The rapturous notion of you blindfolding and taking me leaves me feeling weak at the knees yet filled with quiet yet raging excitement.

You grab a silky scarf turn me around, back towards you, pulling me closer as you place the scarf over my eyes and tie it firmly enough around my head.

In this darkness I hear you whisper.

“Tonight, I will have my way with you!”

I feel your mouth ever so lightly tracing down my neck, as you kiss me slowly. You move back up and breathe softly along the path where your mouth has been. My response is automatic as I arch my neck, exposing more silky flesh awaiting you.

I see only darkness. Remember? But I smell you and I can almost touch the sexual energy emanating from you.

My hands reach out to touch you but you grab both my wrists placing my hands behind my back, whispering.

“Surrender. Tonight you’re mine!”

You grasp both my wrists in one hand. My body screams and I ache to touch you. Slowly your free hand and fingers trace my arms then teasingly along my breasts. I quiver at your touch as your fingers tweak my nipples and I gasp with your every move.

My hands and fingers are so desperate to trace every inch of you and I try to free myself, but realize your grip is strong. The harder I try, the tighter your grip. Yet it feels good! I fight a little more only to feel the strength of your hand squeezing my wrists. I quieten down as I slowly feel a pinch on one nipple followed by the heat of your tongue teasing my nipple while your fingers move to the other nipple and you start tweaking that one.

The tactile overload makes my body tremble as my knees almost give in, but you hold me and pull me up into your naked heat. Again you stay silent. You listen and watch as to how my body responds to your touch. Wet warmth falls upon my lips as your mouth locks with mine.

I offer no resistance as your tongue probes bursa escort between my lips then you take my bottom lip and suck it into your mouth, letting go and kissing me deeply again.

Standing skin to skin there’s a burning urgency as I press firmly against you and feel your hot hard cock on my groin. I grind slowly into you and feel my pussy drip with excitement. I let out a couple of gasps and a moan escapes my lips.

You suddenly let go off my wrists as you push me and I fall back onto the bed. The excitement continues relentlessly. My sight covered but my other senses so acute as I hear you shuffling around, and then feel your hand grabbing one wrist and you tie the silky scarf on it and the other end onto the bedpost. You follow onto the other wrist and do the same. The air is pulsing with electric sexual energy.

I cannot reach out to touch you, which I so desperately want to do, instead I arch my back opening myself to you, wanting you to take me, to plunge your hot hard cock deep into my wet warm pussy. I want to gasp with every hard thrust, filled with a mixture of sinfully delicious pleasure.

You deny me that pleasure.

Instead, you flick your tongue on my clitoris sending a ray of heat right through my pussy. I push up further, wanting to feel your tongue tease and please me. I writhe in blind passion as your tongue strokes and flicks are slow and deliberate, just enough to keep me on the edge with burning desire.

You again whisper.

“Tonight I pleasure you!”

You begin kissing all the way down my leg, to my foot, as your fingers trace lightly sending excitement up through my spine. As you stop at my foot I feel you gently wrap my ankle, realization sets in. To late! I know what you are doing.

I’m filled with a sense of absolute powerlessness, as I now completely understand your earlier whisper. There is no option, but complete bursa escort bayan surrender.

You take hold of the other ankle tying it up and then tying the other end of the silky scarf to the last bedpost.

I am totally at your mercy. Fiery sensations course through my being and every sinew and each vein pulsates with adrenaline. Now, more than ever, I want to feel your hardness thrust into the depths of me. I am so ready!

I feel you move as your mouth once again locks on mine. The hunger fathomless, we just can’t get enough of each other. I keep lifting my head up to you (the only part of me not strapped down) as you push your mouth firmly on mine and explore my mouth with your tongue.

Your hands and fingers have found their way to my breasts. First you begin with slow circles around the nipples, while still kissing me. Your fingers become more demanding and you twist and pinch my nipples. Instinctively they respond to your touch and I let out a gasp of unadulterated excitement. They’re hard, erect and oh so excited. You lay on my spread eagle form and put your hot cock between my pussy’s wetness and slowly rock forward and backwards.

I want to arch my hips but am tied down leaving me unable to do anything except feel you teasing me, pushing my limits of desire, to inexplicable heights.

You move your mouth down towards my right nipple biting it gentle between your teeth this shoots a heightened rapture straight to my groin, your mouth gingerly moves across to my left nipple, where you do the same and all the pleasure centres are so keenly attuned.

Your one hand has made its way down to my pussy, which is now even more wet, you slip one finger in and I relive a thousand pleasures.

Your mouth is kissing its way down, a stop every so often as your tongue flicks my skin. Your mouth traces its way to my inner thighs and again, kissing escort bursa each side ever so seductively. Silence, except for our breathing and my gasps and moans, which intensify with each of your moves.

Suddenly your hot wet tongue is playfully teasing my clit. Although the flick is gentle, it’s deliberate, evoking writhing with its fervour. You run your tongue flat over the my entire pussy, from bottom to top stopping at the clit, then repeat this as you stoke the heat. I feel you slipping your tongue deep into my pussy, as you begin tongue fucking me.

“Damn it feels so good!” I scream inwardly.

You return your attention once again to my clit, then deep into my pussy, back to the clitoris adding a gentle nibble followed by the quicker flicks lending to unavoidable muscle contractions deep within, to the point of no return. Then surging, like bolts of electricity right to the tip of the clitoris, reverberating within, up through my spine straight into my brain’s happy centre and back to my clitoris, to a mind blowing orgasm.

As I am lying there shaking in ecstasy, you say,

“Now I’m going to fuck you so hard baby!”

Giving me no time, you ram your hot hard cock deep into my wet pussy. You come up and thrust deep again, then begin to fuck me hard. Your balls slapping me as I feel each thrust penetrate my depths.

I am tugging desperately at the silky ties in the hope that they come undone, but they just pull tighter. I can’t grab or hold you and this feeling simply exacerbates the submissiveness, surrender and willingness to let you have me completely, just as you want.

The same intense unavoidable muscle contractions increase to the point of no return as we both reach a breathless climax. My pussy continues to milk every last drop of cum from your cock.

We both lay absolutely spent yet relishing in the awe-inspiring culmination.

Fantasies – it’s all but a play on words: because “fantasies” are said to be improbable/impossible pay closer attention to the words, they are contradictory. Improbable = “I’m probable and Impossible = I’m possible” so fantasies were made to be expressed, experienced and fulfilled.

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