Mum’s Lover Ch. 01Mum’s Lover Ch. 01


Mum’s fiftieth birthday was on Saturday; she wasn’t looking forward to it as she still thought of herself as a much younger person. It was three years since John; her husband had died. It had been tough for Jo in these three years, Jack, her son, had finished his final examinations at school, with the grades that he had, he had been accepted to study Law. In September he would start his fourth-year of Law. Jack’s father had been a wealthy accountant, Jo and Jack had no financial worries as John owned several businesses which produced healthy profits, Molly ran the businesses, she was an accountant too and had worked with John for over twenty years.

Jack had invited his mum out for dinner on Saturday evening; he was playing in a golf competition on Saturday morning. His mum and Molly were going out for lunch; they were good friends and socialised together. Molly was six months older than Jo; she was also a widow; she had a daughter who had just qualified as an accountant. Molly had used her influence and Mags, Molly’s daughter had been accepted as a personal assistant to the Senior Partner of a very large accountancy firm. Both Molly and Mags were tall attractive women.

Jo had been teasing Jack about going out for a meal; she was calling it her first date in over four years. Jack was looking forward to taking his mum out; he wondered what she would wear as in the last few months she had taken to wearing clothes that highlighted her very curvy body, his mum had massive tits.

Jack also had another problem; he didn’t know what to give her for a birthday present. He had usually given her flowers and a bottle of champagne, but after his father died, he started to receive a substantial monthly allowance. In the last three years, Jack had amassed a small fortune as his mum paid for everything.

The present problem was solved when he met Molly and Mags in the supermarket. Jack was amazed as to how the two of them were looking; they were both very sexy women. They generally chatted for a few minutes, Jack had the feeling that both of them were flirting with him, then Jack asked, “Molly, can you give me any suggestions as to what I can give mum for her birthday, normally I give her flowers and a bottle of champagne but this year I’d like to give her more?”

Molly smiled then said, “Jack, that’s an easy question to answer, Jo, like most women, loves lingerie. I would suggest that you go to the boutique off the high street as Jo loves that shop and buy her a voucher so that she can choose the items herself or would you like me to give you her sizes so you could pick the garments yourself?”

Jack laughed then said, “Molly, that’s a great idea, I think it would be better if I bought a voucher as I don’t think that I could go into a shop and buy sexy underwear for my mother. I’ve no idea about lingerie, how much will I make the voucher for so mum will appreciate me buying it for her?”

Molly answered, “It depends on what you can afford, a hundred pounds is a lot of lingerie, two hundred Meşrutiyet Escort is better but if it was three hundred and you asked her to buy a nice outfit for Saturday night?”

Mags then said, Jack thought that both Mags and Molly’s tits were incredible, “Jack, if you can afford it make it three hundred, that will make your mum realise that you are thinking about her, I’ve been buying my mum lingerie for years, but it’s easy for me as I know what she likes. At home, when we are at home, mum and I only wear lingerie, it makes both of us feel good. You should ask Jo to wear some in the house so that you will know what she likes.”

Jack then thanked them both for the good advice. He then went to the boutique and bought a three hundred pounds voucher. There was a special offer on, and he got an additional fifteen percent, so the voucher was now for three hundred and forty-five pounds.

The rest of the week flew in. On Saturday morning, Jack was up early to get to the Golf course. He made his breakfast then knocked his mum’s bedroom door. She invites him in; Jack sat on the edge of the bed. He gave her a birthday card, three bottles of her favourite champagne and the boutique voucher. Jack hugged his mum. His mum said, “I appreciate this. I feel so proud of you that you thought of doing this for me. I’m looking forward to tonight. Give me a call when you are at the golf club so that I’m ready when you get home.”

Mum then hugged Jack again, the sheet covering her massive tits slipped, they were beautiful. Jack felt his cock hardening as he left.

Jack played well and won the competition. He showered then attended the prize giving. He phoned his mum to say he would be home in an hour. Mum replied, “Darling, could you make it an hour and a quarter, as I want to take a shower and make myself pretty for you. I’ve had my hair done. I’ve also bought an exciting outfit for tonight. I also bought some lovely lingerie. We had a power surge this morning, and four of the bulbs in the ceiling light are blown, could you change them for me when you get home?”

Jack didn’t know that as he spoke with his mum, she was lying on top of her bed with her legs wide open as Molly sucked her clit and finger fucked her, mum was close to cuming, she had already made Molly cum and needed the extra time to prepare herself for Jack.

Jack told her he would be home in an hour and a quarter; he would change the light bulbs then. When Jack got home, his mum looked stunning; she was showing a lot of cleavage, Jack couldn’t keep his eyes off her massive tits pressed together, forming a beautiful six-inch crease.

Mum already had a ladder in position with four bulbs on the coffee table. Jack then climbed the ladder, his cock completely erect. Mum said, “Please don’t fall; I’ll support you.”

Jack replied, “Don’t worry, I won’t; I’ve only another three to change.”

Mum’s fingers squeezed Jack’s thigh then moved three inches higher, touching his erection. Meşrutiyet Escort Bayan Mum then took her fingers away and said as her face reddened, “I’m so sorry, I didn’t mean to touch….”

Jack could hardly concentrate on the next two bulbs, but he managed it, there was one left to do. He was thinking; this is incest, you dirty fucker, you want to fuck your mother. He thought of the many times he had wanked off thinking of his mum’s tits; Jack said, “Mum, I’m sorry.”

Mum was staring into his eyes, then said, “Jack, you didn’t do anything wrong, it’s all my fault for touching you. Get back up the ladder and change the last bulb, then we can have a glass of champagne and celebrate my birthday.”

Mum handed Jack the last bulb; then her hand touched Jack’s thigh again. Jack’s feet wobbled on the step of the ladder; he looked down at her cleavage, his cock so hard. Jack changed the last bulb as mum’s fingers touched the outline of Jack’s cock. Mum whispered, Jack heard her, “It’s so fucking thick and long.”

Mum was staring into Jack’s eyes, she asked, “Have I caused this?”

Jack answered, “Yes.”

Mum’s eyes were fixed on Jack’s as her fingers skillfully aroused his cock. Jack came off the ladder and then took his mum in his arms, they tongue kissed for several minutes then mum’s iPhone rang, it was Jack’s gran phoning to wish her daughter a happy birthday. Gran was spending time with a girlfriend in London. She had intended to be home for the birthday but had managed to get tickets for two different shows and had stayed over to go to the shows.

Mum then said, “Mum, thanks so much for phoning, Jack’s just brought me a glass of champagne, let me get comfortable on the sofa then we can chat, I wish that you were with me sharing this bottle of champagne.”

Mum put her phone on mute as she stripped naked, she said, “Darling, you get naked too, I want to see your big cock. I also want you to give mummy a birthday treat by playing with her big tits and her hungry cunt. Put ice into an ice bucket and bring it in here. Sip the cold champagne on your tongue then tease my hungry cunt with it. I’ll put my phone on speaker so do everything quietly as we don’t want gran to know that your fucking her hot daughter. Jack, your cock is magnificent, I can’t wait to have that beauty inside me. I love it in every hole so you can have mummy any way you want her.”

Jack then went for the champagne; he couldn’t believe what was happening. Mum’s body was unbelievable; her massive tits didn’t sag; her stomach was flat with a beautifully smooth and swollen vulva. Her sex slit was long and so inviting. Her butt was tight and firm.

Jack went back into the lounge and poured two glasses of champagne, giving one to his mum whose legs were now spread wide open. She was working her clit with one hand as she fingered her cunt with her other hand. Mum took the champagne glass with the hand she had been fingering her cunt. Mum was chatting Escort Meşrutiyet away with gran; she saw that there was some precum on the slit on Jack’s cock; she made a licking motion with her tongue. Jack then took the precum onto his index finger and held his finger to his mum’s mouth. Mum responded by saying, “That’s delicious; mum wants a lot of that tonight.”

Gran asked, “What’s delicious?”

Mum replied, “Jack has given me a lovely bottle of champagne, in fact, he has given me three, mum, I’m so happy, Jack’s also gave me a voucher for three hundred and forty-five pounds for my favourite boutique, I bought some risque lingerie and some revealing outfits today. Would it be naughty if I wore the lingerie around the house when Jack and I are alone?”

Gran answered, “Jo, you’re both adults, that was thoughtful of him. Mags and Molly wear lingerie when they are alone. When you and I are alone, we wear lingerie. He did it because he cares about you. Jo, you still have a magnificent body, if I were you, then I would do it. Tell him what you like and why you like it then you’ll get to know about each other. I need to go now as we have a taxi coming to take us to the show. I hope that you have a wonderful night, tell Jack that I want some lingerie for my birthday and I’ll wear it when we are alone. I’ll be home on Tuesday afternoon, is it possible that you or Jack could pick me up from the airport, the flight arrives at three in the afternoon?”

Mum told her that one of us would be there for her. Jack had been sucking mum’s clit as he finger fucked her with three fingers. Mum had cum a couple of times as Jack had felt the warmth of her sweet cunt juice in his mouth. Jack’s cock was still rock hard, mum said, “Jack, you’re so good at that, you’ve made mummy cum a couple of times. Let me now look after you.”

Jack was so horny, as he kissed his mum, his hands were all over his mum’s body, mum said, “Slow down Jack, this is not a race, we have all night so let’s take our time.”

All Jack was thinking of was getting his cock inside his mum’s cunt, he knew that he would cum very quickly, he was so aroused knowing that he was going to lose his virginity to his mother. He made another lunge at his mum who said, “Jack, please slow down, if you want to be my lover then you must be gentle and caring. I had enough in and out sex with your father, I don’t want that again.”

When Jack heard these words it brought him to his senses, he said, “I’m sorry mum, I don’t have any experience, you will have to teach me, I’m a fast learner just tell me what you like, and I’ll do it for you.”

Mum then kissed me tenderly and affectionately, their tongued exploring the other’s mouth, mum asked, “Are you a virgin?”

Jack whispered, “Yes, mum, but I love you and want to love you more.”

Mum answered, “Never rush anything, I love you too, love me, and we can have a lot of fun. I haven’t been with a man since your father died so be gentle with me. Once I’m used to you, then we can move up a gear. I want to be honest with you; I’m bisexual, I have sex with Molly and Mags. I also have sex with gran, would you be interested in joining us, they would all love your magnificent cock, would you like to love us all?”


Would love any suggestions on how to develop this story. Regards, Jack

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