Daddy’s LessonsDaddy’s Lessons


I’m in Room 535. Hurry! he texted.

Mitch set the door slightly ajar. He was waiting and pacing in the hotel room, waiting and pacing. He closed the curtains, turned out the lights, and checked the door. Still open a crack.

Waiting for his Sweet Boy, Robbie, in the dark.

The door opened slightly, sending a shaft of light into the room. “Dad? Are you there? Daddy?”

“Put the ‘Do Not Disturb’ sign on the outer handle and close and lock the door, Boy,” came the reply from the darkness. Robbie did as he was told.

“Come here, Son.”

Only a glimmer of light entered the room. Mitch was sitting in a chair with his back to the wall.

“Stand right there,” Mitch said, pointing to a spot about three feet away. Robbie was dressed in his normal, daily business clothes, as he had been ordered.

Mitch rose, took a step, and embraced Robbie, his hands rubbing Robbie’s back, his sides, then massaging his butt. He moved one of his hands behind Robbie’s head, drawing their faces together. Lips touched. Robbie opened his mouth to Mitch’s hungry tongue, which probed his mouth.

Robbie moaned. “Oh, Daddy, I’ve been waiting for so long,” he said as they drew away. Then, they kissed again – and again.

“Are you wearing what I told you to to wear, Boy?” Mitch asked.

“Yes, Daddy.” Robbie began to unbutton his shirt.

“Slow down, Boy. I’ll do that!”

Mitch slowly unbuttoned the younger man’s shirt, revealing a lacy, black bra. “Yes, Boy! Look at you! Gorgeous!”

Mitch removed Robbie’s shirt, then unbuckled his belt and unzipped his fly. Robbie’s trousers dropped to the ground, revealing a skimpy, black thong.

“Kick off your pants and remove your shoes and socks. Robbie complied. “Now, go to the door and turn the hall light on.” A soft light illuminated the doorway. “Walk back to me – and then back to the door – slowly, Boy. Slowly. I want to watch your every step.”

Robbie walked to Mitch, and, just before he was to turn around to walk back, Mitch told him to stop. “Stand in front of me.” Robbie did as commanded.

“Spread your legs a little.”

Mitch’s face lit up. “Look at your hard clitty cock, Son! Just look. Perfect.” Mitch rubbed Robbie’s balls and stroked his clitty cock through the thong. Robbie moaned.

“Now, walk back to the door. Slowly. I want to see your gorgeous ass as you’re walking.” Slowly, Robbie made his way to the door.

“Now, come back, slowly.” Robbie complied.

Help me off with my shirt, Boy. Then unbuckle my belt, unbutton my pants, and unzip my fly – but don’t touch Daddy’s cock. Not yet.”

Robbie eased the older man’s pants down. Daddy’s not wearing underwear! He placed his hands on Mitch’s hips and begin to pull him closer, mouth open, hungering for Daddy’s cock.

“No, Boy. Not yet. Do not put it in your mouth yet. Don’t even touch it.”

# # #

Mitch Bright had been a member of the erotic literature web site for more than a decade, yet he had never taken advantage of its full capacity. One summer’s day, the 64-year-old decided to look at more than the stories.

What he found piqued his interest. He had never checked out the Bulletin Board or the Live Chat. But, what intrigued him the most were the GBLT personals.

Like “Suck hunters by Zip Code” and “Bi-curious man looking for same post by zip or area code.” So, he decided to post the Zip Code for Hartford, Conn. Then, he forgot about it.

Three weeks later, he received a personal message.

“Hey! My name is Robbie. I’m a 35-year-old married man in 01138. I’m 5’11” and I weigh about 250 pounds. I’m in an unhappy marriage and have been fantasizing about having an intimate relationship with an older man. I’d be new escort osmanbey at being intimate with another man. But, I want to try it.”

This is it! Mitch wrote back:

“I’m in my early 60s and I have been in an unsatisfactory marriage for a long time. I have been fascinated with having a sexual relationship with a younger man, someone whom I can teach and share with. Could it be you?”

They corresponded for several weeks before they finally agreed to meet. They chose a quaint, out-of-the way motel off the beaten path between Hartford and Springfield, Mass.

They met on a Tuesday afternoon.

# # #

As if in a dream, Robbie smiled and moved in to touch his Daddy’s cock again.

Mitch grabbed the back of Robbie’s head and held it while grinding his Daddy cock and balls into the young man’s face.

“I told you not to touch it, Boy!” Mitch sat on the edge of the bed with his legs flat on the floor. He lay back and slid his ass slightly off the bed and spread his legs.

Now, stick out your tongue and lick my balls!”

Robbie did as he was ordered.

“All right, Boy, now lick my taint … from my rosebud to my balls.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy! Mmmmm! Yes!”

“Suck my balls, Boy! Gently!”

“Mmmmm!” Mitch rubbed his Daddy cock all over Robbie’s face while his balls were being sucked.

“Good! Excellent! Yes!” Pre-cum was leaking from the tip of Mitch’s cock.

“Kiss the head of Daddy’s cock, my Special Boy. And, lick it. Lick the head, around and around, Boy! Lick all my salty pre-cum from the tip!”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes!”

Robbie obeyed, kissing Daddy’s cock, licking it around and around.

“Down the shaft and back up again, Boy.”

“Mmmmm, Daddy. Does that feel good?”

“Oh, yes, Sweet Boy. My Sweet, Sweet Boy!”

Again, Robbie parted his lips and tried to take Mitch’s cock into his mouth.

“No, Robbie. Not now! I’ll let you know when! Now, stand up.”

Robbie stood and Mitch ran his hands all over the young man’s upper body and under his frilly black bra, pushing it up to expose his cute man tits.

Mitch kneaded Robbie’s chest, stopping to lick his nipples, then began to suck them.

“Mmmmm, Daddy. That feels so good.”

Mitch ran his free hand down Robbie’s stomach until he reached the waist of his thong. He slipped his hand underneath until he touched Robbie’s clitty cock.

He began to stroke the young man’s clitty cock gently, up and down. Then, just the head.

“I’m sorry it’s not bigger, Daddy.”

“I don’t care about its size. I’m selfish. I want it to be mine.”

“Oh, yes, Daddy, yes, Daddy. Anything you want. My clitty cock is yours.”

“Robby, remove your bra,” Mitch ordered. As Robbie removed the bra, Mitch slid Robbie’s damp thong down until it fell to the floor.

He kissed Robbie’s clitty cock, then licked the shaft from his ball sack to the head and back again.

“Sit on the bed, Boy.” He spread Robbie’s legs and took his balls into his mouth, gently sucking them.

“Your lessons have begun. Remember everything I do to you. That’s what I want you to do to me.”

“Yes, Daddy, I will.”


Mitch licked Robbie from his rosebud to his balls, then up his cock to its head. Then, he took the young man’s clitty cock into his mouth his mouth and began to suck it.

“Do not cum, Robbie. You may not cum … not until I tell you to. Do you understand me?”

“Yes, Daddy. I understand. I am not allowed to cum until you tell me I can.”

“I’ve never sucked a cock before, Robbie. You are my first. Mmmmm.”

“Oh, Daddy!”

“Mmmmm, your pre-cum is so salty. Mmmmm.”

Robbie was lost in a reverie. escort güngören He could only whisper, “Daddy, that feels so good!”

Whenever Mitch felt Robbie was getting ready to spurt, he’d squeeze the base of the young man’s cock while licking his taint and his balls.

After awhile, Mitch stopped.

“All right, Sweet Boy,” he whispered. “That was Lesson One. Now, for Lesson Two. Go into the bathroom, take a facecloth, wet it down with warm water, and bring it right back.”

Robbie came back and gave Mitch the wet facecloth.

“I want you to kneel down facing the end of the bed, with your upper body lying on the bed. Move your legs right up to the bed and present your beautiful butt to me. Are you comfortable?”



Mitch took the facecloth and wiped up and down Robbie’s butt crack, stopping at his pinkish-brown rosebud. He swirled the facecloth around and around the young man’s anal opening, then gently entered Robbie’s Pleasure Canal.

“Good. Now, open your cheeks. Use your hands and open your cheeks.”

Robbie did as he was told.

Mitch knelt behind Robbie and began to lick his crack, from his balls, up his taint, around his rosebud, and back again. And again. And again.

Then, he began to lick rings around Robbie’s rosebud, first one way and then the other.

“Mmmmm, Daddy, that feels amazing!”

Mitch came up for air. “Yes, Baby Boy. I can see you like this.” He went back to it.

After several more minutes of rimming Robbie, he said, “Baby Boy, you stay right where you are.” Mitch got up and returned with a tube of lube.

“Now, Sweet Boy, I want you to relax. Trust me. I’ll try not to hurt you.”

He squirted some of the lube on Robbie’s rosebud, and some on his pointer finger. The, he slowly inserted his finger into Robbie’s rosebud. Slowly he slid his finger farther in until he reached the barrier. He pulled his finger back slightly.

“Relax for me, Boy. Relax and open yourself to me.”

“I’m trying, Daddy.”

“When I reach it again, relax and open yourself to me.”

“Okay, Daddy.”

Again, Mitch pressed against the barrier. Not hard. Just enough. He wasn’t a stern Daddy. He didn’t want to hurt his Sweet Boy.

Suddenly, the muscle relaxed and Mitch’s finger glided in until his knuckles pressed against Robbie’s butt.

“Oh, oh, Daddy. That’s uncomfortable.”

Mitch partially withdrew. Then he removed his finger, added more lube, and reinserted it. This time, it glided all the way in.

“Oof!” Robbie said.

“I’ll be gentle and I won’t put too much pressure on you … this time.”

He slowly slid his finger in and out, in and out.

“You seem to be more relaxed. How’s that feel now, Boy?”

“Better, Daddy.”


Mitch removed his finger and rubbed Robbie’s rosebud.

“Do you feel all right? Do you remember what I did to you?”

“I feel fine, Daddy. What you did with your tongue felt amazing! And, I was beginning to enjoy it when you were fingering me.”

“Good. Now, I want you to do the same to me.”

“Really, Daddy? Yes! I want to!”

“Good. Stand up then.”

They embraced, then kissed, a slow, passionate kiss, tongues probing, hands feeling one another’s body.

Robbie felt Mitch’s chest, licked his nipples, and slid his hand down Mitch’s body until he reached his Daddy cock. He began to gently stroke it.

“Do you like Daddy’s cock, Baby Boy?”

“Yes, Daddy. I love your cock!”

“I want you to adore my cock. Worship my cock.”

“Oh, Daddy, I do!”

“Now … you may not make me cum, not until I tell you.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

Robbie knelt down and began to lick escort çapa his Daddy’s shaft, then the head of his cock.

“Sit on the bed, Daddy,” he said.

Mitch sat on the bed, laid back, and spread his legs. Robbie licked Mitch’s taint, starting at his rosebud, then his balls, balls, then up the shaft of Mitch’s cock. He licked rings around Mitch’s cock, then gently took it into his mouth.

“Oh, Daddy, it’s so big!”

“Mmmmm, Boy. That feels so good. Remember, you are not allowed to make me cum until I tell you.”

“Yes, Daddy.”

As Mitch had done to him, Robbie did to Mitch, sucking his Daddy Cock until he felt Mitch was getting ready to spurt, then stopping to lick his balls, then his taint.

“Daddy, I’m going to wet the facecloth for you.”

“Yes, Boy. Do it.”

Mitch got on his knees and lay his torso on the bed. Then, Robbie cleaned Mitch’s rosebud as Mitch had cleaned his, and then said, “Daddy, please open your cheeks.”

Mitch complied.

Robbie swirled his tongue around and around his Daddy’s rosebud, stopping from time to time to suck it. He put his hands on Mitch’s butt to open his rosebud even more … and slid his tongue in and out, in and out, and kept doing it until his jaw ached.

“Was that good, Daddy?”

“That was awesome, Baby Boy. You learned that lesson well. What’s next?”

Robbie squirted some lube on Mitch’s rosebud, then some on his finger. Slowly, he inserted it into Mitch’s Pleasure Canal, but when he reached the barrier, the muscle immediately opened.

“Is is in?”

“Yes, Daddy. It’s all the way in.”

“Yes. Put some pressure on my butt, Boy.”

As Robbie increased the pressure of his knuckles against his butt, Mitch’s hips began to move, slowly, rhythmically, and he put pressure against Robbie’s hand.

“Oh, yes, Boy. This feels so good – so freaking good!”

“Hike up a little, Daddy. I want to suck your cock, too.”

“No, Robbie. This is what’s going to happen instead. I want you pile the pillows against the headboard and sit with your back against them, your knees bent and spread apart.”

Robbie did as he was told. Mitch crawled into the bed and between Robbie’s legs. He fingered Robbie’s rosebud and began to suck Robbie’s clitty cock. Then, he slid his finger slightly into the canal and went back to sucking Robbie’s clitty cock.

“How does that feel, Boy?”

“Awesome, Daddy! Awesome!”

“When you feel you need to come, you may.”

“Oh, Daddy. … Oh, Daddy!”

Robbie’s hips began to move slowly, rhythmically, back and forth, in and out. He was squirming in an ecstasy he had never before experienced.

“Oh, Daddy, I’m going to … I’m … oh … oh!”

Spurts of warm sperm shot from Robbie’s clitty cock and into Mitch’s mouth. He let it lie on his tongue, not swallowing, still sucking on Robbie’s softening clitty cock.

Then, Mitch hiked himself to be face-to-face with Robbie and kissed him, sharing the warm, gooey cum with his Sweet Boy.

“Mmmmm, Daddy. You are amazing, Daddy. But, I want to give you pleasure.”

“Oh, you have, Baby Boy, and you will.”

Mitch got up and straddled Robbie’s chest. “Open your mouth for Daddy. And, slide your finger all the way in Daddy’s rosebud while your sucking his cock.”

“Robbie placed his hands on Mitch’s hips and moved him back and forth, back and forth, while maintaining the pressure against his butt.

In and out. Back and forth. Pressure. In and out.

“Oh! Oh! Make me cum, Baby Boy! Make me cum!”

Daddy’s cock spurted one time, then again, and again, and again. The muscles in his Pleasure Canal contracted and released in ecstatic spasms. After a delay that seemed like an eternity, he had one more spasm and shot another stream of cum.

He collapsed on top of Robbie. They embraced. They kissed, deeply, sharing Daddy’s load.

“Well done, Baby Boy. You’ve passed your first exam … with a perfect score.”

# # #

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