Mom Goes Down Ch. 04Mom Goes Down Ch. 04


Poor Kevin. He had a tough day at work as usual. His boss was giving him a hard time, he had a ton of paperwork to sort through…all he wanted to do was come home and spend some quality time alone.

Kevin didn’t have much of a relationship with his wife Bianca. Bianca saw Kevin as a nuisance, she was only concerned with his credit cards and bank accounts. The two rarely spoke to each other and it was years since they had sexual relations. Some times, Kevin wondered if he still loved his wife.

If it wasn’t for his age and looks, Kevin certainly would have had an affair with one of the many hot young secretaries that worked in his office. But who was he kidding? Kevin was 57 years old, balding, out of shape, short (5’8) and genuinely unattractive. He had nothing to offer.

He often dreamed of being to fuck a young, attractive girl. Kevin was going to get his chance…WITH HIS DAUGHTER!

“Hi Honey, I’m home!”

Even though Kevin hated his wife, he always had a pleasant greeting for her or else she’d start bitching at him. Tonight, there was no answer. Kevin didn’t notice the brothers’ truck off in the side road, he had no idea what he was about to walk in.

When Ronnie heard the man’s voice, he sprung into action.

“Hey there, pops. I suggest you stop right there and don’t move a muscle.”

Kevin was always a bit of a coward. He was intimidated by this bigger man and didn’t want any trouble.

Kevin asked in a mild voice, “Ok, ok. Take whatever you want. Just don’t hurt me. Where are my wife and children?”

Ronnie laughed out loud. “Well, sir, there in the living room. You wanna look for yourself…”

Ronnie led Kevin into the room and the poor man’s mouth dropped. He thought he was seeing things. There was his big-tittied wife, her hairy pussy being eaten by some strange man. Then there was his son, Sean. He was literally sucking on his own mother’s giant nipples. Bianca had her eyes closed, sobbing lightly. And his oldest daughter Julie was massaging her enormous, lactating breasts in a corner of the room. It was almost as if she was enjoying it!

Kevin was literally in awe.

Ronnie made sure the man snapped back to reality. He gave the old man a hard shot to the back and Kevin landed hard on the floor. Just then Bianca noticed her husband and began to scream at him to do something. Kevin wasn’t up to the task, he just laid there silently.

Ron wanted Bianca to be humiliated even more and Kevin was the perfect tool to do it.

Ron approached the dazed man, “Ok, daddy, listen to me carefully. Your massive tittied wife there? Well, she’s fucked your son and your daughter. I nearly ripped her open with my massive cock. And your slutty daughter got to breast-feed her mom and bang her little bro!”

Kevin began to look around the room and realized what was going on. His family had been raped and humiliated. And now he was next! He began to cry lightly to himself. He was helpless against these two men.

Ron had no pity, “Don’t cry. You’re about to taste some of the greatest pussy of your life!”

Ron grabbed the old man by his hair and shoved him in front of his busty daughter. Julie didn’t know what to do. The thought of fucking her father literally made her sick but in the back of her mind, she couldn’t help but wonder how bad her mother would feel having to watch this. Her pussy began to tingle.

Ron took control, “Ok, cow tits, you’re gonna suck your daddy off…NOW! If you don’t, you know what happens.”

Upon hearing this, Bianca began to scream at both Kevin and Julie, “DON’T DO THIS! STOP IT! İstiklal Escort KEVIN, DO SOMETHING!”

Julie had nothing but hatred for her mother, “SHUT UP, YOU SLUT! You didn’t do anything but fuck your own son. Sit back and watch, maybe Daddy will enjoy a real woman.”

Bianca couldn’t believe her daughter’s words. She was about to yell back but all of a sudden, Ronnie stuck his enormous cock into her mouth. She nearly gagged on it but she was well trained by now. She began to suck eagerly, anything to take her mind off her husband and daughter.

Kevin was terrified. He didn’t know what to do. Either of these two men could break him with their bare hands so he was at their mercy. But he couldn’t let anyone know he would enjoy this. He tried to keep his emotions in check.

Julie’s boobs were absolutely huge, he simply couldn’t take his eyes off them. Her nipples were as hard as rocks and enormous. What really caught his eye were her aereolas, they were at least 3 inches around. As Julie approached her father’s penis, her heavy-hangers brushed up against his knees. Julie smiled when her father let out a small moan.

She took the man’s small penis in his mouth and closed her eyes. Her full, thick lips wrapped around it. Julie had no more reservations about what she was doing. She didn’t care anymore. She went up and down on her dad’s cock like a jack-hammer. She squeezed her massive nipple and felt her pussy starting to get moist.

Poor Kevin. It had been years since a woman touched him. His daughter wasn’t helping, she was going down on him like a crazy woman. Her boobs were slamming into his knees everytime she brought her head back down. He closed his eyes and bit his lip, he was dying for this to stop.

“Please, Julie, no, not here. Don’t do this to me.”

But it was no use. Out of the corner of her eye, Julie saw Ronnie shoot his seed all over her mom’s saggy tits. The look of disgust on her mom’s face sent her over the edge. She sucked faster and harder.

Kevin couldn’t take anymore, “OHH! AHH! JULIE! OH, I’m GONNA EXPLODE!”

The poor man nearly did. He shot load after load into his daughter’s mouth. His body shook and his ass tightened up. It was like nothing he ever felt before. The two brothers laughed and taunted the man. Bianca was in tears again, having to see this. As for Sean, he was jerking off. His sister’s body drove him nuts.

Julie picked her head up from her father’s lap and licked her lips. Kevin fell to floor, in tears, completely humiliated. Ron was far from done.

“Well, dad, you know, she got you off so it’s only fair…” Ronnie picked him up by the hair and led him in between his daughter’s legs. Julie willingly spread her legs and exposed her meaty thighs and hairy pussy. Her huge tits laid on her stomach, touching her naval. She wanted to make sure her mom saw this…

“Hey Mommy, Dad is finally getting to taste a REAL pussy!”

With that, Julie led her father’s head down to her crotch. Kevin had never performed oral sex on a woman. His daughter’s scent was driving him wild, he wanted his own daughter. He hated to admitted it but he did. Her boobs, her ass, her hips, he was being overcome. He closed his eyes and slid his tongue into the mass of hair. Julie put her head back and enjoyed her father inside of her.

Bianca shot up from the coutch and started towards the two but Walt made sure she got no further. She was greeted with a slap to the face and fell down instantly. Her tits jiggled all over as she hit the ground. Ronnie decided to keep her amused.

“Don’t İstiklal Escort Bayan feel left out momma, you’re gonna have fun too.”

Ronnie found the woman’s bra and tied her hands behind her. When he did this, her tits literally exploded out in front of her. Bianca pleaded with him to stop but she only got a smack upside the head. Ron called Sean over…

“Hey boy, you still horny. Come fuck mommy again!”

Bianca never thought her son would do this again but she was wrong. Sean laid on the floor and Ron forced the woman to sit the boy’s large cock. Sean’s hands immediately went to her gigantic titties. Bianca had no problems sliding on to the boy’s penis, her pussy was sopping wet. Bianca couldn’t believe that her body would betray her again but it did. She was soon approaching climax and began to ride her son faster and harder. Ronnie simply laughed and mocked her,

“Whew. You just can’t get enough of that boy’s cock. Too bad he’s your son.”

Bianca didn’t respond. She arched her body backwards, sticking her tits out even more and let out a large moan, “MMPPH! AHHHHHH!”

Her body collapsed onto her son and her tits covered his entire chest.

Meanwhile, Kevin had his daughter in a frenzy. The pudgy girl was face fucking her father. Her tits were swaying back and forth and she slammed her hairy pussy and belly into her dad’s mouth. Kevin was proud of himself. He didn’t think he could make a girl feel this way.

Julie’s body couldn’t take anymore. “HOLY FUCK! YEAH DADDY! WOW! AHHHHHHHHHHH!” She grabbed his head and stuck deeper into her vagina. Her juices were all over his face. Kevin fell to the floor, exhausted. Julie was sweaty and covered in cum and pussy juices. She laid on the chair and waited for the next round.

Ronnie grabbed Keving and brought him in the center of the room. The father was forced to lay down and his penis stood nearly upright. The men laughed at his erection.

“Hey Julie, time to fuck daddy.”

At this point, Julie didn’t care. She fucked Walt, Ronnie and Sean. Who knew if she was going to get pregnant again. She had no problems fucking her dad too. Deep down, Kevin was dying to feel that pussy close down on his penis but he tried to act as if he didn’t.

“Baby, no. Don’t do this. It’s wrong. Don’t fuck me.”

Julie simply laughed, “but Daddy, you will like it.”

She sat on her dad’s penis and immediately began to ride him like a bucking bronco. She put her breast to her mouth and began licking the massive nipple. Her other boob hung down to her waist. Her father’s penis was small but Julie was sensitive to the slightest stimulation at this point. Her dad brought her to orgasm quickly.

“OH YEAH! Daddy, daddy, fuck me good, that’s it, daddy, give me that cock.”

Julie’s eyes rolled to the back of her head and her boobs heaved up and down on her body. She could hear her dad’s penis thrusting in and out of her wet pubic hairs. Meanwhile, her father had lost it.

“Oh honey, that feels so good. I love your titties, harder honey, fuck me harder.”

In a few seconds, Kevin shot his seed in his daughter’s cunt. Julie was worn out and fell off her father’s body. Bianca watched in horror.

Ron continued to bark out orders, “ok Dad, time to suck on those massive jugs. Are you thirsty?”

Kevin crawled over to his daughter and grabbed her lactating breasts. He brought them to his mouth and eagerly sucked them. Soon, shots of milk entered his mouth. Julie was in paradise. Her breasts needed the release. She grabbed his head closer to her and Escort İstanbul moaned in ecstasy,

“Whew, don’t stop. Please, don’t stop.”

Ronnie had seen enough. Kevin enjoyed his daughter too much, he didn’t think he was humiliated enough.

“Ok, Dad. You enjoyed the daughter, how bout the son! SUCK HIS COCK OR LOSE YOURS!”

Kevin began to plead with Ronnie but he wasn’t listening. He kicked Kevin in the chest and brought a closed fist down on his head. Kevin was dragged over to Sean. Sean was repulsed by this though but he had no choice. He closed his eyes and imagined Julie’s body. Kevin lowered his head and began to suck his son’s penis. He made the same mistake Bianca did. He thought going faster would make it less of an ordeal. Sean couldn’t believe how he felt. His dad felt almost as good as Julie. Sean began to pump his hips to meet his dad’s mouth…he shot his seed soon after.

Bianca stood up and started screaming at her husband but she soon met her doom. Julie stood up and punched her mom in her flabby stomach. Bianca dropped like a ton of bricks. Julie grabbed her by the hair.

“KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT! If you weren’t such a bitch, this wouldn’t have happened. You hear me!”

Julie slapped her across the face. “Here, use that mouth for something other than bitching.”

She stuck her mom’s face into her sopping, sweaty pussy. Bianca tried to resist but her daughter was much stronger. Bianca simply gave in and buried her mouth in the pussy. The girl eagerly grinded her insanely wide hips into her mom’s mouth. Bianca was openly crying and begging her to stop. Julie only smacked her mom in the head and called her a slut, cow.

Ronnie saw Julie’s enormous ass shaking and jiggling as she raped her mom and forced her to suck her twat. He had never seen anything like it. He walked up to the girl from behind and licked his finger. He gradually worked his finger in and out of the enormous ass. Julie never had anything up her ass before and she let out a yelp. She knew what was coming…and she wanted it! After several minutes of lubing up the massive ass, Ron stuck his cock in. Julie let out a loud wail and closed her eyes. Ronnie grabbed hold of her enormous udders and began to unmercifully fuck her virgin ass.

Julie quickly began to shake and twitch. It was the most powerful orgasm she ever experienced. Her juices absolutely exploded out on her mom’s face. Things then went black and the busty brunette collapsed to the floor.

Ron surveyed the scene. Kevin was in the corner, head down. Sean had once again began masturbating after watching his sister rape his mom. Bianca was on the floor, crying her eyes out. Poor Julie had passed out after so many orgasms.

“Well, Walt. Looks like our work is done!”

The brothers started hysterically laughing and began to get dressed.

Before they left the broken family, Ronnie left a message…

“You tell anyone about this and we go public with the pictures!”

With that, the two men were gone.

The family tried to put this hideous event behind them and believe it or not, for the most part they did. Bianca and Kevin continued to hate each other. And while Sean masturbated to his mother’s body at least twice a day, neither he nor his mother gave into their sexual desires.

The one person who did change was Julie. She soon learned after this forced orgy that she was pregnant. She suspected Sean was the father but she was determined to have an abortion. Julie would never forgive her mother. She hated her for the way she treated her when she was little and it was her fault that the family was raped and humiliated.

Julie was determined to make sure her mother was broken and humiliated beyond belief. She wanted her mother to be treated like the bitch she was.

Julie was gonna be the one to do it!


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