Mom’s Special Boy Pt. 03Mom’s Special Boy Pt. 03


Its been a week since I saw them in the kitchen that morning. I kept doubting what I saw. Did I really see mom give Chris a blowjob? I shook my head and once again denied what I saw. I rub the sleep from my eyes, got out of bed and walked down the hall towards the kitchen. My stomach started growling at this point and I wanted breakfast. Maybe I’ll make pancakes or something.

As I passed the stairwell leading upstairs to the second floor and my parents room, I heard a loud noise. It kinda sounded like a moan. Knowing that mom is the only one up there, I began to walk away. Only to stop in my tracks and look towards the stairs again. There was another moan, mom must be having her “me-time”.

I chuckled softly to myself. Ever since Dad got a vasectomy, their sex life is non-existent. So mom’s been locking herself in her room sometimes when dad’s away on business and has “me-time”. Even more so after Chris and her became more…close. Especially after her and Chris get back from a “date” as mom would jokingly say.

Makes me wonder whose she’s thinking about. Most likely Chris…or another guy just like him?

Part of me wanted to ignore it. Mom is touching herself and it’ll be rude-not to mention inappropriate-to see that or spy on her. The other part though, it didn’t care. It wanted to see her doing it. Wanted to see her rubbing her clit intently and squeezing her breasts as she brought herself to orgasm.

I felt my dick getting hard-shit! Well it looks like that part won. I began walking up the stairs. As I got to the landing of the second floor, I could hear the sounds more clearly. I noticed getting close to her room, that the bedroom door wasn’t closed all the way.

“Strange,” I thought to myself, “mom always closes her door.”

I pressed myself against the wall and peeked in. My heart started beating fast. There on the bed, was my naked mom touching herself. Her right hand squeezing her left breast, as her left hand was moving between her legs. She lets out another moan.

“Oh fuck,” she cried out “you feel so good inside me Chris!”

I cringed at hearing her say that. Wait, why was mom saying Chris’ name as she touched herself. Does she really think THAT way about him? That she wants to fuck him?

Mom starts to go faster and screams,

“Ohhhhh shit,” she moans “Oh Chris honey-IM CUMMING!!”

She stopped moving her hand against her clit and jerked a few times before relaxing. She lays sprawled out on her bed panting and catches her breath. Then sits up and moves to the edge of her bed with her back facing me.

Her ass jiggles as she stood up and went to the mirror. She studied her figure as she took two different swimsuits and placed them over her front. One was pure white, the other a deep red. I guess the fun thing she wanted to do was go to the beach?

She first tried on the pure white one. It highlighted her lightly tanned skin and gave off that pure and innocent vibe. But shook her head and tossed it to the ground. I thought she looked great in it. But then again, mom looks great in anything she wears.

She then tries on the deep red one. Unlike the white one, it blended in with her slightly tanned skin. It really suited her, she seems to like it too. She turned this way and that way, then nods her head.

“Chris is going to love this on me,” she said to her reflection, “I just hope that, he rips it off of me later.”

She then grabs a sundress to wear over it. While she slips into her sundress, I walked downstairs to my room and changed into a new pair of shorts and a t-shirt. My heart was pounding in my chest. I had to stop them, had to stop mom from crossing that line with him. But the more I thought about it, this new feeling came over me.

Maybe it isn’t such a bad idea. Ever since mom started favoring him more than usual, I got aroused from it. Thinking about mom fucking my older brother while I was asleep or other things throughout the day, really got me excited.

Imagining her riding him in the living room as I’m upstairs or maybe fucking him in her bedroom during the night. I just couldn’t help myself from thinking about it.

I knew I wouldn’t stand a chance with mom if she favored me. I was overweight and the exact opposite of what Chris was. Shit, I even wore a shirt while swimming. Too afraid to show off my torso.

It didn’t stop Chris from ripping it off me and teasing me. Titty boy is what I was called by him. Everyone would start laughing and thought it was funny. I did not, I hated his stupid nicknames he gave me. But knew he had my back if anybody picked on me.

That’s the funny thing about my brother. I envy him for getting mom’s attention and doing alot of stuff with her. Yet I’m happy he has my back if I get picked on. Envious, yet proud? It doesn’t make sense to me. Not at all does it make sense.

I smiled inwardly and exited my room. This is going to be a great time at the beach. I just knew, that they would end up fucking at some point today.

I entered the living Escort Kıraç room with my bag. It contained another set of clothes to change into after swimming and a big beach towel. I smiled at my mom, who sat in her favorite armchair. She appeared to be on her phone texting. As I got near, she places her phone down and looks at me. Then smiles before speaking softly.

“I don’t remember telling you where we are going,” she said, “but you got the right idea. Today is such a beautiful day, let’s go to the beach and have fun!”

As I begin to sit down, I stopped and asked if mom wanted me to get Chris.

“No need,” she said shaking her head and held up her phone, “I was just texting your brother a bit ago. He should be coming out of his room now.”

“That Chris,” she chuckles, “unlike you who comes out of your room. I have to LITERALLY text or motivate Chris just to come out of his. Don’t ever turn out like him okay sweetie?”

We both looked towards the hallway as Chris came in wearing just a pair of shorts. He carried his beach towel under his right arm wadded up.

“Where is your change of clothes?” she asked eyeing him up and down.

I noticed too that he just had his beach towel.

“Not going to swim,” stated Chris, “just going to lay in the sun and enjoy beautiful babes in bikinis walk by.”

Mom chuckles at his statement and rolls her eyes.

“Well alright,” she said, “but don’t be a weirdo like your father is at the beach and make them feel uncomfortable. I swear, even though your father has a beautiful and sexy wife who looks great in bikinis, he’ll still stare at random younger women.”

“Don’t worry mom,” said Chris assertively to her, “If I was dad-Id only have eyes for you and say how incredibly hot you are in you! Even without your bikinis!”

Mom blushes at his statement and kisses his cheek affectionately.

“Awww that’s sweet of you,” she giggled, “well IF you were your father, Id show you how appreciated I am at hearing you say that-later tonight.”

Chris playfully pulled her close. Mom looked at him lovingly.

“Oh I love this side of you,” teased Chris, “It makes me jealous of dad already!”

“Yeah…lucky him.” Mom said eying Chris up and down. “Yet he doesn’t give me any type of compliment or attention like you do. Am I really that unattractive to him?”

“Mom you are VERY attractive,” said Chris, “any guy would be lucky to have you.”

“Awww thanks hun,” said mom, “that means a lot to me to hear you say that. I know I’m lucky to have two handsome sons to appreciate me.”

“One more than the other,” she continued softly, “if you catch my drift.”

It seems like they forgot about me standing there listening to their conversation. Mom then looks at me and ruffles my hair. I felt a shiver run down my spine as she did that. It felt good, I wish she did this more often to me. She smiles at me afterwards.

“Well it looks like I’ll have at least ONE son who would swim with his mother.” She said with a sideways glance at Chris.

Was she upset that Chris decided not to swim? They’d probably be doing a lot of naughty things under the water, if he changed his mind.

“Chris…We will talk about THIS issue in full later.” mom told him with a little wink.

We then all got into the car and drive to the beach. As usual, I sat in back while mom drove and Chris sat shotgun. I know something is going to happen today between them. I just know it.

The first beach we arrived at was too packed. So we drove to another area with fewer people. Mom walked alongside Chris as we walked to a vacant area. They looked like a couple, with mom holding his hand and walking side by side with him.

That’s what people would think looking at us in public. Mom and Chris were a happy adult couple enjoying family time with her son-me.

As we finished laying out our towels, mom started to took off her sundress. Slowly revealing to Chris her deep red bikini, whose mouth was open agape. As a matter of fact, every guy there was looking at her.

She giggled and turned around in front of him.

“I’m guessing you like what you see hun?” mom asked coyly, “I picked this out thinking of you.”

Chris nodded his head to mom. She sat on her towel and held a bottle of suntan lotion.

“Would you like me to rub some on your chest hun?” she asked softly applying the lotion on her hands.

Chris nods his head again and instinctively got on his back. Mom began to straddle his waist and applied the lotion on his chiseled and muscular chest. Slowly massaging it into his skin. After a few minutes, she suddenly gasped and laughs out loud.

“Either this was due to the swimsuit or my rubbing sunscreen on you” she said giggling.

My guess it was both.

“But it feels like you enjoyed it,” she continued, “very much so.”

She didn’t want to get off him and I could see why. Chris had a massive bulge growing in his shorts. A few women who were on the beach, Kıraç Escort Bayan stared intently at him now. Licking their lips lustfully as mom smiled at them and clung to his arm.

“Back off you slut!” Mom warned one younger woman who laid her towel a few feet from our spot.

The younger woman started to purposefully unhook her top as she looked at Chris. Trying to get him to come to her. Mom blocked her view of him. The younger woman wouldn’t give up as she now tried stretching in front of him. Bending over and giving him a glance.

“He’s mine!” she proudly claimed, “he’s all mine and that monster of a cock is for me to fuck and suck!”

The younger woman froze at mom’s intimidating presence and declaration over Chris. Then picked up her towel and walked away huffing and puffing. I laughed, go mom for protecting Chris from beach sluts.

I then froze as mom openly french kissed him in front of everyone. My heart beated fast and blood filled my libido. Yes, this is exactly what I want. To see them doing it. I want to see them FUCK! RIGHT HERE-RIGHT NOW!

Chris slowly moved his hand between mom’s legs and begins to finger her. Mom stopped him and grabs his hand, pulling it away from her already wet and swollen pussy. She then wags her finger in his face and kisses him again.

Everyone seemed more interested in them now, than enjoying the beach and sunshine. Some couples started making out too. Others took out their phones to record how bold they were. I just sat in the water a little distance from shore watching.

After what seems like forever, mom then lays besides him catching her breath. She rests her head on his shoulder. Slowly running her hand along his chest. Mom says something to him, that I can’t hear and he nods his head. A minute or two later, he got up and headed to the parking lot. She gets up a few minutes after, then signals me over. I walk cautiously from the water to her, trying to hide my own erection tenting in my wet shorts.

“I forgot something at the house,” she told me, “Chris and I are heading back to grab it. We’ll be back in a few. Okay?”

I knew she was really going to fuck him instead. To get Chris’ massive cock inside her pussy. So I just nodded my head and said ok. She smiles before ruffling my hair again and walks towards the parking lot.

I wanted to see them do it, but by the time I got there, they were already down the road towards home. I went back to our spot and decided to take a nap in the sun. Maybe this will help me get a tan.

I thought of what mom would do when she got into the house. She’d probably press against Chris as they made out in the living room. Taking off their swimwear. Mom would be nervous as she never saw Chris fully naked and excited at the same time. Chris telling mom to sit down as he licked her clit intently. Mom grabbing his head as she grinded her pussy against his face.

He would squeeze her breasts too, pinching a nipple as he sucked on her labia. She would be shaking at this point, moaning his name loudly for all to hear.

She then would tell him to give her his cock. Chris would rub his dickhead against her clit, teasing her. Making her beg, before pushing inch by inch into her.

She’d gasp at feeling her pussy stretch around his big dick. Feeling him sink all the way inside her, until he’s deeply rooted in her. They’d pause for a second or two before Chris begins to pull out slightly and go back in.

They would begin to increase their tempo as he fucked her on the couch. Her nails dug into his back and her legs wontoning around him tightly as he pushed inside her tight pussy.

Mom would now want to ride him. She would push him down onto his back. Her breasts sway in his face as she bounces off his rock hard meatstick.

Every so often, they’d kiss. Mom still on top of him, loving the sensation of having his cock deep inside her. Their moans filling the living room matched with the steady rocking of the couch they fucked on.

Mom feels him building up and continued humping him as he starts to ejaculate inside her. Filling her up with his spunk that slowly oozes out of her, as she slides off him slowly. She looks at him lovingly as she now inserts two fingers into her pussy and scoops out what he shot into her. Then sucks it off her fingers, before going back in for more.

After that, she cuddles next to him basking in the afterglow. Totally forgetting that I’m still at the beach. Then they’d get dressed.

I open my eyes to mom shaking me. How long was I out?

“Why did you fall asleep without putting sunscreen on!” she panicked, “your skin is as red as a lobster!”

I got up and looked at my bright red arms and legs. Yep stupid me to forget about applying sunscreen. Mom was in her sundress and looked…different somehow. Like what I dreamt of them doing, they actually did.

“Let’s get you home and into a cold shower,” she said softly, “this will probably teach you to always wear protection!”

She Kıraç Escort giggles at that statement, like it was her own private joke. She helped me up and walks me to the car. Chris was waiting by the drivers door. The moment he saw me, he had to stop himself from laughing.

“Dude, what the fuck happened?” he said to chuckle “it looks like you TRIED to get a tan, but it turned out wrong.”

“Dummy here forgot to apply sunscreen,” mom told Chris, “this’ll teach him to always wear protection.”

Chris chuckles at her statement.

“Protection?” Chris smirked, “when did you use protection?”

Mom’s face went red with embarrassment and narrowed her eyes at him. I was trying to tell if she looked upset at his comment or something else instead.

“Ummm do I really need to say why that comment was inappropriate with present company?” mom told him.

She probably didn’t want me to know. But even without Chris’ comment, I know that they had sex at home. I could just feel that vibe coming from them.

We all got into the car and Chris pulled out of the parking lot. Mom periodically looked back at me, asking me if I’m doing okay. Even though they had the AC blowing full blast at me, I barely felt it.

The car ride home was mostly silent.

“Let’s play some music guys,” mom said switching on the radio.

Mom picked a 90s station and leaned into Chris. She looked back at me laying down and laid her head on his shoulder. She whispered softly as he drove. I couldn’t make out what she said, but it sounded intimate and private. Almost hush-hush.

They talked quietly, I couldn’t hear what it was over the radio. Before long, we arrived home. Mom followed a few feet behind Chris, who was helping me get into the house.

Mom stopped a few feet from the stairwell leading up to her room.

“Well boys,” she said, “I had a BLAST today. Thanks Chris for finding that item I forgot.”

“It’s no problem mom,” said Chris, “I’m just sorry it took a long time to find it.”

Mom started up the stairs then looks over the railing at Chris as if remembering something.

“Oh Chris,” mom said with a little smile, “I need to talk to you in my room.”

Chris looked at me and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ok I’ll be there shortly,” Chris said smirking, “if you know what I mean.”

“Oh I do…,” Mom said dreamily, “don’t keep me waiting-babe.”

“What would Dad say if he heard you calling me that?” stated Chris playfully.

“Oh he wouldn’t like ALOT of things we have been doing,” mom said from the second floor.

Chris then looks at me before walking up the stairs.

“Go take a cool shower and lay down,” he instructed me like he was our father.

He then disappears up the stairs and I could hear mom giggling before the door slams shut. I took his advice and jumped into the shower. After cooling off my overheated body and toweling off lightly, I went upstairs to tell mom I’m going to bed.

As I got to the second floor, I could hear the sounds of muffled talking and her bed moving. I played dumb and pretended to think that they were just wrestling or something. I knocked on her door and the sounds stop almost immediately.

“Yes sweetie,” came mom’s voice, “what do you need?”

“Just wanted to let you know,” I said, “I’m going to bed now.”

The movements on her bed slowly resumed.

“T-thats a good idea,” said mom panting, “make sure you keep your room cold and don’t cover up with your blanket!”

“What’s Chris helping you with?” I asked knowing full well what they are doing.

“Chris is helping me uh- with my bed sweetie,” she told me with some panting, “if you wanted to know.”

I shouted okay and acted like I was heading back downstairs to my room.

“Did he buy it?” came Chris’ voice, “that I’m ‘helping’ you move your bed?”

“Oh but you are helping me,” mom said lustfully, “you’re helping me by fucking me on this bed.”

There was only her panting and Chris’ grunting for a while.

“Oh fuck,” mom said after a while, “you feel so good.”

“Yeah take that big cock!” Chris grunted, “he’s such a weirdo isn’t he?”

“Mhm,” said mom, “he’s jealous that he can’t have mommy’s pussy or the other things I do for you.”

“Should we really make the bed smack again the wall now?” said Chris.

Oh baby,” mom moaned, “fuck me into the fucking wall!”

The sounds of the bed began to increase and soon it was smacking against the wall. Mom and Chris got really loud as they continued to fuck. Even if I was in my room, that would have woken me up plenty of times.

I open the door slightly and got a strong breeze of humid air and sweat. Their sounds of passion muffled the door opening and the bed steadily hitting the wall with each of Chris’ long hard thrusts. Mom had her silky smooth lightly tanned legs around his waist as he drilled his meaty pussy juice soaked cock inside of her.

Mom seemed to like this as she kept screaming his name and how manly he is. Saying how she missed having a cock inside her. How her dickless husband stopped fucking her after I was born and he decided to get a vasectomy.

She got way into it as she kept calling him her boyfriend and main man in her life. Chris liked it and told her to call him by his dad’s name.

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