Two black men from SenegalTwo black men from Senegal


Two black men from SenegalI had gone to Atlanta, to participate of a very boring conference.The first night, as I was having dinner alone at the hotel’s restaurant, I saw a couple of very good looking and tall African men sitting at the next table.Both black men were looking at me.One of them winkled at me; I winkled back at him…As they stood up to leave, the other man showed me his room key number. I giggled and told them to wait for me. I would be there in just half an hour.I sipped another cup of coffee; thinking about my loving husband.Victor was now home alone; he had not fucked me properly during the last two weeks; so, I was feeling totally aroused at the sight of a handsome man.Instead of just one; I had now two good looking black men…and they would be for sure very well hung indeed…I went upstairs to my room and enjoyed a warm shower. I shaved my smooth mound and put on a nice sexy black outfit.A while later I walked down to the upper floor hallway to their room.I knocked at the door and one of them let me in. Both men were wearing some elegant silky robes. I introduced myself and learnt they were from Senegal. One of them noticed my wedding ring and he asked about my hubby; but I giggled, saying my beloved Victor was not there… Both men laughed.One of them, Samuel, casino siteleri asked if I ever had sex with a black man. I giggled again, saying I had never done it.The other man, Jones, laughed loud and he said I was a liar…I said I was hoping they both would be bad boys…They laughed, as Samuel offered me champagne. After more chatting and a couple bottles, they led me to the main bedroom.Once there, I took off my dress and stood naked in front of these handsome black men, just wearing my stilettos.Samuel let slip his silky robe to his feet and he showed me his tremendous black cock. He moved over me; he grabbed my neck and made me bend over my waist; so that I could see his huge hard cock before my eyes…He held me by my hair and thrust his huge black cock inside my mouth.I put my hands on his legs and started pushing him on my face.Meanwhile, Jonas grabbed my hips and he made me spread my feet.I soon felt his thick cockhead teasing my wet pussy lips.The bastard played with me, until I let go Samuel’s cock from my mouth and yelled at Jonas he should stop teasing me and he would better fuck me…I then felt him invading my soaking cunt, parting my swollen lips…He stood some moment quiet; to let my cunt adapt to its size; then Jonas began to fuck me in a güvenilir casino steady pace; as I sucked his mate…He made me moan in pleasure, with my mouth full of black cock.After a while they turned me around and both enjoyed my cunt and mouth.I had an amazing orgasm, as I felt both black men exploding inside my holes at same time. I asked them to have a warm shower.When I came back from the bathroom, Jonas was lying naked onto the bed. Samuel smiled at me, as he was smearing some gel all over his hard cock. Just then my phone rang; it was Victor, asking about how was going everything at Atlanta. I told him it was fine; just having room service…Meanwhile I straddled Jonas’ face and he began to eat me.Still talking to my beloved hubby, I crawled back onto Jonas and impaled myself onto his wonderful thick cock. I let out a soft moan, telling Victor that I was touching myself as I was thinking about him.Victor laughed, saying I was for sure going to be fucked by a black cock.I laughed at my hubby, as I started moving back and forth on Jonas’ cock.Samuel climbed up the bed holding his well lubed hard erection in his hand.I then felt my ass cheeks being pushed apart and his huge cock invading my tiny rosebud. It slipped easily, thanks to the god lubing job.But canlı casino

this time I cried in pain and Victor laughed again on the phone, saying now I had a real huge black cock buried up my tight asshole…I told him I was trying a new dildo up my anus; but my loving hubby did not believe it. I hung up and begged Samuel to fuck my ass even harder…Jonas gave me a tremendous orgasm as I was riding his hard cock. At same time, I felt Samuel filling my ass with his burning semen. It was too much for me and I came again as he sodomized me…As both men pulled off, I sucked them until both cocks got hard again.They changed positions and I enjoyed again those two African dicks up my cunt and asshole.As both pulled out, we all lay there onto the bed, recovering our breath.Samuel ordered me to call my beloved cuckold husband.As I chatted with Victor, those niggers fondled my whole body, licking my hard nipples, fingering my asshole and rubbing my clit.Samuel made turn over my belly and he shoved his cock in my mouth, as I tried to talk with my loving husband. Jonas climbed on my back and again he pushed his hard black rod in my ass again…I dropped the phone a few times, telling my husband that I was watching porn at the bed, a movie where two black men were fucking a dumb blonde married slut…Samuel filled my anus with his burning seed and then Jonas claimed his chance of having my ass again. I laughed on the phone, telling Victor that both black men were insatiable…Victor laughed and he recommended me to put some ice on my sore ass…

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