Double Penetration

Subject: Nate’s Journey – chapter eight This story is intended for adults who like the idea of gay sex. If this isn’t you then you shouldn’t be here reading it. If it’s illegal for you to access this, or you think it’s offensive, then you shouldn’t be here either. It is fictional, for the most part, and any similarities are just coincidences. I’d love any feedback you have or ideas for things I can include. There’s a twitter for people that want to message me there (www.twitter/storiesbyalex) and you can email me at [email protected] Please do if you feel like you want to – it would mean a lot. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Getting home was an interesting experience to say the least. After we’d snuggled together for a little bit, Sir let me get dressed to go home. He told me that I could keep the jock and all the bondage stuff we’d used as long as I wore the plug that he’d pushed into my bum to keep his cum inside me all the way home and only took it out when I was back in my bed. It seemed like a great deal to me! I wanted to keep that thing inside me anyway and, for the price of sending him a video of me taking it out, I got to keep all of the stuff he’d bought for me from the sex shop – I hadn’t had to use any of my birthday money either so I still had all of that to spend at some point. However, I hadn’t realised that wearing the plug all the way home would make me feel so unusual. The guy’s place was in an awkward place for me. Although it wasn’t actually that far from mine, I had to get a bus into town and then back out in order to get home. I could have walked, and that is what I tried to do to begin with, but I kept feeling the plug shift inside me, especially because I was still wearing the jock so it wasn’t even like I had a pair of tighter underwear on to help it stay in place. He’d insisted on keeping the boxers I’d been wearing – a fair trade he called it. For me, what it meant was that traveling by foot back to my place was definitely not an option so I had no choice but to wait for the bus. Whilst I stood there at the stop, waiting for my way home to arrive, I pulled out my phone only to find that James had sent me several messages and had tried calling me a bunch of times. Shit, I probably should have let him know that I wasn’t going to be around at the end of the day, especially since I’d promised to go back to his with him. Still, he’d understanding so I just sent him a message explaining that I’d had to go because something came up and that I was sorry that I’d not let him know. We normally use Whatsapp to chat to each other and I saw the tick double up and then turn blue so I knew he had received and read the message. However, the ‘online’ tag underneath his name than vanished: he’d read it and not responded. That was very unlike him so I sent another message: “Serious mate, I’m sorry. I just didn’t think. I’ll make it up to you, yeah?” Again, the ticks turned blue but there was no reply coming, it didn’t even say that he was typing anything, just that he’d read it and then closed Whatsapp. “Come on, James, don’t be like that,” I sent. I honestly hadn’t expected him to be this sore about it. That message didn’t even turn blue and it wasn’t until after the bus had arrived that my phone pinged with a reply. I couldn’t read it there and then because I had to sort out getting on the bus; it was pretty packed so I just had to take the first available space and ended up sat next to this older woman. Sitting down on the seat forced the plug to push up into me a little bit and I really had to stifle a moan: I’m not sure what she would have thought about this random teenager crying out in pleasure when sitting next to her. I tried to distract myself by reading James’ reply in which he basically told me that he’d had enough of me fucking him around and that I always did this and he was sick of it. If I wasn’t going to take being his friend seriously then I should just fuck off, etc. To say that I was shocked as an understatement. James was one of my best friends that I’d known for the vast majority of my life. I had no idea that he felt like this and, to be truthful, I couldn’t really see the cause. Sure, I’d blown him off today and not let him know but I couldn’t recall another time that that had happened really: I’d not really had much of a reason to given that I’d only started having sex with guys in the last week. I really couldn’t understand where he was coming from and I sent a message back that pretty much stated that. As with the others, he read it and then closed the Whatsapp. Fine – if he wasn’t going to bother than I wouldn’t. He clearly needed some time to cool off and I’d have to try and sort it out in person tomorrow. All of that shit with him did serve to distract me while on the first bus ride into town but the second to my home was a totally different matter. The bus home was a double decker (for those who don’t know, that means that there were two levels to the bus) and the top was pretty empty so I figured I’d head up there and to the back where there was no-one. That way, if I felt the plug shift, I didn’t have to worry about anyone noticing that there was something up with me. It was a good plan but didn’t work out exactly as I’d imagined. You see, I didn’t factor in the vibrations of the bus, nor the fact that being at the back, above where the engine sits, would make the intensity of those vibrations increase. From the moment I sat down, all I could feel was the plug moving inside of me and starting to vibrate just as the bus was doing. I was glad that there was no-one within a few rows of me because I actually did moan as I felt it pulse against that spot inside of me. My cock started to thicken and grow, pushing against the confines of the jock as the plug stimulated the inside of my well-fucked, cummy hole. I didn’t know what to do. Here I was on the back of a bus, having my hole worked over my this plug that was now vibrating inside of me and my cock straining so hard against the material ankara escort bayan of the jock that I thought it might just burst through by itself and demand to be touched there and then. I tried focusing on something else – really, I did – but it was no use. With every pulse and throb, my dick was demanding all of my attention and, in the end, I had no choice. Without an active instruction to do so, my hand just seemed to fall naturally onto the now growing bulge in the front of my joggers and started to rub, up and down, along the shaft of my dick. I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning out when I first started to touch myself. It wasn’t enough though. My big teen cock demanded more than just being touched through the outside of my joggers and I found myself sliding my hand inside and over the pouch of my jock. Finding the head, I started to rotate my fingers in small circles over the top of it. I really had to control myself and keep myself quiet – it’s not something I’d really had to do much of before given that I had no own room, I can normally be a little loud when wanking and it doesn’t matter because no-one can really hear me. I have no idea how those lads who share a room with a sibling, or who live in houses with paper-thin walls, manage it at all but learning to be quiet when wanking was a skill I definitely had not mastered. My body relaxed back into the seat and this just made the vibrations even more intense as the base of the plug came into contact with the seat, separated only by the thin layer of my joggers. My head fell back and my eyes started to flutter shut as my fingers circled around the sensitive head of my cock. I couldn’t take it any more. I didn’t care. I needed to do this. That is when my phone beeped but not it’s usual standard message tone. Nope, this beep, sounding quite loudly on the bus for all of those onboard to hear, was the sound of the app that I’d downloaded when I first got my phone. Yeah, you remember – that app. Already feeling my cheeks turning red, I pulled out my phone and opened up the message. I hadn’t really had anything sent to me today but, when your profile is completely blank, that isn’t unusual I guess. This message didn’t come from a new person though: this one came from someone who was starting to become very familiar to me: the chav. “Get to mine. Now.” Well, he’s certainly direct and to the point. He doesn’t message me for days – not even when I sent him a message when I started to get really horny yesterday – and now he just demands that I go to his. It’s not possible: I’ve just been fucked. I mean, I’m still full of spunk because of this butt plug and my poor little teen hole is so sore – I don’t know if I’d cope with another pounding. A pounding… from his big chav cock… a pounding of my tight twink hole by his huge, thick, meaty dick… yeah. You know as well as I did that I was going to go to his; the lure of his cock was just too much for common sense to combat. I did have a problem though: I was still quite far away on the bus. I message him and explained the situation – well, that I was on a bus and that it would still be at least half an hour until I was home and then the time it would take me to get to his, etc. I didn’t tell him about the butt plug or the fact that I was freshly fucked. I was just about to put my phone away when he replied. It turned out that he didn’t really want to wait that long: “Get off the bus now and wait by the McDonalds, I’ll just come and pick you up in my car.” My legs already started to move and stand me up before I had even had the time to process exactly what he was telling me to do. There was no debate, no discussion: I was getting off this bus right now and walking over to the McDonalds to wait for him. Still, walking with the plug inside me definitely felt more comfortable than sitting above the engine of a bus with it vibrating through me. When I got to the McDonalds, I did debate going into the toilets and removing the plug so that I could just stash it in my bag and the chav would never see it. I don’t know why I was so bothered by what he would think when he did – was it that I just didn’t want him knowing that he wasn’t the only guy I was letting fuck me? It didn’t really matter anyway because as soon as I arrived at the entrance, a car pulled up right next to me. The window slide down and I was simply told to get in. On instinct, I just opened the door closest to me and was about to get in the back when he told me that I needed to sit in the front. Once I was in, the car sped away. He glanced over at me as he turned out of the drive-through: “You look good lad.” I blushed, looking down, as he moved his hand from the gear stick and ran it over my knee. “Yeah, real fucking good.” “Thanks…” I said shyly. “You’ve been well popular on the site you know,” he was talking about the videos that he had taken of me both times we’ve been together, “I’ve had loads of requests to see more of you.” “Really?” I was genuinely intrigued – I didn’t realise that so many people would be interested in watching me. I get that porn is hot but I didn’t exactly look like one of those stunning models you see online. “Aw man, they’ve been going fucking mental for you, saying some right dirty shit about you.” I giggled: I’d seen a lot of the comments being posted about me and you know how much they’d turned me on and now it turned out that he’d been getting messages directly saying more of that sort of stuff. He started filling me in on exactly how filthy some of the guys who subscribe to him are. Because I’d been so enthralled listening to the sexy fucker tell me all the nasty and kinky comments that had been said about me, I pretty much ignored where we were driving and, it was only when I looked up that I realised that we’d gone completely the wrong way. “Hey, this isn’t how we get to yours,” a note of concern in my voice. “Yeah, I know,” he stated plainly as if I was supposed to understand what was going on, “We ain’t going to mine.” I was starting to get etimesgut escort worried, “Then where are we going?” “Hey, don’t worry, it’s all fine. We’re just going to have a bit of outdoor fun today. I’ve got the perfect place. We’re nearly there.” I’m not going to lie: my heart was pounding but I’m not entirely sure whether it was through the level of anxiety I was feeling about the unexpected change in plan or how hot I thought it would be to have fun outdoors rather than just back at his. My cock knew though and it was straining against the material at the front of that pouch of the jock even more than it had been at hearing him talk filthy to me only moments before. It was only a few minutes later that we were pulling into a car park. It was completely deserted so I guess I have to give him props for finding somewhere that no-one else would just stumble across us. Almost as soon as he stopped the engine, he pulled out a camera from the driver-side door, turned it to face him, with the little screen turned back towards himself, and started talking to it. “Alright guys, I’ve got back the little slut for some more fun,” he started, “Say hi, slut.” I guess that was my cue and I looked up towards the lens of the camera and simply said, “Hey.” “Don’t worry guys; he’s just shy.” Well, this was the first time I knew I was being filmed before we’d even started to do anything. “But we know something he’s not shy about, don’t we eh? We know how hungry this little bitch is for a cock in his fucking throat.” He’d never done this with me before: talked directly to the camera and, I have to say, I found it kind of hot. It was like we were going to do stuff together for them, like it was all about these unknown people getting off on what we were doing. I don’t know why but that just turned me on even more. I decided to take the initiative and I reached over to the front of his grey joggers, which were tented as fuck with his cock pushing against them, and I started to massage his cock through the material. “Yeah, that’s it, boy,” he said, half moaning it at me, “You want this big cock, don’t you?” I really did and I told him so quite eagerly. “Go on then,” he said, “pull down me joggers and get your mouth on it, you little slut.” Now, you know I’m not one to ignore an instruction, especially one given to me by a guy with a massive cock that I could already feeling throbbing in my hand. Of course, I pulled down the joggers and let his cock spring up against his body. However, it was only in the open air for a very short amount of time because, within seconds, I had moved myself over towards him and taken the head straight into my mouth. I absolutely love the feel of this chav’s big mushroom head stretching out my lips as I take it inside of me. His cock feels so fucking smooth and hot when it’s in my mouth and I just love tasting him and knowing that, hopefully soon, I’ll be tasting his spunk too. I knew he’d turned the camera to focus on me and what I was doing to his dick and I decided to really play up for it a bit: coming off his dick and licking up along the thick shaft, pushing down his joggers so that I could get to his balls with my tongue, looking up at the camera as I let his cock push against the inside of my mouth and bulge out my cheek. All the while the chav was encouraging me but he knew how my throat can feel and he wasn’t about to wait for me to get all the way down there on my own. He put his hand on the back of my head and started to push me down, forcing the mushroom head of his dick all the way to the back of my throat. I gagged, of course, and this just made him more determined to push me all the way down and make my throat open up to take him. Trying my best to relax my throat, I just gave myself over to him and let him force me all the way down until I could feel the length of his shaft bulging out my neck. Feeling him inside of me like this was just so unbelievably hot. Deliberately, I tried to work my throat around his dick, trying to squeeze him. “Oh fuck yes! Work my cock, you filthy little bitch. You fucking love this dick!” Obviously what I was doing was working for him so he just left me held there with his cock embedded deep within my throat and let me work the muscles around it as much as I could. That is, until… “I need to fuck your face.” That was all the warning I got before he slid his fingers through my hair and took a strong grip of me and began to pull and push my head up and down his massive cock. Each time, he’d bring me all the way to the tip and then force me all the way down to his balls – my throat being invaded time and time again and, with each time, his cock becoming more and more coated in my saliva and throat slime. After a few moments of this, he released me and I pulled all the way off, coughing as I tried to steady my breathing again. He turned the camera to me, telling me what a good cocksucker I was, and I could see in the preview screen that my face was coated with my own saliva and my lips were puffy and red. He was right: I looked like a total slut. Suddenly, he switched off the camera, pulled up his joggers and flung open the door of the car. “Come on,” was the only instruction I got as he walked away from the vehicle and into the wooded area around the little car park. Wanting more of his big chav cock, I opened my door and followed him as he started to move through the trees. “Where are we going?” I called out to him but he either didn’t hear me or choose to ignore my question, however, after only a minute or two of walking, he stopped and allowed me to catch him up. I hadn’t been able to move as quickly as him as, when I tried to walk with more speed over the uneven ground, the plug started to shift so much inside of me that I had no choice but to slow down. As I reached him, he was setting up the camera in one of the trees so that it was facing towards a slightly clearer part of the forest. As soon as I was in touching distance, he grabbed hold of me and pulled me towards him kızılay escort for a sloppy and passionate kiss, his tongue sliding into my mouth and starting to twist around my own. Kissing this dirty fucker was only going to last so long and, within about 20 seconds, I was back on his cock, kneeling in the dirt of the forest floor as he, once again, continued to fuck my mouth. He’d begun to thrust quite quickly, his heavy, hairy balls slapping against my chin as he really stretched out my throat. My cock was straining so hard within my jock and joggers that I thought it might snap off so I stuck my hand down the front of the pouch and started to stroke my own dick as I was being throat-fucked by his. He pulled out of my throat and stepped back from me, instructing me to stand up and turn around. I did what he said, bracing myself against a nearby fallen tree but started to speak when he put his hands on the waistband of my joggers: “Just wait, there’s something I…” “What the fuck!” he interrupted as he yanked down my joggers and discovered the plug that had been pushed into my hole. He grabbed hold of it and twisted it slightly. “You kinky little fucker,” he had a note of admiration in his voice but that turned completely to surprise as he pulled the plug out. I moaned out as it was pulled through my hole and I felt just a little of the spunk, that had been fucked into me earlier, start to slip out. “Fucking hell guys are you seeing this?” he said to the camera,” this little fucker has already taken dick today! Look at the cum leaking out of him!” He dropped to his knees behind me and immediately pushed his face into my bum; his tongue heading straight for my sensitive and sore hole. I cried out in pleasure as he pushed the wet thing against my still open hole and began to search for the cum inside. He continued trying to get deeper and deeper into me, moaning into my hole. His lips formed a seal around it and I could feel him sucking against it until, all of a sudden, he pulled away. His mouth had closed immediately as he took hold of my hair and pulled my head back towards him. The next thing I knew, he’d spat directly into my face – transferring the cum he’d sucked out of my hole to decorate my face instead. “You’re even dirtier than I though you were, slut,” he said to me as he placed his cockhead against my twink hole and started to push himself into me. “Oh fuck… oh shit! You’re so big!” I cried out as he forced inch after inch into me, my hole burning as it was fucked for the third time that day. It was so sensitive and he felt so much thicker than he’d ever felt before. “Stop whining and fucking take it!” he growled at me while pushing more inside, “You know you fucking love it!” In no time at all, he’d bottomed out inside of me that every single inch of him was surrounded my the smooth, warm and tight feeling of my twink arse. Putting his hands on my hips, he started to fuck me properly – pulling his cock out a few inches and then slamming it back in. Immediately, he was moving at speed and with a powerful force behind him. He was also loving the fact that he was making me moan and groan as he did it. “Moan for me, boy, show everyone how you love this big chav cock fucking your hole!” I couldn’t resist: “Yes! Pound my hole, please! Fuck me!” Each time he was fucking his cock into me, the increased sensitivity was firing pleasure from my hole around my entire body. “Harder… fuck me harder,” I begged of him. “You fucking asked for it!” He started to really ram his dick into me and, I’m not ashamed to say that I was thrusting back at him, hungry for more of him inside me and for the fact that he was hitting that pleasure button inside of me all the fucking time. One of his hands ran up along my back and took hold of my hair. He pulled my head up which, of course, led to me needing to arch my back even more for him, opening up more of my hole in the process and I felt him manage to get an extra half-inch of so inside of me. “Who was he then?” he demanded of me as he pounded the hell out of my little hole, “Who fucked you?” “I…. I… oh fuck,” his huge, thick chav cock was really knocking the wind out of me now and I could barely think straight let alone string a proper sentence together, “don’t… I don’t re… remember his… his name!” “Oh you nasty, fucking whore!” he shouted at me as he increased his speed further still, “You cock-hungry, little faggot slut letting anyone just fuck the shit out of you and cum inside you!” “Yes… Yes…” I couldn’t deny it. “Tell me what you are!” he commanded me. “I’m… I’m…” “Tell me!” “I’m a fucking slut for big cocks like yours!” I screamed out as he drove his dick harder and harder into me. As I said it, I felt my hole tighten around him and knew that my cock was pulsing in my jock – I was shooting my load. I’d called myself a slut and, right at that moment, I shot a massive load into the pouch surrounding my cock. “Fuck, that’s it – you’re so fucking tight – squeeze my dick… here it is… this is what you need isn’t it… fuck… yes… take it… take my fucking load!” With that, he cried out, roaring almost in a way that echoed around the forest, and he forced all of his spunk from his balls deep into my teen hole, filling me so much with every jet of it that left his body. For a moment, he just held himself there before slowly withdrawing his dick. My hole felt so open to the air as he pulled out of me but I need not have worried about that for long – that’s right, the dirty fucker shoved the plug straight back into me, wanting me to keep his load in me now instead. I felt him move away from me but needed to just hold myself against the fallen tree for another moment or two. He’d headed straight for the camera and I heard him say, directly to the lens, “Fuck that was so hot guys – flooded him with my spunk. And remember, if you see him out and about, let him know that you know what a dirty little cumwhore he really is, yeah?” With that, he turned the camera off and we both headed back to the car. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I hope you liked this chapter of the story. Remember, my twitter is www.twitter/storiesbyalex and email ail if you want to contact me with any feedback or ideas (or just for a chat!) Thanks!

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