Subject: Little White Pills, Chapter 4 Thanks guys for all the support–good to know everyone is enjoying themselves. 😉 If you liked what you read, please donate to the good folks at Nifty so we can keep the site going. This is a work of fiction; any resemblance to anyone you think you know is completely wrong, I promise. And now, the naughty bits: … Chapter 4: “Class Reunion” The airport was packed with students returning to school at the last minute, on top of the usual business travelers, and everyone was impatient as they waited to travel the last few miles home after a long day. Aaron rubbed his stubble as shifted restlessly in line, waiting for a taxi from the airport. He’d gone clean-shaven over break, and he was debating whether to grow a beard back this semester or leave his face smooth. At least his face was all he had to worry about: he was almost as smooth as Joey everywhere else. Although he’d come to appreciate Dave’s furrier body over the last few months: there was something to be said for feeling a bit of chest hair when you were lying on top of a guy and humping his hole. In any case, his beard decision could wait. Dave and Joey had been texting him all day with pix of their hard cocks, and he was ready to get back to the apartment they shared and enjoy them in person. Not that break had been a drought: he’d reconnected with an ex-girlfriend a few times, and she’d kept his dick wet. It was good sex, and he enjoyed himself, and just a few months ago that would have kept him happy. But since the three of them had taken those little pills he’d been a lot more open to guy-on-guy action, especially with his roommates. He supposed that made them bisexual or something, but no matter what you called it there was really no substitute for the feel of a cock in your mouth, not to mention the sweet taste of jizz fresh from the source. For the dozenth time that day his cock trickled more pre-cum into his damp boxers at the thought, and he shifted his jeans a bit to hide his wood. Finally his turn was up and he hopped into the taxi, eager to get home. What had Dave and Joey been up to anyway? They’d told him about this new guy Greg that Joey had recruited thanks to the last “dick pill” from ollo Pharmaceuticals. He sounded hot, and the one pic they’d sent sure looked promising: a lean, buff redhead, short hair and smooth body, eyes shut as he rode Dave’s cock. For all that Dave was a big, intimidating guy, he usually preferred a cock up his ass to topping; this guy Greg must really love taking it to convince him to change his routine. He had a good dick of his own, Aaron had noticed�almost as long as Dave’s, if a bit leaner. A perfect mouthful. The thought of fresh cock was especially appealing since his recent bout of abstinence. Dave and Joey weren’t shy about their play dates with Greg, but they’d just promised to catch up with him when he got back, and they’d made him swear off any sex or jerking off for four days before he got home “for extra fun.” They swore they wouldn’t touch their dicks either�they’d better not, or he’d freakin’ castrate them. He wasn’t going to be the only one with blue balls when he walked in the door! This had better be worth it or Aaron was going to kick some ass�or at least ride some until he got off. At last the taxi made it to their apartment, and Aaron grabbed his bags and hussled upstairs�only to find it empty. There was a note from Joey saying “At dinner, back at 6:30,” but Aaron had already eaten so there was no point joining them. He decided to unpack and take a quick shower to freshen up before the guys got back�no sense wrecking the mood by smelling like travel funk. As he soaped up he thought about the things he could do to give his dick the relief it needed. Running through the options was enough to get him fully hard, and he spent some extra time lathering his smooth cock and balls. He made himself stop though after he’d thoroughly cleaned his ass with a soapy finger: that was starting to feel a little too good, and he wanted to save his load for someone else. He turned the water temp down to get himself settled, then stepped out and dried off, checking himself out in the mirror as he did. He’d taken care of himself over break�not too many brews, and he’d kept hitting the gym�so he was still pretty ripped and ready for spring wrestling season, and wouldn’t have any trouble staying in the 185 lb weight class. He decided to trim his pubes again though: he liked how they made his 7″ cut cock look even bigger. At least he didn’t have to trim his smooth balls or ass like Dave did; he and Joey were lucky that way. He decided to let the facial stubble alone though: Joey fuckin’ loved it when he brushed the whiskers against his asshole, and Aaron was looking forward to hearing the cocky 145-pounder squeal in pleasure again. He ran a bit of gel through his sandy blond hair, and satisfied with his cleanup he tossed on a pair of sweats and a tee shirt to wait for his buds to come back, his cock hardening in anticipation. Twenty minutes later the door to their apartment opened up, letting in a blast of cold air as his roomies returned. Dave was first, looking great even in a parka and knit cap. He’d let some stubble grow too, and it looked good on the big guy with his shaggy hair and rugged features. Aaron jumped up off the couch and gave him a hug, not worrying about the obvious tent in his sweats as he did so. “Great to see you again buddy!” “Yeah, I can tell,” laughed Dave. He hugged back, then slid his hands lower to cup Aaron’s ass and grind their crotches together. He was halfway hard too, and enjoyed the dick-on-dick feel, even if it there were several layers of clothing in the way at the moment. His voice lowered as he breathed in Aaron’s ear: “Can’t wait to shoot a fresh load down your throat buddy.” “Me too big guy.” Aaron breathed in deep as he nuzzled Dave’s ear, enjoying his familiar masculine scent. Both of their cocks throbbed. Behind Dave, Aaron saw Joey and another guy getting out of their winter clothes. Joey looked the same as always: clean-cut and boyish, wearing a bulky sweater that couldn’t hide the lightweight’s ripped body completely. Aaron’s gaze wandered down his torso, pleased to see a bulge in Joey’s jeans; he was really looking forward to wrapping his lips around that fat tool again. He hoped he could still swallow all 8+” after weeks away, but if he couldn’t he’d get plenty of practice. The red head taking off his coat next to Joey must be Greg, even if he wasn’t making an o face like in the picture Joey had sent. He was still really good-looking though: handsome face and a solid chest and ass that showed he worked out regularly. No wonder Joey had slipped him their last pill�Aaron was looking forward to trying all sorts of things out with him. Dave released his hug to take off his coat, and Aaron held out his hand. “Hi, I’m Aaron. Good to meet you man.” “Hey, I’m Greg.” The redhead blushed a bit�clearly he knew about the photo Joey had taken. His grip was good and firm though; he wasn’t a wimp at least. Coat off, Dave came up behind Aaron and wrapped him in a bear hug. His left hand pinched Aaron’s right nipple as he did, teasing it as he squeezed them together, and his cock was an iron rod pressed against Aaron’s ass. “Sexy fucker, isn’t he?” he breathed into Aaron’s ear, licking gently as Aaron leaned back into him. “Mmm…yeah. You’re really hot Greg.” Aaron wiggled his ass against Dave a bit, then gave a soft grunt as Dave’s right hand slid under his waist band to wrap around his penis. He’d already started to leak a bit, and the sensation of a rough-but-slick thumb working over his head was beginning to make him weak in the knees. Joey grinned and draped one arm over Greg’s shoulder. “You like what you see bro? I told you Aaron was hot.” Greg nodded, eyes wide. His throat was dry with excitement as he took in the sight of Dave slowly jacking Aaron under his sweats. It was somehow even more exciting with Aaron still clothed, imagining what Dave was doing. Aaron smiled back at him through hooded eyes, slowly rocking his hips in time with Dave’s hand. Joey reached a hand over and began rubbing Greg’s crotch. “Yeah, you do like that, don’t you? You like watching my kocaeli escort buddy getting jacked? It’s making you fuckin’ hard, isn’t it bro? I can feel your pants getting damp already. Why don’t you slide your hand in there and start playing with yourself like you want to? Show Aaron what a little slut you are.” Joey leaned in and licked the side of Greg’s neck. “Show him how much you like boys playing with cocks.” “Yeah,” Greg whispered, and unbuttoned his pants and fly. His white briefs bulged out of the opening as his cock strained to get free, the wet spot Joey had predicted clearly visible. He slid his hand down into the underwear and began running his fingers over his erection. “That’s so sexy…work his dick Dave…mmmm.” He rubbed his hand up and down more firmly against his own rod, reaching up with the other to play with a nipple in a mirror image of Aaron. “You two are so hot I could jack myself all day long watching you. Mmmm…yeeeesss.” Joey still had one arm around him and was licking his neck, sending chills down his back. Going four days without getting off had been a challenge, but it made the whole scene that much hotter. Aaron’s face was flushed and he was panting lightly now. He’d forgotten how sexy it felt to have a hard body pressed up against him, and his month without male sex was catching up with a vengeance. On top of that, Dave had gotten more forceful with his efforts: his pressure on Aaron’s now-erect nipples was just short of painful, and he’d tightened his hug so that Aaron could feel every muscle flexing against his back as he slowly humped against him, while Dave’s tongue worked its way around and into his ear repeatedly. All the stimulation left his cock leaking like a faucet, the lubrication amping up his sensitivity to Dave’s grip. Watching Greg play with himself, matching Dave’s strokes, was too much. He clapped his hand over Dave’s to make him stop, gasping “Dave, stop man. Stop or I’m gonna shoot!” Dave froze, his grip tightening to help Aaron hold back while he panted for control. After what seemed like forever he pulled back from the edge, but it had been a close call: a large stain was rapidly spreading from where his penis pressed against his sweats. Joey and Greg watched, mesmerized by the show. “Fuckin’ A Greg, I think Aaron liked your little show.” Joey gave the redhead a slap on the shoulder. “Why don’t you get down there and clean that up for him? Maybe show him what you learned about sucking dick the last couple of weeks? I’m sure he’d love to have a better place for his load than those sweat pants.” He gave the larger guy a gentle shove forward and down, pushing him to kneel at Aaron’s feet, then leaning over to help pull off Greg’s shirt. “Oh hell yeah,” Aaron breathed, “go for it dude. I’ve got a load for ya and then some.” He locked gazes with Greg, admiring his smooth muscular chest and arms as Greg reached up to slide his sweatshirt off. One of Greg’s nipples had a ring in it that hadn’t been there in the photo Joey had sent�Aaron would have to see how sensitive Greg was there. Dave still held onto Aaron’s shaft, thick white fluid filling the gaps between his fingers and Aaron’s flesh. He pointed it down towards Greg’s face, saying “This what you want cocksucker? Come and get it. Clean that spunk off my hand.” Aaron watched as Greg nodded meekly, then leaned forward and started cleaning Dave’s fingers. He was surprised that such a masculine guy would be so submissive, but it was really hot watching a muscular guy be dominated like this. He seemed to like taking direction and letting his inner slut out, and Aaron was happy to oblige. “That’s it Greg, clean my jizz off Dave’s fingers. Lick ’em good and clean and I’ll let you put your mouth on my cock. You can be the first guy to take my load this year�you want that?” It was clear Greg did: he nodded and redoubled his efforts on Dave’s hand, and fished his own cock out so he could start stroking it. Soon enough Dave’s hand was clean, and he let go of Aaron so he could pull his own clothes off. Joey was already shirtless, but seemed content to just rub himself through his jeans still, which probably meant he was saving up to fuck someone. He did pause for a minute though to help Aaron out of his tee shirt. Finally Aaron stood naked in front of Greg, legs spread and wet cock standing out straight. “Remember what I told you bro. Start with his balls, then work your way up.” Joey put a hand behind Greg’s head to guide it to the base of Aaron’s shaft, then let him get to work. Gently at first, but then with increasing confidence, Greg began to flick his tongue over Aaron’s sack, around and under, then back up, working into the crease of Aaron’s smooth thigh and breathing in deeply as he bathed the base of his shaft and his cropped pubes. Back down to his balls now, the flat of his tongue making broad strokes as Aaron began panting and thrusting slightly, his nuts pulling up tight in arousal. A line of slightly milky fluid had run most of the way down his shaft, with more surging out as Greg took his balls entirely into his mouth. Aaron let out a faint “ah!” in pleasure, and Joey nodded in approval. “You’re doing good bro. You can start working on his shaft now�just be careful you don’t make him blow too soon. And take your hand off your cock�I’ve got other plans for you.” Aaron moaned as Greg swirled around his balls one last time before releasing them, and reached out a hand to steady himself on Joey’s solid shoulder. Fuck, at the rate this was going he wasn’t going to last much longer. He had a brief respite as Greg started to clean up his shaft, using just the tip of his tongue to lap up the precum from the base to the piss slit, but the light tickling sensation was just as erotic in its own way, and soon he was panting again, trembling with the need to get off. He felt hands press his ass cheeks apart and groaned loudly in anticipation of what was coming next. Sure enough, a moment later he felt warm breath, then stubble grazing his ass as Dave pressed his face deep, tongue swirling around and into his hole. “Oh Christ! Greg, get on my cock bitch�I’m fucking coming! Take my load! Oh Jesus, fuckin’ eat my hole Dave! FUUUUUUCK!!” He exploded in ecstasy, barely conscious of Joey wrapping an arm around him to hold him up. His vision grayed out, and for what seemed like an eternity his whole existence consisted of his ass being stretched open by Dave’s slick probing, and his cock shooting volley after volley of spunk into Greg’s warm, eager mouth with its own swirling tongue. As his hips bucked back and forth he rocked from one source of stimulation to another, barking in pleasure each time. Eventually his orgasm subsided and he stood still, panting while Dave backed off his ass. Greg slowly pulled off his cock, cum dripping off his chin and onto his chest. Joey reached down and wiped some of it off with a finger, then licked it clean with a loud smack. “Welcome home bro. Now how about we head into Dave’s room and get this party started?” Dave got to his feet grinning. Arm around Aaron’s shoulder he led the recovering blond into his bedroom, his hardon pointing the way. Joey helped Greg to his feet, then leaned in to tongue his chest clean, enjoying the way Greg’s breath sucked in as he suckled on his nipples, especially the one with the new ring. The green goo Joey had rubbed on them the first time they’d hooked up seemed to have left them extra-sensitive, and playing with them turned Greg on almost as much as cock play. Joey and Dave had begun making a game of how long they could tease Greg just with his nipples before he was begging to get off, and the new piercing made the game that much more fun. Joey’s tongue cleaned Greg’s chin, and then worked into his mouth to savor the last taste of Aaron’s cum. He could feel Greg’s wet shaft pressing against his belt and abs as the taller youth leaned into the kiss, hunching his hips slightly as their tongues battled. After a minute Joey broke off, grinning cockily into Greg’s face. “You like suckin Aaron’s tool bro? That got you all hot?” He pinched the pierced nipple lightly, rolling the hard nub between his fingers. “Yeah, I loved feeling him shoot down my throat like that. I’m horny kocaeli escort bayan as hell Joey�when can I come?” “You know the rule: not until we say. And Aaron gets a vote now too, so you’d better get in there and start convincing him to let you get off. You don’t want to go another four days do you? So go get ’em stud.” Joey gave Greg a playful swat on the ass and sent him towards Dave’s room. “I’ll be in there in just a minute.” By the time Joey got to the room the other three had already made themselves comfortable. They knelt facing each other on Dave’s king-sized bed, Dave and Greg taking turns sucking face with Aaron, while he had a hand on each dick and was pumping them slowly, eyes closed in bliss. They barely noticed as Joey clambered up on the bed next to Dave, naked and hard, and leaned in close. “Hey,” he said softly, “I got you guys something to celebrate with. Well, two of you anyway.” The three of them paused briefly and looked over as he held up a flesh-colored, double-ended dildo. The cocks were healthy in size�at least as big as Dave’s seven-incher�and where they met in the middle the toy was ridged for easy gripping. Joey tapped Dave in the chin with one end of it and looked him close in the eye. “What do you think Dave? Would you like this up your ass while Aaron sucks you off?” “Hell yeah,” Dave growled. Joey turned to Greg. “How ’bout you slut?” Greg stared at the fleshy rod as Joey brought it towards his face. “You wanna play with the new toy? Let Aaron find out what you taste like?” He touched the rubbery head to Greg’s lips and moved it softly around them, teasing. “I bet he’d love to see your o face while he swallows your load.” Greg said nothing, just looked Joey in the eye as he took the rubber dick as far in his mouth as he could. “Yeah, I thought you’d like that. Get on your backs you two.” Greg and Dave dutifully obeyed, positioning themselves kitty-corner on the bed so Joey could get the dildo into both at once. Dave got into position first and spread his legs, knees bent and cock pointing up. He squeezed a glob of his precum onto one finger, then reached down to smear it into the stubble around his dusky hole. “C’mon Joey, put that thing in here for me.” Greg wiggled his ass closer to Dave’s, their legs entwined, and played with his nipple ring. His face and shoulders were flushed, and a pool of pre-cum glistened on his stomach as he watched Dave finger himself. Aaron watched fascinated while he stroked his prick�he couldn’t decide which of them looked hotter. Joey pulled a tube of lube from Dave’s bedside table and slicked up the dildo. “Whadya think Aaron? Which one first?” Aaron looked back and forth, torn. Eenie, meenie, minie…”Dave.” “All right. Here you go big guy.” Joey pressed the shiny head up against Dave’s hole and wiggled it around, then began pushing it in. “Fuck.” Dave sucked in a couple of quick breaths, then worked on unclenching to let the toy in. It wasn’t as big as his big black dildo, or even quite as large as Joey’s cock, but Joey was sliding it in faster than he was used to. He quickly adjusted though, and the thrusting started to feel as good as he anticipated. He started to rock his hips and slide his hands up and down his body in pleasure, not daring to touch his cock. He hadn’t been kidding when he told Aaron he wanted his first load to end up in the blond Californian’s mouth. “Right on Joey, don’t stop. That feels awesome.” “Hold up man, we’ve got another rider here who wants to get on.” Joey held up on his pumping so he could position the second head against Greg’s hole. “Greg’s been a real good boy tonight�I think he deserves a nice fucking. Greg, you still want this up your ass?” Greg grabbed his legs behind his knees to pull his muscular thighs up and apart, opening himself for Joey. “Yeah, Joey, slide that thing up my ass. Fuck me with it.” Joey wiggled the slippery head against his shaved hole, sliding and teasing, but not quite entering. “Like this?” Greg gave a half-grunt, half-moan of frustration. “C’mon Joey, don’t tease me. Slide that thing in!” “Ooooh, you sound horny Greg. D’you need some cock?” “Yeah, I need a good fucking. It’s been four days man, please just do it!” “Because you’re a little bottom bitch whore?” “Yeah, I’m you’re little whore. I need cock Joey. God!” Greg was squirming now, trying to work his sphincter up onto the dildo, but Joey was merciless. “That’s right, you do need cock don’t you Greg? And you’ll be our little bitch to get some, won’t you?” “Yeah.” Pant. Pant. “I’m your bitch. Whatever you want Joey.” “What about Aaron? Are you his little bitch too?” “Yeah.” “Tell him. Go on. Tell him and I’ll give you what you want.” Greg turned his head towards Aaron, watching him beat off to his show, and looked him in the eye. “I’m your little bitch Aaron. I’ll suck your dick any time you want, and you can fuck me any time you need a hole. I’m your bottom boy.” “Hell yeah you are. Take that dildo for me bitch.” Holy crap, thought Aaron, Greg was really getting off on this shit. Sure Dave liked to get fucked, but he didn’t get off on being submissive like this. The thought of having a personal boy toy like this was crazy hot. He could have Greg suck him off in the library stacks, or make him his personal cum dump after a match, or…he realized all these fantasies were getting him close to coming again, and let go of his shaft before he wasted a load on the sheets. Joey had worked the head into Greg’s ass, making him toss his head from side to side in pleasure as it went deeper and deeper. Dave’s breath was coming in rapid puffs too, as Greg’s squirming made the toy twist and thrust in his own ass. Finally it was deep into both men, and all four of them paused for a minute. Joey leaned back and let go of the ribbed shaft. “Why don’t you drive Aaron? See who’s jizz you can swallow first.” He gestured to the visible portion of the toy. “Be my guest.” Aaron knew Joey wasn’t just offering out of the goodness of his heart. He’d seen the line of pre-cum running down that giant shaft, and he had a pretty good idea where it was going to end up, but he wasn’t going to complain if Joey wanted to park it up his ass. He hadn’t been spit-roasted in a good long time it seemed like, and tonight was a good time to take care of that. He bent forward to get on his hands and knees, grabbed the shaft of the dildo, and�finally–took Dave’s fat, sticky head into his mouth. God he’d missed this�the musky smell of Dave’s crotch, his long moan as Aaron’s warm mouth enveloped him, the warm nutty flavor of pre-cum, and the feel of a hard spongy cock head sliding across his tongue and down his throat. He started to slide the dildo in and out, and was rewarded with more vigorous thrusting and the flavor of fresh pre-cum. Dave’s hands moved to the back of his head, gently guiding him. From the taste of his cock juice, it wouldn’t be long before Aaron got what he wanted. Or Joey, for that matter. Aaron was just getting Dave’s shaft comfortable in the back of his throat when he felt two lube-coated fingers sliding up his ass. He wiggled his hips in welcome and spread his knees further apart to ease Joey’s entry�it was going to take some time getting used to that monster after going without for so long. He hadn’t had a dildo like Dave did to keep him stretched out. Joey was careful though, just pressing his fat head against him at first. As Aaron loosened up he increased the pressure, slowly but relentlessly prying his hole open further. Aaron grunted in discomfort and let Dave’s dick slide from his mouth, breathing deeply as he tried to relax. He felt Dave stroking the back of his head. “That’s it buddy, you can do it. Take his prick up your hole the way you like Aaron. Ride that thing. Come on bud, let it in.” Finally Joey’s head popped past his ring, and he began working the rest of his 8 � inches in. It still hurt, but Aaron was remembering how to take it, and the welcome sensation of fat cock rubbing his insides was becoming more pleasurable by the second. By the time Joey’s pubes were pressed against him he was ready for a good drilling. “Do it Joey, fuck my hole.” As Joey began slowly pumping Aaron yahya kaptan escort turned his attention back to Dave, ready to fill his other hole. From the corner of his eye however he saw Greg reach down to start stroking himself. “Hey, not you Greg. You save that load for my mouth.” Greg gave a long grunt of frustration but pulled his hand away, sliding it over his belly to scoop up the liquid pooled there, then up to start playing with his nipple ring again. His cock was so hard it hurt, and he was so aroused he was trembling, but having these three jocks ordering him around was a fantasy come true. Not a fantasy he’d ever had until recently, but since Joey had shown him the pleasure of man-on-man sex he’d discovered a lot of new things he liked. Sharing a dildo with Dave, their legs entangled as they squirmed together with each thrust, was another one. Dave was feeling the same way. A rubber cock wasn’t the same as the real thing of course, but it was different when Greg was getting worked over at the same time, rubbing his legs up and down Dave’s, and knowing that they were both feeling the same pleasure at the same time. Well, at least in their asses�it wasn’t Greg’s turn to enjoy Aaron’s oral skills just yet. The boy sure did love to suck a dick, and he hadn’t lost his touch over Christmas break in the least. Dave sighed at as Aaron’s tongue and throat caressed his entire shaft, coaxing his spunk up and out. He began thrusting his hips in earnest, a low moan starting deep in his chest. He could feel his balls tightening and his ass clamping down as he tipped over the edge. “Goddamn Aaron, take it! Take my fuckin’ load buddy!” His hands tightened to a vice grip in Aaron’s head as he exploded, jet after jet of hot cream launching into Aaron’s thirsty mouth. After half a week without release he had a healthy mouthful and then some, the excess jizz dribbling onto his balls as Aaron frantically swallowed. Just like the first time Aaron sucked Dave off, the orgasm triggered his own. He’d been primed since Joey had mounted him, and the reach-around he got brought him even closer to the edge. The heady taste and feel of Dave’s cum shooting against the back of his throat was the final push, and he let out a muffled yell as his ass and cock turned to fire while his orgasm ripped through him, warm jets splashing against his stomach and chest. A minute later more warmth flooded his ass, triggering a second wave of pleasure, as Joey shot deep inside him. Damn, he thought, this is just like the first time we hooked up, maybe even better. As his own orgasm receded and Joey’s pumping slowed down, he turned his attention to cleaning up Dave’s crotch. No way was he letting that juice go to waste he thought, burying his face in Dave’s trimmed bush to tongue up every drop he could find. The smell of musk and jizz was intoxicating�he could spend all day down here. As the three of them recovered, their attention turned to the one person who still hadn’t gotten off. Greg lay there breathing heavily and trembling, watching as Joey slowly pulled out of Aaron’s ass. Aaron turned his head to look Greg in the eye as he continued to lap at the base of Dave’s shaft. “Did you like watching that Greg?” Greg nodded, and his voice cracked a bit as he answered “Yeah. Yeah, that was really hot.” Dave propped himself up on his elbows, careful not to interrupt Aaron’s cleanup operation. God it was sexy seeing a dude working on his crotch. Especially Aaron. “You want us to do something to get you off Greg?” He grinned. “I bet we could think of something.” “Yeah, please guys. I really need to get off. My balls are gonna burst.” Joey moved over to kneel next to him and ran his fingers lightly up Greg’s side, leaving goosebumps. Greg shivered at his touch. “You’ve been a good boy Greg, I think you’ve earned your reward. I think we can come up with something you like.” Oh God, Greg thought, finally. Watching the three of them get off together, feeling Dave spasm against his legs, but not allowed to join in, had been torture. He’d so wanted to just grab his cock and get off, but Joey had only let him play with his nipples. They were so sensitive now though, ever since Joey had put that gel on them, that it just made it worse, like rubbing his cock, but too slowly to get off. And the nipple ring�God, why had he ever agreed when Joey told him to get that? Well, he’d agreed because Joey had been pumping his ass at the time–very, very, slowly. Greg had begged him to go faster, but Joey would only do it if he agreed to get the piercing. And now it was even more sensitive. A couple of times they’d been grabbing a bite to eat, and Joey or Dave had ordered him to play with the ring through his shirt, knowing it would leave him too hard to get up and go without embarrassing himself. But it wasn’t sensitive enough to get him off, even with the dildo up his ass, and Joey and Dave both knew it. They also knew he would be too horny not to play with himself, the sadistic fucks. God this was hot! And now Joey was taking his hand, moving it away from his chest. Yes, thought Greg as Joey bent down, yes. Joey’s tongue touched his chest and he arched his back, silently urging Joey to take him into his mouth. Soon enough he did, tongue flicking the ring back and forth, the delicious pleasure/pain causing him to gasp and pull Joey’s head tighter against him. Then he felt his left hand lifted up above his head. He realized that Dave had gotten off the dildo and was now free; he grabbed Greg’s wrist and pinned it over his head. What was he going to do? Another long “aaaaaah” came from his mouth as Dave buried his face in his armpit and began to lick. He’d never had anyone do that to him before, but it felt great. Not as pleasurable as getting his nipples worked on, but really sexy somehow. He thought about how great Dave smelled in the morning: clean but musky, and determined to return the favor soon. Dave’s tongue continued to wander, to his chest and, inevitably, his other nipple. Having the two guys work on him like this was fantastic. And now his ass was getting what it craved as well. Aaron had taken hold of the dildo again, and was slowly pumping his hole, and he’d started exploring Greg’s groin with his tongue. The gentle flickering started at his tight balls, then worked up to his belly to lick him clean with slower, firmer strokes. Greg spread his legs wide and squirmed, desperately hoping Aaron would finally swallow him. “Aaron,” he croaked, “please dude, suck my dick. I need to come.” It seemed like Aaron was going to finally have mercy on him. He held the base of his prick, then looked Greg in the eye as he lowered his wide-open mouth, but refused to close his lips. Greg could feel the warm breath on his shaft, but there was no contact. He let out a strangled moan of frustration, desperate for the touch that would put him over the edge, but Aaron just hovered there, staring at him open-mouthed and grinning. Finally, after what seemed like forever, Aaron slowly, so slowly, closed his mouth and just held it there unmoving. Greg could feel his tongue moving slightly, no doubt enjoying the flavor, but that was all. Greg thought he would burst from the tension�the teasing in his nipples, ass, and cock was unbearable, and he was sweating now, panting with the need for release. A long “Pleeeeeeeeease!!!” burst from his throat. That was enough to satisfy Aaron. He suddenly slid his mouth partway off Greg’s shaft so he could aggressively swirl his tongue around the head. At the same time he picked up the pace with the dildo, and pressed one thumb firmly into Greg’s taint. Greg swung from not-quite-enough stimulation to more-than-enough in an instant, and he exploded with a wordless cry. He lost track of how many volleys shot down Aaron’s throat, or what he was saying or doing. All he knew was that this was hands-down the best orgasm he’d ever had, and he never wanted it to stop. Eventually it did of course. He lay there covered in sweat, his own excess jizz dribbling down his balls, panting like he’d just run a race, eyes closed and utterly spent. He was barely aware of Dave and Joey joining Aaron to like his crotch clean. Finally though he sensed movement, and opened his eyes as Aaron climbed up his body to lie on top of him. Their mouths met, and Aaron thrust his tongue in so Greg could taste himself. After a few minutes Aaron leaned back up and grinned down at him. “Good to meet you Greg. I think we’re going to get along just fine.”

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