My Holiday Vacation Ch. 07My Holiday Vacation Ch. 07


If this is the first part of my story that you’ve read, you’ll need to refer to the earlier chapters to find out how I got to this point – the final weekend of my vacation.

Between having been so close to orgasm and so utterly surprised and embarrassed at being seen masturbating by a man that I had never even met, I was temporarily devastated. Between Tammy’s cuddling and Celeste’s reassurance, though, it didn’t take too long before my tears had dried. Tammy continued to tell me about her and Roy – how it seemed to be love at first sight but yet how they dated for 3 years before getting married. They had wanted to be absolutely sure they were right for each other. Tammy also in the same conversation reassured me about me – how she wouldn’t change a thing about me and how sure she was that Roy would be accepting of me, my size and my lifestyle. I giggled inwardly at that – “my lifestyle”. This was the first time since college I had been able to be so, well, open about enjoying being nude.

Having such a soul-mate as Celeste is absolutely wonderful, too. Instead of having to ask if I was ready for Charlie and Roy to rejoin us, she paid attention to the conversation and my actions. And somehow she guided them back into the room one at a time without my even knowing it. When I realized Roy was standing on the other side of the room, Celeste noticed that I had noticed. And she made the proper introduction: “Sheila, this is my new son-in-law, Roy. Roy, this is my long time friend and former college roommate, Sheila. Yes, Tammy calls her ‘Aunt Sheila’, but there is no genealogical relationship of any kind.”

I surprised even myself with what I did next. I stood up and walked straight to Roy. I put my arms around him and hugged him real tight, saying loud enough for everyone to hear “Welcome to the family, Roy.” I held him tight for a few more seconds than I probably should have. He held me just as tight and didn’t let his hands roam my body, either. But I also noticed that he was excited. Yes, guys, women notice these things when we hug you right. And I felt his erection pressing against my belly, reminding me that it had been quite some time for me; reminding me that I was so near orgasm just a short while ago; and reminding me that I’m quite Sarıyer Escort naked in front of this fully clothed stud. As I started to let the embrace dissolve, I reached to give him a long kiss on the cheek. He moved just right, though, so that I kissed his ear instead. As I realized it, I slipped my mouth over his ear grabbing a quick nibble, hoping it would help keep him turned on for Tammy for later that night. Fortunately, my face was on the side away from everyone else so that only he and I knew what had happened.

Now that the tension was relieved, we all sat down and began talking, chatting, just about their wedding, their plans and stuff in general. It was obvious that Tammy and Roy were somewhat tired from their trip, so Celeste suggested they go freshen up. Roy practically jumped up, reaching for Tammy’s hand. “But there’s one rule for the weekend….” Celeste added before Tammy could reach for his hand. “…There’s to be no closed doors – for any reason. Everyone got it?”

I looked at her, almost in disbelief. But this was Celeste. Roy changed his tune a bit, making it obvious that he had intended to have sex with his wife. Instead, he took a lightening fast shower and, when Charlie said he was going to light the grill, offered to help.

Tammy went upstairs to shower. When she was out of ear shot, Celeste turned to me. “Sheila, I never thought I’d ask anything like this. But I want to be sure my daughter is happy. Can you look in on her for me? She’s always opened up to you.”

How could I tell Celeste no? I went upstairs and found that Tammy was in the master bathroom. I lay on the king sized bed idly running my hands over my body waiting for the shower to shut off. When it did, I got up immediately and knocked on the bathroom door. “Tammy, can we talk?” She opened the door and let me in. “Tammy, your mother is more than a little concerned about your happiness.” As I spoke, I picked up a large bath towel and started drying her back. “Most of the time the only relief I get is by myself. But it wasn’t always like that.” I started telling her about Celeste and me in college, about a couple of really wild boyfriends. I don’t know what made me do it, but as I was talking, I kept carefully drying Escort Sarıyer her off, first her back, then her sides, I spent more than enough time on her cute buttocks. Then I reached around to her breasts. As I cupped them through the towel, one in each hand, she leaned back into me very relaxed. I kept my hands there, kneading for quite some time while telling her about some select moments from the prior weekend. I told her how her mother and I have been in a 69 position together more times than we could count, and how I very much enjoyed her taste. As I lowered my hands over her soft belly, reaching near but not quite touching her womanhood, I leaned to her ear and spoke barely above a whisper: “Does Roy satisfy you?”

“Yes, beyond measure.”

“Tammy, let me taste you, please?”

Tammy moved so suddenly I just knew I had blown it. To my amazement her movement was to turn towards me, take my head in her hands and kiss me passionately. I kissed her back, just as passionately. I was so excited. We moved to the bed, our lips locked together nearly the entire time. At the bed I indicated to her to lie back. Then I kissed and licked my way down her young, plump body, marveling at the size of her breasts. I took my time, teasing her nipples, licking her belly, kissing her inner thighs. When I finally allowed my tongue to touch her womanly lips I found them already sweet with her nectar. I kissed her lips, licked them, then parted them with my tongue. I used fingers from one hand to manipulate her while the other hand reached to her breast. I continued feasting on this young maiden, making note of how similar her taste is to her mothers. Tammy was ready to explode from our contact and conversation in the bathroom, but I wanted it to last for her, for it to be not a good orgasm, but a great one. So I slipped my fingers out of her and played with both her nipples while kissing her skin randomly.

While doing this I heard Celeste whisper through the door. “It’s OK girls. Don’t stop. But I need to make a semi-private phone call.” I don’t know if Tammy even heard her mother, because it was about that time that she came hard. Tammy pushed me away for a bit, which kind of surprised me. But I just went with the Sarıyer Escort Bayan flow. Tammy lay there, panting, not letting me touch her for the moment. So I went to the other side of the room, where Celeste had pulled the phone into the bathroom. There I could hear Celeste’s end of the phone conversation:

“Larry, this is Celeste….Yes, every thing’s fine. I know we talked last weekend and I promised I wouldn’t bother you. Yes, Sheila and I went through with everything I suggested to you. She’s been naked all week. But I have another request. I know Sheila promised you a long time ago that she’d never her sex with anyone without your permission. Well, somethings come up and I want you’re OK for her to POSSIBLY have sex with Charlie, me, Tammy, Charlie, Tammy’s husband, Roy, or some combination of us………Yes, it will be safe……..OK – thanks so much. I need to go…..Love you too, Larry….”

I moved quietly but quickly to the bed, but the conversation may have gone on for a few more seconds. I began caressing Tammy’s hair with one hand and started inching my other towards that magical spot, all the while wondering what Celeste was planning. Tammy took my lower hand and moved it directly onto herself – she was ready for me. And this was so much fun!

I almost immediately had my face buried in Tammy again. She was building towards an even stronger orgasm when I heard Celeste:

“Roy, can you come up here please?”

Celeste purposely made sure Tammy was going to be completely happy this weekend. And I must say her timing was impeccable! Just as Roy turned the corner Tammy orgasmed, covering my face in her juices (I can say from experience that her mother doesn’t ejaculate like that!), screaming MY name and then suddenly went limp for just a moment or two. Roy practically ran to her:

“Tammy! Tammy! Are you OK??? What has Sheila done to you?”

Tammy’s eyes opened. She looked down towards me, then to Roy. “She’s made me happy Roy — She brought me to orgasm like I hope you will later.”

I stood up in front of him, pulled him to me to whisper in his ear: “Your mother-in-law taught me how to do that. I’ll bet she’ll teach you, too.” Then I gave him a great big kiss on the lips.

Roy was speechless. Celeste was giggling. Tammy was in heaven.

I sat down next to Tammy and began idly running my fingers all over her body. Roy was speechless. Celeste told him to go help Charlie with the Bar-B-Que grill, that “we’ll all talk later.” Personally, I could hardly wait to hear Celeste’s plan!!

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