New Girl In Town – 1New Girl In Town – 1


My name is Sasha. I had just shifted to another state in the country and it had almost been a month. I hadn’t been for my regular check up in almost half a year. My neighbour was pretty much the only girl I knew around town. So I asked her one of those girl-to-girl things and she gave me the contact details of her doctor, and told me she worked as the receptionist at the clinic. My neighbour [her name was Kristen] was one of those people who indulged in extremely loud sex no matter what time of the day it was. As a matter of fact she’d admitted that she loved to please people, no matter whether they were men or women, and she pretty much did that for a living. And when she didn’t have people over, she enjoyed going solo. She’d offered me to go over on a number of occasions to have a bit of fun with her, but I’d politely declined. I hadn’t ever been with a girl, and neither did I really understand the concept of what my neighbour was going to introduce me too soon enough. But that story is for another time. This is about the visit to the doctor that changed a lot of things in my life. So, I set up an appointment. Bostancı Escort Now, Kristen had told me that this particular doctor was extremely meticulous the first time round, and she wouldn’t mind taking up to 2 hours for just a simple check up if she had to. Well, I was soon about to find out that meticulous had an altogether different meaning. I got to the clinic, and waited for about 10 minutes. Kristen was wearing an extremely figure hugging outfit, and I couldn’t help but notice [what seemed to me] as a never ending cleavage. She wore a coat on it, but the like just went past her right tit, and I could see it prominent, and poking out from underneath. I was getting distracted – what was wrong with me? I’d never been with a woman before, and I never thought I’d pay so much attention to these small things. I was almost glad I got called in before I got carried away into my thoughts. “Hi, I’m Dr. White – call me Laura. I’d just like to ask you a few basic questions” – and so she proceeded to ask me a number of questions. “Ok, thank you so much Sasha. Now please remove your shirt and your skirt and Bostancı Escort Bayan come onto the examination seat”. I’d never been told to remove my shirt before. I was apprehensive, but I trusted the doctor, so I did as I was told and I sat on the seat. I then gave my consent for my exam and Laura proceeded with the procedure. She was scribbling notes into a file. Then she asked me the question that began the process of changing my life forever – “So Sasha, have you ever been with any women? Or have you ever had any thoughts of being with one?” I hadn’t. Until this morning, and so I told her the truth – “No I haven’t. But I have suddenly become aware of certain things” – And I proceeded to narrate how closely I had observed Kristen about 20 minutes back. She replied with a “Hm. Alright I am going to have to take off your bra and your panties to examine you. Have you ever toyed with yourself before?” I had considered it on many occasions, but I had never gotten around to it. I’d had a steady boyfriend and never really considered it all that while. He never really enjoyed experimenting either. And Escort Bostancı so I said no yet again. She placed my legs on the stirrups and spread them out. She now came up to me and started feeling my boobs – she said it was to check for any lumps or anything of that sort. Then she started kneading my boobs slowly, and pinched my nipple. I gasped. I was embarrassed that I was getting wet. But then she moved on. She then sat down in front of my pussy and slowly spread the lips of my pussy, only to find it glistening with moisture. “Now, someone’s wet aren’t they?” I couldn’t help but just blush. “Sasha, do you want to know what it’s like to be with a woman? What it is like to be to be pleased by one and to please one?” And at that point I just wanted her to do whatever she willed to me. I couldn’t take it and all that came out of my mouth was a stifled “please?” So Laura laughed. She got up and locked the exam room. She then took off her clothes only to reveal a well toned body, fully rounded C cups and a shaven pussy. I had never seen a woman that naked and looked at her that sexually before. She came up to my boobs and suddenly flicked my nipple with her tongue. I gasped. She slowly circled around it, and then took it in her mouth and started sucking it. My hand was about to go down and feel myself when she stopped me short and said “Wait, don’t do anything.

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