La Playa Ch. 15La Playa Ch. 15


Hangover Cures at the Spa

Author’s Note: This story contains scenes of bisexual male and female sex, enemata, and fisting. If these are not your cup of tea please have my thanks for the interest and I’m sure you’ll find the right story elsewhere on Lit.

“Wow, they look awful!” Carmen thought to herself as the four people entered the Spa as a group.

The two men were almost ashen, with really red eyes, and the women had hang-dog faces under bedraggled hair. All four were more stumbling than walking. The woman who looked the least destroyed spoke for them. “Do you have any hangover cures? We kind of spent too much time in the bar during the rain yesterday and last night, and want to feel good for tonight’s party.”

“Tonight’s party is a Bacchanalia that is going to kill you four” thought Carmen, but she said “You guys are in real luck. We’ve had a couple of reservations cancel this morning, and have room to add four for a cleansing. Just have a seat” that was redundant since three were already sprawled, one sleeping, on the waiting room sofas “and I’ll get your fixed right up!”

After a quick phone call to the back and two minutes of waiting, Carmen escorted Mark over to the group. All four were wiped out. The sleeping man, Carl, looked really out of shape slumped in the cushioned chair. His double chin was highlighted by the little drop of drool running from the side of his mouth as he snored loudly. He had on a pair of surfer jams and flops with no shirt. His fairly hairy chest looked almost comical with the two circles shaved around his nipples.

His wife, Janie, wearing a pareo around her waist, no top, and flops matching his poked him with a toe. “Wake up, Carl, we’re going to take the cure,” the attractive but slightly pudgy woman with 36c tits slurred. Carmen thought that the coloring job that turned her hair blonde was holding up well after five days of Caribbean sun.

“Mmmph?” replied Carl as he sat up with a start.

Rhonda, the true blonde of the group gave a laugh as she said “God are we ever paying the price today!” Rhonda had on a Wicked Weasel bikini, both top and bottoms. Mark wondered why she bothered with such a small suit.

“Stop yelling, woman,” insisted the taller, and more awake, of the two men. Tim was the fittest member of the group, and was the most practical in that he was nude except for flip flops. Carmen thought his cock looked particularly tasty. Not too long, and not to fat. Just right for deep throating.

“Everyone, this is Mark. He’ll take you back and get you hooked up with individual therapists. I’m sure we’ll have you all feeling much better in no time. Enjoy.” With that Carmen excused herself, thankful that she did not have to actually provide service to this group.

“Hi everyone, I’m Mark,” the good looking Latin massage therapist introduced himself. “Just what seems to be the problem this morning?”

“Hi Mark, I’m Tim, this is my wife Rhonda, and our lovers Carl and Janie,” said Tim as the foursome acknowledged introductions with various waves of hands or nods. “We had a great time in the Bar yesterday and last night. Those Perfect Margaritas really sneak up on you, and Mr. Brilliant over there,” he gestured toward the grimacing Carl, “talked us all in to doing Tequila shots. We’re hung over as Hell, but want to be back in shape in time for tonight’s party. Do you think you can help us out?”

“Does anyone have a heart condition, diabetes, pregnancy, or any other condition that might be aggravated by colonic treatments?” asked Mark.

The group shook their heads.

“Then sure we can clean you right out then give you some sensory deprivation sleep time. That should ensure that everyone will be awake and able to enjoy the festivities, though you might want to consider skipping most of the wine during dinner. Why don’t you all come back and we’ll get started. Just leave your things in a locker and wrap yourselves in one of these towels, and don’t forget to slip on a pair of the Crocs that are in the cubbies. We don’t want anyone slipping as we move around the clinic.” Mark directed them past the smiling Carmen and into the Spa locker room.

The four suffering sybarites moved in slow motion to doff what little clothing they wore and wrap up in the big white terry cloth towels. The variety of colors available for the Crocs footwear caused a bit of delay as everyone had to make a choice, but the group was soon following Mark further into the bowels of the Spa.

“We’ll start with colonic treatments and a vitamin boost, then a nice sweat in the sauna, cool down, then a nice long nap in the sensory deprivation tanks, ok?” Mark asked.

“How long will all that take?” asked Janie as she shuffled along the heated floor.

“Oh about five or five and a half hours, which puts you out of here easily by 3:00 PM and gives you the option to nap some more in your rooms or on the beach prior to the Bacchanalia,” replied Mark.

“As long etimesgut escort as everybody stops yelling and my head stops hurting it sounds great to me,” growled Carl, fighting to keep his towel wrapped around his waist then giving up and slinging it over his shoulder.

“Have you guys had any aspirin or ibuprofen in the past four hours?” Mark inquired.

“No,” said Rhonda. “I made everyone take two aspirin before we passed out last night, or really this morning, but we haven’t had anything except a cup of coffee and some water in our rooms.

“Ok, then we’ll give you each some pain killer mixed in with your vitamin boost, and I think I’ll have some oxygen brought in as well,” Mark said as he led them into the colonic treatment room.

Forewarned by Carmen, the other Spa staffers rolled four colonic treatment chairs into a circle facing each other in the middle of the large, well lit, tile covered room. Various hoses hung from multi-jointed arms in the ceiling, and a hospital-style blood pressure/pulse monitoring device was attached to the head of each chair. The chairs were amalgams of a dentist’s chair with a gynecological examination table. The torso, head, and arms were fully articulated to any adjustment, and padded stirrups completed the construct. Though they were covered in vinyl, each chair now had a large terry towel draped over it for comfort.

“Please choose a chair and take a seat, we’ll assign your personal attendants and get started right away,” said Mark. “Do you prefer same or opposite sex attendants today?”

“Same sex,” blurted out Rhonda before her companions could reply. She had spied the luscious Debbie in the corner of the room as they walked in, and despite the fog and pain of her hangover felt a stirring in her pussy.

“Sure, whatever, just give me something for this head, will ya?” agreed Carl, willing to do just about anything for some relief.

“Ok, Carl, I’ll service you,” said Mark. “Debbie will take care of Rhonda, (he had seen Rhonda’s significant glance and head toss following her response) Steven will service Tim, and Stephanie can help Janie.”

“Guys, we need to start with O2 and vitamin boost,” Mark said to his colleagues as they hooked the four guests up to the vital sign monitors.

“Hey, what are these for?” asked Tim.

“Don’t panic,” replied his handsome gay attendant. “Since you are not in the best of shape to begin with, we just want to be extra careful as we move into the colonic treatments. If we see any sudden changes in blood pressure or pulse we can back off or end the treatment right away to reduce the stress on your body’s systems. It’s an unfortunate truth that when you play, you have to pay,” Steven explained.

Their guests comfortable and secure, the four body work professionals wheeled in a large tank of oxygen topped with a manifold to distribute the gas through tubing to several masks. The four guests were hooked up and the oxygen turned on.

“Breathe deeply three or four times,” Debbie instructed her guests. “The pure O2 will help clear a few cobwebs right away.” Pulse rates and a couple of blood pressure readings climbed slightly during this treatment, but nothing to worry about.

While Debbie and Steven administered the oxygen, Mark and Stephanie mixed four vitamin boost drinks laced with pain killer. After the O2 treatment and giving their guests a minute to settle back down, each attendant handed his or her charge a very small glass of dark liquid.

“Drink these like a shot,” instructed Stephanie. “They contain vitamins and minerals in a formula of enzymes that promotes quick and almost total absorption into the blood stream. They also have a mild analgesic mixed in to help your headaches.”

“God I really do feel better already,” said Janie. “That oxygen is something else. Honey, let’s get a set-up for the house.”

“Whoa there, O2 is extremely flammable and can actually be dangerous to breathe if you abuse it,” warned Debbie. “I recommend you just start drinking a big glass of water in between every second or third drink when you are partying, then take a brisk walk or run in the morning when you wake up to sweat the toxins out of your system”

“Toxin removal is the name of this game,” added Mark. “You will all now receive high colonic enema treatments. We’ll move very slowly and at each individual’s pace. You will empty your bowels several times in the toilets behind the screens. Talk to us all the time. Let us know when you feel pressure building up. You may feel a strong urge to urinate, especially you guys. If you aren’t too squeamish or if you get a kick out of water sports feel free to let that go right in your chair, just give your attendant the courtesy of a little warning. We’ll help you keep clean during this process and you will all receive sponge baths after this over. Depending upon your tolerance for enemas this whole procedure may take as etlik escort long as an hour. Now please just relax and let your attendant guide you.”

While he spoke Mark donned rubber gloves, as did the other three Spa staff. Bottles of lube came out of the holsters on the backs of the chairs, and the four guests were treated to a little manual manipulation to loosen up their sphincters. Despite his fog, Carl felt his cock begin to harden as the decidedly good looking Mark prepared him.

“MMMM,” moaned Tim as Steven inserted two fingers into his anus and spread them slightly as he drew back. The two women also gave little moans and sighs.

This group of swingers were long time active members of the Lifestyle, and were all highly experienced in group, same sex, bdsm, watersports, and just about any other sexual vice short of animals or children. They had been lovers for the past four years, but were also part of a wider circle of hedonists from Florida who mixed and matched in pairs and various size groups anytime, anywhere. They all felt like crap. Carl’s head was pounding like a gong despite the oxygen, and Rhonda’s stomach felt very queasy. But when they opened their eyes and looked around they each could really appreciate the sexiness of the situation they were in. Adjacent to their chairs they saw three other people, cocks, pussies, and assholes on bold display, and four scantily clad and gorgeous people were preparing to insert well-lubricated stainless steel dildos into their butts.

“Oh shit that feels nice,” groaned Carl as Mark inserted the hose nozzle past his sphincter. His cock was at half staff, and Mark manipulated it a bit, more to distract his charge from the beginning of water flow than from any lust. But it had the desired effect.

“Oh honey I like that,” said Rhonda to Stephanie as the warm water and mineral mixture began to flow.

The treatments went on for some time. When they felt strong urges to expel the guests were helped up and over to the toilets. All the while the combination of a mega-dose of vitamins and the cleaning of toxins from the lower digestive tract helped the four lovers feel better, and the four Spa workers saw the human beings begin to emerge from the Neanderthals who dragged themselves into the room in the last hour. As each treatment ended that particular guest was given a warm sponge bath right in their chair, with special attention paid to nipples, pussies, cocks, and of course asses.

Once all the treatments and clean ups were complete Mark said “Ok, now how about a short series in the Sauna, 15 in and 10 out.”

His colleagues nodded their agreement, helped their guests out of the chairs and led them down the hall to the communal sauna. Six other guests were already occupying parts of the three tiers of wooden benches. One male/female couple was fucking doggy style on the top tier, two men were watching the show and wanking each other, and two other men were stretched out with their eyes closed just enjoying the heat.

Rhonda and Janie moved together to the top tier and stretched out. The oversized wooden benches left room for two people to lie side by side, and they spread their towels as cushions beneath them.

“Feeling better, sweetie?” asked Janie as she caressed her lover’s cheek with the back of her hand.

“Much, but still a long way to go, how about you?” answered the curvaceous blonde, noticing that most of the red had left Rhonda’s eyes.

“My head’s okay now, but I really feel washed out. Goddess look at the sweet tits on that woman,” Rhonda nodded toward the brunette being fucked across the sauna.

“You are insatiable, and incorrigible!” laughed Janie, letting her hand trail lower and tweak Rhonda’s nipple.

“So did you get a feel of Mark’s’ package as he worked you over?” Tim asked Carl as they settled back side by side on the bottom tier, their backs against the next tier’s runners.

“He did have a nice bulge,” replied Carl, reaching for Tim’s flaccid cock, “but I never got the chance for a grab. Why is it that I get so horny when I’m hung over?” Carl mused allowed.

“Man, you are always horny,” Tim said with a smile, leaning in both to kiss Carl and grab his cock. The two men, their heads spinning more from discomfort than lust, kissed deeply, their tongues fighting for control, their cocks responding to the manipulation.

The paired couples made out and relaxed, feeling the heat seep into their bodies as the sweat began to trickle down necks, chests, and thighs. The fucking couple shared a climax and collapsed into each other’s arms as Mark returned to call the foursome back out of the heat. He noticed the fully hard cocks on Tim and Carl, and the swollen labia of Janie and Rhonda as he led them to loungers on a balcony looking out over the lagoon, ceiling fans swirled hurriedly overhead.

“We’ll let you cool for 10 minutes then go back in for another 15 minute eve gelen escort sweat, then move on the sensory deprivation tanks for a nice nap. I recommend that you all have a nice cum before you go into the tanks, it will help you relax. And everyone make sure and hydrate really well before you go back into the sauna,” he instructed, gesturing to a pitcher of lemonade that unbeknownst to the guests was fortified with more of the vitamin mixture from earlier. The recovering revelers looked around at each other with grins as they once again paired off same-sex on the double sized chaise lounges.

“Well, now we’ve got doctor’s orders,” Rhonda said as she reached for her female lover.

“Make her cum good, babe,” encouraged Tim as he felt Carl’s cock press insistently against his thigh.

Tim rolled into his lover. They kissed passionately, just like their wives on the next chaise.

Rhonda had two fingers buried deep inside Janie already, whose hands were mauling Rhonda’s breasts as they kissed.

Tim pushed Carl back on the lounger and dove onto his cock, sucking him down to the balls in one stroke of his powerful cheeks. Carl moaned and tensed his hips as he felt Tim’s tongue circle the head of his cock on the upstroke.

Janie moaned into Rhonda’s mouth as Rhonda’s thumb roughly brushed her clit. A small orgasm rippled through her body and she squeezed Rhonda’s tits like melons.

Tim’s spinning head prevented him from keeping up a steady pace on Carl’s cock. That sweet cock that spurted so much cum when properly sucked. Carl was disappointed when Tim pulled off and instead pumped him with his hand.

Rhonda pulled away from Janie’s kiss and began biting her nipples as she pumped three fingers deep into her lover’s core while continuing to thumb her clit.

“Sorry to break you folks up, but it’s time for another 15 in the sauna. You can finish in there,” said Debbie, who had relieved Mark for his break.

The foursome reluctantly followed the lovely attendant back to the sauna door. As she held the door for them Debbie said, “I’m glad to see you recovering so well, I think you’ll love how you feel when you come out of the tanks. Be careful not to get too overheated in the sauna though.”

Rhonda brushed against Debbie as she moved past, and instead of excusing herself she looked the woman right in the eye and licked her lips and said “Why don’t you join us?”

“Thanks for the invitation, I’d love to, but I’m on duty and have other guests to serve. Besides, my impression is that Janie wants all of your attention back on her pussy,” Debbie smiled as Janie grabbed Rhonda’s hand and pulled her toward the benches.

Once there, Janie used both her hands to guide Rhonda’s whole arm toward her pulsing cunt lips. “Fist me, now!” she insisted, laying back on the bench and pulling Rhonda toward her.

Tim had a similar urgency in his voice as he pulled Carl close, standing in the middle of the sauna floor. “Fuck me, Carl,” he begged. “Let me feel you pump my ass full of your sweet cum.”

With that he moved over to the benches and bent over, his rectum jutting lewdly in the air. The crowd had changed in the sauna. There were now two male/female couples sitting on adjoining tiers and talking, while a lesbian couple was masturbating together, their knees splayed wide, on the top tier nearest the heater. The sauna was rapidly gaining a reputation as a great voyeur spot in the resort.

Rhonda eased her fourth finger into Janie’s gaping cunt, and lowered her mouth to her clit. The two fisted each other often, and knew exactly what to do to help each other accept the invading digits. Janie’s copious sweat mixed with her almost gushing juices provided all the lubrication they would need.

Janie, ever the instigator and mindful of Rhonda’s needs, smiled up at the two lesbians and said “this bitch would love to be eaten out while she fists me, and I’d love to have a pussy mashed onto my face!”

On their first day at La Playa such an invitation, almost a demand really, would have taken the two women aback, but now Sandi and Rizzo took up the offer whole heartedly. As Rhonda’s thumb knuckle passed into Janie’s vagina, sucking the rest of her hand along, Rizzo dropped to her back and scooted to get access to Rhonda’s kitty, and Sandi lowered herself onto Janie’s tongue.

Sweat was also the lubricant for Carl and Tim. Carl was pumping his own dick furiously as Tim’s hips slapped into his butt cheeks. Tim was breathing hard, his skin glistening as he lost himself in the rhythm of the steady slap, slap, slap of his wet skin into Carl’s. Carl’s ass was tight but willing, and their commingled sweat kept renewing the slickness that reduced the friction of cock to membrane. Carl was groaning incoherently, rocking gently back and forth to fuck himself back on his buddy’s hard cock that knew this opening so well.

“Fuck this is hot!” exclaimed the man from one of the other couples as he reached for his wife. She slapped his hands away and continued to frig herself, transfixed by the raw homosexual acts that surrounded her.

“Fuck me, Tim, fuck me, fuck me fuck me,” Carl moaned in time with the motion of their bodies. He felt his cum building, his balls pulling up into his body in preparation for the coming explosion.

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