the tractor Nancy started to wear shorts, this was not to my liking as it limited the looking up her skirt, but I soon found that the shorts would ride up her legs and the open leg gave me a better view of her nickers and sometimes I could see pubic hair out the sides of the nicker elastic.

One day Nancy asked if I would take her for a ride on the back of my bike, I said that I did not take girls on my bike as they made the seat smell funny. Nancy just smiled and said that she was a woman and that the seat might like a woman’s smell and that I could check it after the ride.

We both went inside to dress for the ride, as I went past Nancy’s room, the door was ajar, just enough for me to see her standing there in her bra and nickers, with out cloths on Nancy looked really good and I started to get a stirring in my pants.

Outside I instructed Nancy on the aspics of riding the bike and making sure she knew how to corner. I started the bike and Nancy got up behind me, as we moved off she put her hands on my hips to hold on, but as I sped down the road she moved closer raping her arms right around me, and I could feel her tits pushing into my back, it felt so good as every corner we came to she would hold on that little bit tighter.

After about an hour or so we returned home to the farm, when Nancy got of the bike she was buzzing and said that the vibration of the bike had made her wet and maybe I should smell the seat (maybe later I thought).

The day had past very quickly and gran said I should stay for tea, fresh lamb off the farm home grown vegetables and maybe a look up Nancy’s skirt, I had to stay for that chance if nothing else.

Nancy Ataşehir Escort said she would shower before tea and off she went to her room. I went down the hall to the toilet and as I past the bathroom I got a look at Nancy as she closed the door, looked like she was totally nude, going past her bedroom I could see her cloths on the floor with her nickers still sitting in her jeans as she had taken them off. I knew that gran was busy in the kitchen so went into the room to check her nickers, she was right her nickers were quite damp and when I put them to my face they smelt beautiful and were still warm, her nickers had a more mature smell than the girls I had played with before. I put the nickers back as I had found them, then carried on to the toilet with half a boner hoping I would still be able to pee.

After Nancy’s shower she had put on a dress and top but the top didn’t look right, at the tea table I worked out why her top was not fitting properly, she had not put her bra back on and as she moved I could see her tits move under the top. Tea was great, I thanked gran and said maybe I would be off now, gran asked if I could help Nancy to change the mattress on her bed as it was time to flip it to the summer side, I said sure no problem.

I followed Nancy down the hall to gran’s bedroom, as she went into the room, the light was already on, and I could see through her dress, seeing the outline of her butt and fanny, man it was looking better all the time, I still had the smell of her nickers in my nostrils and my third leg was starting to grow again, I had to give it a little push to keep it from poking out to much.

Making the bed turned out to be quite a show on Nancy’s part, every time she bent over I got a great look down her front, those tits looked just perfect hanging there for me to look at, Nancy caught me looking more than once but she just smiled and we kept making the bed. After we finished the bed, gran asked if I would like to stay and watch TV for awhile, There was a good movie on so I thought I would stay to watch it. Gran sat in her chair while Nancy and I sat on the couch slightly behind her. During the movie Nancy had moved closer to me on the couch, I was pretty chuft about this as she was making some move on me. After about 45 mins into the film, Nancy was right up beside me, she took my hand and placed it on her leg, just above her knee.

What was I to do now, with all the girls my own age it was not a problem, but this was not some silly teen, this was a woman of 25 and I was only just 18. I didn’t have to wait long as Nancy took my hand again and moved it higher up her leg, but she did not take her hand away, she slowly pushed my hand up her leg and under her dress. Well I thought doesn’t get much more direct than that. Nancy pick up a pillow from the couch and put it on her lap, I guest that this was to hide my hand in case gran turned around. Nancy’s hand was still on mine at this stage and the heat I could feel was not all coming from her hand. I moved my finger out to the side a little and felt the edge of her nickers, with this she pushed my hand up onto her fanny, as I ran my fingers around the crutch of her nickers I could feel that she was getting very wet, nothing like I had felt before with girls my own age. Nancy whispered into my ear that this was the second time today that I had made her panties wet. After about 5 mins of playing around, Nancy Kadıköy Escort said she needed to go to the bathroom, when she returned she took my hand and put it back on her knee. Not needing any second hint I moved my hand back to were it had been before, what a surprise I got when I reached her fanny, there was no nickers covering her cunt, the dirty bitch I thought, she didn’t go to the toilet, she just went and took her nickers off. I made the most of a good thing and put a finger straight into her cunt, it was so wet and warm nothing like I had felt before. By now my cock was at about full mast and I had to move to make it more comfortable, when I moved Nancy just looked and smiled. The film finished not long after this and I was a bit disappointed that it didn’t go longer. Gran made the first comment about the film, she said did I enjoy it as I didn’t have much to say through it, I said I was so wraped up in it that I had nothing to say, again Nancy just smiled at me, wish I could read her mind I thought.

Gran asked if Nancy could take her to the bedroom now please, so I said my good nights again and thought I’d be on my way, but Nancy mouthed the words to wait till she had put gran to bed, what’s this about I thought.

When Nancy game back into the room after about 5 mins, I showed her the wet spot on the couch that she had left, she said she had another wet spot to show me, it took me a second to think about this, remember I was only just 18 and hardly been kissed. Nancy came over to me beside the couch put her mouth on mine and started to kiss me it was like heaven, ( they has got to be one) it was like nothing I had ever had before, her tongue was in my mouth moving all around so I followed her led and did the same, man it was magic, it had to be because man did my cock ever get big, it was starting to push out the top of my jeans. I’m not the biggest in the cock department but against my small frame size it did look quite big. As Nancy and I kissed she pushed her cunt onto my leg, I’m sure I felt the thing open up and grab my thigh, next she moved so that she was rubbing on my cock, much more of this I thought and it will be all over the inside of my jeans. I moved my hand down over her butt and gave it a squeeze, boy did it all feel so good, I moved my hand up under her skirt, up her inside leg to the top were I felt the wettest cunt I had ever touched. As I pushed a finger into her she gave a little mown and moved against my hand, man was it ever so wet.

Nancy moved her hands down to my waist, unbuckled my belt, unzipped my zipper and pushed my jeans off my hips. The head of my cock was already looking out the top of my under pants, as she touched me with one hand she used the other hand to push down my under pants, my cock was free at last. Nancy now had both hands free, one hand rub the length of my shaft while the other held and played with my balls, all the time Nancy was doing this to me I had two fingers up her cunt and the other hand was massaging her tits and nipples.

I moved my hands down to Nancy’s skirt waist band and unbuttoned her skirt, Nancy wriggled and the skirt fell to the floor, she then stepped out of the skirt and pulled me over to the couch. As we got to the couch Nancy fell back onto the couch with her legs in the air, this was the first time that I had seen her naked cunt, it was all wet, puffy and open and I could smell her womanly odour. Nancy then pulled Ümraniye Escort me down on top of her, ever thing fitted into place just like it should, a little wriggle from Nancy and my cock slid straight into her cunt. I told Nancy that she was my first fuck, She said that it was going to be nice to have a male on his first time, as she spoke these words I was already cumming, man did it feel so good but all two quick. Nancy said not to worry as they was still time tonight. (what I was going to get another go, man)

As my cock shrank back to normal I kissed and sucked on her tits and nipples, this did something to Nancy as she was rubbing my cock again bring it back to full mast.

Nancy said that as it was my first fuck that she should teach me what to do for a women, she took my hand and push it to the top of her cunt, making me touch a little hard button thing, she told me that this was were a women got most of her pleasure from and that it was called a clitoris.

She had me rub this button for about 2-3 mins and as I did this she was stroking my cock, she had a very gentle touch and it felt so good.

Nancy then asked if I had every kissed a woman’s cunt before as this was something that would turn a woman on, I had to say no as I had only every smelt the crutch of nickers before. Nancy said that this was much better than smelling nickers, as you got to taste the juices as well. Nancy slowly pushed my face down to her cunt, the odour was magic and when I put my tongue onto her clit and gave it a lick, she started to buck and rock back and forth and in no time at all she became very ridged, she then relaxed back on the couch and told me she had just cum like I did.

Now that Nancy and I could both relax we could get on to experimenting with other positions she said, other positions, I wasn’t quite sure what she meant.

I didn’t have to worry though as she told me what to do. The first one was her on her hands and knees, this gave me a great look at her butt and cunt, god it looked so inviting. As I moved closer the tip of my cock touched her butt as she put her hand around to guide me into her cunt. After a short time she then removed my cock from her cunt and rubbed on her clit, I could feel the hard little button on the tip of my cock it felt good for me as well. It was now time to move my cock again as she slid it back through her cunt lips, picking up her juices as it went, she then pushed it back to her butt were she let the tip play on her hole to get it wet. I was not ready for what she did next, she pushed the knob of my cock into her butt hole. Man I thought this was only meant for Homo’s, but boy it did feel pretty dammed good. Nancy told me to push hard as it was ok and wouldn’t hurt her. After fucking her in the butt for awhile, she then pulled my cock out and moved it back to rub on her clit, it wasn’t long before she went ridged again and pushed my cock back into her cunt. I only got about a dozen strokes in before I shot my load up her cunt again, As we rested and things got back to normal, she then moved down to my cock and sucked the head into her mouth, sucking the length of it licking all of the juice and cum of it. Nancy stopped sucking me and said that if I liked to come back tomorrow night she would show me a blow job and a couple of new positions.

Well work the next day was great, but man it did go very slow as I couldn’t wait to see Nancy again that night. This pattern carried on for many months with me learning many ways to satisfy a lady. So just before I turned 19, Nancy moved on and I got a regular girl friend. Now it was my turn to show her some tricks that Nancy had shown me.

Signed in love with older women.

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