Just the ScabbardJust the Scabbard


Just the Scabbard

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Thanks to Amber_Embers for help editing this story. Please check out her stories such as “My Wedding Night”.

On a cultural note; while there are slang terms commonly used for various sex toys, sex toys are technically illegal in Thailand. Most normal Thai people do not have access to sex toys for purchase. This is where creativity comes in. ________________________________________________________________________________

Living in Lat Krabang district in Bangkok as successful single businessmen for an international trading company made myself and my housemate appear as a good catch. But the young lady next door knew better. She knew that the head office was behind on our pay and we were scraping to get by the past couple months. She had agreed to loan me fuel for my motorbike as long as I only asked when she was home… alone.

My motorbike was running low, so I checked to see how many motorbikes were at my neighbors. We lived in a row house with small fenced court areas in front of each house. Just her motorbike was parked in the neighbor’s front court. With the gate shut, I went my usual route to her place, climbing over my balcony railing, hopping over the dividing wall, and dropping into her courtyard. I stopped at the door unsure of what the correct way to proceed was.

The first time we had met is a crazy story, and I was still unsure of how I, a foreign man, should treat a local Thai woman that I intended to have sex with. We had sex the first time we met, so with this being my second visit, I kind of expected the same. Also, she threatened me with a sword, I still have no idea where she got the sword, but it makes me hesitate before knocking. Nervous, excited, scared and aroused, were all emotions that filled me. I knocked on the front door.

After 8 seconds, I was preparing to knock again, and the door opened half way. Her dark brown eyes lit up and a smile jumped onto her little lips when she saw me. This was a sign that she was more into sex and less likely to kill me. Her hair was wrapped up in a bun, she wore a light blue shirt just sheen enough that one could see that she had a black sports bra underneath.

“No have fuel?” she asked. I nodded and grunted to hint what I was thinking of.

“Khon diou mai ka” she asked as she glanced past me. “Alone?”

“All alone” I clarified. “Khon diou khrap.” I made attempts at learning Thai, but she obviously knew far more English than I did Thai.

She opened the door all the way and motioned me in. The living room looked the same as it had the last time with a sofa, chairs, a TV, a coffee table, a desk covered in papers, the usual. She shut the door and slid the bolt locking it. She wanted me all to herself. A slight wave of my neighbor’s hand beckoned me to follow. Following her petite butt in jean shorts was not difficult. I caught a glimpse of a tattoo on the back of her neck I had noticed before but never fully seen. She led the way back into the dining area and kitchen in the back, where she poured me a glass of water.

“Hungry?” she asked as she put the water glass into my hand.

“Yes,” I answered. “Very hungry for you.” Her brown eyes rolled at my cheesy line.

“Drink, then shower” I took a long drink of cold water. “You must be clean before I dirty you.” That made me finish my water faster. She stood there with a sinister grin looking me over. When the glass was empty, I handed it back and reached in to kiss her. She turned her cheek and blocked my kiss. Grasping my shirt, she pushed me back like I was something filthy.

“Aap naam” she commanded, tilting her head toward the shower. Even though her eyes were stern, her fingers kneaded at me, kızılay escort feeling my chest through my dress shirt.

“Clothes you, here” she pointed out a shelf near the toilet door.

“Should I undress here or inside the toilet?” I asked playfully, starting to unbutton my shirt.

“I help you, ok” she reached up, taking over unbuttoning my shirt where I had left off. She was especially sure to feel down my pants when reaching for the bottom button. Her fingers paused for a moment feeling my cock as it hardened. She yanked on my shirt intending to pull me into her, but with the weight difference she ended up pulling herself into me. The results of her action made her giggle a little before she brushed kisses across my lips and chin. Again, I tried to kiss her and again she turned and looked down so she could unbuckle my belt, soon she had my pants on the floor.

Now she stepped back and hummed for me to continue the strip tease. Sliding out of my undershirt and then my underwear, I slowly teased in a coy and playful manner, making her giggle more. Now that I was completely naked, she came close again but not touching me. Her eyes closed, breathing heavily she opened her mouth. I slowly leaned in to kiss her bottom lip. She did not move. I closed my mouth completely over hers and kissed deeply. Grasping onto me she continued to kiss, angling her head so that she could dig deeper into my mouth with her tongue. There was a hunger inside of her.

“Aap naam,” she pushed me away and toward the toilet. I obeyed and went to the shower. I had thought she would shower with me but instead I heard her say, “I’ll be back.”

As I was finishing up in the shower, she opened the door to bring me a towel. Reaching up to take the towel I saw she had the sword with her again. It was a traditional Thai sword like something you would see in a movie. Her sinister grin reappeared when my eyes focused on the ancient weapon.

“I keep you honest” she ushered me back into the living room. My cock remained hard, but I am not sure if that was arousal or fear of what she would do with that blade. She sat down in a chair letting me stand there naked for her pleasure.

“Take my shirt off,” she said as part a request and part a challenge. Slowly striding over I bent down to unbutton her shirt. Doing so I made sure to rub my hands against her body. She adjusted her body accordingly to let me draw the shirt off of her. Before pulling the tight elastic of the sports bra over her head, I was sure to give her small breasts a loving squeeze. The darkness of her nipples contrasted with the paler brown breasts. They drooped slightly, being a handful in size. Her hands grabbed my butt cheeks and pulled my waist close to her face. Starting with a careful lick of just the tip of my penis, she held it in her hand while she ran her tongue around the edge of the head, and then took it in her mouth. The sensation of her teeth gently raking over it sent shivers across my body. She wanted me and I was going to let her do anything to me.

Slowly she pulled it out of her mouth and gave my cock a parting lick that made a shiver run down my spine. Running her hands along the sides of my body she stood up and pressed her groin against my very hard cock. Standing pressing against each other reminded me how much shorter she was than me.

“Take my pants off,” she commanded. I did not want to pull my cock away from her body, so I turned her around so that her ass was against my penis, and I could now unfasten her jean shorts. I quickly pulled them down so that I could press my cock into the butt of her red cotton panties which were already showing some wetness. As I pulled the panties kolej escort off her, she turned to sit back down in the chair, leaving me at her feet with her panties in my hand. Even with brown skin she still had a tan line but the color of her labia made it a clear dark target on her body.

“Kiss me,” she commanded again, this time her eyes clearly indicated her vagina. Sliding along her inner thighs I brought my face to the hair above her crotch. Like most Thai women, she had a lot less hair than I am used too. First nuzzling her fuzz with my nose, I ran my tongue around the top of her lips. She twitched a bit. My tongue slowly worked its way around, in, up, around and, back out. Her hand ran through my hair holding me in place. If all she wanted was for me to eat her, I could lick up her deliciousness endlessly.

Eventually she pulled my head up from between her legs. Her forceful grip of my hair seemed to tell of the inner struggle whether to let me continue. But she evidently had more in mind. Picking up the sword she slowly drew the blade out of the scabbard over her head. Holding it in the air she declared, “now we use this.”

This had been going so well and I was very turned on, but I was not interested in being sexualized by a sharp ancient weapon. She set the blade down and held out the scabbard. “Use this in me.”

My cock jumped up a little at the thought of me putting a beautiful wooden enameled object into a woman. She produced a tube of lube that had been hiding somewhere, and put some on the tip of the scabbard while I held it. The scabbard was stained brown of hard teak with brass and copper bindings holding the wood together. The smooth, yet bumpy surface, made it perfect for the purpose she intended me to use it for.

Carefully rubbing the lubricated brass tip onto her opening especially at the peak of her hood. “Hmm, ah, ew, khah,” she cooed, enjoying the stimulation. Her fingers played a bit with her nipples and her eyes shut as I worked her up.

I eventually pushed the scabbard into her. Even lubricated, it took some wiggling and pushing to get it in. The copper bindings easily showed how much progress the rippled object had made into her hole.

“Oh my god! Ah! Ah! Aaaah!” she screamed out as I slowly forced it in, stretching her tight walls.

Her eyes opened wide with shock across her face from such a wide object being put in her. Her fingers no longer played on her breasts, as she clutched the arms of the chair holding on for dear life. Afraid I was going to hurt her I almost stopped, but the look of pleasure mixed in with the shock, telling me how she was loving it kept me from doing so. Going slow and only a little bit at first, I never fully removed it, for fear it would be hard to fit back in her. Ecstatic screams continued with every rapid breath as the piece of history worked in bit by bit, the beautiful wood entering the beautiful woman. Further and further, I inserted until her screams sounded more painful. With about 8 inches of hardness in her, I held it in place then gently shifted it around. With each movement the screams of pleasure kept coming.

I pulled it back to her vaginal opening, and then pushed it back up her. Such an object needed to be handled carefully in such a small woman. I started to set a rhythm to my motions, and her hips pushed back in time with my pace. I had been gripping the scabbard with both hands, but now thought it was safe to let one hand rub her clitoris. This prompted her to grab my hair and shove my face into her crotch. Evidently, I needed to use my tongue to lick and flick her clit.

Tongue licking, hips shoving, scabbard sliding, faster and faster we went. When maltepe escort she could take no more her body tensed as she let out a long gasping moan of conclusion. Her fingernails dug into my scalp and her body wiggled and trembled without coordination.

She put her hand over mine keeping me from pulling the wood and metal object out. We held the piece resting inside of her, while her breathing normalized. Eventually the scabbard was withdrawn and she composed herself. “Khap khun ka.” (thank you)

She stood up dripping and slowly stepped around me. Beckoning me with her hand, I followed her signal to come to the end of the sofa. Her hand rubbed my cock back to life while she placed her other hand on my shoulder. After the size of the scabbard, I was not sure how my cock would compare in her. She squeezed the shaft, and rubbed the head, making it hard again.

“Down,” she muttered pushing me face down onto the sofa all while massaging my member. I knelt with my knees on the floor. I heard the tube of lube open. “I put my finger you,” she warned. Rarely had I ever let anyone touch my butthole before. I barely know my neighbor, how was I supposed to trust her with my ass? Nervously I tensed up as her hand rubbed my cheeks.

“Easy, relax… or it will hurt you,” she said with a tone that is hard to tell if it was soothing or commanding. I took a deep breath and tried to let my body relax, telling myself there would be the reward of some finger action.

A small slick finger slid up into my anus. It felt weird. It wiggled around exploring me. Her other hand rested on my hip comforting me. The second finger felt better, and by the third it was causing me to moan with pleasure. After a few seconds of her fingers working me, she withdrew them as my stiff cock twitched and leaked. I heard more lube and knew that she was going to impale me with the scabbard. She sensed my fear as I tensed a little, so she whispered soothingly, “no fear, you are strong.”

This was not a little finger action before a woman lets me put it to her. This was going to be me getting something put in my most private hole. Maybe someday after I was married and needed to spice up my love life would I allow my lover to take my anal virginity. Here my neighbor was just taking it without any discussion. I guess I was coming up from the sofa because she pushed me back down with a steady hand surprisingly strong for a small Thai woman.

“Trust me… just breathe. I have you. Trust me.” She was determined she was going to stick the scabbard in me. It was just a question of my willingness.

Some deep breathing, I nodded in acceptance and hung my head. Readying for my fate I did my best to relax my butt. My mind did not know where to go.

It took her some effort, and a bit more finger action, to get the scabbard into my anus. Stretching my sphincter to what I thought were its limits, as it gave me a slight burning sensation. As the scabbard slowly worked its way into my body, the pain was replaced with ecstasy. I felt the cold brass against my insides, the bump of each copper binding as they slipped through my hole. Slowly she did me with her piece of hard shining wood. Never had l let anyone put more than a finger up my ass, but there my neighbor was taking me from behind and I was liking it.

Faster and faster, she worked me. My cock dripped with precum that just kept coming. I screamed as she rammed me harder and faster. My face buried in the sofa cushion as my hips kept pushing back of their own accord. Her hand dripping with lube wrapped around my penis and I exploded on the sofa. It felt as if I was shooting more cum than I had ever come before.

Now it was my turn to lay and catch myself as it was slowly removed from my anus. She had done me with just the scabbard.

After washing up, my neighbor sat me down to make sure I had some food, laap with rice. She said that she was proud of me, and kept saying that if I had to be giving my body for fuel I probably did not have money for food. Let me warn you, things can be spicy in Thailand.

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