My Boyfriend’s FatherMy Boyfriend’s Father


When Brandon left for college, I’d never felt so alone, confused or out of place. He’d always looked out for me, being a 19-year-old guy who stands only 5’4″ and weighing in at just over 110lbs, I needed his protection! We met during my junior year in high school, but got closer during our final year. Without him, my last two years of school would have been unbearable. Over time, I’d learned of ways to repay his kindness. I don’t think anyone could have guessed what we did when we were alone, except for his dad.

Mr. Reynolds had caught us in a couple of awkward situations. He’d once walked into his living room while I knelt naked between his son’s legs and was giving him my very best blowjob. Brandon was able to simply slip his erection back into his pants. I on the other hand, had to run across the room naked because Brandon had stripped me in his bedroom. That was the same day Mr. Reynolds learned I kept my body smooth, mostly because Brandon liked me that way. Even my small, pinkish erection is kept completely without hair. On another occasion, I happened to look up from Brandon’s eyes while I practiced giving him a lap-dance to see Mr. Reynolds staring at me! The craziest thing was that Mr. Reynolds looked just as aroused as Brandon!

Three long lonely months passed slowly after he left. During that time, I found myself thinking more and more about Mr. Reynolds. To me completely honest, I was missing him just as much as I missed his son! It sounds terrible I know. But I couldn’t help it.

I must’ve wandered by his home a dozen times before he finally noticed me. I was a little ways down the street when I heard him open his front door and call out, “Bailey”. Hearing his deep voice call out my name sent a shiver up my spine. Biting my lower lip and spinning around, I waved and began to quickly walk back toward him. I watched his eyes wander up and down my body as I approached. Wearing a simple white t-shirt, light denim shorts, white tennis shoes and ankle socks, I hoped he liked how I looked.

He stood on the porch, leaning against a post with a big smile on his face. He was wearing a blue dress shirt with khaki’s and brown dress shoes. The top few buttons of his shirt were undone exposing the white t-shirt wore beneath. Just like his son, Mr. Reynolds towered over me by almost a foot. He had broad shoulders, deep brown eyes and his dark brown hair had barely receded. When I got within a few steps of him, I said “Hi Mr. Reynolds. I haven’t seen you in a while. How have you been?”

He smiled and allowed his eyes to wander back down to my shoes and all the way back up before he answered. “I’ve been good. I’m missing Brandon, but seeing you has completely cured me of that.”

I smiled brightly and told him that I’d been missing his son too. We chatted for a little longer on his porch before he invited me inside so we could continue talking over a cool drink. All I could think about was him remembering the compromising positions he’d caught me in. I thought he was attracted to me, but I really hoped he liked me as much as I liked him. I knew, if he ever made a pass at me, I’d let him do whatever he wanted. With that thought in mind, I’m sure I blushed deeply when I accepted his invitation. He held the door open for me and as I passed through, he stepped right in behind me and I felt his hand on my lower back, gently guiding me into his living room. I swear I nearly squirted my juices right there!

Mr. Reynolds had be sit on his couch, the same couch where I’d done terribly naughty things with his son. Some of which he’d seen with his own eyes. He told me to get comfortable while he got drinks for us. I seriously considered stripping naked while he was gone. He returned carrying two glasses of soda. He handed me one of the glasses and asked “Diet, right?” I giggled and said, “You remembered.” While he sat down with his own drink, he smiled and told me that I didn’t need diet, I looked just perfect the way I was.

Once we were sitting side-by-side, smell of his cologne filled my nostrils, it was intoxicating. It was a woodsy, musky smell that was perfectly masculine and fit him perfectly. I’d always found his 5 o’clock shadow to be extremely sexy. Sitting there beside him on the couch, I wondered what it would feel like for him to kiss me. I felt my face heat up and the thought and immediately tried to focus on anything else. I sipped on my drink and smiled at him.

There was something about the way he looked into my eyes that made me feel very vulnerable. It was like he knew what I was thinking, like he knew all my secrets. I had the hardest time looking up at him. My eyes kept drifting back down to the drink in my hands. After I’d done that a few times, he gently reached over and set two fingers under my chin to coax me to look at him. I slowly looked up to see him smiling warmly. He told me I didn’t need to be nervous. He went on to tell me that he hoped I would be just as comfortable in his home as I was when Brandon was still there. I smiled Eyüpsultan Escort and told him thank you.

At those words, Mr. Reynolds’ eyes opened wide. While he stood up, he explained that while he was cleaning up Brandon’s room, he found a backpack that was mine. I cringed, Brandon had told me he’d get rid of it before he left! I knew what was in that backpack and there was no way he could have known it was mine without looking. Oh Gawd! I wanted to disappear! I almost stood up and raced out of the house, but for some reason, I stayed right where I was. Squirming on the sofa, blushing like crazy and waiting for him to return.

He came back into the room carrying my red backpack as if it were the most precious thing in the world. Seeing it in his hands had my heart racing. He sat down beside me, closer than he had before. My left leg was touching his right. He held the backpack on his lap and didn’t say a word for what seemed like eternity.

I couldn’t help but stare at the backpack until I felt his fingers under my chin again. Slowly looking up into his warm brown eyes, I know I was blushing like crazy. In almost a whisper he said, “I wasn’t sure this bag was yours” he paused while holding my gaze, “until I opened it.” I heard myself whimper before I even realized I was making a sound.

The sound of the zipper brought my attention back to the bag. I tried to say something, but all I could do was mumble a little. Biting my lower lip as he held the bag closed but finished unzipping it all the way. I looked up into his eyes, panicking hoping he’d just zip it back up. But, while still looking at me, he spread the flap of the backpack all the way open. I almost cried I was so embarrassed, and worried, and I don’t know! I was freaking out!

He looked down into the bag and told me he was serious about me feeling comfortable in his house even though Brandon was no longer there. He reached in with his hand and pulled out a pair of pink booty shorts that were obviously made for girls. Holding them up as if he were examining them, then laying them neatly on the coffee table in front of us. “Very cute.” Were the only two words he spoke before his hand slipped back into the bag.

This time he withdrew a small stack of panties in a variety of colors. He set the stack on his knee and carefully picked up each pair, looking at each of them before laying them out on display on the coffee table. When all six pair were laid out, he pointed to a soft yellow and white plaid pair with lace around the legs and waist and told me those were his favorites. He then asked which ones were my favorites. I raised my hand and pointed to a pink pair of bikini panties. Even while I was doing it, I couldn’t believe I was telling this grown man which panties I liked to wear the most!

I’d never felt so embarrassed before! And I’d been in embarrassing situations before! This was almost too much. But for whatever reason, my little weenie was throbbing like crazy! And thinking back on it now, I’ll bet Mr. Reynolds knew exactly what that situation was doing to me.

His hand reaching back into the backpack, he came out with one of the items I’d been dreading most, a shiny metal butt plug with a pink jewel embedded on the base. He held it by its base with three fingers, the plug part was pointing straight up. He slowly moved that hand so it was right between our faces. With a teasing look in his eyes, he whispered, “This is a very lucky piece of steel.”

I gasped and felt my little weenie ooze its pre juices. I could feel his warm breath on my face, the plug that had spent so much time in my bottom was a few inches from my nose, and the things he said were driving me crazy. Somewhere along the lines, I’d gone from being insanely embarrassed to being incredibly horny. Or maybe I’d been like that all along. The sexual tension in the room was making it difficult for me to pay attention.

With the plug still between us, he whispered softly. “There is just one thing left in the backpack. Do you remember what it is?” I bit my lip hard and slowly nodded my head.

He gently set the butt plug down on the yellow panties which were his favorites. His hand then returned to the backpack and he slowly pulled out an envelope of pictures from a local drug store. He set the envelope down on my favorite pink bikini panties next to the yellow panties and butt plug. He slowly zipped up the pockets on the backpack and set it on the floor.

For whatever reason I couldn’t make myself move. I could have grabbed that envelope and ran, but I knew he’d already seen everything in there. If I were going to run, I should have done it when he first came out with the backpack! I guess deep down inside me, I wanted to stay. I wanted Mr. Reynolds to know everything. He’d seen me naked before, now he knew some of my deeper secrets.

He turned a little and looked at me. No, he looked through me. “Bailey, I want you to know. That I’ll never tell anyone about Eyüpsultan Escort Bayan any of this. I hope you know that. I’ve never mentioned the ‘conditions’ I’ve seen you in to anyone else. And I promise I won’t start now.”

I whimpered softly, “Thank you.” Biting my lip hard and struggling to look at him.

What happened next still confuses me. I’m not sure who leaned in, or if we both did. But the next thing I knew, my head was tilted to the side and Mr. Reynolds was kissing me. I’m not talking about a good-night bunny-kiss. I’m talking about a full on, kiss! Tongues dancing together, his hand behind my neck, pulling me in close KISS!! Without a doubt, it was the most erotic, passionate kiss of my life.

Eventually the kiss broke and it left me gasping. He leaned in until his lips were close to my ear and whispered, “I’ve wanted to do that for an awfully long time.” All I could do was whimper stupidly, “Me too.”

He sat back up and took the envelope of pictures in his hand, flipping it open and pulling out the stack of printed pictures without looking down at them. Then asked how embarrassed I was to have the images printed in a store. I ignored his question, leaned in and tried to kiss him again. But he avoided my lips. I tried to tell him we didn’t need to look at the pictures. But he would have none of it. And I sat back and pouted a little which only seemed to make him happier.

He looked down at the first picture. It showed me posing inside a dressing room in a department store at the mall. I was wearing a slightly see thru pink nightie and nothing else. “So tell me Bailey, does your, um, penis, always get hard when you are dressed like that? Or is it erect because you were almost naked in changing room?” He was definitely trying to embarrass me now. And at that point, what more could I be embarrassed about? He’d already seen the picture and my little weenie. I pulled myself together and managed to whisper “Both, I guess.”

He seemed happy with that and set the picture on my lap. I left it face up, what reason did I have to try and hide it now? He picked up the next one and we both looked at it, I remembered the day clearly. Brandon’s car had broken down and we had borrowed Mr. Reynolds’ Chrysler so we could go to the movies. On the way, I slowly undressed before we were even out of the neighborhood. I scooted down in the seat, not wearing a thing while he drove us to the matinee in the middle of the day. Brandon parked behind the theater, got his phone out and ran around to my side of the car. After opening my door, he snapped a few pictures of me while I rubbed myself and fingered my bottom. That was the picture Mr. Reynolds was looking at now. He held the picture in one hand and slowly ran the index finger of his other hand over my body in the photograph. He didn’t say a word while he set that picture on top of the previous one in my lap.

The next picture was taken at my house. My face wasn’t even visible, but I’m sure Mr. Reynolds knew it was me. I was naked and bent over the dining room table. On my butt cheeks were the bright red imprints of hands. The day that picture was taken was one of the many days I unsuccessfully tried to give my virginity to Brandon. On that particular day, I thought we should try it in my mother’s bed. He went slowly that day, but with only the head of his cock in my bottom, I screamed out in pain and begged him to pull out. Brandon was very understanding. But he thought I deserved a firm spanking for the failed attempt.

All Mr. Reynolds said was, “Naughty girl.” Perhaps I didn’t take it right, but I’m sure he emphasized the word ‘girl’ for my benefit. Brandon used to call me his girl when we were alone. And most times my mother didn’t bother correcting someone if they mistook me for a girl. So I was used to it. Honestly I took it as a compliment.

I really didn’t know what to say while he silently held the picture. The last thing I wanted him to know was how much I enjoyed a firm spanking from time to time. So I kept my mouth shut until he set that third picture on my lap. I asked him if we could please stop looking at pictures. He picked up the stack and thumbed through them, telling me just a few more.

After choosing two of them and holding them face down, he slipped the rest of them back into the envelope. He flipped the first picture over and my mouth fell open. In the picture, I stood naked in my living room except for a pair of panties around one ankle. I was looking particularly desperate while posing for the camera. Just around the corner, not more than 10 feet from where I stood, my mother sat with her back toward me at the kitchen table reading.

“You naughty, naughty girl. What would you have done if your mother would’ve seen you?” There was a sparkle in his eye. He was loving this. He must’ve known how much it embarrassed me to look at that picture with him. Brandon had dared me to do that. He’d teased me most of the day just so I would. Escort Eyüpsultan

The smile from Mr. Reynolds’ face faded. He looked at me more sternly then he had since I’d arrived. “I asked you a question young lady. What would you have done if your mother would’ve turned her head and seen you so excited in the middle of the living room?”

I suppose I should explain a little about my mother. She has always been pretty overprotective of me. She insists on knowing where I am, when I’ll be back, who I’ll be with, and what we’ll be doing. Even during my senior year, she walked with me through my school hallways dozens of times, always holding my hand to meet with teachers who she believed weren’t treating me fairly. She still insisted on remaining in the doctor’s office during my annual physicals. She was a little shocked to see me without any body hair during that last visit. She still took me shopping for clothes and made me model them all for her. And being the size that I was, I would only fit in boy’s sizes. I finally had to stand up for myself, which I hate to do, to get her to let me try on unisex clothes or even girls pants. They at least fit me! One more thing, my mother stands a few inches taller than me and outweighs me by about 75 pounds. When she gets upset, she tends to frighten me, but deep down I know she loves me very much.

To answer Mr. Reynolds question, I bit my lip again and whispered, “I don’t know what I would have done if she would have seen me. I guess I didn’t think about that.”

“My point exactly. If you are going to run around naked, you have to be careful where you do it. The last thing I want is for you to get into serious trouble. Now if your mother had seen you, I’m sure she would have punished you and you would have deserved it. But that wouldn’t be the kind of trouble I’m talking about. Indecent Exposure can land you in jail! I can’t imagine the things that could happen to you in a place like that.” He paused to let that sink in. I hadn’t really spent much time thinking about the consequences. It was always fun to do and it made me feel really naughty. I knew it was dangerous, but I didn’t realize how dangerous.

He went on to explain, “All that I’m trying to tell you is that you need to find a place where you can expose your cute little self without getting arrested. Do you understand?”

I looked up into his eyes and squeaked, “Yes, I understand. But, um, do you know where I could do it safely?” I lowered my chin a little and batted my eyelashes, while still looking up to see his reaction.

His eyes seemed to sparkle again, he reached over and laid his hand on my thigh, “Bailey, Sweetie, if you ever feel the need to take your clothes off, you can always do it here. It should be pretty obvious that I enjoy seeing you naked. And if you ever want to do it in a more public setting, I’m sure I could think of a safe place.” He then reached into his pocket, pulled out a key and told me I was always welcome in his home. Holding my hands in his, he laid the key in my palm.

I arched my back and leaned in to kiss him again. Our lips met, and the kiss was just as powerful as our first kiss, maybe even more. It made me dizzy and I felt a little light headed. Brandon was a good kisser, but Mr. Reynolds was in a whole different league. I could have kissed him all day long. But it ended all too soon.

“We still have one picture left.” He stated with a little excitement in his voice. Again, he waited while I anxiously sat beside him. He sat there for what seemed like forever without turning the picture over. I finally asked him if he was going to do it or not. Something about having Mr. Reynolds see all these things and know all of these secrets about me just made me feel free. Even more so than I felt with his son.

He turned the picture over and it showed me in my pink thong, I had been kneeling just in front of where Mr. Reynolds was now sitting. Brandon’s legs were on either side of me. I was happily looking up into the camera with my mouth opened wide. On my outstretched tongue, was a large glob of creamy cum.

Mr. Reynolds didn’t speak for a time. We both looked at the picture and up at each other several times, until I finally broke out in the giggles. He waited until I calmed down and then said, “I’m betting you didn’t get a spanking on that day.” That made me giggle all the more. It was so uncomfortable and tense and strange to have all this laid out in front of us. What else could I do but giggle?

He didn’t wait for me to calm down that time. He scooped up all the pictures and tossed them onto the table. Taking me into his arms, he kissed me again. One of his hands holding the back of my neck, the other wandering up and down my body. I looped my arms up and around his neck. My head tilted to the side, breathing heavily and moaning softly into his mouth. We kissed and squirmed together for quite a while until he took one of my legs in his hands and slowly raised it onto his lap. He untied my shoe and slipped it off with my sock, setting them both down on the cushion beside him. My other leg went to his lap next, my shoe and sock were soon resting by their pairs beside him. Slipped his hands under my arms and scooted me onto his lap. Facing away from him, I turned my head so we could keep kissing, but he had other ideas.

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