Mum’s Dementia Ch. 02Mum’s Dementia Ch. 02


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The following day Jack woke up just after nine; a minute later, mum came into his bedroom and said, “I’ve got the sausages and all the steaks; when would you like breakfast but give me a cuddle first?”

Jack was so happy, mum was dressed, but she came under the blankets with him. They kissed and touched for a couple of minutes; then Jack got up to shower and shave. In the afternoon, Bill phoned Jack to say that the results of the tests that took longer to come through had come in. The Mega news was that mum had not had a stroke. A stroke, even a small one, would have caused a lot of dead brain cells in mum’s brain, accelerating her dementia. Bill told Jack to get mum to at least four Vitamin C effervescent tablets a day dissolved in a glass full of water. That would ensure mum’s circulation would be excellent.

After breakfast, the sausages were excellent. They both walked into town for the Vitamin C. The next couple of days, they were always together. They did everything together. In the evening, after dinner, mum would put on a negligee and come into the lounge. They were kissing and touching all day. Then Jack found a Health Spa Hotel that provided healthy food and exercise. Everyone was individually assessed when they arrived. It was costly. Jack told mum that they would save a thousand pounds per night if they shared the same room. Mum said that wasn’t a problem then said, “Jack, make sure that it’s a double bed then; this will be our honeymoon.”

They kissed lovingly when she said that. They had kissed and touched each other intimately but nothing else. They both had respected this. The Spa Hotel was very busy. They had to wait over two weeks for their room. They were booked in as Mr and Mrs Jack Ryan. That evening when they had booked, it was a beautiful sunset. They lay on the balcony; Jack had placed two sun loungers together so that they were close. Mum was wearing one of her see-through negligee; she was naked underneath. Her body looked so inviting. Mum said, “Jack, this view is so similar to the view from my parent’s holiday home. It was in a small village about twenty miles from here.”

Jack asked what the name of the village was? Mum told him, then Jack said, “That’s close to a wonderful five-star hotel. Why don’t we go there tomorrow and have lunch in the Hotel?”

Mum leaned over and kissed Jack lovingly, then said, “I’d love that Jack, after lunch we could drive to where our holiday home was, it’s no longer there as dad sold the house and land to a developer who built a Care Home with wonderful sea views there. I have so many happy memories of that place.”

The following day, mum cooked breakfast wearing a different negligee than she wore last night. They always slept in their bedrooms, they would kiss and touch a lot during the day and evening, but they had never slept in the same bed. Jack was happy with this as he could see that mum was also pleased. Jack had already showered as he sat in the kitchen watching mum cook breakfast. He felt his cock stiffen as he watched her beautiful body through the see-through negligee. They had breakfast. Then mum went to shower. Jack told her that he had booked a table for two at the five-star Hotel for twelve; he had secured a window table with a sea view.

Just after eleven, mum was ready to go. She looked gorgeous in a tailored jacket and skirt, which came to two inches above her knees. She was also wearing three-inch heels. Her blouse was buttoned to show some of her massive cleavage; she wore one of her new bras as her jugs looked incredible. Jack hugged mum. He didn’t kiss her as her make-up was perfect; Jack said, “Mum, you look gorgeous. I will be so proud to be seen with you today. Your breasts look amazing.”

Mum replied, “Thanks, Jack, what a lovely thing to say. I’m proud to be seen with you every day that we are together. Mersin Escort I’m wearing one of my new bras; it’s so comfortable to wear, it pushes my tits out and up. I’m so looking forward to our trip today.”

The lunch was excellent, Jack didn’t drink, but mum had two glasses of Champagne with her lunch. After lunch, mum showed Jack around the Hotel, the swimming pool where she swam as a child. The ballroom, where she danced to celebrate the New Year. They then drove along the coast road to where her father’s holiday home had been. As they passed a turn off on the road, mum said, “I was once at a Barn Dance on a farm along that road. I went to it on my bike. It was a lot of fun.”

They then passed the Care Home built on the grounds of mum’s father’s holiday home. Jack drove partly up the driveway then parked facing the sea. Mum said, “These were the beautiful views we had from the house.”

They stayed there for several minutes. Mum was absorbing everything; there were so many memories there for her. Mum said, “Jack, drive five hundred yards towards the village on the coast road; I’ll show you a beautiful spot.”

Mum guided Jack to this place. It was so secluded; there was space for one car to look out to sea, the views were excellent no matter which way you looked. Jack said, “It’s so peaceful and restful here; it’s like being in another world.”

Mum took off her jacket, she also undid another button of her blouse, he could see her massive tits jiggling in her bra cup, mum said, “You are right Jack, it’s so peaceful here, I’m one of the few people that know that this place exists. I took off my jacket as I was getting hot but also, I wanted you to be able to look at your mum’s big tits. Kiss me, Jack, and play with my tits. You can take them out if you want.”

They kissed lovingly and tenderly for several minutes; Jack’s and mum’s hands were probing everywhere. Mum then took off her blouse and bra. She raised her skirt; it was now level with her waist. She took off her thong then said, “Jack, your cock is so hard, take your trousers and boxers off. I was hoping you could relax and enjoy the view and what I’m going to do to you. We won’t be disturbed. You can touch me anywhere that you want.”

Jack then felt mum’s tongue on the bulbous head of his stiff cock; it felt so good, she was stroking his cock with her tongue in a very erotic way. She was also squeezing and massaging Jack’s heavy balls in a heavenly way; mum’s feeling of Jack’s balls was so gentle, then mum said, “I hope that this is good for you, I love what I’m doing to you. Are you comfortable with this, darling?”

“Mum, it’s wonderful. I love what you’re doing to me; I want to do so much more with you.”

Mum had continued to suck Jack’s cock as Jack spoke; then, mum said, “Jack, I told you when I moved in with you that I’d be discreet when you had any lady friends visit. I would be so jealous if that happened. I want you for myself. I hope that you want the same. Your balls are so heavy. They are holding so much of your spunk. I want to suck all your creamy spunk out of you; please let mummy do that for you?”

“Mum, you can have all of my creamy spunk. I only want you to have it. Your cunt is wet. Is it hungry for my big cock? Mum, this feels so good. I want to love you.”

Mum was no deep-throating Jack; her lips were wrapped around the base of Jack’s massive stiff cock, the bulbous head was hitting the walls of mum’s throat. Mum came off Jack then said in a serious voice, “I want and need that so badly. I only want your spunk and no one else’s. Yes, my cunt is so hungry for your big cock. Cum for me Jack, I want you to cum in my mouth, cum for me, cum for mummy.”

Mum’s total concentration was fixed on sucking Jack’s massive stiff cock. Her head was bobbing up and down. She looked amazing as her massive tits jiggled with her body movements. Jack was now fingering and stimulating mum’s huge clit. Mum had spread her legs open Mersin Escort Bayan very wide, giving Jack easy access to her very wet cunt. Mum was doing an excellent job. Every bob felt beautiful. Mum must have sensed that Jack was close. She started to squeeze his heavy balls a little firmer. At the same time, Jack was sure that mum had cum, then Jack exploded, his first spurt hit the back of mum’s throat. The second squirt, mum was in more control. She took it in her mouth. She then sucked every last drop into her mouth.

When Jack had collected himself, mum came off his throbbing cock. She hugged him then they cum kissed so lovingly and tenderly for several minutes. Both their tongues were working busily, transferring Jack’s warm creamy spunk from one mouth to the other. Mum said, “That was amazing. The first squirt was so powerful; it hit the back of my throat. Your cum is delicious. I managed to catch the rest in my mouth. Jack, I loved what you were doing to my clit. I don’t know if you had noticed that I came just before you did. That was amazing. I loved doing that for you. Tonight I want to make it very special. I’ve two sirloins in the fridge. I’m going to make some potato salad; then we’ll have a barbecue tonight. I’m also going to change your bed. I want it fresh for both of us. Jack, I leave it up to you, but I’d love you to invite me tonight. I feel that the time is right.”

They both kissed again; their kisses were so tender, they kissed for several minutes, then Jack said, “I would love that mum, I’ve never felt so happy in my life. I want you in my bed tonight, and every night, I love you with all my heart.”

“I feel the same way Jack, it’s a wonderful feeling, you had better put your trousers back on, or I’ll be going back down on you. You have a magnificent cock. He is beautifully proportioned, he’s so long, and his girth is fantastic. I was struggling to get all of him in my mouth, but I managed it. Tonight, he’s going back to where he came out of, Jack. I’m so looking forward to this. We don’t rush it, love me, and everything will be fine. I’ll put my blouse on but no bra or panties. You can feel me as much as you want on the way home.”

They got home. Mum was wetter than she was when they left the parking spot. It was now nearly five. Mum showered, and so did Jack, but not together. Jack wanted to and had the feeling that mum would have liked it too. After mum’s shower, she changed Jack’s bed. She then started on her potato salad. Jack joined her in the kitchen. He opened a bottle of wine when mum said, “You are saying that I must change my diet, I’ve no problem with that as I want to be healthy for you, but I want to change your diet to something that will improve your sperm as I have got the feeling that you’re going to be shooting a lot of spunk at me.”

Jack couldn’t believe it; here he was concerned about mum not looking after herself because of her dementia and mum’s researching how she could look after Jack better. Jack went over and hugged and kissed mum; she was only wearing an apron. As they kissed, Jack slipped his hand under the apron, he slid his fingers down mum’s long sex slit, mum opened her legs, mum was very wet. Then Jack said, “Tonight is going to be so special mum, I wish that we had started this years ago, but I have got the feeling we’re going to catch up on lost time.”

The barbecue was excellent, the steaks were also delicious, and so were the sausages that mum had cooked with the steaks. They both sat on the balcony naked. They had total privacy as they couldn’t be overlooked. Mum looked so happy as she filled the dishwasher with the dirty plates. Jack helped her then led her to his bedroom. It was still light. Jack noticed a tube of lube on the bedside cabinet. He looked at it, then mum said, “Jack, please lube my ass. I’ve been thinking about this all day. I would love you to ass fuck me first. I know that this may sound a little strange, but I’d love you to ass Escort Mersin fuck me doggy style then do my hungry cunt doggy style too.”

Jack didn’t say a word; they were both naked, Jack’s cock was so stiff. He then got a bath towel, he laid it on the bed, and mum lay on top of it. He started to lube mum’s ass, one finger at a time. As he was lubing her ass, mum got into a position to suck his cock. Mum was now taking three of Jack’s fingers inside her tight ass. Jack thought of how mum had enjoyed her ass being fingered during her prostate check. Jack then lay mum on top of the towel. She opened her legs for him, he spread her cunt flaps open, out popped mum’s giant nub of a clit. Jack went down on it and started sucking it like a little cock as he finger fucked her tight ass with two fingers.

Mum loved it. She was pushing her dripping pussy against Jack’s mouth. Jack’s head was now bobbing up and down with short strokes on mum’s clit. Mum said, “Jack, that’s wonderful. No one has ever done that to me before. Don’t stop. Please keep going. You will make me cum. It’s so beautiful.”

Jack kept sucking, then he stopped and said, “Mum, I’m going to keep going until you cum. I want you to cum in my mouth.”

Jack didn’t have to wait too long. Two minutes later, he felt his mouth flooded with the warmth of mum’s cum. He held it all in his mouth. Mum was purring with pleasure. The look on her face was fantastic. She looked so happy. They cum kissed so lovingly, just like they had done in the car this afternoon. Then Jack put mum on all fours. Her ass was level with the bottom of the bed. Jack stood behind her, lubing his massive stiff cock. He then placed his bulbous head in the middle of mum’s tight ass hole. With a gentle push, he was home. Mum had taken his entire length; mum gasped with pleasure then said, “Jack, this is better than I thought it would be, the head of your cock is hitting my G-spot, it feels so good, darling ride me, mummy needs fucked.”

Jack soon had a powerful rhythm going. Three minutes later, mum had her first vaginal orgasm. She was trembling with it. Jack didn’t stop; he kept pounding her ass. Mum loved it. Her massive tits were swaying beautifully. A few minutes later, mum had her second vaginal orgasm. Jack had nearly cum. He thought it better if he now did mum’s pussy. He pulled out then slid his stiff cock inside mum’s dripping cunt. It felt lovely and warm as he slid inside her. Mum was so wet she comfortably took Jack’s full length. It felt incredible as he started to ride her. Mum’s cunt muscles were powerful. Mum was a gripper, and she knew when to grip.

Jack soon had a good rhythm going. It felt so good as he slid in and out of mum’s beautiful pussy, then mum said, “Jack, this is unbelievable, your cock is hitting my cervix, what a feeling, I can’t wait for you to cum as you’ll be squirting directly on to my cervix. I love your cock darling, I feel filled, but it feels so comfortable. Jack, this is so good. Give it to me harder and faster.”

Jack was now stroking mum’ big clit as he pounded into her pussy. When he started that, mum gasped with pleasure. Mum was pushing her hips against Jack’s thrusts; she was making his cock go deeper. That was a feeling Jack had never experienced before. Then it happened. They both climaxed within seconds of each other. It felt so good as Jack shot his spunk deep inside mum’s cunt.

Jack pulled out and turned mum around. She was now lying flat on her back. Mum took Jack’s still stiff cock and slid it back inside her dripping cunt. She gripped it tightly, holding it inside her. They kissed lovingly for several minutes. Mum said, “That was wonderful Jack, I loved every minute of it. I am also happy that we have done it. We are both adults, incest is a serious thing, but we have done it because we love and care for each other. That’s so important. I have one last thing that I want to do; I’ll let you pull your cock out but then lie on your back. I’ve something special I want to do for you.”

Jack slowly pulled his cock out. He had no option but to do it slowly as mum was still holding him tightly. When his cock came out, there was a giant blob of cum on the head of Jack’s stiff cock. Mum then went down and licked his cock clean.

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