Subject: More World Peace Chapter 20 All the usual disclaimers apply. If this material is illegal where you live, stop reading now ! The following is complete and utter fiction. It did not happen. These characters are not related in any way to any actual person or persons, living or dead. Got it ? Good ! Nifty needs our financial support to survive. Hey Men. The horny boys jacking off to these hot stories are not gonna donate so it’s up to us ! And remember my motto. If you beat it. You better eat it. Swallow your cum, son fty/donate.html Please send me constructive comments at hoo. Thanks, guys ! More World Peace 20 All the naked boys were electrified when they heard Spider Man was here ! Tom Holland was a blur as he flipped down the aisle of the huge home theater and landed on the stage to thunderous applause. We quickly noticed a mouth hole was cut out of his Spider-Man mask and wow. Down below, protruding proudly from his crotch were 7 hard, cut, throbbing inches of perfect white boy Super Hero Cock. Fuck yeah ! Tom had plastic things on his wrist attached to cans of white silly string. He did Parcour moves around the stage and shot sperm like string at the naked dads and sons in the front row. We loved every shot. A long line formed to lick the sweet precum gushing from Spider-Man’s perfect cock. Then Tom got on all fours on a black leather ottoman, pulled down his pants and let a huge number of guys lick his hot ass and tongue fuck his tight hole. There was a tussle down şişli travesti below between boys competing for Tom’s gushing precum brought on by the energetic ass eating. Tom could not get enough of the Arab dads chowing down on his tender asshole. These Muslim fathers ate white boy hole like wild animals. Fuck yeah. It was so hot to watch young Tom get sweaty and sexually stimulated to the point of losing all control. How can Tom go back to vanilla hetero Sex after what will be the most sexually exciting night of his fucking life with guys who know how to get him off ? After a while, Spider-Man took a water and pee break. He came back completely naked and fully boned. He got huge applause and sat his sexy ass in the front to watch the show. Next up were our buddies, sexy Pilot, Mark who was about to FUCK his shy son, Noah for the first time for the viewing pleasure of this sexed up crowd. Prince Nazif took the microphone and introduced the father and son and told us Mark would be fucking his virgin son. “And Mark’s goal was to fill his boy with dad cum and fuck his son so hard and deep, he gives Noah his first wet orgasm !” Cheers and claps. Raven and Kit and Abbas got on stage to help their buddy, Noah. They lubed up Captain Mark’s dad Dick and after tonguing Noah’s tight boy hole, we fingered lube all around his pink starfish. We guided Mark into position and lined up the impressive father cock with virgin son hole. First father / son fuck position. Doggie Style. beylikdüzü travesti A line formed to fuck Noah’s young and innocent face. When Mark slid in to the hilt, both father and son moaned loudly and the crowd roared. Tom Holland clapped and stared at the fucking, glassy eyed, mouth open. “Fuck him like a fuckin’ dog, Captain Mark,” shouted Matt B. More guys clapped their agreement. After a good while, Mark told me and Kit and Abbas to flip Noah over for some fucking in the Missionary position. “I wanna see my boy’s face while I bone his tight hole !,” Mark said loud enough for all to hear. Once the boy was flipped, guys rubbed their leaking cocks across Noah’s face and mouth. Mark shoved his big wet cock back into his boy, hard and deep. Dad Mark started pounding his shy son like a wild animal out of control. Father and son blew at the same time. Mark inside his son’s well used hole and Noah shot three watery streams on his belly. In seconds, a couple of Australian boys sucked up every drop. Next a super sexy thing happened. Mark dropped to his knees and felched out all his dad cum from his son’s well fucked hole. Would he ? YES he did ! Mark straddled his son’s sweaty and Sex flushed body and lined his mouth up with his son’s. Noah was out of it, so Kit, Abbas and Raven told their sex buddy to open up and swallow his dad’s cum load. They hooked their fingers in Noah’s mouth to ensure their friend swallowed every precious drop. Fuck yeah. So sexy to watch istanbul travesti Mark dribble his cum and spit into his son’s open mouth ! Prince Nazif fucked Noah hard and deep, blew his load, felched it out and fed it to the boy as Mark knelt and encouraged his son to swallow spunk. Black fucked Noah next and then I took my turn. I had been saving my nut all night so when it busted, it was huge ! After each deposit, mark and Noah would kiss and share creamy nut. Kit and Abbas and Raven took their sloppy turns. All were new to felching but each came though with flying colors. It was hot and naked Tom Holland was stroking his rock hard meat in the front row. I now noticed sexy youtuber, Andrew Neighbors was naked and sitting next to Tom. They whispered just before Andrew jumped on the stage. He fucked Noah for quite a while and looked damn good doing it. He blew his load, sucked it out of sloppy boy hole and fed it to the 14 year old. And he gave a hot three way kiss to father and son. An Arab dad and an Australian dad fucked and felched. Then Prince A took his turn. Mark was about to shut it down but I heard Noah tell his dad he needed to be fucked by Matt B. He had watched two Magic Mike movies and wanted Matt B’s hard cock in his boy pussy. NOW. If anyone understood it was Kit who got a huge smirk on his cute face. OMG. Matt jammed his huge cut dad Dick into Noah hard, to the fuckin’ hilt. Balls deep. No lube. Didn’t need it. Noah was slick and well fucked. This once shy boy had not only lost his virginity, he found his sexual purpose and his identity. Noah now knew he was born to be used and abused. A Power Bottom was born in Borneo tonight !! More World Peace 20 Please send constructive comments to hoo. Thanks, guys !

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