My Son, My Lover Ch. 05My Son, My Lover Ch. 05


About an hour later I woke, when I opened my eyes the first thing I saw was my son, lying on his back, still asleep, at some point during our sleep he’d slipped out of me. I felt sad that I no longer had my sons cock in me, still, after the last time, I didn’t really have any doubt I’d have it there again. So I just lay there looking at Drew, I’d seen my son sleep hundreds of times before, it was hard to comprehend that the boy sleeping beside me, my own son, was sleeping next to me because he’d just fucked me. My son had buried his cock in his own mothers pussy, twice! And we’d both loved it. I thought back over what had happened, and realised I’d enjoyed having sex with my son more than any sex I’d had before, and I was determined to have his cock inside me as often as I could. Just thinking about it was beginning to turn me on, my gaze automatically dropped to my sons crotch, my passion soared as I looked at his cock, even flaccid it was a beautiful sight, draped over his stomach, exposing his balls, his whole package was exposed to me, and I loved it. And I wanted it, now!

Carefully I moved over between my sons legs, leaning down so I was only inches from my target, I slowly stuck my tongue out, and moved closer so the tip of my tongue was touching his balls. Once I made contact I slowly moved my head up his cock, my tongue stroking his entire length, as I did so I could taste my juices and his cum which still coated him, it was a delicious mixture. While I continued to lick him, his cock gradually responded, stiffening with the stimulation of my tongue. As it hardened and lengthened I became more and more excited, finally it finished growing. For a minute I pulled back and just looked at it. With my head only inches from it, it looked massive, I couldn’t believe I’d had it inside me just a short time before, in fact, I realised, if I’d seen it like this before I might have chickened out, but now, knowing I’d already taken it, twice, I just wanted it again. Looking past his cock I looked up my sons body to his sleeping face, why, I thought, did this beautiful cock have to belong to my son. If it had belonged to anyone else I’d have divorced my husband and married him, oh well, I guess I’d just have to take what I could, when I could, like right now. If I couldn’t have his cock in my pussy at least I could have his cum in my stomach, so I moved my mouth back to his cock.

This time when my tongue stroked to the top I took the head of his cock into my mouth, caressing it with my tongue as my hands gently caressed his balls. The head was so big it almost filled my mouth and I wasn’t able to get much of his shaft in before it became to uncomfortable, but I did the best I could. I slowly began to stroke one of my hands up and down his cock, I timed my upward strokes to coincide with my mouth descending on the amount I could handle. Soon I had a good rhythm going, and from the way Drew was beginning to stir, I was obviously having an effect on him, even in his sleep. Then I noticed that his balls were tightening up, he was getting ready to come. I redoubled my efforts, suddenly, Drews eyes opened, he stared down at me, whatever he’d expected when he woke up it wasn’t his mother between his legs with his cock in her mouth. “Mom,” he gasped, “stop, I’m going to come.” I was pleased that he warned me, but I didn’t care, I wanted him to come, so I just smiled (as best I could around his cock) and continued. Realising that I wanted him to come in my mouth he relaxed, and reached down holding my head in place. Finally I felt his cock begin to jerk as he started to come. As soon as I felt this I pulled back so that only the tip of his cock was in my mouth, I’d no sooner done so than the first spurt of cum shot into my mouth, by the time he finally finished my mouth was full of his semen. I pulled my mouth free from his cock and sat back, smiling at my son as I swirled his cum around in my mouth, enjoying the taste, Şamlar Escort finally looking deep into his eyes, I swallowed his entire load, it was delicious. I moved up his body, kissing as I went, finally kissing him on the mouth. “God, mom.” Was all he said as his arms closed around me.

We lay together for a few minutes, Drew holding me firmly against him, my breasts crushed against his chest my still erect nipples digging into him, giving him evidence of my arousal, while his still hard cock sandwiched between our stomachs gave me proof of his.

“Why did you do that, Mom?” Drew asked.

I shrugged, “I don’t really know, baby. When I woke up you looked so sexy lying there, at first I just wanted to look at your body, but your cock looked so good, I just couldn’t resist it. Since you were asleep I decided I’d go down on you. Hasn’t anyone done that before?”

“No, mom, I never got that far, you’re the first one to take my cock in her mouth.”

“I’m glad.”


“Yes, if any of your girlfriends had gotten to see your cock they would have wanted it in their cunts, then you would have been out screwing around, and you wouldn’t want your mothers cunt.”

“Yes I would mom, I’ve always thought you were sexy, haven’t you noticed most of my girlfriends have the same hair color and build as you. When I was with them I was imagining it was you. If I’d gone all the way with any of them I would have been thinking about you while we were fucking. I love you mom.”

“And I love you too, Drew.”

“No, mom. I don’t love you like a mother, well, yes I do, but what I meant was I love you, the woman. Like a person I’ve met and fallen in love with. I love you, I love doing this with you, I loved being in your cunt.” He said, reaching down and pushing his hand between our bodies until it rested on my pussy.

I realised then what he said was true for me too. I still loved him as my son, but I also loved him as a man. I also reached down between us and grasped his cock in my hand. “I love you Drew, I loved having your cock in my cunt. If I could I’d divorce your father and marry you, or at least run away with you and live together as husband and wife.”

“Me too, mom. In fact lets get married right now.”

“What do you mean, Drew?” I asked in surprise.

He didn’t respond directly, he just said, “I, Drew, take you Helen, to be my wife.”

Realising what he wanted, and feeling really touched by the idea, I replied just like he wanted. “I, Helen, take you Drew to be my husband.”

Smiling, Drew finished, “Then, by the power of our love, I declare us husband and wife.” I leaned forward and we kissed, it felt so right, I did feel that I’d just gotten married again, this time to the love of my life. The fact that he was my son, that I’d given birth to him was immaterial, I loved him, and that’s all that mattered.

“What are we going to do when your father and sister come back? We won’t be able to get together like this very often, Ronnie is always around the house. Your father will be sleeping here with me, and he’ll want to fuck me, every now and again. I don’t want him sticking his cock in my cunt, as far as I’m concerned I’m married to you and my body is yours, but I can’t keep turning him down, he’ll get suspicious and he might find out about us.”

“I know, mom. I don’t want to share you with him, I don’t want my wife sleeping with another man, but I understand you have to do it.”

“Thanks for being so understanding, Drew.” I said, kissing him. “It won’t mean anything to me when he fucks me. Hell, I only come without touching my clit when I’m with you. I won’t let myself orgasm when I’m with him, only you.”

“Don’t worry mom, you’ll get your orgasms, as often as we can manage it. I’m just sorry we can’t sleep together all the time, I loved the way you woke me up today, I could get used to being Şamlar Escort Bayan woken like that every morning.”

I laughed. “I’m glad you liked it as much as I did. Don’t worry, we still have the rest of the week, I guarantee, if I wake up before you, I’ll wake you up just the same way. I loved having you in my mouth, if I can’t have your cock in my cunt, my mouth is the next best thing. Besides I loved the taste. Even when we can’t sleep together, I can eat you in a lot of places where we couldn’t fuck, in much shorter time.”

“And I can eat your cunt too, mom.”

“You want to eat your mothers cunt do you Drew?” I asked a bit surprised that a teenager would want to go down on me, I thought he’d just want to stick his cock in me and fuck. Not that I’d mind just doing that.

“I’d love to, mom. You’ll just have to tell me how.”

Just the thought of my son eating me, eating the pussy he came out of was a turn on. I liked oral sex, but what I really wanted was in my hand, I wanted his cock in me, and, I realised, I wanted it in me now.

“I’ll show you what you need to know, but not now, now I want your beautiful cock back inside my cunt. I want to fuck my husband for the first time.”

Grinning, Drew began to roll me over onto my back, but I stopped him. “No, Drew. Lets try something new. You lie on your back, I’ll take it from there.” Looking a bit confused my son lay back like I requested, his fully erect cock pointing straight up.

I moved myself into position by Drews feet, then I began moving forward on my knees, straddling his legs as I moved slowly, teasingly, up his body towards his cock. Once I reached his cock I raised myself up so that I could position myself over it, then lowered my body so that his cockhead touched my pussy lips. I reached down and grasped his cock, rubbing it back and forward along my labia, Drew tried to push up when he felt my pussy touch his cock, but because I was holding his cock I was able to stop him penetrating me, yet. I continued teasing him for another few minutes, until, finally I could wait no longer, I wanted him in me as much as he did. I held his cock still and slowly began to push down on it, feeling my slit open as the head began to push into me. I loved the feeling of my son entering me, my vaginal walls being stretched to take his large shaft as he penetrated deeper and deeper into my body. Finally I felt my pussy lips touch his balls, in this new position he’d gone deeper than before, I’d never been so filled.

Slowly I began to move again, up and down, a little further with every stroke, my juices now coating his cock making it much easier to go a little faster. I couldn’t believe how much I loved the feeling of riding my son, since he was moaning and thrusting up at me I guess he liked it too. He reached up, grasped my bouncing breasts and began to play with them as I rode towards my climax. I was now moving right to the top of his cock, once I misjudged and he slipped out, I quickly guided him back in, I was much more careful after that. Before long I felt my orgasm begin to rise, I redoubled my efforts, wanting Drew to come with me, but it wasn’t to be. I was just to far gone, to close. When I came, I really came. As my orgasm shot through me I just threw back my head and screamed, “Ahhh! God, Drew, yes, yes, yes!” I jerked as wave after wave of pleasure surged through my body, only Drews hands were holding me upright, finally I slumped forward exhausted from my climax. As I slowly came down from my high I realised that Drew was still hard, and still buried deep in my pussy, before I could do anything my son took control.

He rolled me over onto my back, keeping his cock planted in my well fucked pussy, then he slowly began to fuck me again. I noticed he was a lot surer than the other times we had made love, God I love a quick learner. His beautiful cock felt so good moving Escort Şamlar in and out of my vagina, stretching me again and again, he was ruining me for any other cock, in more ways than one, after this week I doubted I’d even feel his fathers cock in me anymore. His long, powerful strokes were driving me to another orgasm, and, if his increasing speed meant anything, him too. My son was really pounding me now, his balls hitting me with such force I was surprised it wasn’t hurting him. We were both gasping as he drove his cock into me, coming nearer and nearer to completion, suddenly he cried out “Yes!” and I felt his cock jerk as he began to shoot his load into me, this triggered my own orgasm, his full length was buried in my body as spurt after spurt was shot into my depths, my spasming vaginal muscles squeezing his cock, holding it in place. Finally, as the last of his cum entered me his arms gave way and he collapsed onto me, breathing hard, totally exhausted, I knew how he felt.

We lay there for several minutes, then, suddenly, Drew looked over at my bedside clock, “Damn.” He said.

“What’s the matter, Honey?”

“I have to get up and call Jack, and tell him I won’t be meeting him and the guys.”

“No, don’t do that, have a shower and go, I need the rest.”

“Are you sure, Mom?”

“Quite sure. I want to have sex with you again, but not just yet, my cunt needs a rest, it’s never had so much cock in it, or so often.”

“Okay, mom, but I won’t be away long.” Drew said as he withdrew from my pussy and stood up. He bent down and kissed me. “See you later.” Then he reached down and patted my pussy. “See you later too.” I was laughing as he left the room. A few minutes later I heard him leave the house and drive off.

I just lay there for some time, I’d never felt so sexually satisfied before, but finally I decided to get up and have a shower. When I got up I quickly changed my mind, my pussy was really tender, I looked between my legs and realised my labia were quite swollen, probably from both the long period of arousal I’d been through, and the size of my sons cock. I definitely needed a bath instead I decided. I began to head into the bathroom when I felt a damp spot on my thigh, I looked down and saw that a glob of Drews semen had dripped out of my pussy onto my leg. I started to move again and then froze, realising what I’d done. I returned to the bed and sat down, staring at the cum on my leg.

I’d made a serious mistake, one that could have consequences, serious consequences. I wasn’t on birth control because I have a bad reaction to the pill, so I always make Mike use a condom on the rare occasions we have sex. But here I was, my sons semen dripping out of my vagina, where I’d let him deposit three very large loads of his cum. And it was the worst possible time in my cycle, even as I was sitting there millions of my sons sperm were swimming towards my egg, if one of them hadn’t already fertilised it. I might already be pregnant with my sons child, and if I wasn’t yet, it was highly probable that I would be before very long, and there wasn’t anything I could do about it. Then I realised I didn’t really want to do anything about it, and, that maybe I’d wanted Drew to make me pregnant, that I wanted to have his child, at least subconsciously. After all the sexual urge in nature is to mate with the best male and reproduce. I ran my hand over my stomach and thought to myself, my own sons baby might even now be growing in the same womb he did, the thought of the ultimate act of incest, having your own childs, child, was turning me on. I might give birth to my own grandchild, and I loved it, I did want to have Drews baby, if I was already pregnant that was fine by me. But I realised I’d have to give Drew the option of condoms when we had sex next, after I explained the consequences, if I wasn’t pregnant and he continued to deposit his seed in my fertile womb. And if he wanted to try to make me pregnant I’d let him, as often as he could. Even now I could imagine my stomach swelling with new life, new life created by my son. I wanted it so much. I only hoped Drew did too. If he didn’t I’d just have to hope he’d already impregnated me.

To be continued.

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