My College Journal Ch. 02My College Journal Ch. 02


Chapter 2: Rockin’ Robin

Journal Entry: Friday, Sept 22, 1988 – Robin

Patty’s boyfriend was coming up for the weekend so the weekend after the best sex of my life I was left without a fuck buddy. Patty was a great lay but I needed to find at least one other steady piece of ass for circumstances like this. Pete was spending just about every weekend at Cathy’s and Steve and Pat were going to double with Patty and her boyfriend, Frank, so I was on my own. I thought about going uptown and trolling the bars but instead I heard about a freshman mixer on campus. I decided I’d go try my luck with the new girls just getting out on their own for the first time, possibly looking for a physical demonstration of their new found freedom.

I hung around the apartment and went up to campus fashionably late. I wanted to make sure the girls still at the mixer were drunk and desperate. I wasn’t looking for a soul mate, just a girl to party with when Patty was unavailable. I got to the party around 11 and the room was still crowded. Of course the ‘cool’ cheerleader types were in the middle of the floor dancing surrounded by a gaggle of dweebs trying to curry their favor. I ignored that dynamic and scanned the edges of the room for babes who might be less confident and thus more willing to put out.

I spied a tall, slender, blond across the room and something clicked. I casually made my way across the room and struck up a conversation. She seemed eager to chat. Her name was Robin and she was a freshman. I kept her well supplied with beers as we traded small talk. The party started breaking up around midnight. I asked Robin if she wanted to continue the party at my place.

“Can I trust you to be a gentleman?” she asked with a grin.

“Probably not” I shot back.

“Cool!” she exclaimed, “let’s go.”

I only lived a few blocks from campus so it didn’t take us long. The cool night air felt great even if it did take the edge off our intoxication. We made it to my place and sat on the couch. I retrieved us a couple of beers.

“So tell me about yourself,” I said, “do you have a boyfriend at home?”

“No,” she replied, “I never really dated much. I was kind of a nerd in high school. I was hoping to change that now that I’m finally on my own.”

“I was a nerd in high school too,” I confided, “I guess I still am.”

“You don’t have a girlfriend?” she asked.

“No,” I said, “I took a couple of years off to see the world and I just got back to college this year.”

“Oh, so you’ve probably been with dozens of women.”

“Not as many as you might think.”

“One dozen?” she laughed.

“Try four,” I replied, “and you?” She was rather plain looking and didn’t have much in the chest area; I could see why she might not have been in the fast crowd. “I can’t believe a hot girl like you didn’t have dozens of encounters,” I fibbed, “you probably have my record beat.”

“After tonight,” she paused and smiled shyly, “if I’m lucky it will be one.”

“No way!” I exclaimed.

“I hope that’s not a problem,” she said with a look of concern, “I was hoping to find someone who could teach me.”

“I’m not much of a teacher,” I said, “but I’ll be glad to do what I can. Maybe we can learn together.” She turned to me and looked as if she wanted me to kiss her so I did. She started a bit tentatively but once my tongue forced itself into her mouth she loosened up and let her tongue play with mine. I ran my hands up under her shirt, reached behind her, and unsnapped her bra. I slipped my hands under her bra and pushed it up as I cupped her tiny titties. There was only one other girl I’d ever dated who had boobs this small and, by some weird bit of serendipity, her name had also been Robin. I think this Robin’s tits might have been slightly bigger. They may have been small but they were crowned with nice, large nipples. She started to moan softly as I twisted them gently.

“That feels great, baby,” she sighed.

“Let’s get this shirt off you,” I said.

She raised her hands over her head and I slipped off her shirt. “I hope you don’t mind,” she said, “they’re pretty small.”

They were pretty small but cute; firm with nice, hard nipples. “They’re fine,” I reassured her as I rolled her nipps between my fingers. “I’m a tit man,” I continued, “I love big tits. But I also love small tits.” Her body shuddered as I bent down and kissed each nipple. “Your babies won’t go hungry,” I added. “And the best thing is you should never have to wear one of these,” I said, picking up her bra and tossing Gaziantep Yabancı Escort it into the kitchen toward the trash can.

“You’re so kind,” she laughed, “I’m so glad we met tonight.” I took her nips between my lips, one at a time, and sucked. She was moaning hard and heavy as I suckled and nibbled. “Oh fuck, that feels good,” she moaned her encouragement, “suck my tits, baby.” I chewed on her tits for 10 or 15 minutes before slowly running my hand down her flat belly and sliding it into her jeans. I wasn’t quite able to reach her wetness so she reached down and unbuttoned her pants and slid down the zipper.

“You’re an eager little fucker, aren’t you,” I smiled, as my fingers found her wet pussy and slid gently between her lips, “why don’t we get these pants off you and I’ll show you what it feels like to have your pussy eaten.”

“I hope that feels as wonderful as it sounds,” she grinned as we tore off her pants and tossed them in the corner.

“I guess you’ll soon find out,” I grinned as I slowly ran my tongue down her tight belly. As this was, ostensively, her first time, I figured I’d take it nice and slow. I ran my tongue down towards her snatch, avoided her pussy at the last instant and instead licked down the inside of her thigh. She exhaled a huge breath and stroked my hair as I slowly ran my tongue back up her thigh towards her sweet spot. Teasing again, I ran it above her pussy and down her other thigh.

“Are you just teasing me,” she moaned, “or are you ever going to lick my pussy?”

“Do you want me to lick your pussy?” I teased.

She squirmed around on the couch, trying to position her pussy in front of my moving tongue with little success. “More than I’ve ever wanted anything in my life,” she cried. A single tear ran down her cheek as I ran my tongue back up her tummy and started sucking her tits again. She held me tight to her breast and moaned her approval. Her body tensed as I ran my tongue back down her tummy.

This time as I moved to avoid her pussy she grabbed my head pulled me in and thrust her pussy into my face. “You tricky, tricky white girl, ” I mumbled before I surrendered to the inevitable and thrust my tongue deep inside her pussy.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” she cried, “I’m sorry; I’m cuming, I’m cuming, oh fuck, I’m cuming.” True to her word her entire body started convulsing and her pussy started gushing. I did my best to lick up as much of her flow as I could but before she was finished there was cum dripping from my chin.

She lay back against the couch breathing hard with a huge smile on her face. “I’m sorry, baby,” she sighed, “I couldn’t help myself. But that was the best experience of my life!”

“First rule of fucking,” I replied, “never be sorry for cuming; that’s kind of the point to the exercise.”

“I didn’t know if I was supposed to wait for you and I didn’t want to leak cum all over you,” she replied.

“Fortunately I happen to love getting your cum all over me. You can cum as often and as hard as you like, dear, don’t worry about me.”

“Thanks for being so patient with me,” she smiled.

“Believe me,” I replied, “it’s my pleasure. Now, do you want to go again?”

“We can do that?” she squealed with glee as I knelt down between her legs and started licking her pussy again, “far fucking out.” This girl was going to be a lot of fun.

I had barley grazed her clit last time so this time I concentrated my attentions there. She responded nicely as I licked and sucked and nibbled gently on her clit. It wasn’t long before she was moaning loudly and rocking back and forth on the couch. “For a beginner,” I observed as I let her catch her breath between tongue lashings, “you really know how to have a good time.”

“You’ve done something to me,” she cried, “I can’t get enough.”

Saying that, she pulled my head into her pussy and started fucking my face like a pro. I slid my tongue from pussy to clit and back again as she exploded in yet another orgasm. After I licked up her love juices she pushed me away saying, “I don’t think I can take any more.”

I stood up and held out my hand. She took it and I helped her to her feet. “Want to go to my room and rest for awhile?” I asked with a grin. She just smiled and followed me to my room. “Make yourself comfortable,” I said as she climbed onto the bed, “You don’t mind if I get more comfortable, do you?”

“Not at all,” she replied, “please do.” I pulled off my shirt and pants and stood before her stroking my huge hard on. Her eyes grew large. “Holy shit!” she exclaimed, “I’m no expert but that thing looks bigger than average to me. Can I touch it?”

“Be my guest,” I said, joining her in bed.

She grabbed my ten inch cock and tentatively gave it a few strokes. “I never dreamed guys were this big,” she sighed.

“The good news is they aren’t. I’m probably above average,” I told her, “and the bad news…well, turns out there is no bad news. It’s all good.”

She laughed. “What do we do now?” she asked, her body trembling with anticipation.

“Spread your legs, lay back, and enjoy yourself,” I smiled.

I climbed on top of her and guided my cock between her legs. I ran the tip of my cock up and down her slit and clit. Robin, with eyes tightly shut, started softly moaning. “Do it, baby, “she whispered, “slide it in and make me a woman.” Encouraged, I eased the tip of my cock between her lips. “Oh fuck me, baby,” she cried.

I pressed in only to meet stiff resistance. “Oh fuck,” I told her, “I’ve never fucked such a tight pussy.” I barely put any pressure behind my cock, just allowed Robins pussy time to adjust and stretch. Besides, as I had learned from Patty, you always wanted to take it nice and slow the first time so you could remember all the varied sensations. Robin’s virgin pussy offered stiff resistance but fortunately she was well lubricated with saliva and cum and ever so slowly my cock began to inch it’s way forward.

“Oh, oh, oh, fuck me baby, just fuck me, “she moaned, tears rolling down her cheeks, “just fuck me.”

I increased my pressure slightly and slid an inch or two. I massaged her pussy using the first third of my cock as Robin started to cum. By the time she stopped screaming my cock had slid half way home and she was still smiling. “Are you still OK, baby?” I asked.

“Better than I’ve ever been in my life,” she replied, “I just want the rest of your cock.” She started pressing upward with her hips which forced another inch of my cock into her hot, throbbing pussy. I only had a few inches to go so, in one, quick thrust, I rammed it the rest of the way home. As I did so Robin let out a piercing scream.

“Are you alright?” I asked. She was too busy screaming to answer but from the way her body was shaking as she ground her pelvis into mine l figured they were cries of pleasure. I slowly pulled my cock out and shoved it forcefully back home. The bitch did have tight pussy. But the way she was cuming, she seemed to love cock. I ground my cock in again and bent down and sucked her titties until she finally finished cuming.

“That’s so fucking beautiful, ” she softly cried, “I can’t believe I waited this long to experience that. Thank you so very much.”

“And do you know what the best part is?” I smiled and slowly pulled my cock from her pussy until only the tip was left inside.

“What’s that?” she asked, surprised.

“The best part is,” I replied, sliding my cock back in to the hilt, “we’re just getting started.”

“You mean you’re not finished?” she squealed with pleasure.

“Silly girl,” I replied, “you’d better get ready to fuck all night long.”

“Ooh,” she giggled, “it’s like a dream come true. Do me, baby; make me a woman.”

I thought that was somewhat trite, but I wasn’t going to let her naivety get in the way of a good fuck. Her pussy was still good and tight but even more wet than the first time. I started sliding my cock in and out as Robin began to moan again. I increased my pace and before long she was cuming again, screaming, “Fuck me, baby, fuck me.” We had been fucking around long enough that I felt the cum starting to rise at the base of my cock.

“Is your pussy ready for some cum, baby?” I asked. She shook her head eagerly. “Here I cum, baby.” I increased my pace even more as I deposited the first load of cum her virgin pussy had ever received. I kept cuming and shoving my cum deeper with every thrust. We finally finished cuming and lay on the bed panting.

“That was the best thing that ever happened to me;” she smiled, “was it good for you too?”

“Fucking incredible,” I replied.

“When can we do it again?” she asked.

“How about right now?” I asked.

“Cool!” she said, “but you look a little soft.”

“If you’re in a hurry,” I told her, “you could put my dick in your mouth and suck me back to full strength.”

“I can do that,” she said, moving down and taking my soft cock between her lips.

“That’s it,” I sighed, “move it in and out of your mouth and suck. Don’t be afraid to use your tongue. Ahhh…that’s nice.” My cock slowly responded. For a virgin, she did a pretty good job sucking my cock.

“Yum,” she said, “you taste salty. I think I like the taste of cum too!”

“You’re a natural little cum slut,” I told her as she quickly worked my cock back to full strength, “we’re going to have lots of fun.”

She lay back and spread her legs, “Let’s have some fun right now,” she grinned.

“You really are a horny little cum slut,” I laughed, mounting her and sliding my cock back into her tight little pussy. It was still a tight fit and we had to press together to get my cock to slid back inside her pussy. “Fuck your pussy is tight, baby, ” I told her as I started slowly pumping her, “it’s by far the tightest pussy I’ve ever fucked.”

“And you have the biggest cock I’ve ever fucked,” she laughed, “too fucking big. You’re really breaking my pussy in right, baby.”


We fucked into the night. I lost track of the times Robin came. For a virgin she was one hot fuck. Every time I shot her another load of cum she pounced on my cock, not letting me go soft for even a moment. Fortunately sometime around dawn she finally fell asleep. She had a pussy full of cum and a smile on her face.

We woke up around noon. I was having a wonderful dream that some strange girl had snuck into my room and was giving me an excellent blow job. I opened my eyes and Robin was looking up at me with a huge smile on her face and my cock sticking in her mouth. “Good morning,” I said, “is my little cum whore ready to fuck again?”

She removed my cock from her mouth and grinned, licking up and down the shaft, “Actually my pussy is pretty sore. I was hoping to get my first mouthful of cum for breakfast.”

“I’m pretty worn out,” I told her, “but, what the fuck, how can I say no to such a pretty young slut?” She grinned and went back down on my throbbing cock. What she lacked in experience she more than compensated with eagerness as she bounced up and down on my cock. “My first pussy full of cum was great; I can’t wait to taste my first mouthful of cum.”

“After all the fucking we did last night,” I cautioned her, “it may not be much but I’ll do my best.”

Robin continued eagerly sucking my cock and after 20 or 30 minutes I finally responded with a nice load of hot cum for her. She squealed with pleasure as I shot squirt after squirt of cum into her mouth. When I finished she looked at me grinning with only a small trickle of cum dripping down her chin. “I forgot to tell you,” I said, “but it’s considered bad manners to not swallow a guy’s cum.” She was so easy. She grinned and swallowed every last drop.

“Very tasty, ” she said.

“What do you want to do now?” I asked.

“I need a good hot bath and then some food and then I’m going to see if my new boyfriend wants to give me some more fucking lessons.”

“I can draw you a bath and get you fed but you’ll have to talk to your boyfriend about that last item,” I laughed.

She punched me and went out and gathered up her cloths while I started the bath. I filled the tub up and Robin hopped in. “Aren’t you going to join me?” she asked.

“If I do we may end up putting your schedule out of order,” I replied.

“I guess that’s a risk I’ll just have to take,” she grinned, “it’s not like it was etched in stone.” I crawled in facing her, my semi-flaccid cock floating on the water. She turned around and asked me to wash her back. I grabbed a bar of soap and spent a few moments on her back before reaching around and soaping up her titties. She leaned back against me and purred as I gently rubbed her soapy tits. I leaned back against the back of the tub, Robin’s boobies in my arms. We must have fallen asleep as it was nearly an hour later when she startled me by turning around.

“Something keeps poking me in the back and I had to see what it was” she said as I woke up. I must have been dreaming again because my cock was rock hard. Robin crawled into my lap and guided my massive erection between her pussy lips. “That’s much better,” she sighed as she sat down, driving my cock deep inside her pussy. Her tits were in my face so I started sucking her nipples as she slowly rode up and down on my cock.

“It’s just as good as last night,” she moaned as she started fucking me harder, “Gosh I love cock. Where have you been all my life?”

I didn’t bother to reply as she was too busy cuming and I would’ve had to shout to get over her screams. I certainly seemed to have turned a mild mannered virgin into a cock hungry, screaming nympho. We fucked in the tub for nearly an hour before I finally calmed her down with several shots of hot, sticky cum.

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