Subject: UneXXXpected Journey 1 ; Adult/youth WARNING: If it is illegal for you to be reading these stories or you find them disgusting or immoral, please refrain from reading further. Must be 18+ to read! Any characters, places, or people depicted in this story is entirely in the fantasy and imagination of the writer and in no way reflects his/her personal morals or beliefs when relating to relationships between minors and adults. Any people, places, or actions depicted in this story that reflect real life events or situations is entirely by accident or coincidence. Again this is entirely imaginary as also relating to unsafe sex. Please get tested regularly if you are sexually active. PreP is no excuse for not getting tested. Always know your status. Also, please donate to Nifty. Otherwise, relax, unzip, and enjoy. Please let me know what you think and maybe any suggestions you might have for future installments. ail *** My boyfriend and I had been dating for eighteen months now and it was then that he decided to ask me if I wanted to go visit his family in Utah. I could mention now that he comes from a Mormon family, and therefore very large. But they are not fundamentalist, in retrospect they are actually quite liberal, since they associate with their openly gay son. My boyfriend, Judah, or Jude as I call him, is 28 years old and comes from a family of eight, all brothers, except for one girl, who is the second oldest. My boo is 5’10”, muscled and defined like a marble sculpted statue, in fact, he’s worked as a model a couple times at different colleges to stand nude, on display for the students. He said he actually liked it. Though my favorite feature of his are the eyes. He has the most brilliant green eyes I’ve ever seen. He is well equipped with a 9″ cut cock and nice big balls. He is blond haired and has the most perfect ass I’ve ever felt or laid my eyes upon. By most standards, some would say we are mismatched. Though I’m no slouch at 5’8″, 155lb of lean, yet well-muscled body, hazel eyes, and a decent 7″ cut cock, I’m still not in Jude’s league, though you wouldn’t know it to see us together. He only has eyes for me and that makes my heart soar! From what he’s told me, most of his siblings are older except for the last three. He is fifth in line from the oldest. His oldest brother is 40 years old, then like clockwork, three years apart from there. Which would make it look something like this. 40, 37, 34, 31, 28, but the order changed after Judah, his three younger brothers were born more than three years later. Their ages are 21, 15, 12. The names, if I remember correctly are as follows, Micah, Rebecca, Hezekiah, Ezra, Judah, Timothy, Philemon, and Titus. Yeah, that’s right, after Judah, they named their boys after New Testament epistles. I suppose they thought it a new testament of their lives when the latter sons were born. In any case, the older kids had kids of their own. A couple of the nephews and nieces are a little younger than the youngest son. Micah’s oldest son is the same age as Philemon, or Phil as he likes to be called, which is pretty odd, but not uncommon. Their mother was very young when she had Micah, so she’s actually not that old now. She had Titus when she was 45 years old, so she is barely 59 years old now. Their father however is 65, he was way older than their mother, which again is not uncommon in the Mormon faith. To say I was apprehensive would be the understatement of the century! I was terrified to meet his family, not only because they were so big, though in truth, that didn’t bother me. I come from a large family of cousins and aunts and uncles, so big families are cool. No, what worried me was that all this time with Judah, he had yet to learn my deepest and darkest secret, and that was that I am a boy lover. A lover of young, başakşehir escort underage boys. It just flat does it for me. I can honestly say I’ve never done anything with anyone under the age of 18, but I can’t say that I wouldn’t be tempted. Not to say the nephews or nieces would even be interested in me, much less his younger brothers, but I can’t say I won’t be tempted and that scares me. Up to this point it had just been us and our friends. We had moved in together after six months together, and it’s been wonderful. I’m scared that I’ll screw this up. I’m wondering if I should just tell Jude what I’m feeling and see what he says, but he doesn’t give me time, because it turns out his brother Timothy is getting married and therefore the whole clan is required to come and celebrate the occasion. Well shit! I guess I have no choice now, but it doesn’t abate my apprehensions one iota. A week later we were boarding a plane to head to Utah. However, because we had gotten the tickets late, we ended up having different seats. His was towards the front of the plane, mine was way in the back by a bathroom, right next to it actually, but there were two more closer to the front and closer to where my boyfriend was. The strange thing was, for supposedly being sold out, when we took off, there were no people sitting in front of me or to the side, in front of the restrooms. It was empty. I think we could have argued to have seats together, but Judah thought better of it and said to just let it go, we’d have plenty of time together at the wedding. The other strange and disturbing turn of events was, just before they closed the doors the flight attendant came in tow with a young beautiful boy of around eleven/twelve years old and sat him in the seat next to me at the aisle, since I had the window seat. I had offered to change seats, but the boy insisted that he was fine or “cool” as he said in a very sexy young voice. Fuck, this isn’t good. I’m in an almost secluded area of the plane with a young boy, unsupervised and there is a vacant restroom next to us. This is so not good, so tempting. The boy was blond haired and blue eyed. Nice slim build, you could tell he did running or swimming, maybe light weights, he looked like fitness was a part of his life, not just genetics. We struck up a conversation rather smoothly, especially after I’d offered to exchange seats. “So what’s your name little man?” I said, trying to sound nonchalant, but not sure I was pulling it off. With a smirk on his face, he replied, “Tyler, my name is Tyler, what’s yours?” “Pedro. You going to Utah as well?” “It’s a direct flight, so I think so silly.” He said with a grin and giggles that were so adorable they made my cock twitch. Fuck! I so need to stop this conversation, but he wouldn’t stop as most kids probably would. “So why you going to Utah?” He asked me. “My boyfriend’s brother is getting married and we are going as I suppose it’s mandatory, course I don’t think I was technically required to go, but he is my serious boyfriend.” I awkwardly laugh, more nervous that I was becoming comfortable with this kid than I was wanting to admit to myself. His eyes sparkled, seemingly aware of the affect he was having on me and my libido. “So you’re gay, and your boyfriend, is he Mormon? Most families are that live in Utah.” “Yes, he comes from a Mormon family, but they are more liberal than most Mormon families, or at least, from what he’s told me.” “Oh yes, he would be correct, though homosexual sex is quite common among young Mormon men till they are old enough to get married. Not sure if it works the same for the girls, but the boys definitely have fun with each other. I suppose they understood that and realized that unlike his older or younger siblings, he never got past enjoying sex with other halkalı escort men or boys. What about you, do you like men and boys?” That last question scared me, because it made my cock rock hard, and more than that, the kid, when he asked that last question, put his hand on my crotch and started stroking my cock through my pants. I had worn loose fitting pants to be more comfortable during the flight. Judah had promised me we would stop in the bathrooms to change before meeting his parents so I could look more presentable. But now, feeling this young hand stroking my hard 7″ cock through the thin, loose material, I was wishing I had worn my jeans or any other pants to make it less obvious that I was hard and ready to play with this boy. “Buddy, I’m not sure this is the best idea. The flight attendant or a passenger could come back here to check on us or use the bathroom. What if my boyfriend comes back here looking for me!” He had a huge grin on his face. “Why are you smiling like that?” He replied, “Because you didn’t say we shouldn’t do this because it’s illegal or because I’m too young, you want to have sex with me, you’re just worried we’ll get caught. Well, let me put your mind at ease. I already sucked off the flight attendant that brought me on the plane, that’s why we were late getting on the plane, so even if he does come back here, he is more inclined to join us than stop us, second, the seatbelt sign is still on, so no one is allowed to get up from their seats and therefore is not likely to come disturb us.” “You’ve thought this through.” I said, shocked that such a young kid could deduce so accurately the situation and be able to put my fears at ease so we could have our short lived fun. Without further discouragement from me, the kid took that as the green light it was and proceeded to unloose the strings of my sweatpants and pulled them down and below my balls so that I was standing hard and proud out in the chilling cabin air waiting with anticipation for the warmth of this boys sexy mouth. He peered down at my granite hard 7 inches and licked his lips in anticipation! I had a final idea before allowing him to go down on me and offered to put a blanket over us in order to have some semblance of privacy and secrecy, hoping to play it off like the boy was just resting in my lap, not deep throating my schlong. As I placed the blanket over my lap and his head, he went down on my cock with such skill and ease, I knew this was not his first time, nor would it be his last. He was a skilled cocksucker. “Fuck yeah baby boy, suck that fuckin cock boy, suck it good. Yes, oh yes, it feels so good baby, deep throat that shit, fuuuuck, shiiiiiit, you are so good baby, so fuckin goooooood!” As I was in the throws of passion, I failed to notice that the young flight attendant had come upon us and was looking down on me with a look of lust and need. At first, I was startled and started to sit straighter and hold Tyler down on my cock so he didn’t move, but then I realized we were caught and from the look on the attendants face and the bulge in his pants, he was not unhappy with what he was seeing, though I realized he was more interested in what the boy was doing than the actual boy. This was confirmed when the attendant bent down and whispered in my ear while I continued to get head from the gorgeous boy, “Save some for me, I’m next. I want that cock inside my mouth or hole so bad!” He looked about 18 years old, maybe one or two years older, but no more. Brunette hair, beautiful blue-green eyes, very slim, twink build that screamed “bottom!” That of course made me so hot to hear, to the point I almost came in Tyler’s mouth right then and there. I replied, “You got it sexy, before we land, I will breed that hole, just be ready for me, there won’t be time şirinevler escort for foreplay.” “Yes sir, I will be wet and ready, Fuck!” He said, breathily, as if he could hardly contain his excitement but had to because he was still working. With that he walked to where he had come, leaving me to tryst with my little minx who was still working tirelessly to bring me to climax, but I wanted more than a blowjob with this sexy nympho. I stopped him from going down on an upstroke of his sucking mouth and kissed him full out in the way of the French. He loved it and when we parted, he seemed breathless and droopy eyed with desire and need. I asked, “Do you get fucked boy?” he quickly replied, “Yes, fuck yes, please fuck me daddy, fuck me and breed me! Please!” How could I deny such a plea? I said, “Okay, but we should go into the bathroom, we wouldn’t to be able to play off you on my lap jumping up and down on my cock, so let’s go in the bathroom and fuck in there, I could say you felt sick and needed someone to sooth you while you threw up in the toilet.” “Sounds good to me, let’s go!” He said with no consternation or trepidation whatsoever. This kids was eager and oh so willing! Fuck! I pulled up my pants and fixed myself as best I could then allowed the boy to go in without me for a minute or two before the kid peeked out and said in a really good acting voice, “Ugh, I feel sick, could you help me in here, I think I’m gonna throw up!” I replied, “Sure kid.” And proceeded to get up from my seat and into the restroom where we proceeded to pull down my pants and his in kind as well as our shirts. He had such a beautiful back and ass. It was pale peach and hairless, not even a look of peach fuzz on his skin, it was beautiful. He was kneeling, bent over on the toilet seat which was pulled down so he didn’t fall into the bowl. I had to bend down slightly to eat this glorious feast, even if it was a confined space with hardly room to maneuver, I still managed and rimmed his pink hole till it was glistening and Tyler was purring, begging me to finally fill him up with my “bid daddy cock.” I stood and with a final spit wad I fingered up his tight hole and a second one I conjured to slick up my pole, I proceeded to spear the sex fiend before me. With the initial entry he gave a light “yelp” but after entering his first ring, it was smooth sailing. He swallowed my cock with his hole like a warm knife through butter. It was like a velvet glove covered my cock with smooth slick goodness! I can hardly describe all the sensations nor emotions I felt to finally, after 35 years, be fucking and loving a boy old enough to be my child! It was beyond glorious and it continued to be so as Tyler sang my praises with moans and groans that turned to “fuck yeah’s” and “Harder daddy, harder’s.” He seemingly couldn’t get enough of my cock, nor I of his hole! I never wanted it to end. But as they say, about all good things, I was feeling too good to stop my climax from coming on any later. “Fuck boy, your hole feels so good, give me that hole bitch!” I whispered and growled in his ears as I pistoned my cock in and out of his tight orifice. ” So fucking Hot! Open up baby boy, give daddy that ass, show daddy how much you love this cock! Fuck yeah, push back on my cock boy, fuck that ass back onto my cock! Yes, so so fuckin good! I don’t know how much longer I can stand it, I gotta breed you baby, gotta cum up that fuckin hole!” “Yes daddy, fuck me, breed me, please daddy, harder, fuck me harder daddy, I’m gonna cum too, please breed your bitch boy daddy, cum in me, fuck yeah! That did it for me. After hearing that dirty young mouth plead for my cum, I couldn’t not give it to him! “Here it comes baby boy, here it fuckin CUUUUUUUMMMMS! YEEEEEESSSSSS! With that final word I filled his hole to over flowing with my sperm, uselessly filling him with my unborn babies, him fully impaled on my schlong! Below him, his cock spewed forth what he later told me was his first real wet ejaculation! He was very proud. I have to say, so was I! Who knew plane flights could be so fun! TBC…

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