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Subject: Green Eyed Boy 17 Green Eyed Boy Part 17 Copyright to this story remains strictly that of the author. No other publication or use of this story is allowed without the consent of the author. This story contains male on male sexual content both implied and explicit. If this offends you, please do not continue. All characters and implied situations are strictly those of the author and are not based on any real-life events or characters. If you are under 18 years of age, please exit this story now. I welcome all responses to my stories. Please make sure that you list the name of the story and part in the email line. I hope you enjoy my vivid imagination. Please let me know what you think at ail and don’t forget to donate to Nifty as they do an amazing job. ~~Patrick~~ I had a lot to process these days it seemed. One thing after another after another. Neil and Pete had headed back to their room by now and Logan just watched me as I stripped down and slid into our bed. It felt good to know that, our bed, our room and at his dad’s house, with everyone else around, it was still ours even though I knew it was really all his. He stripped and had his back to me to toss his clothes over a chair, giving me the chance to reach out and smack his pale rear which I obligingly did. “Pat!” “What? It was the ghost.” “Suuuure it was Patrick.” He grinned at me and I held the blanket up, the bed was narrow for both of us, but we could manage, at least for now in the fall. Come summer it would be too hot to sleep skin to skin I feared. Logan was watching me quietly, his smile fading. “Patrick? I want to tell you something, but I know you already have so much on your plate. Pete told me today…It might upset you.” His tone had dropped to a murmur and I just smiled a little, my head going to his chest to listen to the worried cadence of his heart. “Did you know Neil’s a horrible liar? I mean… huge goose egg 0 on the lying test Logan… He told me while we were out, if you mean about the video… I’m not upset… people are jerks, but there are good people too and our friends are some of those. He told me they are working on getting them taken down best they can and that’s good enough for me.” My voice betrayed me, cracking slightly and Logan wrapped his arms around me. Maybe one day I would get to protect him for a change, but I would not argue this. I just enjoyed the warmth and strength in his arms and the comfortable silence. Like most of us though he was gaining the freshman fifteen and losing a bit of the muscle from sitting around studying all the time. We would have to change that somehow. Morning would come, and we were up, showered, and cleanly dressed. First stop was the local sheriffs which took longer than I expected to fill out paperwork and get the restraining order rolling. We then headed to the bank to see about Nan’s trust fund. Logan’s name was on everything since his brother had passed away and the teller wanted to give us a hard time. Finally, the bank manager appeared and beckoned us to a side room. “Gentlemen, this account has been inactive for thirteen years. It had been locked.” “Now look here, this is a trust fund account, it’s supposed to accrue interest and never go inactive. That is an accounting error on your part and we will be contacting Mr. Divan’s lawyer if it is not corrected and with the correct missing interest.” I snapped, and Logan looked at me with a touch of surprise before looking at the numbers in his hand and giving the Manager, Mr. Reese, a hard look. “Better yet, once it’s reopened I’ll be closing it, withdrawing -all- the funds, plus my own personal account, Isabel Divan and Victor divans accounts both which I am executor of their estates, and my father will be closing his account if this is not resolved in a timely fashion. I think the lawyers will be quite interested to hear you somehow managed to lose multiple accounts of substantial size much less your bosses because I will go all the way to the top.” “I think Abigail Conch of Conch bike-works may also be taking their business elsewhere. I know my sister has an account here, a very large one and she’s already disappointed in the treatment she has received here in the past.” Maybe we were bullying the manager a little, but he did not realize I could see the reflection of his monitor in the window behind him that was shuttered on the outside. He had not even actually typed anything in yet. His face grew ashen as dollar signs clearly were flying away before him and the mention of contacting his bosses and their bosses had him tugging nervously at his tie. “Well, let’s not be too hasty. Maybe I just mistyped a number. May I see that slip?” “Sure, and that is a copy by the way, the originals are in a safe.” Reese looked at us a moment and gave a rather fake hurt look. “You say that as if you don’t trust me” “Look behind you at the mirror… I mean window… Mr. Reese and Tell me why I should not be on the cell right now with your bosses?” Logan was seriously getting angry and I cleared my throat a little and tried to give him a `calm down look’, whether it worked or not I am not sure, but I did not want this guy to suddenly decide to throw us both out. We were running late by the time we left the second bank. The whole mess had us in a bad mood by the time we got to town hall. Mom, Abs batıkent escort and Garrick were standing in the parking lot waiting for us and Abs was tapping her foot impatiently. “Sorry sis. We had an issue at the bank. It’s solved now.” I hoped she believed me and was not too mad. Abs just hugged me suddenly. “It’s fine Patrick, I was just worried when we had not heard from you. Let’s get this done and we’ll take everyone out to lunch.” “Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d like to take you all out for lunch, my treat.” Logan spoke up for the first time since we had left the banks and I just gave him a little look. Abs and mom had puzzled expressions, Garrick just waved us to the courthouse. “Let’s get hitched then we can argue over who’s paying for lunch.” I was nervous going into the courthouse, seeing people either getting married or handling other issues. For some in here it was the best day of their lives, for others it was among the worst. Our group was behind a couple who was arguing and cursing each other out yet demanded a license from the woman at the window who seemed unperturbed by it all. She looked as if she had given up caring years ago and just processed everything and sent them on their way. Abs and Garrick stepped up, citing a `quick on the spot wedding’ and the woman looked at their licenses and in the most monotone of voices spoke the lines. “Do you Abigail Aberg Conch take Garrick Carne to be your husband?” “I do.” “Do you Garrick Carne take Abigail Aberg Conch to be your wife” “Bet your ass I do.” “A simple I do will suffice sir.” “Yes ma’am, I do.” Garrick blushed and the couple who had come in behind us applauded. I swear I saw a flicker of a smile on the clerk’s face as she processed the papers and printed, laminated them before handing them over. Logan just watched, and I bumped his shoulder with mine and whispered. “What’s on your mind Logan?” “Just wondering if we can have even that someday… I mean… I know it’s legal and all, if you can find a place that won’t chase you out for asking…” “Hey, it’s a start, right? Maybe by the time we decide to make it official we can come in here proudly and have a monotone two-minute wedding of our own?” Mom shot us a look and I assumed we were being too loud or something. Once everything was said and done Garrick filed for a name change and we headed for the cars. Logan suddenly quipping. “At least your monograms the same Garrick, Congratulations you two, since I’m treating let’s hit Hammond’s Steakhouse. I’ve never gotten to eat there.” I looked a bit confused that time I guess as Abs went wide eyed. “Hell! You sure Logan? Their most basic plates twenty-five. They are high end. Not fast food.” “Wouldn’t have suggested it otherwise. If you want, we can all ride together in the truck and come back and pick up your cars later? I got some things I want to talk about with you four anyhow.” Logan was being generous again and I hoped like hell he was not about to blow every dime he had. We all loaded up in the truck, the three of them just fit in the back since mom was so slim. We had made it halfway to the restaurant when Abs finally asked. “So, did you hit the lottery?” “Sort of? My brother was a marine, he passed on a few years back, I was on his bank account in case anything happened to him but never looked at it after something had. He had all his paychecks sent there of course. And my Nan, Isabel was one wily woman. She made a trust fund for me and victor, if something happened to one of us the other was to get it all… It’s not a ton. More than I’ve ever had though. Here. Congratulations, this is your wedding present. Just don’t cash it a few days yet, I want to make sure the banks have everything settled between them.” Logan reached into his jacket pocket with one hand while he drove and pulled out a folded check, passing it back to Abs. I could hear her unfolding it and she gasped. “I, we can’t take this Logan, no fucking way.” “Take it. You fixed my bike for half what you should have charged. Your being happy makes my Paddy happy. And Miss Aberg, you are getting an equal amount, if you want to we’ll take your car shopping or furniture or whatever you want to do with it.” I just stared at Logan a moment and had worried knots in my chest as I managed to squeak out a question. “How much?” “Two thou. We can’t accept this Logan…it’s too much.” “Nope, it’s yours. If I hear another word of it, I’ll pout, and you really don’t want to see me pout.” Logan grinned. He was enjoying it too much and I just looked in the rearview mirror at mom who was staring slack jawed a moment. That was my Logan. He’d give away every cent he had to make others happy even when he needed that money himself. I just leaned over and kissed his cheek in front of my family. Something I never thought I would do. “Try not to spend it all Loggey, you still have years of college to pay for. Maybe you should talk to Gabe, put some aside in stocks and such too. need to be careful though, flashing it around may have every scam artist in the state coming for you.” “We Pat, we still have years of college to pay for.” He gave me an odd look as if a bit annoyed. I had not meant to nag but I was worried about it. We pulled into Hammonds parking lot and the valet turned beşevler escort his nose up at the truck a bit as Logan handed him the key. I had never eaten somewhere that even used a valet. “I hope this place doesn’t need reservations” I worried of that, but Logan smiled. “I may have called and gotten one while you were in the restroom at the bank earlier.” It was my turn to stare at him, but he just grinned and held the door for mother and the others. Heading inside he told the woman his surname and within moments we were seated. I opened the menu and quickly realized something. Oh god the menu had no prices. This was one of -those- places. Mom just looked from her menu to me in surprise. “What bank did you boys rob?” “None mom. We told you. Logan discovered a trust fund he did not know his nan left him and his brother is all. Don’t worry about it.” I smiled and though the words fell empty from my lips, I was the one worried about it. Soon enough the waiter appeared and gave us a once over. “The card you will be using sir? It’s policy we hold them until the meal is done. It will be safe in the office safe. I am Mitchel and will be your waiter today.” Logan frowned at that though and opened his wallet. Setting two one hundred-dollar bills on the table. “I’m not using a card, that’s a tip for a good waiter, I know we are not dressed in our finest however today is these twos wedding day and I’m treating them. Now drop the bullshit and get me a different waiter or we’ll take our business to another finer establishment.” I was surprised Logan called the guy on his bluff. Mitchel went wide eyed then red faced and stormed off to the back where three other waiters were peering out. One laughed. “That’s what you get.” He grabbed a pad from his apron and bounded rather exuberantly to our table. “Paul at your service sir, And Congratulations on the wedding Ma’am, Sir. And you must be her sister. I love your dress miss.” Paul turned on the charm and mom blushed and smoothed the old dress she had picked out at a thrift store only a week ago. “Thank you, But I’m the mother.” “Oh! Well I must say you do not look a day over twenty-five. What can I do for you sir, and may I ask you to put in a review card for us, about all of it when you are through. And you may wish to tuck that away sir, I would hate for it to be blown off the table.” Paul motioned to the hundreds and Logan just smiled and put the money away, leaning over to me. “One last big splurge?” I had a feeling I knew what he was referring to and looked at Paul, his shirt was faded, and apron had more stains than Mitchel’s had. The soles of his shoes were thin, and his bare arms had burns from hot trays but no tracks or signs of spending all his money on other activities. I knew that was a bit judgmental of me really. “Yes Love.” I whispered back, and Logan beamed. We put our orders in, Logan asking for Paul’s opinion and one of the review cards, I asked for a separate one as well. Ab’s got her two cents in on that too. Logan stopped Paul however after he dropped off our mouthwatering plates. “Hey Paul, is it really policy for cards to be held upfront?” “No, we cannot legally keep your credit card, and only managers have access to the safe… but some undiscerning waiters will pocket them until the end of a meal if they think someone may dine and dash… just saying” Paul’s words had another couple at another table not far away looking up, more than a little pissed. They flagged him over and he gave them the same giddy happy treatment and was all too pleased to go get the manager for them. I just looked at Logan and dug into my steak and shrimp before the fireworks flew. It was pretty good if a bit heavy on the pepper. Abs ate like she had not eaten in days and Garrick picked at his meal a little. “Something wrong Garrick?” Logan had tuned in as well evidently. Garrick shrugging. “I think I could do a better steak. It’s decent mind. I just don’t like a lot of trouble over a bit of food.” His pointed look towards the kitchen was not unnoticed and Logan glowered faintly but Abs stepped up on that one. “I don’t like being called a thief either husband.” “True enough…sorry Logan. Abigail.” Garrick fell quiet and the manager appeared at the other table, exchanging muted words before he came flitting over to ours. Logan relating Mitchel’s behavior to him but citing the food as quite good, asking as well if the waiters pooled tips or not. “No, they give 10% of their tips to the house but keep the rest themselves. I am so sorry he pulled that on you. Mitchel’s new, he must have misunderstood something is all. Let me get you dessert, On the house. And a bottle of wine for the happy couple. Congratulations.” He darted off after we told him baked Alaska for dessert and of course Ab did not turn down wine. The meal left us feeling heavy and sleepy. Logan fished out a one hundred for the tip but asked to shake Paul’s hand, tucking another two big bills into his palm with a wink before we slogged out into the sharply brisk cold wind. The valet getting our truck and Logan gave him forty, which I thought was a bit much considering the upturned nose he had. I said nothing of it and soon enough we were heading back to the courthouse parking lot. I hugged mom goodbye and büyükesat ankara Abs, shook Garrick’s hand as did Logan. Soon enough it was just us. We needed to go to campus and get my bike up onto the truck. “You sure it’s okay I leave her at your place Loggey?” “Yes Pat, for the fifth time. Your bike can keep the chief company till spring. Too dangerous to ride the mountains in the fall.” He grumbled a bit under his breath, but I could understand. The fall leaves were changing from green to orange, red, goldens, ribbons of sunset lingering in the crowns of the trees as far as the eye could see. And everyone and their brothers were coming to see it all at once. Traffic was a nightmare and a half. “Sure we want to leave the dorm?” He grumbled again, and I smiled. “Well… we could stay but your dad might get worried. Anyhow, I want to see Lucy and Max and Ruby, and the horses. I hope they are better than they were now. I’m sorry if I nagged you about the money Logan… I understand, not having any then suddenly having money. I felt that way when I got my Pell grant.” “It’s fine lover. I know that you are just trying to protect me. I do appreciate it.” Traffic was finally beginning to move, and we were on a several miles stretch of open road now. A car came flying up onto the trucks tailgate, horn blowing and flashing his headlights. I looked in the mirror a moment as did Logan. “Know him?” “I… Logan… That’s dad…” My throat closed, and heart thudded in fear, he must have seen me in the passenger seat. He must have followed us. Did he know where mom was? Would he hurt her? Hurt Patrick? “Drive, please. Get away. We have to get away.” ~~Logan~~ The words whimpered from Patrick and he curled up more tightly in my passenger seat. Anger flooded through me and I wanted to slam on the brakes. It would mess up dad’s truck but the f-150 was stronger than the little Honda the guy behind us was weaving back and forth. He was going crazy and suddenly my truck lurched as he bumped me. He tried again, pulling into the oncoming lane beside us and tapping his front bumper to the left back wheel of my truck sharply. I nearly lost control. “Patrick! Snap out of it. Call 911 Now!” I yelled more than I meant to, and Patrick yelped, fumbling his phone, and dialing. He rambled incoherently, and I caught sight of a highway marker and screamed the number as Daniel slammed his car into my truck again. I recognized the maneuver suddenly. A PITT maneuver used by cops. I sped up, going past the speed limit on the mountain road and trying to get away enough Daniel could not catch up. We were nearing the college though and I veered towards the exit. His car suddenly was right there, and he slammed into us again. Patrick screamed as the truck went up on two wheels. “Tuck your hands in your armpits, Do it Pat. If we roll. Just do it.” I remembered dad telling me to do that once. I managed to get control and the truck had righted itself hard. There were other cars around now as we were in the college area and one guy pulled up behind Daniel. Just following us. I hoped like hell he had a dashcam as Daniel slammed harder into the truck. I could hear sirens coming in the distance. Daniel had evidently lost his mind as he hit us again. This time the truck hit the guardrail before I could get control again. Splintering wood and sheering metal screeched as the engine roared and the trucks hind wheels caught on the guardrail. Our front end hanging over a good forty-foot drop above a drainage ditch full of ice-cold water before the local walking trails and college parking lot. I threw the truck in reverse and prayed to whoever was listening. Hearing Daniels car squeal as he made a u turn and backed up sharply. His engine gunned and I heard two loud pops ring out. Who was shooting off fireworks at a time like this?! There came a sudden crunch of metal and engine roaring alongside us as the Honda missed the guardrail and us, landing and rolling in the ditch below. I stared, and Patrick just looked slowly at me. Someone yelled. “Y’all alright?!” “No sir!” I was afraid if we moved the truck would go over next. A trucker ran up in my rearview mirror, hooking a huge chain to my trucks hitch and ever so slowly we were being winched back. Finally, level I could see blue lights flashing from three police and two highway patrol squads. The 9-1-1 operators voice still coming through on the phone on the floor between Patrick’s feet. The trucker tried to open my door, but it refused to budge. Patrick’s however popped loose once the guardrail was no longer holding it shut. Clattering to the ground far too loudly. Patrick did not so much as move. One of the officers came over. “Don’t move. Ambulance is on the way. You boys bleeding anywhere? Hurt? Anyone been drinking today? Can you tell us what happened?” “Officer!” “Sir stay back please.” Another guy had approached; I had seen him in class before. Though his name escaped me. He held something small up. “I have a dashcam, I was a quarter mile behind them when the guy just suddenly started going crazy.” The cops voice started sounding odd. Like he was talking in a tin can and the edges of my vision were getting fuzzy. I was rather cold, my head started pounding and I managed to reach up and touch the side of my head, hot, sticky and damp. I must have struck it on the door or window. I had not even realized the airbags had deployed until I looked down at the one in front of me and for some reason turned off the engine and Looked at Pat who was staring at me. “Oh god…Logan? Your bleeding.” “It’s okay. It’s just a scratch. Headwounds bleed like crazy. I don’t think we’re going to Dads tonight though.”

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