Summer Job Leads To MoreSummer Job Leads To More

Big Tits

It was finally summer. High school was behind me. There was this heady feeling that the entire world was in front of me. No more parents nagging me about school. No more teachers, period. I was basically my own boss for the rest of my life!


Well, the days got longer as May turned into June and July, and that feeling that I had shown the man who the boss was starting to wear off a little. Don’t get me wrong. I love waking up without having a care in the world and being a bum living in my parents’ basement, but it turns out that it comes with some baggage – like being a bum “having” to live in my parents’ basement.

“Why the long face, bro?” asked the bubbly teen who briefly came into my blurry vision when the hammock I was lying in swung in the right direction. It was my twin sister, Julia.

“Meehhh,” I replied, making a half assed attempt to reach for the beer that was on the table. I didn’t want the beer enough to risk falling out of my hammock. I was even less motivated to reply to her question.

We couldn’t be more different when it came to our attitude to life, work, and all that other shit.

“I made a killing at work today”, said Julia. “I could have made 3 times as much if I had a partner. I’m fixing these houses up all by myself and I have to hold all of my own tools. If you ever got your ass out of that hammock, you could stand beside me and hand me what I need and the two of us could be making a killing out there with all the labor shortages.’

I looked up at her. She was dressed in a T shirt that hugged her chest. She always had trouble finding T shirts that did justice to her toned abs while having enough space for her breasts. Sometimes, she would wear very baggy T shirts for comfort, but other times, like today, she would stuff her tits into a more fitted T shirt causing a prominent stretch crease in the fabric on the front and make her nipples to gently poke out through the fabric. She was always in good shape, but I noticed that the construction work had really toned her body. I watched as a bead of sweat flowed down her neck, guided towards her cleavage. She was definitely easy on the eyes. I figured that some lucky guy one day will get his dick massaged in that same cleavage as he came all over her. It was such a specific vision that the image got stuck in my head and I had to shake my head to get it out.

Julia paused when she caught me looking. She put her hands up and shrugged. I rolled my eyes in mock disinterest. “Do you know how few women there are in construction?” she asked. “If I don’t market these assets right, I have to fight an uphill battle to get any work at all.”

“The things we have to do to bring the dough in around here,” I snickered, and reached over for my beer.

“If you helped me out, you wouldn’t have to beg mom and dad to give you beer money,” she snickered right back.

I thought about that bahis siteleri for a second. “You make a good point…” I said as I weighed the pros and cons.

“I’m not kidding. You have no idea how much the going rate is this summer for a couple of pairs of willing hands,” she said. Then, she got a devilish twinkle in her eyes. “As an added bonus, you would get to stare at my titties all you want,” she said.

“Mehhhh” I said and shrugged.

“Oh come on, I see you staring all the time, especially when I wear these tight T shirts that make my nipples stick out,” she said.


Julia laughed as my words got caught in my throat. “Busted!!!!” she squealed. “Well, I leave at 7:30am. If you’re interested, meet me out front by my truck.”

I was left red and embarrassed. Not only did I get caught staring at my own sister, this whole conversation had also given me a painful hard on. I could feel the blood rushing back into my dick as I played the scene back in my head of the bead of sweat flowing down her cleavage and causing a small damp spot on her T shirt.

What is wrong with me? She is my sister. We had bathed in the same bath tub as kids, jumped into the same lake with no swimsuits on when our parents took us swimming. I had seen her naked plenty of times. Yet, for some reason, the sensation was electric thinking about my sister’s tits smushed into her tight T shirt today.

Well, that is it, I thought. I was officially a bum who lived with his parents AND a creep who lusted after his own sister.

That night, i slept fitfully. At some point, I woke up from a dream that my dick was being massaged inbetween a pair of massive tits. It spooked me. The tits in my dream were clearly Julia’s. Why was I having sexy dreams about her? I felt guilty and dirty, but I couldn’t resist closing my eyes and trying to force myself to continue the dream longer. I reached into my pants and held my throbbing dick in my hand. I imagined that Julia held my dick and was now gently licking it with her mouth. I had never had a boob job, much less a blow job, and some of the imagination was purely fantasy from porn I had seen. But, the feeling was so intense. It took me very little time to start spurting cum. It was a hot sticky mess in my pants, with streaks of cum all over my hand. It was a relief to cum, though. I had just masturbated to my sister, and the idea of viewing her as a sex symbol had just overcome any feelings of guilt. I didn’t even clean myself up and just sunk into my bed for the most relaxing and blissful night’s sleep.

Beep, beep, beep. I woke up with a start. Why was the alarm going off when there was no more school? I then felt my hand, still inside my pants, all crusty with my own cum. Then, I remembered the dream during the night. Julia! Of course. I had to get up to meet her out front if I wanted a job. I hurriedly went to the bathroom, and rinsed canlı bahis siteleri off the cum from my hand and from my dick. A quick face wash and a change of clothes later, I was standing out front. I saw Julia’s truck pull into my parents driveway just as the clock struck 7:30. She was like a swiss watch.

“Hop in” shouted Julia, with a twinkle in her eyes. “I was worried you would be a no show”.

“You were quite persuasive with all the tit talk” I laughed and jumped in.

“Look at you, getting all hot for your sister” said Julia feigning shock.

“I get it where I can,” I laughed.

We pulled up to a half renovated old victorian house. It must have looked quite grand when it was first built. Now, more than a 100 years later, it clearly needed work. The insides bad been completely gutted and I saw that there was a stack of drywall ready to be installed.

Julia carried over a toolkit, screws, and a drill. She dragged a small ladder into place and I positioned myself with the box of drywall screws. At first it was a little tedious, but we quickly got into a rythm, where I would hold the wall in place while she did the screws. After a couple of hours, we had completed the entire bottom portion of the wall and things got a little tricky for the top. I could no longer hold the drywall in place and I had to hoist it to her to set in place.

Her ladder was quite old and would shake as she leaned over towards the wall. I tried to hold the ladder as still as I could, but the tighter I held it, the more it shook.

Finally, I let go of the ladder and held Julia’s leg instead. The shaking stopped immediately.

“Dude, you’re a genius. You have no idea how hard it was to do my work with all the shaking, yesterday.”

I had hooked my arm around Julia’s thigh and had hugged her leg close to my body. After her initial admiration for how I had stopped the shaking, she decided to get cheeky and made a comment about how I was taking advantage of the opportunity to straddle her.

“Fine,” I said and let go of her, causing her to shriek as the ladder started to wobble.

“I’m sorry, I’m sorry,” she laughed as she pleaded with me and got me to hold her steady. I returned to holding her leg close and she resumed with her drill. We got back to making great progress, but this time, I couldn’t help but smell her soft skin as her thigh was basically pressed against my cheek. My dick slowly throbbed to life and I briefly thought about the last night’s dream. I was in heaven as I imagined Julia sucking me.

“Did you hear me?”

“Hello?” said Julia as I came back to reality. “Sorry, what?” I asked.

“I wanted to see if we could trade places so that you could try and reach that top row of screws,” she said.

“Oh, um, Ok. I’ve never done this before, but I can try,” I said.

“You’ll be fine,” she said as she clambered down the ladder.

I canlı bahis took her drill, gave her the box of screws and climbed up to the top of the ladder.. Things were fine until I adjusted my weight to lean towards the wall. I felt a quivering as the ladder started to shake wildly.

“Haha, your face!” exclaimed Julia as she grabbed a hold of me. Due to our weight and height difference, she had to work a lot harder to keep me balanced. She leaned her entire weight into me and had hooked her arm all the way up my leg and her hand had to be barely an inch from my balls.

There was a moment of silence as the ladder reached equilibrium and we both waited to see if it was safe to resume work.

After a couple of seconds, she asked “Are you hard?”

My heart skipped a beat as I looked down and saw that my shorts were tightly bound around my hips and there was no loose material to hide the erection I had. To make matters worse, you could even make out the faint throbbing of my dick every couple of seconds. That was from my vantage point on top of the ladder. Julia’s face was pressed against my thigh and I was sure that she could make out every detail on my dick.

I decided not to answer her question.

After what felt like ages, I noticed that her hand had started to creep up and she cupped my balls with her palm. It was an electric sensation. No woman had ever touched my balls before.

I could have recoiled or expressed shock, but I widened my stance just enough for my balls to loosen between my legs. she picked up on the subtle hint and snaked her hand into my shorts to hold my bare balls in her hand.

My dick throbbed and strained against the fabric. With every throb, I could feel the blood flowing in, and I was getting closer and closer to cumming.

Julia used her free hand to push the material of my shorts up my thigh and pried my dick loose.

The head of my dick was purple and was throbbing. She used her free hand to rub it up and down, and brought it towards her face. She couldn’t quite get it into her mouth given her angle, but she licked the side of my dick with her tongue.

I felt a familiar buzzing sensation as My balls tightened and I could feel the cum coursing up through my body.

The first couple of splashes caught Julia by surprise as it hit her cheek and dribbled down into her cleavage.

She pointed my dick away after that and continued to stroke me as I noisily splashed my cum from the ladder down to the ground.

With her other hand that was wrapped around my leg, she continued to softly caress my balls.

Once I was completely spent, I took a tentative step down the ladder.

Julia stepped back and she looked down, clearly feeling sheepish for what she had just done.

“We don’t talk about this to anyone, got it?” she threatened.

“Deal!” I said as I wiped the cum off her face and chest with a paper towel.

We silently finished the rest of the wall.

Julia drove me back home in silence. As I hopped out of the truck, she leaned out and said “That was fun working with you, bro!” and with a wink, she was gone.

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