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While browsing CL, I came across the following: “40 mwf would love to keep you company mon thru friday 9am until 2pm.. i would love to do some consulting for a very few select clients, my consulting is a full service, and i take a lot of pride in my work..if you are serious about some consulting work email me asap” There were two pictures of a beautiful, shapely lady, the kind that made my mouth water, so I quickly reread the ad.

40, she must be mature, the type of lady I love working with. A consultant, well, being a consultant myself I’m always looking for talented people. Pride in her work, a required trait as a consultant. She looked like someone I’d be interested in, so I replied to the post “I would love to discuss some consulting work I need done.” There was a little more to the reply, but for brevity we’ll keep it at that. Within an hour the lady replied with “rates” and quickly an interview scheduled.

Since I consult from a contract location, I scheduled the interview to be at the lady’s house. Arriving on time, she answered the door in a very sexy, revealing outfit with a deep passionate kiss. “You’re hired” ran through my brain, but I needed to closely examine this candidate. Off to the interview room with the king size bed. Wow, what an opportunity to test the applicants “special” abilities. All interviews should be so cordial.

I started the interview by pulling her close and kissing her, a deep, passionate, soul searching kiss. My hand roamed freely over her nearly naked body, massaging her breasts, sliding between her legs to caress and fondle. What a beautiful body, the kind I often dream of. Short, tanned, toned, maybe 5’2″, large succulent breasts, a slim contoured waist, and beautiful hips. Oh, watch out heaven, here I come.

Separating, I asked if I could get comfortable, and the lady replied “Please do”. Buttons flying, clothes ripping, and once comfortable, I again pulled her to me and kissed her, our bodies rubbing together, her hands freely roaming, mine doing likewise. Separating, the lady knelt before me and started “Dick”-tation, Slowly, paying special attention to anadolu yakası escort all areas, I’m squirming as I long for her to quickly get to the point. Soon, teasingly, she engulfs me, then slowly slides down until her nose touches my body. Oh, honey, you’re definitely on the short list of potential candidates.

Not wanting the interview to end quickly, I stop her. Rising, we’re again kissing, caressing each other. Moving to the bed, it’s time for the next phase of the interview, a close detailed examination of her assets. Also, I need to find out if this lady can take constructive criticism, or, as I like to refer to it, a “Tongue Lashing”.

Kissing, caressing, our hand again roaming, I slowly move down her body until my mouth and tongue touch the tip of her right mountain. My hands massage while my lips and tongue suckle this wonder of nature. First right, then left, back and forth my head moves examining the highs and lows, savoring the essence, enjoying the textures as I mentally take notes on for the interview file.

Then moving further down, examining every inch, I stop at her belly button to kiss, caress and fondle. I love belly buttons and I’ve found, from previous interviews, that allot of women enjoy attention paid to this area. So, another detailed examination is required. Scrutinizing, I determine this innie is quite beautiful and mentally note it for the file.

Continuing my decent, I stop before reaching the “Y”, sit back on my haunches and lift her right foot to my mouth. Not much walking is required on my present contract, but a close examination of her feet is mandatory. Kissing her big toe, I slowly suck it, my tongue sliding around and massaging. Then the next toe and the next, checking each for imperfections, noting the closed eyes, the hip movements. Moving from little to big and back, sucking two or three in my mouth at I time, my tongue massages each digit, sliding between them to tease and stimulate. the lady’s moaning, her head rolling left, then right. Next, to the right foot the procedure is atalar escort repeated, and the lady’s moaning, hips moving, her hands massaging the tip of the mountains. Once again, mental notes are required for the file.

Now that the feet have passed inspection, I slowly move up her legs, kissing and tongue caressing every inch, moving closer to that part of the interview that I enjoy the most, the “Tongue Lashing”. Pausing at her right inner thigh, moving closer, I kiss and massage ever so slowly until I reach the area where her leg joins her torso. Paying special attention to this area, ever so close but not touching, the lady is approaching heaven. Her hips are off the bed undulating, she’s moaning, her eyes are closed as she tries to reposition her torso so I will “Lash” the object object of her desire. “Not yet my dear” I’m thinking as I move to her left inner thigh and repeat the process, stopping at the torso fold. The candidate is in heaven.

Moving from fold to fold, my lips brush the area between and the lady jerks on each pass. Oh, she is so close, soon my dear, a little more teasing is required. Closer and closer I move to the area between the folds until my tongue touches her outer lips. Continuing to tease, I massage around the area, barely touching the lips, over and over. Then starting at the bottom, slightly parting the lips, I slide my tongue from bottom to top, savoring the textures and moisture, relishing my lover. Circling but not touching her love button, my lover moans in anticipation. Over and over, bottom to top and back, circling, each pass going a little deeper until I silently say “Now my dear, enjoy”.

Positioning my lips over her love button, I suck it in as I open my mouth wider to take in the entire area. As she eases into the vacuum, I part the lips and insert my tongue until I feel the edge of her G-spot. Massaging the spot with my tongue, the vacuum engorging her love button, my lover falls over the edge with mind shattering spasms. Her face, contorted, has started to turn blue and her moans, now screams, are ataşehir escort almost ear splitting. Tearing at the sheets, my lover is on a plateau of ecstasy, and I continue to massage the spot, holding her there as her blue face gets darker, almost purple. As she starts to return to the world, I ease my tongue out and flick her love button over and over, pushing her right back to the plateau for more spasms. Eventually my lover comes back to earth, and I back off the sensitive area to let her revel in the afterglow.

To me, there is nothing more exquisite than watching a beautiful woman reach ecstasy, and the lady seems to be able to take a good “Tongue Lashing”, but it needs to be further examined another 2 or three times.

After the lady passed the “Tongue Lashing” portion of the interview, resting for awhile, she asked if she could redo the “Dick”-tation as she felt she it was one of her strongest assets. When a candidate has such strong convictions, how could one refuse? So, positioning herself between my legs, she started slowly kissing and teasing. The tables had turned and the interviewee was now the interviewer and what a wonderful interviewer she was. Massaging with her tongue, licking and moving her hand up and down, it was my turn to moan and try to change positions, but no, the lady learns quickly and can tease as good as she gets. Becoming more aroused, if that were possible, the lady eventually took me entirely into her mouth, going further and further down until her nose again touched my body. Oh, the sensations, the feelings, I was close to exploding but wanted to stay here forever.

Warning the lady that I was about to release only increased her intensity, her head moving up and down faster, the vacuum in her mouth increasing. Oh, I’m in heaven, loving the stimulation, relishing the plateau when BANG, I start. My lover, committed to the task, never wavers, sucking me deeper into her mouth, enjoying the nectar of the gods. Over and over I spasm as my face turns red, groaning in ecstasy. Well, the lady is right, her “Dick”-tations skills are phenomenal and it is my turn to come back to earth.

The interview has been going on for almost an hour and a half, and I have another appointment, so we set a date and time to continue the and I depart smiling. While driving away, I know that no matter what happens when we meet to complete the interview, I’m going to have another Asset on my consulting team. And oh, what a beautiful ass, I mean asset.

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