Mom’s a Stripper?Mom’s a Stripper?

Group Sex

This is a story of complete fiction. Any and all characters portrayed are at least 18 years of age.


There are certain things you just don’t expect to ever see, and this was definitely one of those things. Work had been a real bitch, but at least I had a good Christmas bonus that was threatening to burn a hole in my wallet. I had decided to stop in at Mick’s for a few overpriced beers and yes, to get a look at some titties. The place was a hole, but in such a thriving metropolis as Beaumont, my choices were here or nothing.

I slid back in my seat, hoping the poor lighting and the crowd would keep me from view as the woman on stage started dancing. It was obvious she was nervous as she fumbled with the Velcro straps holding the tear away top in place. Her long black hair reflected the lights, shining luxuriously. I tried to remember how many times I had stood in the hallway watching her run a brush through that hair.

“Get on with it, show us them titties.” I guy in the front row shouted.

I resisted the urge to go over and shove his beer bottle down his throat. The woman forced herself to smile as she finally managed to free the straps and toss the red top onto the floor before parading in front of the men, shaking her tits. I was surprised, to say the least. First by the sheer size of them, and also by the relative firmness.

Now they weren’t huge, in fact they would barely qualify as large, and were definitely smaller than the previous dancer. And by relative firmness, I mean they didn’t sag down onto her belly, but they did sag enough that you knew they were real. Of course, at forty-three she was no spring chicken, but damn, she was a hot forty-three. A couple guys held out dollars and she walked up, giving each a good show before grabbing the money and tossing it behind her. The guy with the big mouth held a bill in his teeth and she managed to pull it free with her tits, much to the applause of the crowd, and her obvious disgust. Again, that urge rose up, but I sipped at my beer and tried to slide further back into my booth.

The music changed and the woman turned around, shaking her ass seductively as she peeled off her shorts, letting them drop to the floor before bending over to shake her ass. It was an admirable attempt at twerking, in fact, had the situation been different, I might have been drawn into becoming one of those sitting at the edge of the stage waving money at her. Instead, I just waved at the waitress, holding up my empty bottle.

She made her rounds again, collecting more money before doing a quick routine on the pole. It was obvious she wasn’t too familiar with it, but I had seen worse. She ended her pole routine facing the back of the stage as the music changed again. I thought that might be the end, but she made another round, this time crawling from patron to patron; her heavy tits swinging like pendulums. As she neared the jerk, he stood up, waving a hand full of cash.

“I got a pole you can ride, baby.” He shouted, thrusting his crotch toward her.

I edged to the corner of my booth, my hand gripping the table just as the waitress arrived with my beer. She stood between me and the stage, her bare belly button begging for my attention as she sorted through the cash on the table.

“Some of these guys are real jerks.” She said as she lifted a ten from the table and started making change.

“Keep it.” I said, leaning over to look past her just in time to see the bouncer grabbing the jerk by the arm and pulling him from his seat.

“And jerks don’t stay around long.” The waitress added, bending down to give me a good view down her blouse.

“You seem interested. I can send her over when she’s done if you want.” The waitress said, when she noticed I was watching the stage instead of her tits.

“Uhm, no thanks.” I replied, managing to tear my eyes away from the woman on stage and give the waitress a good once over.

“You sure? It’s her first night, so I’m betting she’ll be available.” She said, leaning in a little closer and nuzzling my ear. “Add another fifty and I could join you two.” She whispered, making sure her tongue danced across my earlobe.

“Uhm, maybe another time.” I said, wishing some other dancer, any other dancer had been on stage right then.

“Okay, but I can’t guarantee she’ll be available next time. Once they get a taste for the money they can make off the floor, well, you know what happens, don’t ya?” she said, giving me one last look down her blouse before standing and walking away, her attention now directed at another booth.

The woman on stage was winding down her performance, making one last round giving each guy at the stage a short lap dance and tossing their money on stage. The waitress was standing at another booth a short distance away, bending down just as she had for me. I sat for a moment, admiring her firm ass, seemingly painted into the tight jeans she was wearing. I saw her glance back toward the stage and nod before leaning in to offer the guy another view of her tits. It was obvious she was offering him the same deal as she Karagümrük Escort had offered me, and it appeared he was taking her up on it.

The woman on stage stood staring at her, biting her lip for a moment before gathering up her clothes and the pile of money she had made and hurrying off stage.

“Fuck, what do I do now?” I thought, as the woman disappeared into the changing area behind the bar.

The waitress was walking toward me, and not knowing what else to do, I waved her down.

“I changed my mind.” I said, pulling out my wallet.

“Your too late sweetie.” She said, bending down and giving me another good view. “Maybe the next dancer.”

“I want that one. Look, I’ll pay double, plus an extra twenty for your tits.” I said, opening my wallet and showing her the stack of bills.

She looked at me, then at my wallet, then over her shoulder at the other booth.

“He won’t be happy.” She said, reaching into my wallet and pulling out a fifty. “But this should shut him up.”

She turned and walked back to the other booth. As she leaned down and spoke to whoever was there, the music started and another dancer came on stage. I slid back into my booth as the waitress spoke to whoever was in the other booth. A few minutes later the waitress came back, all smiles as she leaned into the booth and nuzzled my neck.

“He’s not very happy, but like I said, the money shut him up. I’ll go get Vivian.”

Again the tongue, this time it circled around my ear, a hint at what I might get to enjoy in a few minutes. She grabbed my hand and placed it against her tit for a moment, pressing into me like there was some sort of connection between us other than the pile of cash she had seen in my wallet. I pulled out my wallet and handed her two fifties. She smiled and reached out, grabbing three more.

“Remember, you said twenty for my tits, and you were going to double it.” She purred, pressing her tits into my face again.

As she walked away, I admired her ass again. Had circumstances been different, that ass might well have been worth what this was going to cost me. Still, it wasn’t like I had much of a choice. This was my mother we were talking about.

As the waitress disappeared behind the bar, I glanced over at the bouncer, trying to get a good idea about him. He was big, that was for sure. Well over six foot, but he was more fat than muscle. Of course that wouldn’t stop him from breaking me in half if it came to it. I just hoped it wouldn’t. I slid further back into the booth, trying to plan everything out just in case things went bad. I slid my hat forward on my head, hiding my face as best I could. Moments later the waitress appeared, and beside her was Vivian looking more terrified, than anything else.

“Vivian, this is, uhm we’ll call him Grant ’cause he has lots of Grants on him.” The waitress laughed, as she pushed Vivian into the booth, before sliding in on the other side.

“Hi, sweetie.” Vivian said as she slid up next to me, her hand reaching out timidly to touch mine.

As I lifted my head her eyes went wide and she jerked her hand back.

“Oh my God! I, oh God!” she muttered, as she started to get up.

“Vivian! Sit down!” the waitress said, grabbing her by the arm and pulling her back into the booth.

“I’m sorry Grant. She’s just a little nervous. Maybe we should take this to the private room?”

“Katie, I…” Vivian started, but a glare from the waitress stopped her abruptly.

“It’s just an extra hundred, and you get both of us for the next half hour.” Katie said, gripping Vivian’s arm as she leaned in and pressed her tits into my arm.

I looked over at Vivian as I pulled out my wallet. I handed Katie two fifty dollar bills as Vivian looked on in horror.

“You said double, remember.” Katie said, reaching into my wallet and pulling out another two as she smiled at me. “Of course, I think for that we could make it forty-five minutes.”

“Fuck, there goes my Christmas bonus.” I thought as Vivian stared at me in horror.

“Okay sweetie. This is going to be the best forty five minutes of your life.” Katie said, grabbing Vivian’s arm in one hand and mine in the other.

Katie moved us quickly past the bar, expertly dodging wandering hands as we walked past.

“Make it an hour.” Katie said as the bouncer held the door open for us.

He looked me up and down and smiled, it was not a pleasant smile. As we walked past, he gave Katie a quick pat on the ass, and even gave Vivian a good once over with his eyes before closing the door. If the bar was dimly lit, this area was dungeon-like; a single yellow light at the end barely gave enough light to see the row of doors.

Katie opened a door and guided Vivian and I inside. As she stepped in behind us she pushed the door closed and turned the lock.

“Okay, I know this is going to sound stupid, but you’re not a cop are you?” Katie said, as she turned the lights up just enough that I could see Vivian’s face, tears coursing down her cheeks.

I was tempted to tell Escort Karagümrük her that even if I was, I could always lie about it but somehow I thought that would be a very bad idea. Instead I just shook my head and sat down on the fake leather couch. Vivian was standing against the wall her face buried in her hands.

“Oh, come on Vivian.” Katie said, grabbing her by the arm and urging her toward me. “Ben here asked for you specifically, and he paid pretty good money. Let’s show him a good time.”

I was sorely tempted to see how far I could let this go, but looking at Vivian I just couldn’t.

“Uhm, Katie. Vivian seems a bit nervous. Maybe we should just…”

“Oh, she’ll be fine, won’t you Viv. She’s just nervous about this being her first time.” Katie said, as she unbuttoned her blouse and tossed it on the back of the couch. “I’m sure she’ll be fine once things get started.”

“Now, we better discuss the rules here.” Katie said, as she unzipped her pants and slowly wiggled out of them revealing a thin white G-string.

“There’s no touching. I mean, were allowed to touch but you have to keep your hands at your side.” She said, as she slipped onto my leg, her tits inches from my face.

“Now, if we decide to maybe slide our nipples across your lips when your mouth’s open, that’s fine, but no grabbing us.” She said, as she demonstrated, her tits rubbing across my face.

She paused and looked over at Vivian. Her hand reached out grabbing Vivian by the arm.

“Honey, Ben here asked specifically for you. Now we aren’t going to disappoint him, are we?” she said as she inched forward on my leg, her pussy now rubbing against my swollen cock.

“Oh, what do we have here? Vivian, I think Ben really likes us.” Katie said, her free hand dropping down to caress my cock. “And I think he would like us a lot better if you let that top drop and joined us.”

“Katie, I…I caaa..” Vivian said, staring at me pleadingly.

“Uhhhh hmmmph!” Katie sighed, her fingers brushing my cheek as she shoved her cunt against my cock.

“Excuse us for just a second baby.” She said, brushing her tits across my face.

She stood up, making sure her fingers traced the length of my cock before turning and grabbing Vivian by the arm. As they stepped out the door, Vivian looked back at me pleadingly.

“What the fuck do I do now?” I thought, as I tried to make out what was being said beyond the door. Things had gotten completely out of hand, and now, my cock was trying to tell me what to do, making matters even worse.

“What the hell, she got herself into this.” I thought, imagining watching Vivian as she slid naked up and down my leg, or better yet, slid up and down on my cock.

“Stop it!” I muttered, just as the door opened and Katie slipped back in.

“I’m sorry baby.” She purred, locking the door. “Vivian got sick. First night nerves, you know. To make it up to you, this is going to be one special show.” She said, her fingers hooking the bands of her thong and sliding it down her legs.

“Dammit!” I thought, staring at Katie’s neatly trimmed pussy, the lips glistening pink and puffy.

“I don’t think…” I said, sitting forward and starting to stand up.

She pushed me backwards, slipping onto my lap, her fingers grasping at my belt.

“I said I’m going to make this really special.” She purred, her fingers deftly prying my dick free.

“No, seriously. This isn’t what I…” I said, pushing her away.

“Hey now, remember, no touching.” She said, smiling as she knelt down and reached for my cock. “I told you, I’m going to make this really special for you.”

“Look, I don’t think I…” I said, brushing her hands away and struggling to slip my cock back into my pants.

“You’re kidding, right?” she said, standing up and glaring at me. “You mean to tell me you would rather have her than this. What kind of a freak are you?”

By now her voice was getting loud, and I knew it was a matter of seconds before the bouncer came in.

“Look, I just changed my mind.” I said, finally managing to slip my cock back into my pants and zip them up.

“Well, there’s sure as fuck no refunds.” She snarled, grabbing her panties and top.

I almost laughed at that. It was funny how the most loving stripper turned into a real bitch when she realized she wasn’t going to milk any more money out of you.

“Look, like I said, I just changed my mind. No hard feelings.” I said, standing up just as the door opened.

“There a problem in here?”

It was the bouncer. Katie looked up at me and then at the bouncer.

“No problem. He was just leaving.” She said, as she slipped her panties on.

I could tell the bouncer was more interested in watching her get dressed than me. Apparently he didn’t get to see this one naked much.

“He all square?” the bouncer said, puffing up his chest like he needed to look any more intimidating.

She looked at him then at me.

“Yeah, we’re square.” She said, slipping her shirt back on.

As the bouncer Escort Karagümrük turned and walked away, I stepped to the doorway.

“Look, I’m really sorry about this. Maybe next time I’m in we could…”

“I don’t think so.” She said, grabbing her pants and struggling into them.

I was sorely tempted to close the door, empty my wallet and just enjoy her, but I knew that bridge had already been crossed. Stepping out, I walked down the hallway and back into the bar. I took a moment to let my eyes adjust before looking around the room. I wasn’t surprised that Vivian was nowhere to be seen. I headed straight to the door and stepped into the night.

As I climbed into my truck, I relived the last half hour trying to sort out just what had happened, what I had discovered and what I was going to do about it. By the time I was pulling out of the parking lot I was only certain of one thing; it had been a fucking expensive night.

I had only gone a hundred yards or so down the road when my headlights illuminated a figure walking ahead of me, her long black hair reflecting the light from my truck. I slowed up and lowered the passenger window as I came alongside her.

“Get in.” I said, doing my best to keep my voice neutral.

“Leave me alone.” She cried, not bothering to look at me.

“I said get in.” I repeated myself, “Before some jerk from the bar decides a stripper walking in the dark is an easy mark.”

She turned to look at me, her face a mess, her mascara running in black streaks down her tear covered face.

“Just leave me alone.” She shouted as I stopped the truck and reached over to open the door.

“Just get in the truck, mom.” I growled, “Or should I say Vivian?”

“That’s not funny.” She said, but she grabbed the door handle and climbed into the truck.

“Why are you walking?” I said, as she closed the door and grabbed her seatbelt.

“Just take me home.” She said, turning to face the window.

We rode in silence the entire drive home. Mom staring out the window and me trying to figure out what to say. I was starting to wish I had never gone to Mick’s in the first place, but then I realized what might well have happened if I hadn’t. As we pulled into the driveway mom broke the silence.

“So, how much did you pay to humiliate me?” She said, turning to stare at me.

“Mom, I wasn’t trying to humiliate anyone. I just went there to relax and have a few beers.” I said, suddenly feeling like I was the bad guy.

“Guy’s don’t go there to have a few beers and relax. They go there to see naked women and try and fuck them.” She growled, her hands clenching into fists. “Is that what you thought? Did you think you could hand over a few dollars and get the chance to fuck your own mother?”

“Dammit mom! So I went there to see some naked women, alright. But then you walked up on stage and everything changed. I didn’t spend all that money to fuck you; I spent it to save you. For Christ sake, if you needed money, all you had to do was ask.” I said, my anger boiling over.

“I didn’t do it for the money.” She fired back, wiping a tear from her cheek.

“Then why, for Christ’s sake?” I replied, putting the truck in park and turning to face her.

Her coat was hanging open, the seatbelt riding down between her breasts, drawing my gaze. I stared for a moment, before tearing my eyes away and looking at her face.

“I did it for that, for the look in your eyes just now. Men were looking at me, really looking, and… and they liked what they saw.” She said, tears now running down her cheeks. “You have no idea, no idea what it’s like. It’s been years since your father looked at me like that, years. I needed… I needed to feel, to feel desired. God! Every one of those guys wanted me.”

“So, they wanted you. So those jerks liked what they saw. Then what, mom? What would you have done had one of them, had the guy in the other booth been the one to take you out back? You know what happens back there. It’s not just a touchy feely lap dance.” I said, pulling the keys out and grabbing my door handle.

“So what? At least it meant he wanted me enough to spend a few bucks.” She said, unhooking her seatbelt and throwing her door open.

“A few bucks?” I thought, throwing my door open and climbing out.

This was not going anything like how I thought it would. I had expected her to be embarrassed, maybe even ashamed. I had expected to hear that she really needed the money for something and I would be able to offer it up. I expected to be able to solve this, and it was quite clear it wasn’t something I could fix.

I watched her storm to the house, my eyes betraying me as they drifted down to her firm ass swaying back and forth under the coat. I had no doubt nearly every guy in the bar had been eyeing her up pretty well. The simple fact was, despite being forty-three she was hot. The fact was if she had not been my mom, I would have…

Slamming my truck door I stomped into the house. Mom was in the kitchen, opening a bottle of wine. Her coat was hanging on the back of a chair and she still had on the outfit she had come into the back room at the bar wearing. The top did little to conceal her full breasts, and the shorts actually drew your attention to the faint outline of her pussy concealed beneath. Grabbing the cork she twisted it free before turning her back to me and filling her glass.

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