My Sister Lisa Ch. 04My Sister Lisa Ch. 04

Big Dicks

Kathy looked in the mirror and could not believe just how short the T-shirt really was on her. It didn’t even cover her ass and she got so excited looking at the reflection in the mirror, she could feel herself dripping out of her pussy.

Walking downstairs and into the gym room, she see’s Michael on his back doing bench presses while Lisa is sitting directly across from him with her legs wide open and fondling herself to tease him. Both turn their heads as they see her come in wearing the too small T-shirt.

“I told you it would fit perfect.” Lisa says.

“I don’t know about you two but it seems kind of hot in here.” Kathy replies.

With that said she lifts her shirt above her head and stands naked in front of both Lisa and Michael. Turning around as if modeling for a camera, she bends down and spreads her tight little ass wide open for Michael to inspect. Immediately, both kids strip naked and Michael sits up with his cock throbbing as he looks at Lisa’s ass wide open right in front of him. He can’t believe how small her ass is and those longs legs drive him crazy with desire.

Kathy turns around and not saying a word she gets on her knees on the side of Michael and starts sucking his cock and rubbing his balls as she strokes his shaft up and down slowly. Lisa kneels on the other side and starts licking his balls as Kathy devours his cock in her mouth.

Kathy takes her mouth off and Necipfazıl Escort starts to suck along his shaft as Lisa quickly puts her mouth on his head and draws it deep into her mouth. Lisa and Kathy work his cock like two actresses from a porn movie taking turns licking and sucking his cock in tandem. Both women become aware that the thrill of giving Michael a blowjob is being heightened by the fact that their tongues are becoming as one as they suck him off.

Lisa rubs her clit as her mouth locks with Kathy’s while licking Michael’s head. For a few seconds they thrust themselves into a deep kiss with their tongues flickering together like lovers would do.

For Michael, he feels the first signs that he is close as his thighs tense. Lisa senses his tension as does Kathy and Lisa starts to stroke his cock faster as Kathy locks her lips around his head waiting for his cream to shoot into her waiting mouth. Kathy fingers her pussy as she tastes the pre cum and a second later she feels the hot semen fill her mouth as she swallows then stops and lets it fill her completely as Lisa strokes the last of his spasm out of his cock.

Kathy lifts her head and leans toward Lisa who instinctively meets Kathy’s mouth and they kiss as Michael’s cum drips down both their mouth and chins. Lisa knows the taste well but could never kiss her mother like this, but with Kathy, it just Necipfazıl Escort Bayan seems so natural as they lick the cum from each other’s mouths.

Michael can not believe how both women are kissing and rubbing themselves at the same time. He and Lisa have it worked out so that his first load is quick usually with about ten minutes for him to be ready again but watching both women he feels his cock rock hard again and ready for their pussy’s.

Looking at Michael’s cock hard again, Lisa says, “We better go into the family room and use the futon.” All three get up and lay down on the big bed with Michael in the middle of both. Kathy turns and kisses Michael as she strokes his cock slowly.

“I can’t believe you’re ready again.” She says.

Michael pulls her up and has her straddling his cock as she pushes her pussy down the length of his eight inch shaft. Riding up and down and feeling her pussy stretched open with each thrust, she feels her ass spread wide open as Lisa licks Michael’s shaft and also tongues her ass hole at he same time.

Lisa lies down and Kathy lifts off Michael’s cock and straddles Lisa in a sixty-nine position. Lisa starts licking the waiting lips above her as Lisa lowers herself onto Lisa’s lips.

“Michael, shoot in my ass.” Kathy moans.

Kathy lifts her butt up and Lisa can not believe what she is watching as Michael’s Escort Necipfazıl big cock squeezes into her little ass hole and starts to pound in and out of her in rhythm. Lisa lifts to reach Kathy’s clit and lips and can feel a shudder from Kathy as she locks her lips on the swollen knob.

Michael watches as his cock disappears into the tiny ass hole his cock is opening with each thrust. He thought he could last longer but can feel himself getting close to cumming again.

“”I can’t hold it any longer.” He says.

Kathy feels the hot semen shoot inside her and her ass quivers as he continues to fuck her while shooting his cream into her. Kathy lowers her pussy onto Lisa’s face as Michael’s cock sits buried inside her. Lisa’s tongue ravenously eats Kathy’s clit and soon the waves of pleasure over take Kathy as she feels her climax coming and Michael pulls out of her at the same time.

Slowly, the white cream oozes out of Kathy’s butt as Lisa finishes the swollen knob in front of her. Kathy rubs Lisa’s pussy just as the cum trickles out of her ass and Lisa over come with her pussy being rubbed, puts her mouth on Kathy’s ass hole and sucks the cum as it leaks out. What might have disgusted her in the past now is misplaced as she feels her own climax approaching. Kathy can not believe the feeling she feels as Lisa’s mouth is on her tiny ass hole licking it dry.

Lisa finally cums and lays back as the other two do like wise. They all did something tonight that they never would thought possible.

“That was just how the porn movies do it.” Michael says.

“We could probably make one if you guys were interested.” Kathy says.

“But first we have to seduce that brother of yours.” Lisa says seductively.

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