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[This story is set in Paragon City, taken from the former MMO game City of Heroes. All place names, hero names and registered trademarks belong to their rightful legal owners and are not intended as copyright infringement in any way. This work is purely meant as a piece of entertainment, and not for commercial purposes in any way, shape or form.]

[There are incestuous elements in this story, between mothers and adult daughters.]


In the junkyard, the only sounds that could be heard were the wheezing, panting and soft whimpers that occasionally escaped the lips of the two daughters. The test of strength was over. There had been a winner.

Their mothers stood in silence, looking at the scene before their eyes. Both had their hands to their mouths.

Cindy still held on to Elena’s hands, even as she perched atop the villainess. She had quickly shifted to pin Elena’s biceps with her knees, after pushing Elena over. Now she had Elena trapped in a schoolgirl pin.

Looking down at Elena’s face, trapped in between her thighs and pressing against her soaked white tights, Cindy slowly let go of Elena’s hands and raised her mighty muscled arm, making a fist. She fixed Elena with a steely stare, conscious that at any moment, the little harlequin’s lithe, flexible leg could snake around her neck from behind. “Just try it, Vixenette. Just try it.”

For long moments they were both quiet. It was only a few moments, but to Barbara they were sweet beyond compare — her daughter, pinning down Elena, ready to deliver a punch of long-awaited justice.

Then Elena shook her head slowly from side to side. Tears filled her eyes and spilled out, trickling down the sides of her face. “No. No more. I give. I submit. You win.”

“No!” Valerie screamed again. “You can still counter, Elena! Use your legs, like we practiced!”

“Mom… I can’t…” Elena sounded broken. “I’ve tried everything… she’s just too strong for me… I can’t break her!” She wept copiously, while Valerie turned to the side and spat in disgust.

Cindy was not done yet. “Whose mother is the stronger, better woman? Say it!”

“Yours,” came the whisper from Elena’s lips.

“Who!” Cindy demanded. It was long past time Elena gave her mom her due, out loud!

“Your mom… Barbara… I mean, Battler Babe. She’s…” Elena sobbed, but continued hurriedly when Cindy drew back her arm more. “She’s the stronger, better woman. Now let me go… please…”

That was good enough. Cindy sighed, and slumped. There was not a single muscle in her body that was not sending signals of pain and fatigue right that moment. Her joints were hurting even more. But when she looked up and saw her mother smiling at her, with tears flowing freely down her face… when she saw the look of helpless rage and disgust on Valerie’s countenance… she knew it was all worth it.

Gazing at her mother, channeling all the love she had in her gaze, she drew herself up, thrust out her chest proudly, and slowly pulled her arms into the most powerful double-biceps victory pose she could muster. This would be a sight for her mom to remember, for all time.

“This is for you, Mom!”

For some long moments, the mothers stood, taking in the sight, each thinking very different thoughts.

Then, smiling from ear to ear, Barbara stepped forward and helped Cindy to her feet. Valerie hesitated for some moments, then bent down and helped her daughter sit up, murmuring some words of consolation, though her mouth was twisted as if she had eaten something sour.

Ceremoniously, Barbara took hold of Cindy’s right hand, looked Valerie full in the face, and slowly raised it high up in victory. Valerie still looked as though she’d just sipped some curdled milk.

Cindy could contain herself no longer, and threw herself against her mother in a tight embrace. They plastered their bodies together and kissed each other with ferocious passion. Barbara did not mind the caked blood over Cindy’s lower face — in fact, she was licking it up and cleaning it off with her tongue, like a mother cat bathing her kitten. Cindy closed her eyes and sighed with simple contentment.

Meanwhile Elena wept disconsolately. She seemed well and truly broken — for now, anyway. And who could blame her? Valerie decided she couldn’t. Elena had done everything she was taught — the mind games, the wrestling moves, the dirty fighting — and she’d been given the mutagen made from Valerie’s own blood. And in the final reckoning it still hadn’t been enough. What was the missing ingredient her daughter was lacking? Valerie would have to puzzle it out another time.

Her countenance darkened. Now it was her turn to have a fight with the puffed-up milk cow Barbara. This one would turn out very differently, she silently vowed.

Cindy broke off the kissing and turned again to the villainesses, pointing imperiously. “Elena Phelps, a.k.a. Vixenette… you’re under arrest!” she proclaimed.

Barbara almost felt as if she would explode with Kandilli Escort joy and pride. Her daughter’s very first arrest — and so well-earned!

With a snarl, Valerie produced a pair of the suppressor cuffs and flung it down at Cindy’s feet. “Suit yourself for now,” she said angrily, “but after I’m done with your mother, I’m getting my daughter out of them!”

“That wasn’t the deal,” Cindy insisted. “Losers are cuffed, and she’s going to the Zig!”

“And you’ll stop me, will you?” Valerie’s eyes narrowed.

“If… if I have to!” Cindy said bravely. “But I won’t need to lift a finger — because Mom will defeat you!”

“Well, we’ll see about that, won’t we!” Valerie said, flashing her signature vicious smirk. “After I’m done breaking your mom in all over again, you and I will have to… get to know each other a little better — again, just like the last time!”

“I won’t let you lay a finger on her again, Valerie,” Barbara said, her voice husky with rage. “Go ahead and cuff her, my darling,” she told Cindy, who hurried to comply. Elena squealed but elected not to resist. Blinking lights on the cuffs flashed green, then purple. Elena sank to her knees, her wrists held out in front of her.

“Mom…” she said pleadingly, looking up at the stern visage of her black-clad dominatrix mother. “Get me out of these! I feel so… powerless!”

“Just quit your yapping and wait, girl,” Valerie snapped. “Let me show you how it’s supposed to be done!”

To Cindy, she said, “You make sure you don’t interfere, under any circumstances. You hear me? This is between your mother and me. If you get involved at all… I win the match, and your mom’s my bitch for all time. You got that?”

Cindy looked one more time to her mother for reassurance.

Barbara nodded at her. “No matter what happens, Cindy darling… no matter what… let us fight it out,” she told her daughter grimly. If she couldn’t beat Valerie by herself, then perhaps… she didn’t deserve to win, after all.

“But that won’t happen, Mom,” Cindy said with fierce loyalty. “You’ll win. Good always prevails. You taught me that! You’re the stronger, better woman. You’ll beat her!”

“You really believe that, don’t you?” Valerie laughed. “Tell you what. If you have such faith in your mother… let me cuff you right now. After all, if she wins, she gets to free you, doesn’t she? Care to put your money where your mouth is… Battleborn?”

It took Cindy only a moment before she thrust out her wrists, tilting her chin up defiantly.

Barbara gasped. “Honey, no! You don’t have to.”

“It’s ok, Mom,” Cindy hastened to reassure her. “I believe in you — you’ll win for sure, and we’ll see them both behind bars!”

Valerie smiled cruelly as she snapped the cuffs around Cindy’s wrists and activated them. “You’re not getting out of these any time soon, little girl,” she said, her lips curled with contempt. “Watch, as I make your mom beg for mercy!”

“You’ll be the one begging,” Cindy shot back. She went over to kneel beside Elena, who flinched at her approach, but recovered her composure.

“When my momma gets me out of these stupid cuffs, I’m going to put them on your mom myself,” she hissed. It seemed she had regained some of her spiteful spirit at the prospect of her mother’s victory.

Cindy did not dignify that with a reply, but she watched with bated breath and racing heart as the two formidable women squared off. Everything was riding on this battle — her mother’s comeback fight and grudge match against the woman who had done so much harm to their lives! Barbara Beck, Battler Babe, simply had to win — she had to!

Reaching up behind her neck, Valerie fiddled with her halter-top momentarily, and took it off. Now, like her daughter, she was bare-breasted, naked from the waist up, clad only in elbow gloves and garters. Raising her hands to her sizeable breasts, she massaged them in circles, licking her lips lasciviously.

“Maybe I’ll make your girl drink from these, when she’s our slave at home in the Rogue Isles,” she suggested. “It’ll be the first time she drinks from the breasts of a real woman!”

Barbara gritted her teeth, but made no reply. They made so many blatant attempts to psyche her and Cindy out, but Cindy had already shown she could overcome all of it with her indomitable spirit, her ability to shut out all the insults and name-calling, to focus on what was good and right. Now was the time to bring back Battler Babe from before, when she was in her prime and an icon of hope for the ordinary citizens of King’s Row and the surrounding areas. She dropped into a half-crouch, ready to begin the fight.

Valerie also adopted a stance of readiness, hunching over in the same way. Her vixen eyes projected dark resolve. Now was the time she would prove her superiority once and for all. And after that — they would embark on the greatest crime spree ever committed by a mother-daughter duo, and she’d show Elena the high life Kandilli Escort Bayan they both deserved!

Slowly they approached, inching closer with every moment. Barbara’s guard was up — she remembered with painful clarity how Valerie’s quick yet powerful jabs had felt, breaking easily through her guard and smashing into her face and body. This time, however, Valerie did not seem interested in fisticuffs. She moved closer, and closer, and still made no attack.

“You know you’ll lose,” she said softly, but her voice carried in the still night air.

So, she wanted to continue the war of words and wills. “No, I won’t,” Barbara replied bluntly.

“Oh yes, you will. I trounced you once already. This time will be even easier than the last. Remember how intimate we got, Barbie? I know you inside out now. I know your weaknesses, I know your limits. I made you climax against your will, Barbie doll! I made your body betray you. Remember?” she hissed.

Barbara wavered. How could she forget? But then she also remembered the way Cindy locked gazes with her, while they were both being violated from behind, feeding her strength from her very own young spirit… the tenderness in Cindy’s eyes when they made love… the utter devotion with which Cindy dedicated to her that incredible victory just minutes ago, gazing her at while she did her victory flex…

Her jaw firmed.

“You don’t know me,” she replied, “and you don’t know how strong I can be, when I need to be!”

“Why don’t you show me?” came the mocking rejoinder from her nemesis.

Barbara reached for Valerie’s hands, mere inches away. Valerie locked hands with her gladly. They laced their fingers together and began pushing, at chest-level.

She stayed on her guard, watchful for any shift in balance on Valerie’s part that might precede a toe kick. It was just the sort of thing she would do, and she still had on those black leather boots, which were probably tipped with metal.

But as the moments went past with no sneaky attack, it seemed that Valerie was genuinely interested in proving her muscular superiority. Their gazes stayed locked as each strained to overpower the other.

Muscles bulged, tightened, and bunched up on both mothers’ perfectly-formed bodies, as they engaged in their battle for dominance. Time was when it would have been a joke for Vicious Vixen to even think of challenging Battler Babe this way… but that was the past. Now, her vile nemesis posed her such an immense challenge. She was so dishearteningly strong.

But Barbara dug deep and pushed on. She had to win. In front of their watching daughters, she had to show herself to be the stronger woman, the stronger mother. She had to prove it to them… to Valerie… and to herself.

Gradually the frustration in Valerie’s eyes grew. The air was filled with their panting and soft grunts of effort. Neither could gain any advantage; they were evenly matched now, in sharp contrast to how Valerie had been so dominant in their last battle. Barbara was heartened. She knew Valerie hadn’t been slacking off, so she knew it was thanks to the training she had gone through with her Cindy that she could match her rival muscle for muscle. But it couldn’t go on indefinitely — one or the other had to win. She was resolved that it would be her!

The veins on Valerie’s chest and shoulders began to stand out. With a sudden burst of power, she forced Barbara’s hands back — just an inch, but enough.

Cindy cried out in dismay. Elena perked up like a hound scenting the kill.

“Outmuscling you again, right in front of the both of them… it’s almost perfect,” came Valerie’s sibilant whisper. “The only thing that would make this more satisfying… is if somehow, poor old Shelly were here to see you lose.”

Barbara’s lips parted, and a soft moan escaped them. There were so many ways Valerie could reopen old wounds… Unbidden, thoughts of her deceased husband’s infidelity came to mind. The couch, in the sitting room at his lab, where she herself had sat before, when she visited… that must have been where Valerie had seduced him on countless occasions; wrapping those sensuously strong legs around him… pushing his face into that wickedly deep cleavage…

She groaned again, and felt her arms give another inch. Valerie leaned in and poured on the pressure, flexing her forearms, and Barbara felt her wrists bending back painfully. She couldn’t seem to keep her strength focused to resist. Her will was crumbling.

“No! Stay strong, Mom!” Cindy cried out. Her voice was like a shaft of sunlight piercing the storm clouds, a shard of clarity — Barbara’s eyes closed, and opened again, blazing.

“I’m… going… to put you… away!” she grunted. With a cry of effort, she pushed, causing Valerie to stagger back a full step. And now Valerie was on the defensive!

But she rallied quickly and braced herself anew. Slowly both women raise their hands higher up in the air, as they Escort Kandilli jockeyed for better leverage, until their shaking arms were almost straight up. They both stepped closer, inadvertently causing their breasts to smoosh together, though there was only animosity and no passion in that contact. Similarly, their cheeks pressed together tightly, as they snarled. No intimacy — just a primal, animalistic body-to-body contest between two muscled mothers.

“She’s still too strong for me to overpower outright,” Barbara realized. “I’ve got to weaken her first… need to keep in close quarters, since my boxing is so rusty! Cindy and I have been practicing our headlocks… basic but effective… I’ll have to see if I can put that practice to good use…”

With a loud yell, she wrenched their arms downwards and extricated her hands, then swung an arm up and over Valerie’s shoulders. “Just as we practiced!” she thought, forcing Valerie to bend over in the side headlock.

It would not be so easy for Barbara, though — Valerie was a skillful wrestler, and cunningly slipped out of the headlock with an ease that made Barbara feel clumsy. Even worse, Valerie quickly countered with a headlock of her own! Her arm muscles flexed and rippled as she cranked up the pressure on her opponent’s captive neck.

Barbara’s face was pressed right up against the side of Valerie’s breast — a most hateful and unpleasant position to be in. Worse still, she had to fight to retain her balance and prevent Valerie from slamming her down with a hip toss. They staggered around almost drunkenly for a long while before Barbara finally managed to break free of the headlock, using a trick Cindy had taught her.

Not content with this exchange, Barbara tried again to muscle Valerie into a proper headlock. And again, Valerie seemed to know just which parts of Barbara’s body to grab, just how to use her body weight, just how to pull her head free at the right moment. And yet again, Valerie snapped on a headlock that seemed so hard to break out of, let alone counter.

“Your wrestling skills are pathetic, Barb,” Valerie laughed a little breathlessly, jerking on her opponent’s head for emphasis. Their tussle had brought them very close to their kneeling daughters, so that Barbara’s face was almost level with theirs. “This is going to be easier than I thought, if this is the best you can do!”

Barbara’s face was reddening, she knew, from the tightness of the hold. She had to do something — anything — to change the rhythm of the contest! Instead of technical grappling, perhaps… would brute strength do it? She had to try.

She wrapped her arms tightly around Valerie’s strong, supple waist. Then, with a heave, she managed to lift Valerie clean off the ground. She fell backwards herself, slamming Valerie down with a side body-slam!

“Yes!” Cindy cheered. If she could have punched the air she would have. Such a glorious sight, her mighty mom slamming the villainess with a move like that — and she could see it all close-up, too! This was Mom as she remembered her from her earliest memories — mighty, powerful, smacking down baddies left and right.

Both clambered to their feet, though Valerie was visibly dazed a little by the impact. Taking advantage of her foe’s momentary disorientation, Barbara stepped in, slipped a hand in between Valerie’s legs, and hoisted her up. She took a deep breath, and then executed a picture-perfect body slam. Valerie’s back struck the hard unyielding floor with a gloriously loud meaty smack, and her body actually bounced a little. She lay there, stunned and spread-eagled in front of the two kneeling girls.

A slam like that from Battler Babe would break multiple bones in any normal thug, and even possibly a few metahumans. But Barbara knew by now not to underestimate Valerie’s physical toughness. She would be winded for a few brief moments, no more.

“I have to keep up the pressure,” she thought. “Can’t let her recover or try something new. Have to use whatever advantage I have… but what? We’re about as strong… and she’s faster and more skillful…”

Before she had time to do anything further, Valerie tucked her legs in, and performed a flawless kip-up! Swiftly she turned to face Barbara again.

“Go Momma!” Elena screamed joyfully.

Swallowing her dismay, Barbara moved in to continue grappling. Her rival’s recovery was even more rapid than she had thought it would be!

Once again they locked up, this time grabbing each other’s upper arms and squeezing as hard as they could, while at the same time pushing against each other chest to chest. Part of Barbara was secretly relieved that Valerie was choosing to stay with full-body tests of strength, instead of using her superior boxing or wrestling skills like the last time. But which of them would prove the stronger?

Their fingers dug into each other’s flesh. Barbara was bullet-resistant — bullets fired from a distance would glance off leaving only shallow flesh wounds, while bullets fired point-blank might lodge in her body somewhat, without penetrating far. Valerie’s gloved fingers digging into her arm muscles felt more painful than any gunshot wounds ever had. Already, she could feel bruises starting to form. She could only hope she was causing similar damage with her own fingers.

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