Subject: My slutty childhood part 8 If you’re enjoying my stories please go ahead and donate ro Nifty. They keep this platform going for people like me to share their stories. After that crazy night Tio shared me with three strangers I kept feeling strange. He left that same night he carried me into the room after being fucked by three adult cocks. The next few days felt like a blur. I was hypersexual even at school. I was in the forth grade and being the most sexually exposed boy in the classroom started ro affect me in very strange ways. Although I was a masculine boy I was never into sports. I loved watching wrestling however. Two sweaty men in physical contact, you could see their bulge and they always looked sweaty and smelly. I was also into men. Although I was nine years old I was not into boys my age. I started hanging out with the girls and began to relate more to them. It didn’t help that I would wear those same black laced panties I stole from my mother’s drawer every day to school under my uniform. On class I started getting off to the feeling on that thong pushing into my newly discovered boy pussy. Two weeks had passed since I had seen Tio Joaquin which also meant it had been two weeks since I had been molested. I started to become sluttier which was border line pure faggot behavior. The kids at school began to notice but in their young eyes I was acting like a sexy girl. The adult men however became aware this was pure pussyboy behavior. I hated P.E. as a chubby boy with no brothers I wasn’t into sports. I did however enjoy wearing gym shorts. I started wearing me older sister’s old gym shorts because they were tighter which made me feel Sexier. I Had also found that her shirt made my chubby boy tits more pronounced and began wearing her old girl gym clothes. I hear boys laugh and comment on how weird I looked and began to regret this idea. However one day we were running laps and I was towards the end of the group. My P.E teacher who I always found attractive. 6 ft tall white man grey hair and mustache probably in his 50’s. He usually hurled comments on how alow I was, but this time as I ran past him way later than the rest of my class. Coming in dead last I ran by him and he almost whispered ” Look at those tits bounce”. istanbul travesti No one in class seemed to hear it. I basically told myself I was just horny and misheard. However as we all walked back to the gym he was right behind me and he said, ” that fat ass looks real good in those shorts, follow me to the bathroom.”. I got nervous but was such a horny faggot slut, it had been two weeks since I had any cock I knew this might be my opportunity. I ran to the bathroom which was out in the field. All the other students had run into the indoor gym which was where they always picked teams which I was always last for. I knew no one would miss me. As I walked into the warm outdoor restroom I stood at the urinal. I knew my sexy much older coach would eventually walk in. Although I imagined he was going to molest me and have his way with me like all the peds I have encountered, I wanted to make sure I could seduce him either way. My slutty lil chubby 9 year old ass decided I would pull my shorts all the way down to the ankles so my chubby baby ass was completely out. Although I craved to suck a cock I wanted to feel a cock in my boypussy. I had kept playing with my whole the whole two weeks my Tio was gone. Although it was very sore the first few days. Soon after I was fucking myself with three sometimes four baby fingers up my chute. As I stood there at the urinal, not even peeibg, my boy cock was deep into my pelvis this was all for show. I heard my coach walk in. I knew it was him because of his shadow. At 6 feet tall very muscular white man he always stood out to me. Living in Miami this was probably the only white man I had seen other than in porn or wrestling. As he walked in I could quickly tell he was right behind me. My suspicion was validated as soon as I felt gis hand rubbing up and down my chubby butt crack. I moaned and bent over. Enough for my chubby cheeks to part and I felt the wind hit my baby nine year old boy pussy. I had me head right between my legs, being this close into the urinals the smell of piss turned me on. Prebusesant lust came over me. I could see the bottom half of his body with my head between my legs the way I was positioned. I saw him rubbing his hard cock. Even through his gym shorts I could kadıköy travesti tell me was hard. My little hands reached behind me and soon I had his cock out of his shorts. A beautiful six inch white cock, thick with bright pink balls with white blond hairs surrounding it. I swear it looked so beautiful to me. I wasn’t going to waste the opportunity and soon pushed my hole back right into his hard cock. He stopped me and walked into the stall. I stood up right and he signaled for me to join me. I duck walked myself over my shorts and thong down by my knees. As soon as I walked into the stall he locked the door and bent me over. He then spit on his cock and then his hand. He rubbed his spit covered fingers on my boypussy and I moaned. He then said ” I knew you were a faggot. I could tell you’ve had cock”. I began to think maybe the way I was acting was the perfect way to get what I want. As my dumb young mind was thinking of little boy things this grown man in his 50’s was entering his students 4th grade, nine year old boy pussy. I enjoyed the feeling of his cock penetrating my now tight hole. Although It felt painful my pussy hole accepted his cock. It was like my asshole knew this feeling. Soon his hairy balls hit my smooth boy balls. As soon as he went in and out a handfull of times, he could tell I was okay. He then started to take long hard strokes into mt chubby nine year old body. I was bent over, my little hands holding on into the toilet as this grown man, my P.E teacher was pounding his 50 year old cock into me. I then felt both his hands begin to caress and pinch my chubby boy tits. This made me feel an amazing tingle inside my body and felt myself tighten up my boy hole. When I did that my coach became vocal and said ” tighten that pussy up faggot!” , I suddenly realized this was making my new man happy and started to tighten and relax my pussy hole. I realized as we went out it was easier to tighten. We soon became in sync where I would release as he pushed in then tighten as he went out. His rough hands were now really working my boy tits. My moans became pure boy lust screams. As he became alot more rough , he moved one hand right onto my boy mouths shutting me off completely. He then rammed into bakırköy travesti my little body 5 or 6 times and pumped me up with his cum. I loved this now familiar feeling when a man shows his appreciation for my faggot boy pussy He then pulled out and accustomed to cleaning Tio Joaquin off I knew better than to leave his cock full of cum and boy pussy juice. As I cleaned him off he sighed and rubbed my head. I looked up at him and smiled and thanked him. He laughed and then said ” what a dirty faggot you are for thanking me. Were gonna have some one on one sessions from now on boy. Start coming into school an hour before class so me and you can train some more. If I can’t make you a baseball player I’ll make you a bat boy”. Although I didn’t understand his joke I understood his assignment. I went home that day excited and told my mom my P.E teacher was gonna train me for me to become a batter. Her and my father were so excited I began coming to school an hour before class. That first day I was nervouse until my P.E coach saw me and I noticed he grabbed gis cock. He led me to his office behind the gym and quickly dropped his shorts. He smiled and asked me what I liked and I wasn’t sure what to say. No man to that point had asked me what I wanted. I definitely knew I liked my chubby tits sucked on hard. So I played witg my chubby nine year old tits and he it the hint. He pulled me into his strong arms and started to go hard into my pretty pink hairless boy tits. He spent about 20 minutes sucking in each of them as he rubbed my chubby lil ass. I rubbed his hard cock over his shorts as he gave me boyhood pleasures. Before the hour was over he bagan to go back and forth on my boy nips and he suddenly pushed his entire fat finger inside me. I felt a dry orgasm and I began to get loud only this time he pushed his adult mouth right up to mine. I felt his fat tounge go deep into my mouth as I began to suck on it. His spit tasted of tabbacco which I recognized from Tio Joaquins kisses. He pulled off me once my boygasm came down. He said ” I’ll see you tomorrow morning and you can help me with my favorite thing. From that day forward I got trained by my P E coah the rest of the year. He eventually found me another adult cock to play with which I might share the story next chapter. I hope you guys continue enjoying the stories. All are based on my own slutty childhood. I want to keep helping you pervs out with busting those loads and love hearing from you all. Till next time.

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