Miss Feel Good Pt. 04Miss Feel Good Pt. 04


As usual everyone is over eighteen and Dani is the narrator.


Chapter six

Jo arrived home only to hear sex noises out in the backyard. “Oh my god.” She thought. Mum and Ruby are fucking in full view of our neighbours.

“There are innocent young children just next door and they have just cleared those gorgeous trees. What a crime.”

Jo walked out to the Backyard to find her born again pregnant Mother and her big sis scissoring and her Mother shaking her large perky tits right in the direction of Mr and Mrs greens window. Yelling at the top of her lungs, “I’m pregnant. I want the whole world to watch me fuck my hot daughter’s.”

Josephine’s jaw hit the floor in shock. “What the hell has got into Mum.”

I regained my composure and glanced over my shoulder, to see Jo staring eyes wide open.

“Welcome home Joey, quickly get naked and come and join us.”

Jo froze and hesitated for a while before giving into her Mother’s wishes. “I’m an exhibitionist, but fucking for all to see is another. This was taking her vulgaris to a whole new level.”

“Oh by the way honey us girls will be peeing on the veggie patch from now on, that will give Mr Green the eye full that he deserves.” Dani was glowing, with sparkles in her eyes and gave the neighbours a wink.

This was a side of their Mother neither of the girls had witnessed before. “I was daydreaming about the good old days she shared with Jane and Tanya, while I was watching my daughters kissing and fondling each other. I guess you have to grow up some day.” Nah on way!

Ruby’s eyes lit up as she watched her Mother slowly arching her back and started slowly rubbing rubbing her sensitive clit and clitoris in the direction of Mr Green’s ever growing erection. The harder he got, the more vigorously I masturbated. until Mrs Green started giving her has husband an intense blowjob and watched on intently Karagümrük Escort as Dani bought herself to orgasm.

“Luckily we live in an open minded community.” As this bought full attention from all our neighbours and their horny young teens. I regained my composure and said,

Enjoy watching my daughter’s fuck everybody! As I blow Mr Green a kiss.

I whispered in Ruby’s ear. “Take good care of your sister, I’d better start cooking dinner soon. Your father will be home late tonight and I need to prepare myself for him, I’m going to have a shower now.”

Chapter seven

It was an incredibly hot and unseasonal day for this time of year, it was also the start of Mother’s Day weekend.

I leaned over and gently kissed her husbands chest. “I think I would like to spend the entire weekend at the secluded nude beach with you and our daughters. It is known as the sex beach after all. Oh by the way do you mind if we invite Jane and Tanya to join us tomorrow? I’m sure Jake and Meg won’t mind looking after the girls.”

“Of cause I don’t mind” John gave his wife a wink.

“You’re getting excited already. The sight of their hot firm naked bodies is already imprinted in your mind, aren’t they I giggled licking my lips. As John had a full erection just thinking about them! Well you will have to wait until tomorrow I laughed.”

“What is that wonderful smell coming from the kitchen.” I smiled at John.

“Our daughters intend on spoiling you all weekend darling.”

“Ready Daddy. The girls yelled out in unison. Blindfold Mum and escort her down stairs.”

“Ok Mum you can take off your blindfold now.”

“This looks fantastic girls. You have gone to so much trouble. I love you guys so much. This is much appreciated.”

“Your welcomed Mum. You can expect similar tomorrow.”

Over Breakfast I asked my daughters. “how Escort Karagümrük they felt about spending the whole weekend at the secluded nude beach.”

“Sure we would love to Mum.” Jo spoke first.

“This weekend is totally devoted to you. Ruby said, who knows I might even find myself a hunky young man that is well hung.” she sighed.

“Your father and I have decided to invite Jane and Tanya tomorrow.” I said.

“Oh god. The girls spoke up in unions. I hope Tilly isn’t invited. She is so up herself.”

“No darling, just Jane and Tanya. I’ll phone them after Breakfast and ask if it’s ok if your uncle Jake and Meg could look after the girls.”

“Ho that’s a relief. What did uncle Jake do wrong.”

We all broke out with laughter.

“So we are spending the weekend at the sex beach.” Ruby’s smile grow wider.

We all pitched in to clean up after breakfast and got ready for the 15 minute drive to the beach. “Boy we are going to need the sunscreen today!”

Chapter eight

We arrived at the beach only to discover that we have never seen so many naked bodies here before. “Not even in the middle of summer!”

“Well honey you might be in luck with finding yourself a hunky man here today.” I winked at Ruby.

“Looks like everyone has the same idea today. John smiled at his wife and proceeded to strip. Come on girls what are you waiting for.” John enquired.

The girls proceeded to undress.

“Don’t forget to lock your clothes in the car today. We don’t want our clothes stolen today.” I said precociously.

“Right behind you dad, I’ll race you.” Ruby greeted him.

“Trust you two. Always the first naked.” Jo scoffed.

Jo and I followed them down to the beach and they picked out our camp for the day. “Ten in the morning and there were already two couples having sex.” Ruby’s and my faces lit up with Karagümrük Escort Bayan delight.

“coming for a swim Dad.” Jo enquired.

“Right behind you sweety.” John chased her into the water.

Ruby per used the scenery. “No hunky young men here yet! She rolled her eyes at her Mother. Why does Jo get all the boyfriends that she desires? This is going to be the best Mother’s Day you have ever had though Mum.” As I per used the hot and steamy sex scenes just a foot beside me.

“I’m in heaven sweetie. Look over there! I think we are about to whiteness some lesbian sex. How hot are they?” As I watched my daughter grinding her towel.

“Oh my god. I’m going to cum Mum.” Ruby was incredibly excited.

Just than Rubies dreams come true, she looked up to see the man of her dreams. The young man asked if he could lay his towel out next to her.

“It is very crowded here today, I hope you don’t mind.”

Ruby enthusiastic ally said sure thing,. “I don’t think you’re going to find another spot at this beach today. I hope you will be here tomorrow,”

“Poor boy is bright red. You have only just met him sweetie. Hi there my name is Dani and this is my daughter Ruby. I’m going to join your father and sister in the water. I winked at my daughter. You two stay here and chat for a while.”

“My name is Scott. It’s lovely to meet you Ruby.” With that Ruby’s nipples were quite erect and she was wet down stairs, she was fixated on Scotts ever glowing erection.

With that John marched up to them. “So you’re interested in my daughter?”

“Yes sir.” Scott went bright red again.

“Just joking John chuckled, you’re very welcomed. I hope you will be able to join us for lunch today.”

“Of cause it would be my pleasure. It’s my treat I’ll pay for all of you.”

Scott chipped in.

“Oh Dad you’re so embarrassing, I’m twenty two not fifteen!”

“You’re still my baby girl.” John squeezed Scott and Ruby tightly.

John told dad jokes for the rest of the day. Well if this doesn’t cause Scott to run he’s a keeper, Ruby thought as she hung her head in shame and shook her head. Jo and I couldn’t contain our laughter.

“He’s not funny.” Ruby snapped in disbelief.

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