My Hitchhiking AdventureMy Hitchhiking Adventure


This story occurs back in the late 60s when hitchhiking was much more common.

The first part of this story is mostly true up to and including the first blowjob. The rest is pure fiction. I hope you enjoy it.

* * * * *

My name’s John – not particularly original I know, but that’s what my parents named me. I had just finished my sophomore year at Rice University and would be spending the summer in Houston (not a great place to be during their hot humid summers). My mother recently re-married and now lives with her new husband in Florida and there’s no way I’d want to spend these months with them. My father lives in California with his second wife and I have very little to do with him. He has a new family now and apparently has little interest in his old one — that is me.

I wanted to do something fun in the next three months. My friends all have summer jobs, but fortunately I have enough money to carry me through the summer and then some. I wanted to do something exciting these next three months. I definitely didn’t want to experience the same old boring summers I’d had around here the last two years. And I really hoped to have some sexual experiences as well. You see, I was still a virgin. Not for want of trying, but I have to admit I hadn’t tried too hard.

For what it’s worth, I’m 20, white, 5’9″ and weigh about 145. My hair is a dark blond and is a little long — just the way I like it. I’m in pretty good shape even though I’m no athlete. I have a pleasant face and I can be pretty charming when I want to be. Actually I’m pretty decent looking — in fact a girlfriend of one of my friends in college told him that she thought I was cute and that my body really turned her on. So why weren’t the girls chasing me? I suspect it’s because I’m too smart and that I think too much — and maybe it’s because I’m not really into parties. Most of the time I’d rather stay home and read a good book. I don’t smoke and seldom drink which is probably a drag for most people, especially girls who like to party.

I really did like girls and had dated some, but it seemed we never seemed to get past the kissing and groping stage. One Saturday some time ago, I was doing my laundry in a laundromat in the afternoon and a decent looking older woman suggested that I come over to her place for a drink when I was done. Naïve me didn’t realize until later what she really wanted — boy I really blew it that time!

In any case, whenever I jacked off, it was mostly while looking at pictures of other boys. I’d had a few blowjobs from guys in restrooms, so I was probably queer — and I knew I’d like to try having sex with a guy if I had a chance.

I’d once been to Colorado on a trip with my parents and was amazed by how beautiful it was. I loved the mountains, the trees and the lakes and knew I’d love to go there again, so that’s what I’m going to do. I could afford to fly there, but I decided that wouldn’t be too much fun – or very adventurous for that matter, so I decided to hitchhike. I’d never hitchhiked before and I thought it would be fun and interesting. If nothing else, I would get a chance to meet all sorts of people and see the country between here and there.

I decided to go to Colorado Springs. I’d been there before and it was really beautiful. I thought that maybe I could get a cabin in the mountains for a few days. That would be so fine! Consequently, after I had gotten my nerve up, I packed up my backpack one night in the middle of June, got up at 6 a.m. the next morning, went to the nearest highway and stuck my thumb out. It was a warm day and I knew it would get hotter, so all I was wearing were jeans, a t-shirt and sneakers.

I got my first ride about 10 minutes later which took me just north of Houston. The day had gotten hot and I hitchhiked for a couple of hours shirtless, thinking that maybe some gay guy would pick me up (I’d heard that they liked to do that), but if not, at least I could get a good tan while I was at it.

The roads were pretty busy, so I didn’t have to wait very long between rides — at least during the day. Most of them were uneventful with just a couple of exceptions. One was with a rather seedy guy in an old, run-down car who picked me up about a couple of hours out of Houston. We rode together about 45 minutes before something seemed to happen to one of his front wheels. Pulling off into a gas station, he learned that some of the bolts on a wheel had sheared off and there was only one bolt left keeping it on the axel!. Needless to say I was glad the tire hadn’t fallen off while we were traveling at 65 mph.

Another exception was this nice old couple in their pick-up who I caught a ride with. They were going into Dallas where the wife was scheduled to have an operation for cancer. They stopped for dinner while I was with them and insisted upon paying for my meal. I tried to object since I could have easily paid for all of our meals, but they insisted, so what could I do?

Over dinner, we chatted some.

Amelia, the wife asked, “So why are you hitchhiking, John? Haramidere Escort You don’t look at all like most hitchhikers we see, so clean-cut.”

“I guess I’m not,” I laughed. “I live such a boring life, spending most of my time reading and studying, so I thought I’d try hitchhiking just for fun. I must say I’m meeting a lot of nice people, like you and your husband. Besides the only other ways I could get to Colorado Springs is by bus or plane and I didn’t feel like I’d get as much out of the trip if I did that,” I smiled.

The husband seemed to understand my motives, and Amelia went on. “I hope you won’t run into any bad people, John. You’re such a good looking young man and you might tempt some of ‘that’ kind, so I want you to be really careful, you hear. You’ll be in our prayers tonight.”

They didn’t want to drive any more that day, so I got back on the road and started hitching again.

After a couple more rides, I was dropped off somewhere north of Dallas and it became noticeably colder because it was getting dark out, so I put on a jacket. I’d hoped I’d make it as far as Amarillo my first day, but that obviously wasn’t going to happen anymore. I knew I’d have to stop somewhere sooner and get a room for the night. Since it was now after 9 p.m. and had gotten dark, it became harder to catch rides. Sometimes I had to wait 30 minutes or more before someone would stop for me and pick me up.

At around 10:30 pm, I was dropped off about 10 miles south of Wichita Falls and I had to wait over an hour before an older car pulled over and let me get in. The guy was maybe 30 years old, slim, clean-shaven and probably a redneck but otherwise seemed O.K., He was friendly enough and said he just liked having company, especially with young guys like me — looking at me with a grin. The car was trashy inside, but I was just glad to get out of the cold and on my way again, so I didn’t really care.

He held out his hand and I shook it. “Hi, I’m Lee, just headed home from Wichita Falls. I actually had to turn around to pick you up. What’s a young guy like you doing out here this time of night?”

“I’m hitchhiking to Colorado Springs — I thought it would be fun to spend some time in the mountains this summer, get away from the heat of Texas. – I really appreciate your stopping, it was getting cold out there and it seems to be really hard to catch rides this time of night. I’m hoping to spend the night somewhere in Wichita Falls. Oh, and my name’s John, Lee.”

“I’ll take you into the Falls, but then I’ve got to turn around and go back south — I need to get back home,” Lee responded.

We got back on the road and chatted some as we rode along.

“I always like to pick up young guys when I can. I like a little male company sometimes — if you know what I mean,” and he winked at me.

I didn’t know what he meant, but I figured what the hell? He seemed like a pretty decent person and at least I was back on the road.

“Well I’m certainly no girl.” I smiled at him and laughed. “I’ve been hitching since six this morning and I’m just about dead, so I may not be great company, but I’ll try to do the best I can.”

“That’s O.K.. Where are you going to stay tonight in the Falls?”

“I don’t know — maybe you could drop me off at some motel if you know of one? I really need to get off my feet and get some sleep.”

“Let me think about it. Hey, you want a beer? I’ve got some in a cooler in back.”

I wasn’t a beer drinker, but I thought I’d be sociable and accept one.

“Sure, why not?” I told him and he got one for both of us. We popped the cans open and took sips.

While we were chatting and going down the road, drinking our beers, I noticed his right hand was slowly edging over. I didn’t say anything about it and soon his hand was on my thigh. I was very tired and didn’t resist when he began fondling my crotch — besides it felt good.

“Want a blowjob?,” he asked softly, looking over at me.

Being tired, I didn’t answer but just nodded. Soon he pulled off the road, parking under an overpass. He quickly pulled down my jeans and briefs and stroked my dick until it was standing straight up.

“Nice one, about 6 1/2 inches or maybe more.” He fondled the head with the palm of his hand and then leaned over and took it into his mouth. I groaned and leaned back, giving him full access. He obviously loved cocksucking because he took his time, licking all around under the shaft and tonguing my piss slit before sliding his lips all the way down my shaft.

He raised back up, smiling at me. “Feel good?” I choked out “Yes”, wanting him to get on with it because I was really enjoying being sucked off by a master. The thing with me is that I always have my best orgasms when I’m tired and I knew it would feel great when I came.

His lips formed an ‘O’ and slid back down my shaft all the way to the balls. It was clear he really wanted my cum because he increased the speed. Each time he went down on me, I could feel the back of his throat Escort Haramidere and his tongue caressing the underside of my shaft. I put my hands on the back of his head, urging him on. Slowly I could feel my orgasm building and when I got close, I held his head down as my cum shot out of my cockhead into his warm mouth. He greedily swallowed every drop of it, moaning in ecstasy at the load I was giving him.

Soon Lee was sitting back up and wiping off his face. “Ummm, that was very nice — thanks, John.”

“I’m glad you liked it. It did feel really good.” I pulled my pants back up and re-fastened them.

“I’d really love to have you fuck me,” Lee said. “I’d bet that nice dick of yours would feel great in my ass, but I can tell you’re too tired, sorry to say.”

He started the car up again and got back on the highway. It must have been almost midnight by the time we got to the town.

“I would have liked to take you home with me, but my mother would shit a brick if I brought some random guy home. But,” he went on, “there’s a small old house in the Falls which one of us guys owns and lets us play around in — in fact, I just came from there. This time of night, there won’t be anyone in the place, so I’m sure it’d be O.K. if you crashed there if you want to.”

“That’d be great, Lee! You’re sure nobody will mind?”

“Fuck no! In any case, if any of the guys knew, they’d welcome a cute dude like you with open arms!”

We arrived at the house about 10 minutes later. It was in a rather seedy neighborhood and the yard for the house was a mess — full of overgrown shrubs and tons of weeds. It was evident that it hadn’t seen a lawnmower in a long time.

Fortunately the inside of the house was in somewhat better shape. The floors were relatively clean with some rugs scattered around. The furniture, while certainly not new and had seen better days, was still usable. There were two small bedrooms each with a double bed, a nightstand, a chair or two and a couple of lamps. Finally, the house also had a kitchen with a small table and chairs and a bathroom with a good-sized shower.

“You all keep this place pretty clean for a bunch of guys, Lee,” I remarked, surprised.

“Thanks — we try. Each week, one of us has the responsibility for cleaning up the place, washing any dishes, and cleaning the toilet and shower. None of us wants this place to be a dump. So far it seems to be working out pretty well.”

“Now, I’ve got to get home. In that closet over there (he pointed), you’ll find sheets, blankets and pillows. There are towels, washcloths, soap and shampoo in the bathroom. Do you think you’ll need anything else?”

I shook my head. “No, that should do it. I really appreciate this, Lee.”

“No problem, John. I can’t be here tomorrow but I hope everything goes well for you. And good luck on your trip,” he smiled.

We shook hands and he left. I grabbed the bedding and made the bed in one of the rooms. I was hungry, so I grabbed a protein bar from my backpack and ate that while looking around some. There wasn’t much to see, except that I found that there was plenty of lube and condoms in the bedrooms and living room. It was clear these guys, whoever they were, had plenty of sex here. From what Lee had told me, all of these guys liked to screw around with other — an idea which I found tremendously exciting and I would have jacked off if I hadn’t been so tired and cum recently. But I was beat, so I stripped down to just my briefs, slipped into bed and was soon out like a light.

* * * * *

The next thing I knew it was morning and I could hear voices coming from the living room.

“Do you think he’s still here, Bill? That was really nice of Lee to call us this morning to tell us about the ‘fresh meat’ he’d left here last night. He even left a sign outside on the door saying ‘FRESH MEAT INSIDE’! Cute,” he said, chuckling.

“That guy oughta be, Tim. From what Lee said about how tired he was, I’d bet the kid could sleep at least eight hours if not longer.”

A minute later, a guy looked into the room where I was still in bed. He was a relatively young guy, maybe 23 or 24, unshaven and slim, about my height, and nice looking. My dick started to harden just looking at him.

“Hey Bill, here he is! He looks like he’s just waking up.”

The slim guy (I guessed he was Tim) came on into the room and the other guy (probably Bill) followed right behind him.

“Hey kid, you doing O.K.? Hope we didn’t wake you.” Bill said in a deep voice.

Bill looked like a mechanic or something. He was a big guy, maybe 40, with strong, thick arms and legs – probably about 6’1″ – and very muscular. Not my type, but, given that, he was still sexy.

“No, that’s all right,” I told them with a yawn, “I was just about to get up anyhow. I hope you don’t mind my crashing here. A guy named Lee said it would be O.K..”

I crawled out of bed and walked between them.

“Do you mind? I have to piss something awful.”

“No, go ahead Haramidere Escort Bayan – we’ve been there ourselves,” Bill laughed.

I felt them staring at my almost naked body as I went by, but they politely kept their hands to themselves.

When I came back after relieving myself, it was clear they’d been talking about something (probably me), but they stopped as soon as I came back into the room.

I was a little self-conscious, because all I had on were my briefs and I started to pick up my clothes to put them on.

“No need for those, kid,” Bill told me with a grin. “We’re all guys here — there’s no problem as far as we’re concerned. Why don’t you just sit on the bed and we’ll chat a little? Lee called us this morning and told us about you, so Tim and me decided to come over and check you out. Uh, I mean check and see how you were doing. Right, Tim?”

“Yeah, that’s right, Bill.” Tim nodded vigorously.

“I understand your name is John?” he asked as he sat down on the bed beside me.

“Yeah,” I told him, getting a little nervous.

“Lee said he gave you a blowjob last night. Did you like that?” Bill continued.

Tim took that opportunity to sit down on the other side of the bed next to me.

I just nodded.

“I’ll bet it felt great! Lee’s really good at sucking cock — and he really likes cum. Doesn’t he, Tim?”

Tim laughed, “You could say that!”

Both of their legs were now touching mine and there wasn’t any way I could move away from them without being rude. Besides, I didn’t know if I really wanted to — it sort of felt good to me in my still sleepy state having their bodies touching mine. In fact, I could feel my dick starting to harden.

“It was good,” I admitted, “but I was so tired, I don’t really remember much about it.”

Bill put his hand on my shoulder.

“I’m betting you’re gay, aren’t you, John?”

Tim had put his hand on my bare thigh while Bill was talking.

“Uh, maybe … I’m not sure. I haven’t really had much experience sexually,” I answered.

“But you have had some, haven’t you, John? Even if it’s just getting an occasional blowjob. That’s no problem for us, is it Tim?”

“Oh no,” Tim answered grinning. “Not at all, we all have to start somewhere, sometime.”

I jumped a little as Tim’s hand found its way to my crotch. At the same time, Bill started rubbing my nipples.

“You’re a cute guy and you’ve got a really nice body, John. Tim and I would be glad to teach you a few things about sex with guys, wouldn’t we, Tim?,” Bill casually remarked with lust in his voice.

I had a hard-on by now, and Tim had pulled my dick out of my briefs and was stroking it.

“Look, Bill, he must be almost 7″, don’t you think?”

“It’s a real beauty, Tim. Why don’t you suck on it some and see if it gets any bigger.”

Before I realized it, Bill had leaned over and began kissing me, his stubble rubbing against my cheeks.

Tim took my dick into his mouth and it felt great! I couldn’t believe this good-looking guy was sucking me off! I pulled away from Bill and watched Tim’s head bobbing up and down on my rod. Bill pulled me around again and pushed me back until I was laying on the bed, then he leaned over and started licking and sucking on my nipples. I’d never had this done to me before and I loved it — I never knew my nipples were so sensitive!

Tim was evidently an expert cocksucker — even better than Lee or any other guy who had sucked me off in the past. He took my entire rod into his mouth and it suddenly felt like there was a vacuum attached to my dick, actually trying to pull the cum right out of my balls. He didn’t move his mouth too much on my shaft, but just applied a constant suction on my hard dick along with the constant movement of his tongue over my cockhead. It seemed like it was only a few minutes before my cock started to pulse and filled Tim’s mouth with my hot cum! God, it felt so good!!! I must have shot about 5 times!

Tim smacked his lips (which I found sort of gross). “Hmmm, nothing like some good cum for a healthy snack I always say.”

Tim next pulled off his shirt revealing a beautiful smooth chest. He took one of my hands and placed it on his groin, letting me feel his hard dick through his pants.

He next pulled my head to him and planted a wet kiss on my lips.. He pushed his tongue in my mouth and I could taste my own cum on it!

Everything was happening so fast with these guys — it was clear I was out of my depth with these two, but I was enjoying every second of it!!

While Tim was kissing me, Bill grabbed my briefs and pulled them all the way off.

“Whoa! what do you think you’re doing, Bill?” I wanted to know.

“Just showing you a good time, boy. Just a little Texas hospitality, besides you’ve got a great body, shame to hide it.” he winked.

“Ever suck off a guy, kid?” Bill asked. I shook my head no. “Now’s your chance. Tim’s got a sweet dick, just the right size for sucking. Why don’t you let John suck you off, Tim?”

(These guys were really, really moving fast — I just got blown and now, a few seconds later, they had me completely nude and wanted me to suck off the same guy who had blown me. I didn’t know what to think and I’d barely recovered from cumming! What they didn’t know was that Tim’s face and body really turned me on!)

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