Subject: nude-brothers: part 2; incest, high school Readers, Nifty needs your donations to provide wonderful stories. fty/donate.html This is an account of experiences told to me by a friend. He is the older brother in the story. Two years had now passed since the summer Max spent in California at his father’s home. While there, Max was introduced to a very open attitude (nudist) than he experienced the rest of the year living with his mother, stepfather and younger brother. Max was in many ways a typical 16, almost 17 -year old high school student. He was noted champion member of his school wresting team. His step-dad Wesley also happened to be the coach of the tem. This year his younger brother Kyle had also joined the varsity team wrestling at 125lb; Max was now a solid 165. Both boys had a very good relationship with Wes, on the team and at home. They also had an older stepbrother Brian, now age 21. Brian, like them had been a wrestler on his high school team and had excelled as Max and now Kyle were. The always enjoyed their time together and when on break, Brian would often join them at practices and workouts in the gym. During his summer stay with his dad Mike, Max discovered his father was gay and then he too was strongly attracted to same sex. Max was secure in the fact he too was gay. He met and soon was involved with two older teens, brothers Jason and Dylan, then 18 and 19. He had remained in touch with them since that first visit, especially Jason, whom he soon realized reminded him greatly of Brian. Now almost 17, Max was 5′ 11″ and a solid 165 of teen muscle, He took pride I his appearance. He dark good looks were also not lost on many at his school. Since his time in California, he was also far less modest and from that did not hesitate when he was asked by the yearbook student committee if he would pose for some photos as the school mascot � a Roman Worrier. The costume for this was a short mid thigh length tunic, a breastplate, a cingulum; the skirt-like arrangement of leather straps, shin plates and sandals. This was finished off with a helmet, spear and shield. When time came for the photo session, he had decided the rather course fabric or the tunic was too ” itchy” to wear so the gasp at his nearly nude appearance in just armored elements of the costume when he emerged from the locker room were quite audible. The students involved with this were two girls Megan and Shana, both of whom Max had “dated” but were not in any way to his desire. There was also the very fem but funny Colby, who would be the photographer. Max knew Colby had eyes for him and he was more then willing to let the sweet younger gay �boy get a good look at his body.What was not initially apparent, Max was otherwise nude under the leather strap skirt. Max followed the instructions of the first poses Megan and Shana requested, as depicted in the school logo, the warrior standing either full face front or turned tothe side, with spear at his side and shield held in defense at his chest. After a short while Colby began to suggest some variations in posture and location as they walked around the exterior of the school finding ideal background material. A natural outcropping of granite behind the soccer field was the perfect choice. It had also now become clear to the three other teens how much and how little Max was wearing. He first new pose was taking a knee and when doing so a good portion of his strong smooth right thigh was exposed. As he held this pose a strong gust of wind sent eh leather straps in the cingulum flapping and the perfect curve of his find muscled ass was n display as Colby continues to snap photos. Max then on his own began to vary his poses and by removing the helmet, setting aside the shield and spear and then removing the breast -plate. The two girls and Colby were soon making suggestions too. All the while Colby was snapping picture after picture, they all knew would not be part of the final display. More and more, shots with his bare ass were now obvious and the occasional sneak peak of his cut 5inch soft teen cock. Max enjoyed giving the show as much as the three enjoyed the view. Colby made a suggestion of Max standing, post battle, his helmet in his hand, wiping his brow with fore arm, his shield held mid body. Max did so, then he became his new bold self and undid the fastener of the Cingulum and let it fall off the ground. He put the helmet back on and stood full front to the camera as Colby snapped away. Then slowly turning, held a full side on view the shield covering the front of his torso but his fully nude body exposed from the tuzla escort left side. The girls screamed and Colby wanted to but did not want to miss the shot. Max then turned fully around and held the spear and shield high in the air as I triumph, his perfectly formed ass, bare and exposed to the camera. In the final display with some expert editing on Colby’ part, that exact was used with the effect of fog added obscuring the nude image to all those present and a few others who were treated to seeing all the proofs of the photo session. Max put the leather strap skirt back on and they all went back inside the school building, the girls left and Max went to the locker room to change, Colby following to collect the costume. Mas knew Colby would enjoy more of a show and as he began to change suggested Colby was welcome to continue the photo session. He was more then happy to do so. Max posed in and out of his costume for the nest 30 minutes and then suggested maybe the warrior needed a slave to assist him and handed the unused cloth tunic to Colby. He delighted in this suggestion and quickly stripped out of his jeans and shirt to put on the tunic. Max watched and the slight blind boy removed his clothing. Colby was 16 but had the body Max thought of a 12 year old. He was 5’5″ had a big mop of curly blond hair, skinny but not in an unattractive way and a big toothy natural smile. The tunic was made for a bigger, taller body and it slumped over Colby’s shoulders, Max took some leather straps off the breastplate and they fashioned a belt for the slave look. Then kneeling next Colby, Max said it still was not right and gave a tug to the side hem of the tunic that fell to Colby’s knees. With a long rip the tunic split open along the side to nearly to the arm. This exposed his black boxer briefs. Maxx looked up at Colby just shook his head. “This isn’t right”and he quickly gave a tug and pulled the underwear to theboy’s feet. Colby just giggled a bit and stepped out of them. Max was enjoying this, controlling his young gay friend, he then had him turn and he ripped the other side seam of the tunic so it now just hung as two flaps of fabric in front and back over Colby’s shoulders. He picked up the camera and took a few pictures of the photographer. My turn he said. Colby smiled. Max then took some of the leather straps and first gathered the fabric in front and tied it near the waist. Then did the same in the back. The finished look was now complete, Colby the warrior’s slave was now wearing freely-hanging covering that covered his shoulders, was pulled in at the waist offering only a bit of modesty front and back. His smooth pale skin was fully exposed, showing his nude body fully to the sides. Colby set up the camera to take times pictures of the two of them and Max also took the camera to take solo shots of Colby. While they had been getting Colby ready for his part, Max had gotten a text from his brother Kyle that he would be swinging by the gym to get a ride home with Max. Kyle had just turned 14 and was anxious for when he would be able to drive but for now relied on his big brother for rides. As Colby followed Max’s directions he posed doing tasks of polishing the armor and then in the set-u pictures with the two of them, helping Max put on then take off elements of his costume. The activity was becoming quite erotic to both Max and Colby. Both were now sporting teen hard cocks and while Colby was more and more willing to follow Max’s direction, he was also happy to offer suggestions and hand began to become more and more exploratory on Max’s body. It was also becoming less about posing for pictures and more of the Slave worshiping the body of the Warrior. Colby set the camera to take more pictures. Max ordered the slave to kneel in front of the warrior and adjust the placement of the leather straps in his cingulum, his hard throbbing cock was now pushing through the front. Colby, the slave leaned his face forward and Max wiped the sides of the slaves face with his now leaking cock. The slave Colby looking up, his mouth open, waited and the warrior placed the tip of his cock onto the boy’s tongue. Max smiled, Colby, doing something he had long dreamed about let the older boy’s cock enter his mouth. Colby knew he was gay but to this point was totally a virgin to any experience outside of his own imagination. Now he was with one of the hottest guys in the school. Max could tell he was with someone without much, if any experience and while he could have continued in the Warrior mode with Colby, chose to guide his new friend in how to suck a hard cock. Colby pendik escort was clearly a willing and good student. He was soon using a steady rhythm of sucking Max’s hard teen cock. While doing this, Max casually mentioned his brother Kyle would soon probably show up and Colby was quick to think they needed to stop so not to be discovered. Max assured him that Kyle would be cool with what he might see, very cool. To help Colby relax he shifted their positions. He had Colby move to stand up on a bench and then stood in front of the shy, slim teen. Max undid all the leather straps on the tunic Colby was wearing. He pushed it off his shoulders and admired the slim tight body standing in front of him, Colby smiled as he felt Max’s strong hands begin to runover his tingling skin. The warrior complimented his slave on keeping himself so clean and fresh, Max liked a boy body that smelled clean, he and his sex-buddy Clint often showered together. Max moved his hand to grasp Colby’s erect, up-curved 5″ cock. It was cut and had a nice pointed mushroomed head. Max admired and hard curve it made and ran his fingers lightly up and down the curve several times. Colby gasped and his cock twitched in excitement. He licked the palm of his hand and then returned it to Colby’s cock. He leaned in and sniffed the light mound of blond pubes that crowned the fine boy-bone. He then cupped the boy’s hairless ball sack and gave his slave a positive nod and a wink. Colby loved the role-playing. He could not believe what was happening to him when he felt the warm sensation of Max’s mouth covering his throbbing teen cock. His legs nearly gave way as Max expertly took the full length of Colby’s cock into his mouth. Max gave the cock three long slow sucks and then the two boys heard the sound of a door and Kyle calling out. About Kyle, at 14, he was an almost exact copy of Max at the same age, but with a few differences. Where Max had dark hair and now had also become moderately hairier, body hair-wise, Kyle was more fair toned and still a mostly smooth body. He was not as tall as Max but his body was showing signs filling out. Kyle knew Max was gay, who had told him of his experiences in California. In the time since that trip Max and Kyle had begun some occasional brotherly “sexperimentation”, mutual hand-jobs and on several occasions, Max gave his bro a well -appreciated blow �job. Kyle had discovered and spied on Max with his one team buddy, and regular sex-buddy, Clint.Clint was also ready and willing to suck Kyle’s hard boy-cock and did so more often than Max. Colby jumped, Max pulled off his cock and the boys turned to see Kyle entering the area of the locker room they had turned into their private photo studio. Since this was a Saturday and their stepdad the coach, both Max and Kyle knew there would be nobody around this area during this time. “Wow, this looks interesting”was what the two boys heard when Kyle entered the room. He had known why Max was at school but was not expecting quite the show he was finding. He picked up the discarded helmet and put it on. Colby was naturally a bit uneasy but Max soon took control of the situation when he handed Kyle the shield and greeted him with a Warrior chest pound. “My fellow Roman…enter join us.” Kyle struck several strong poses, much as Max had been doing and Max brought him the breastplate. Kyle then pulled off his t-shirt. Max knowing his brother was not shy about his body said- what is this strange garment tugging at Kyle lose basketball shorts and with that gave them a tug. Kyle willingly let his brother strip him of the shorts and his briefs as well. As Max was fitting his brother with the costume pieces, Colby took the advantage of recording it with his camera. Max had taken the leather strap skirt and put it back on and he stood next to his brother as they both now posed for the young photographer. Kyle in the helmet and breastplate but nude from the waist down and Max wearing only the cingulum, his now hard again cock protruding proudly. Kyle was also now stunningly erect like his brother, a well formed, cut 5 � boybone pointing upwards and throbbing slightly. Colby took notice to the small patch of pubic fur the crowned the younger brother’s cock. He could not miss the shine of a drop of pre leaking from that cock. Colby had taken the tunic and put is back on, it hung freely over his body doing little to hide his one again raging hard teen cock. Max then looked at Colby and reaching towards his brother’s proud hard cock, grabbed and said, “Slave, come taste this offering from the gods”. Colby returning aydınlı escort the role-play willing knelt in front the Kyle and took the hard cock into his mouth. Max taking control of the camera took pictures of the slave and his new master. It did not talk long until Kyle breathing got heavier and soon he was blasting a nice load of his salty/sweet boyjuice into Colby’s sucking mouth. Colby not experienced pulled away as the first shot hit his throat the nest shot hitting his chin and the side of his face. He coughed a little. Max moved closer to the other two stroking his now full hard 7 inches and said here � Here slave, try again. Colby turned to the older brother; the thought how this may be his only chance and opened hit mouth to Max. Max was still stoking his cock and he placed a hand on Colby’s head and told the boy to run his tongue around the head of his cock. The slave obeyed. He wanted to enjoy this but knew they really had been at it a long time and should be getting home. He let the boy’s mouth slip off his cock and then proceeded to jerk off, letting his cum hit the boy on his face and chest. Kyle didn’t let this go unnoted and got several good pictures of his brother cum-coating the gay teen. Max said it was time they got cleaned up and head home and he stripped of the leather costume and went into the shower. Kyle and Colby did the same and joined him there. Once there, Max noticed Colby was still as hard as before and smiling said, well I guess it is your turn. He knelt in front of the shaking teen boy and engulfed his up-curved 5″cock. He grabbed the boy’s firm small ass mound and quickly brought the boy to his most intense orgasm. Max easily swallowed his seed and looked up and the panting Colby and said- well done! Kyle had been stoking watching his big bro suck the boy and moved nest to Max. Seeing an opportunity to further blow the kid’s mind, Max took hold of his bro’s cock and sucked it, letting his younger brother hump his throat shooting a second load which he took into his mouth. Colby looked on in amazement! Max stood up and then leaned into Colby, here share this one and placed him mouth over the boy’s mouth, kissing him but sharing the bro-cum load he had just taken. Kissing and cum Colby thought…WOW! The boys all then showered and dressed quickly without much talking. As they departed the gym, all Colby could muster to say was…Well ugh…thanks and they all laughed and departed for home. Once home, Colby loaded all the pictures onto his computer and could not believe the day he had with not only Max, but his hot younger brother as well. Of the many pictures taken he was able to select three that were modest enough and eventually used the school yearbook, including the one of Max when eh was fully nude, standing with his back to the camera, spear and shield held high. HE used an editing technique to obscure the nudity of Max with a fog effect but he knew what was really there. When they got home, Max and Kyle greeted their parents, stepdad Wes asking if they had locked up at school. Max tossed him the keys and thanked him for letting them use the space and all was in order. The yearbook kids were really happy with what they got to do. He turned and gave his brother a look and Kyle just stood with a huge grin on his face as he left the kitchen to go upstairs to their rooms. That night once they were alone in their rooms, Max call to his brother saying Colby had sent him some proofs and of the day. Kyle came into the room to look seeing only the modest usable prints and said jokingly…well you new boyfriend does a pretty good job. Max just smirked at this and said well he had a good model. Two said Kyle and they both laughed…Max turning to Kyle and admiring the hot teen form in front of him, Kyle wearing just a pair of pj-pants ran his fingers down Kyle’s chest and abs. Hooking his thumbs in the waistband, he slid them to the floor. Kyle’s cock turning semi-hard flopped to the side as the cloth rubbed over it. Max stood up; facing his brother placed his hands on the side of Kyle’s face and drew his brother into light kiss on the lips. They did not do this often but Max enjoyed it when Kyle was open to it. He guided his brother to his bed, the two stretched out into 69 position, Max took the now hard bro-cock presented to him and slowly wrapped his lips over the head. Circling his tongue, he heard his brother moan and knew he had him. Kyle following his big brother began to match lick for stroke for suck. That night bringing each other to a bro-gasm not once, but twice before they drifted off to sleep. They did not do this often but when they did it was an intense pleasure for them both. Soon too follow will be the summer they would spend in California together with their dad Mike. Kyle will finally meet brothers Jason and Dylan.

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