Subject: North Woods Adventure – Chapter Four This is a story about a wealthy photographer who spends a month in the woods by himself who has his solitude disrupted by a teenager he rescues from the river on his land and the relationship that develops between the two. After weathering a hurricane, the two are leaving the woods and returning to the city. The first chapter of this story was posted almost three years ago and life got in the way of continuing. Thanks to Doug for rattling my cage and encouraging me to pick up the story again. Not being a disciple of the book, “Oxford Modern English Grammar”, or any other textbook on grammar, you will probably run across some grammatical errors in my story. I do not write professionally but rather for my enjoyment and your entertainment. I do proof read to try to correct as many errors as I can find, but some will remain. My apologies to those among you who have had more formal training in the composition of the English language, but it is what it is. This is a fictional tale of sexual relationship between a man and a teenage boy. You must be eighteen to enjoy this story. If it is against the law where you are to read stories like this you are kindly requested to leave and not read this story. It is only a fictional story for your reading pleasure. I appreciate any comments or feedback, good or bad. Send hoo. I try to reply to as many as possible. North Woods Adventure by Jonathan Perkins Copyright 2019 All Rights Reserved Remember to donate to Nifty to keep these stories available for all our fty/donate.html North Woods Adventure Chapter Four The howling of the wind and the pounding of the rain on the roof of the cabin shook us out of our sleep. The storm had arrived in all its fury. It was the middle of the night, probably around 2:00 or 3:00. Justin was shaking he was so nervous. “Let me get up and go check to make sure everything is holding up,” I told him as I got out of bed and turned on my flashlight. “Don’t leave me here alone, I’m going with you,” his voice cracking as he spoke. “I’m just going to make sure the cabin is tight, I’m not going outside,” “Still, I’m coming,” as he jumped out of bed and grabbed my hand. “You spend the last few weeks seeing the beauty of nature. This is her ugly side. Fortunately it won’t last too long. Just like any temper tantrums.” We had closed the shutters over the windows so I couldn’t see outside but I was content to make sure the roof and the windows and doors were holding the storms violence at bay. Grandfather and I had weathered some pretty intense storms in this cabin so I wasn’t worried. For Justin, this was his first hurricane. We went back to bed, knowing we wouldn’t get back to sleep anytime soon. “Can I get on the inside, against the wall?” Justin asked, feeling it would be safer somehow. “Of course. I’ll be right here and make sure nothing gets to you,” I said with a snicker to try and reassure him. He wasn’t amused. Justin was really having a tough time dealing with the storm. I had to do something to calm him down. “This storm is strong but at least we’re inside the cabin. My grandfather and I spent a night in the woods in a storm, a Nor’Easter.” “Why didn’t you come get in the cabin?” Justin asked. “We had gone on a hike and planned to sleep over night in the woods. We had done that before and it looked like the weather was perfect. Mid afternoon the wind picked up and my grandfather noticed the leaves on the trees were turning the bottoms up. That’s a sign the wind is coming from a direction not typical for the area. He sensed a storm was coming and we better find some shelter while we could.” “Why didn’t you hike back to the cabin if this place is so safe?” “We were too far out and wouldn’t have gotten back in time. We found a big tree that had fallen some time ago and with a little quick work we were able to gather enough branches and broken limbs to make a respectable lean to. We positioned the opening away from the wind and climbed inside to get ready for the storm to hit. We had fallen asleep for a few hours when all hell broke loose. Thunder, lightening, sheets of rain all around us. With each lighting strike, it lit up our lean too. We were both taken by surprise when we saw a wolf curled up at the far end of our shelter.” “A wolf! In the shelter with you!” Justin yelled. “Yup, he was just trying to get out of the storm like us. He looked at us and put his head back down and just lay there, keeping an eye on us as we kept an eye on him. Natural enemies in a bad situation forming an uneasy truce to survive.” “So what happened?” “We watched the show, Mother Nature doing her best to scare us. When the lighting flashed, we’d count until we heard the thunder. For every second between the flash and the thunder, the strike was 10 miles away. The closer the flash and the thunder, the closer the strike. They were coming closer together until we saw the strikes hitting within sight of us. That went on for about 15 minutes then the interval started to open up again, the storm was passing us by. At daybreak the rain had stopped and the sun was breaking through the clouds. The wolf got up, stretched his legs and jogged out of the shelter and off into the woods. We ate our breakfast and continued on our hike.” Justin had fallen asleep at some point in my story. I was asleep soon after. Justin woke me up the next morning. “Will, the storm had passed! It’s quiet outside! It’s over!” Justin yelled. “I don’t think so, Justin. We’re in what’s called the eye of the storm. It will be calm for an hour or so and then be back just as strong. On the backside of the eye, the winds will be blowing in the opposite direction, not good for the trees that withstood the first half of the hurricane. Let’s take a check outside and see how things look.” Outside the ground was covered with a blanket of freshly fallen leaves, pine needles and small branches blow off the trees. No trees had fallen anywhere near the cabin although one had come down across the driveway. We’d have to clear that before we could leave. The wind started to pick up slightly and it began to rain so Justin nervously suggested we should get back into the safety of the cabin. I tried to keep Justin occupied the rest of the day teaching him some more about my camera and basic photography to keep his mind off the storm. I had my own concerns about the end of the month coming up fast and a decision needing to be made about Justin’s future. By nightfall the storm was pretty much over. We took our flashlights and took one more look around outside to access any damage. I noticed the water in the river was lower and flowing much slower than I would have expected considering the amount of rainfall we had in the last 24 hours. We’d go up river tomorrow and check to see what happened. Likely a tree down across the upper river. “See Justin, I told you we’d get through this okay,” I reminded him “You were right. Now that the storm is over can we please get rid of these damn clothes? I feel so restricted,” he laughed as he started pulling off his clothes. I wasn’t moving as fast as he wanted so he began tearing my clothes off once he was completely naked. “That’s better,” he pronounced. “Now let’s make up for lost time,” as he grabbed my hand and led me to the bed. “I never felt so scared in my life. But also felt safe being here with you. Thank you for helping me get through this.” He hugged me as our cocks responded to our bodies touching. We made out for a while then we sucked each other to completion, each one of us shooting a bigger load than usual. We hadn’t been in the river to wash since the storm began. Being locked up in the cabin made both of us smell pretty rank. The taste of Justin’s cum in my mouth and my cum in his mouth when he kissed me apres sex mixed with the ripe smell of his body was an aphrodisiac that got me hard again almost instantly. “Looks like the old man is already up for more,” Justin noted as he felt my boner sticking into his side. “I just spent too much time worrying about the hurricane and not thinking you the last 24 hours,” I told him. “Well stop thinking and start doing . . . doing me!” as he rolled over and presented his ass to me. I kissed his neck and put my hand in his ass crack, searching for his hole. I found it and played with it with my finger, trying to get inside him but he was too dry. “I’ll be right back,” as he bounded from bed to get the cooking oil. He came back with his ass all lubed up and some in his hand to spread on my waiting cock. Then he positioned himself in front of me again, spooning up to me tightly. I reached between us to guide my cock to his hole and applied some pressure, Justin opened up and readily accepted me as we coupled once again. I had already cum so I knew it would take a while. But I was in no hurry and neither was Justin. We slow fucked for 20 minutes, Justin moaning pushing back against me as his pleasure increased. His tightening of his sphincter muscle heightened my response and got me close to unloading a second time. I pulled him tight to me and pushed as deep as I could as I felt my cum surging from my balls. Exhausted, I lay still as Justin purred in my arms. “If this is what happens after a hurricane, when is the next one forecast?” he snickered. “We don’t need a hurricane for an excuse. We don’t need anything for an excuse, we can just fuck anytime the urge hits.” “Remember you said that, old man,” as he turned to kiss me again then drifted off to sleep. Early the next morning we heard the noise of a loud truck outside. We both jumped out of bed and grabbed our clothes to get dressed. A knock on the door as we zipped up our pants, not having time to clean up at all. “Hi Will,” said a man from the fire department. “The sheriff sent me up here to make sure you two were okay and got through the storm without any problems” “Thanks, we’re fine. A few trees down but nothing major. How are things in town?” izmit sınırsız escort bayan I asked him “A disaster! Trees are down everywhere, taking out wires all over town. Not that they’d do any good. Four huge trees came down and took out the main transmission lines feeding the electricity into town. Half the roads are blocked. We don’t have enough manpower to get things cleaned up anytime soon that’s for sure. Ah, . . . er, . . . the sheriff asked me if you and the boy didn’t have any big problems up here if you’d consider coming into town and helping to at least get the roads open. We can sure use any help you can give us right now,” he asked hesitantly. “Sure, we’d be glad to help. We just need to get a quick breakfast and wash up and we’ll drive into town shortly.” “Your truck is blocked in and the road up here is in rough shape. There is a major washout between here and town. That’s why they sent me in the fire department’s brush monster. I’ll give you a ride as soon as you’re ready,” he explained. The brush monster was a one ton four-wheel drive truck that a local mechanic was converting into a monster truck but never finished. He had raised it up and repowered it but that’s as far as he got before he lost interest. He donated it to the fire department for a forest fire fighting truck, able to get deep into the woods without getting stuck. As we approached town, the driver wasn’t exaggerating. The town looked like a bomb had gone off. Trees were snapped off by the wind, some where toppled over, roots and all where the soil had gotten softened by the rain, the roots giving up their tenacious hold on the earth and crashing on their side. This was going to take forever with the available manpower and equipment at the town’s disposal. We pulled up in front of the sheriff’s office where he was standing giving out assignments to the many volunteers assembled there. “Hi Will, Justin, glad you could come. We definitely need all he help we can get. I’ll give you and Justin an assignment in a minute.” “No problem. Can I use your phone first? I’d like to make a call,” I asked him. Justin and I went into the sheriff’s office to make a call. I dialed a number I knew by heart. “Hello, may I please speak with Hank Clayton, Will Baxter calling. Yes, I’ll hold.” “Calling a friend to let him know you’re ok?” Justin inquired. “A friend, an old friend, but more than just letting him know I’m ok,” I replied while on hold. Hank Clayton was a good friend of the family. He worked his way up in the logging business and eventually bought a large piece of my Grandfather’s holdings. He has worked hard and has become very successful. “Hello Will, how the hell are you?” came a familiar friendly voice over the phone. “I’m doing good. How are things with you?” “Never better. Hey, you’re not up camping on the Old 800 up in Pittston are you? I understand the hurricane went right through that area.” “Sure am. I had a few trees come down, but nothing big. Stayed safe in the cabin until it all blew over.” I assured him. “Damn, I should have know that cabin would still be standing. Your Grandfather built it to outlast all of us. So what can I do for you? I assume this isn’t just a social call?” Hank wondered. “I like to ask a favor if I can. The town got slammed with the storm, trees down all over town and the transmission line into town got taken out by some large trees. Any possibility you could spare a crew to come up here and help remove the trees? I know it would be an easy job for professional loggers. We just don’t have the manpower or the equipment, especially to get to the transmission lines.” I asked, hoping he could help. “Hold on a minute. Two of my old timers heard your name and wanted me to say hello,” covering the phone he yelled out, “Hey Frank, Harry, Will Baxter is on the phone and is looking for a few good loggers. You guys know of any,” he laughed. I heard him explain the situation and then he came back on the phone. “I’ve got two guys here just champing at the bit to come help. They’re going to round up a few more, grab some gear and be there by daybreak tomorrow. Any thing else I can do?” he offered. “God no, that’s awesome. I don’t know how we’ll ever thank you,” I gushed. “No need for thanks, always glad to help the Baxter family. Your family has helped me plenty. If I was to try and balance the scales, I still owe you big time. Keep in touch and don’t be a stranger,” as he hung up. “You mean to tell me one phone call and you have a logging crew coming here tomorrow morning, just like that?” Justin asked incredulously. “No, not ‘just like that’. Years of friendship and helping others when you can. Karma will always come back to you, just be sure it’s good karma that you deserve and not a shit storm that you’ve caused.” “Life lesson 5, 482?” Justin smirked. “Life lesson 1!” We went outside and I told the sheriff that help was on the way. “Have your volunteers concentrate of clearing the small stuff to open whatever roads they can. Leave the big stuff for the professionals to deal with. When they get here in the morning they will coordinate with Central Maine Power Co to see if they want the local lines cleared first or the transmission lines.” “Damn it Will, how did you pull that off?” the sheriff asked. ” I just told Hank his boys would get a free pass on speeding tickets next time they passed through town,” laughing and slapping the sheriff’s back. “I know it took more than that but I’m not going to look a gift horse in the mouth.” “I think it had something to do with a lady named ‘Karmen’,” Justin chimed in. The sheriff looked at me and I looked at him and we both broke out laughing so hard we had tears rolling down our cheeks. “Thanks Justin, I haven’t had a good laugh since this whole ordeal began,” the sheriff said as he hugged Justin. Two of the families brought their camping trailers down to town hall and set up to serve food for the volunteers and anyone else who needed something to eat. We all worked all day, getting done as much as we could. The sheriff stopped us at 6:00 and told everyone to go home and meet again in the morning. The town hall was open as a shelter if anyone needed to stay there. “Do you suppose your firefighter could give us a ride back to the cabin? We need to take care of some things up there,” I asked the sheriff. “Why don’t you take the brush monster if you’re coming back in the morning. We won’t need it tonight,” he offered. “That would be great. Save him the extra trip. Come on, Justin, let’s get going,” as I took the keys. We barely outside of town when Justin spoke up, “All right, it’s been another whole day with clothes on. Can we take these things off now?” “Damn, boy, you’re really becoming a true naturalist,” I acknowledged his request without really saying yes. “Don’t know about being a naturalist, or whatever, just want to be buck naked as much as I can,” as he began tearing his clothes off. “Okay, stop the truck. It’s your turn,” as he gave me a salacious look. I just grinned and obliged. I returned to the road, as naked as he was, with him lying across the seat and his head on my thigh. I hit a pothole and Justin yelled at me. “Keep your eyes on the road, old man.” “Tough to keep my eyes on the road and your hot body at the same time,” I grunted. “Then I better hold onto this handle to make sure I don’t get thrown on the floor,” as he took a hold of my cock, bringing it to full hardness in seconds. “Now it’s even harder to pay attention to the road.” “I know it’s hard, but it’s hard down here too. You do your best up there and I’ll do my best down here,” as he began to gently and slowly stroke my cock. The road was in bad shape so I was traveling slowly anyway. I could honestly handle driving and the distraction in my lap. He moved his head to get his mouth over to my cock but I pushed his head back. “Not until we get to the cabin and get washed up and comfortable.” “Fine. But then it’s no holes barred once you’re ready,” he told me. That was an old saying meaning anything goes, but no ‘holes barred’ had a totally different meaning in this context. Justin was quietly playing with me when he stopped and looked up at me. “Was that story you told me last night about you and your grandfather sharing the lean to with a wolf during the storm actually happen?” “Do you think I’d make up something like that?” I replied innocently. “Honestly, I think you would. Sometimes I don’t know if you’re bullshitting me or telling me the truth about things. But that story did sound a little fishy.” “There is always an element of truth in what I say. I never outright lie about anything. I do sometimes, however, embellish a little to make a better story,” I snickered. “Besides, didn’t your mother ever tell you a bedtime story when you couldn’t get to sleep at night?” “You’re not my mother.” “No, and I’m not your father. Just a good friend who wanted you to relax and go to sleep. Mission accomplished, your welcome.” He put his head back down on my thigh and quietly mumbled, “A good friend and a good lover.” We got to the cabin and everything looked just as we had left it. A mess of debris but no real damage. We got our towels and some soap and headed to the river. The water level was even lower than this morning. Something up stream was really blocking the river. This had to be corrected as soon as possible. “Washing up and play time will have to wait, Justin, we have to get dressed and get some equipment and go up river,” I told him. “Damn! I know your right, just disappointing. I hope it doesn’t take too long to clear the river.” We got dressed, grabbed the chain saw and some rope and started to follow up the riverbank. We had gone about a quarter mile when we saw a large tree down into the river. Debris from up river had clogged up against it making a pretty good dam, one the beavers would be proud to own. “Damn, that tree is huge! How are we evinde görüşen escort going to get that out of the river?” Justin asked. “By working smart, not hard,” I replied. “We’re going to use the river to help, just like my grandfather did. I’ll go out on the trunk, tie the rope around the upper section about mid stream. You tie the other end of the rope off on that big tree just down stream of us. Then I’ll cut the trunk and let the top section float loose. When it does, pull as much slack out of the rope as you can. The current will bring the cut piece right up to the bank. Got it?” “Yeah, I think so. You really think this will work?” “I have done this many times with my grandfather. He was cutting and I was handling the rope.” “Okay, but be careful. The water is going to really rush down stream when we clear the tree.” “I know. But it’s how we have to do it. Take your end of the rope.” I shimmed out on the downed tree to about mid stream. I tied the rope tight and told Justin to tie his end off as tight as he could. Then I started the chain saw and began to cut. I had just finished cutting through when the upper section broke free and floated down the river, followed by a huge surge of water. The lower section that I was still standing on jerked to the side when the top broke free and threw me off balance. I shut the chain saw off so I didn’t accidentally cut myself and tried to brace myself. The trunk was wet and slippery, my feet loosing their grip. Off I went into the river and into the turbulent flow of water. “Will, grab the rope!” Justin yelled to me. Too late, I was already past the rope and floundering trying to keep my head above water. The strong current was dragging me down stream as the floating debris was hitting me in the head and the body. I was fighting for my life. Suddenly I felt a strong hand grab my arm and pull me towards the riverbank. Justin had dove into the river and swam out to get me before I drowned. We got to the bank and Justin helped me climb out of the river. “You should be more careful old man, next time I might not be here to pull your ass out of the water,” he said in a stern voice, then broke out laughing. “Guess this makes us even, huh?” “What the hell were you thinking? You could have drowned! We both could have drowned!” I yelled at him as I tried to catch my breath. “Not likely. Some cool old dude taught me how to swim not too long ago. Did a pretty good job, wouldn’t you say?” I just looked up at him and smiled. This was the goofy young kid I pulled out of the river less than a month ago and now this young man saved my life. “Besides, I’m not ready to get rid of you yet. You’ve got a lot more to teach me about being a man,” Justin said quietly. “And you’ve got a lot more to teach me about being gay. That was our deal, wasn’t it?” I took his hand and squeezed it tightly. “The river is flowing pretty good now so let’s get back to the cabin and get out of these wet clothes,” Justin suggested. “Wet or not, you just want to get out of your clothes,” I laughed at him. “Truer words were never spoken.” We hiked back to the cabin and took off our wet clothes, had something to eat and went to bed. We had weathered the storm nicely and almost died trying to clean up. Hell of a day. As we cuddled and kissed, I pulled back from him. “Justin, we have to talk,” I started. “Sounds serious.” “It is. The end of the month is coming up and you and I have to make a decision. I will be leaving to go back to the city to my apartment and my photography business.” Justin let out a big sigh and started to shake and tear up. He was anticipating our good bye. “This month has been a very different experience than my usual month of solitude,” I continued. “I’m so sorry I screwed that up for you. You know I didn’t mean it. You should have sent me packing right after you fished me out of the river,” he stammered. “You didn’t screw up anything. On the contrary, this has been the best time here since I used to come with my grandfather. I had forgotten how special it is to share this place with someone you care about. I’m grateful you and I found one another.” “You care about me?” “Of course I do. Very much. Which is why we have to decide what happens now.” “Can I meet you here again next year?” Justin asked nervously. “You could. Or you can come back to the city with me if you’d like.” “Your serious! You let me come with you to the city?” Justin yelled “I don’t know if you’d like the city after living here all your life,” I warned him. “I don’t give a shit where I go as long as I’m with you. Hell yes I’ll go live in the city with you. You’ve taught me to be a man, now you can teach me how to be a City Slicker!” Justin laughed. He grabbed me and hugged me and jumped on top of me and was groping me and giggling and kissing me and just plain going nuts. I’ve never seen him so happy. “Okay, okay, calm down. We need to get some sleep,” I slowed him down. “Who the hell can sleep now. I’m so excited I don’t even want to have sex, well not right now. Give me a half hour,” he joked. “In the morning, good night.” We cuddled and spooned and Justin kept breaking out in giggling fits. I felt so happy he was coming home with me, almost as happy as he was. I had another weird dream that night. I was gasping for air, being pulled under water by the current of the river. I was sure I was going to drown. I felt something sharp on my shirt collar and I was being pulled straight up out of the water. That damned hawk of Justin’s had flown down and plucked me from the river. It dropped me on the riverbank and landed beside me. He looked at me and smiled, as if a hawk can smile. Then he spoke. “He’s a keeper. Teach him much, love him more and enjoy a good life together.” At that the hawk flew away. He wasn’t telling me anything I had already intended on doing. Or maybe he was just confirming my decision. Wait? The hawk is telling me what to do? What the hell is this with the hawk showing up in my dreams? Maybe I should tear up the picture of him and give him back his soul. Now I’m getting as weird as my dreams. The next morning Justin wanted to stay in bed and screw around. “I’d love to but we have to get back to town and meet the logging crew. Responsibilities before recreation,” I reminded him. “Why do you always have to be so conscientious.” “It’s who I am and it’s who you’re going to be if I have anything to say about it.” We grabbed some food to eat on the way and headed back to town. We got there just as the logging crew were introducing themselves to the sheriff. They saw us pull up and came over us. “If it isn’t little Willy, all grown up,” the first one commented as he held out his hand. “You’re the spitting image of your grandfather. A hell of a man, old Willard was for sure.” I introduced them to Justin. “Stick with him, son, and you’ll be a better man for it,” the logger told Justin. “I plan to for as long as he’ll have me.” The loggers coordinated with the Power Company and went off to start clearing the trees off the main transmission line. Next were the streets around town and finally any public areas that were severely impacted. There were only there for two days and they had all the major clearing accomplished. Before they left they spent a couple of hours telling stories of working with my grandfather and myself from years ago. Justin took in every word, occasionally looking over at me and smiling. We got a ride back to the cabin, tired and dirty. The forest monster hooked a chain onto the tree blocking my truck and pulled it out of the way. As we were eating, Justin kept looking at me and smiling. “What’s with the shit eating grin,” I finally asked. “Those stories about you and your grandfather. All the time I thought most of your stories were bullshit, but you really are who you say you are.” “A little embellished but mostly true,” I humbly replied. “There is only one thing those guys got wrong about you.” “And what is that?” “They called you ‘Little Willy’. There ain’t nothing little about your willy,” Justin laughed. “And I should know!” “Yes you should. And you’re going to find out again after we wash up,” I warned him. We climbed into bed, our belly’s full, our bodies washed and exhausted from a couple of long days. We cuddled, kissed and prepared ourselves for some hot and heavy lovemaking. Unfortunately our tired bodies won out and we fell asleep before either one of us could make a move. When I awoke the next morning I knew it was late. The sun was streaming in, making the cabin as light as if it was high noon. Actually only 9:00 but that was much later than I had intended. We had a lot of work to do in these last two days at the cabin before we headed back to the city. “Come on sleepy head, we’ve got work to do,” I hollered to Justin as I laid out breakfast. “Oh man, I thought we’d get in some hot sex this morning. We deserve it after all the work we did in town,” Justin complained. “And now we have more to do here before we close up for the season and head to the city.” At that, Justin bounded out of bed and ran over to hug me. “That’s right, I get to go with you when you leave. This is going to be so fucking awesome!” he shouted as he grabbed some food and gobbled it down. “The first thing I want to do is go get the canoe.” “We can do that. Then we have to go up river and clear the rest of the dead tree.” “You just want revenge with your chain saw for it almost killing you,” Justin smirked. “Nope, just don’t want an ice dam to build up against it this winter. Then we have to make sure everything is stowed away outside. Anything we leave lying around might not be here next summer.” Justin grabbed the camera to take pictures of any storm damage. His first picture of storm damage unfortunately was his canoe. A tree limb had fell on the front end of it and smashed the side. Justin grudgingly took pictures of the canoe. We left it there, partway kocaeli sınırsız escort bayan in the water and pinned under the limb. Back up river we worked the rest of the day cutting the downed tree and floating it down stream until we got it to the cabin. I pulled my truck around and tied a rope onto the pieces, pulling them up on the bank. “That’s far enough out of the river. They’ll be dried out next summer and we can cut the pieces up for firewood. Same with the tree in back that blocked my truck,” I told Justin. Another long day of working hard. Two tired guys are supper quietly and went to bed, again with some foreplay that never got to the main event. We were up earlier the next morning, our last day to get the cabin ready to close up for the winter. Justin got up and came to get his breakfast. As he ate with one hand he was groping me with his other hand. “Hey old man, ready for some morning sex?” he asked all giddy. “If we finish our work then we’ll play,” I answered him as I cleaned up and put away the cooking gear. Lunch would be sandwiches and I planned to go into town for supper and say my good byes to everyone. Normally I just quietly drove out of town when I left but this year I felt more attached to the people in town, especially the sheriff. Not sure if it was the aftermath of the storm or taking a part of town with me, namely Justin. All day long Justin never missed an opportunity to get playful, groping me, reaching to grab my cock when I took a piss, sneaking up behind me and giving me a kiss on the neck. He was so jacked up with the thought of leaving that he literally couldn’t control himself. “Are you going to be like this all day,” I asked him getting mildly annoyed. “This is a big day in my life. I want to enjoy it. I’ve only had three big days in my life. The day I was born, the day you pulled me out of the river and now my last day here before my life starts fresh with you in the city.” I looked at him and smiled. “Are you trying to tell me you didn’t enjoy your time here at the cabin? You can’t wait to leave?” I asked him “This month was something I’ll never forget. But like you said, for it to remain special it has to be limited. Now its time to move on until next year.” His face suddenly turning serious, “I will be coming back here with you next year, won’t I?” “I told you I’m not letting go of you. It’s you and me forever, where ever we are, unless of course you decide otherwise.” “Then it’s definitely you and me forever, where ever,” the ear to ear smile returning to his face. Justin had been taking pictures all day as we worked but neither one of us had a chance to look at them. Everything was done by late afternoon so we stripped down and took one last swim to clean up before we headed into town for supper. “Maybe me getting dragged out of this river was like a Christening, a rebirth of sorts?” Justin asked as we treaded water. “I think you mean a Baptism,” I corrected him. “Yeah, that’s the one. I’ve been baptized into the world of Will,” he laughed. “I’ve never been considered a religion before but what ever works for you,” I laughed along with him. We got out and dried off, got dressed and headed to town for supper. I stopped at the sheriff’s office and invited him to have supper with us at the local diner, the only place to get a meal. They had a generator running for power and were serving a limited menu. When the check came, they told us it was on the house because of the help we brought in to get the trees removed. I left a tip that was for the same amount as the bill plus the usual tip. “So, we’ll see you again next year, I presume?” the sheriff asked me. “Of course. Just have a little bit better weather if you could,” at which we all laughed. “You’re taking Justin back with you to the big city?” the sheriff inquired. “Can’t leave him here. Thought about throwing him back in the river but decided I miss his company. If anyone is looking for him, you know where he’ll be,” I told the sheriff. He’ll be in good hands, I know that much.” Then turning to Justin, “You’re a lucky boy hooking up with Will. I hope it works out for both of you.” “Thanks sheriff. It’s worked pretty good so far so I’m not about to fuck it up now,” Justin told him. Then looked at me and winked while whispering, “no, I’m going to fuck it up later.” I choked and collected myself to say good bye to everyone in the diner. We got in the truck and headed back to the cabin. “What would really work for me is to get back to the cabin so we can make love one last time before we leave.” I couldn’t argue with his way of thinking. I just smiled at him and pushed down on the gas pedal. We got to the cabin and went right over to the bed. We lie beside each other and kissed and cuddled for a while. “So who is on top and who is on the bottom?” I asked with a grin. “How about trying something different and we can flip fuck, You take the top first then I’ll take the top. Sound good?” Justin suggested “Right now, anything sounds good.” Justin got out of bed to get the old reliable cooking oil but this time he brought the whole bottle instead of just a hand full. He smeared his hole and then my cock, using plenty. He lay on his back and threw his feet up in the air, grabbing his knees to pull his legs up as far as he could. I moved up close to him and aimed my stiff cock at his hole. “Just put it in, I’m so horny I don’t want to waste any time with fingers, fuck me now,” Justin begged me. I smiled at him and applied some pressure as he pushed out on his ass muscle. My cock slipped in with very little resistance, or at least it seemed that way. Justin only winced once as I was pushing all the way in him. I stopped but he begged me to continue. “Go all the way, as deep as you can. I want this to be the best fuck we’ve had here.” I bottomed out and pushed a little harder to get maximum pressure inside him. “Oh fuck yeah, that’s what I’m talking about! Now fuck me hard and fast. I don’t want to cum while you’re inside me, I want to save it for you.” I pulled back almost all the way out and then slammed back into him, thrusting with everything I had. “Oh Will, do it again and again and again until you cum.” He didn’t have to tell me twice. I continued to pound his ass, thrusting deep and hard. My balls were slapping against him to the point they were hurting but I didn’t want to slow down. I wanted to fuck him just the way he asked me to. I wasn’t used to this kind of rough sex but evidently my body liked it more than my mind did. It was only a few minutes and I was surprised when my cock unloaded, sending my cum deep inside Justin. I made one last shove and just collapsed on top of him. As soon as I caught my breath, I kissed him passionately as he pulled me tight to him. My softening cock slipped out of his ass but no cum came with it. I had pushed so deep it was up there until he wanted to push it out. Our plan to flip fuck didn’t work out like we thought it would. We were both so spent that we decided to wait until morning for him to fuck me. We fell asleep entwined in each other, something that would be more common as the weeks and months went by. In the morning I woke up and grabbed the bottle of cooking oil by the bed. I applied some to me and then to Justin’s morning boner as he slept. His eyes were still closed as he smiled and quietly asked, “Is this going to be a wet dream?” “No, even better. This is going to be a good morning fuck. Whenever you’re ready,” as I rolled over on my stomach next to him. He kissed my cheek and then rolled on top of me, his cock falling in place in my ass crack. “Is this the position you want?” he asked me “Yes, I want maximum body contact. I want the full weight of you on me while we fuck.” He grabbed his cock and wiggled it up and down until he found my hole. I raised my hips slightly to meet him as he moved his hips forward to penetrate me. He didn’t go in as easily as I entered him last night, but he made it as painless for me as he could. I felt his body making more contact with mine as he went deeper, finally having his full weight on my back. “Oh yes, that’s exactly what I want. Just stay still for a while so I can feel you on me and in me as much as possible.” I flexed my sphincter muscle to give him a silent signal to do his thing. He didn’t fuck me hard and fast but rather was slowly moving in and out, pulling on my shoulders to give him extra leverage. “Oh hell, oh man, you’re hitting that sweet spot. Damn, this feels so good!” I moaned as he picked up his speed. “Yes, that’s it, now fuck my ass as only you can,” I yelled at him as I bit my lip. He hit that spot one too many times, making me cum while he was in me. My sphincter tightened around his cock and pushed him over the edge, dumping cum in me as I was pumping mine out. He started to roll of me but I asked him to stay on top until the euphoria pasted. We finally separated and smiled at each other, kissing and running our hands over each other’s faces. “Time to wash up again and head home,” as I got out of bed. We washed and ate a quick breakfast. While we were eating, Justin took out the camera to look at the pictures he had taken yesterday. Again, he caught images that spoke from the soul. The picture of the canoe, nose down in the water with the tree across its gunwales told me it was tired. It had performed it task in life, delivering Justin to me, to a new life for both of us. Now it could silently rest in piece in a watery grave until it rotted away, bit by bit, not to be disturbed again. The picture of the downed tree up the river, cut into small pieces, expressed it’s regret at failing in it’s mission to dam up the river, causing havoc down stream. The tree was mighty compared to the water and the man, but neither would be beaten. It was the tree who lost the battle of wills. Damn, this boy was talented. Or maybe it was just me reading too much into his pictures. When we got back to the city, I was going to show these pictures to some colleagues and see what they thought. With everything finished and the truck loaded, Justin and I took one last walk to he river and stood side by side, my arm over his shoulder. “Been a hell of a month, young man,” I commented. “Yes sir. And going to be a hell of a life together,” he said slowly to me.

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