Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 10Melissa Goes Wild Ch. 10


Wednesday evening and I had to get some studying done. After this past weekends experience with Amy we really haven’t seen each other much, and when we did I detected uneasiness about her. We needed to sit down and talk about it, but right now I needed to get some studying done. We could talk later. After dinner I was gathering my books when Amy walked in. She looked at me, turned around and headed back out. I figured we had to talk now if she didn’t even want to be around me.

“Hey Amy come back. I need to talk to you.” She stopped, and then she started to leave again. I sprang across the room, grabbed her hand, and pulled her back in. After shutting the door I led her to her bed. I pushed her down on it so she was sitting, I sat next to her. She moved away so there were at least a couple of feet between us. She looked down at her feet on the floor.

“Listen Amy we need to talk. Something in bothering you.” I started. “Can I ask what it is?” There was no response. Silence for several seconds.

“Are you doing alright in your classes?” After a short hesitation there was a slight nod.

“Is it boy trouble?” Again there was a hesitation, and then she shook her head ‘No’.

“Is everything alright at home?” Another hesitation, then a nod.

“Is it me and the other night, and what we did?” No answer.

“Well if it’s only the other night then it’s no big deal.” I laughed. No response.

“Listen if you think the other night changes things between us, it doesn’t. Alright? We are still roommates, we have to live together for the rest of the semester. What happened were two beautiful girls enjoying themselves, that’s all. It’s not like we’re full blown lesbians or something.” Amy sat motionless.

“You don’t think that little incident made you gay, do you?” I detected a little quiver on her lips.

“So that’s it, you think just cause a girl went down on you you’re gay. Well you’re not. I know you love guys, well so do I. But I also can enjoy a sexy girl once in a while. And if you want so can you. Us girls have beautiful bodies, why should guys have all the fun?” I waited for a response, a sign, anything, but got nothing.

“I’ve got to get some studying done.” I stood up, grabbed my book bag and headed for the door. I stopped and turned towards her.

“You are a cool person, and I don’t want things between us to change. I want to be your friend, I want us to be roommates for the rest of the year. If you don’t want that to ever happen again it won’t. But I want us to be friends, ok? Just think about it, ok?” Still she stared at her feet. I left.

I went over to the library hopefully to find a quiet place away from the many distractions in my dorm. I thought about our little conversation, well actually my little talk. I hope she understood. In the month we have been roommates we’ve had no problems. We got along great. I don’t want that to change. And I could use a real friend.

At the library I made my way to the third floor, and found an empty table towards the back corner. There were a couple of other study tables in this area, along with several couches up against the windows. A couple of people were on the couches reading, and one of the other tables was occupied. I sat down, cleared my mind of what just happened between Amy and me, pulled out my things from my book bag and dove right in. A couple of hours flew by as I was making some real progress. Then someone spoke.

“Hey Melissa.”

I looked up, there was this cute guy, it took me a second but then I realized it was Nick from the party the other night.

“Oh hi Nick.” I replied. I was kind of at a loss for words, I mean what do you say to a guy you barely know but had already fucked? There was a moment of awkward silence before he spoke again.

“I really had a great time at the party the other night.” He said. I laughed to myself, of course he had a good time, he got to fuck me.

“Yeah that was a good time.” And then another awkward moment of silence.

“So what are you doing here?” He asked.

“SSSSHH.” Said a girl loudly from a couple of tables away, giving us a nasty look. Nick sat down directly across from me.

“Mind if I join you?” he whispered.

“Go right ahead, I’m just studying some history.” I whispered back.

“Is Aliağa Escort that American History with Dr Schultz?”

“No I’m taking it with Dr Williams.”

“SSSSSHH.” And another nasty look from the same girl a couple of tables away. Nick quickly pulled out a couple of books from his book bag. We looked at each other, trying not to laugh. Somehow we managed not to burst out laughing. I went back to my studying as Nick started his.

After a little bit Nick passed a folded piece of paper to me. I looked at Nick, he just smiled. Opening the paper there was a note that read: ‘That was the best birthday present ever. Thanks.’

I smiled at him, mouthed “You’re welcome.” Then I went back to studying. Soon he was passing me another note. This one said: ‘You are so sexy.’ I kind of laughed, the only time we spent any time together I was dancing naked and fucked him. I tried to study again but he slipped me another note. ‘I’d like to see more of you,’ it said. Then his foot touched mine. At this point I figured my studying was done, so why not have some fun. I was wearing a button down sweater, light purple, with a black pleated skirt that almost reached my knees. Underneath was the usual bra and panties, nothing too exciting. I figured I’d tease him a little.

“Can you watch my stuff? I need to go to the bathroom.” I whispered. He nodded. When I got to the bathroom I removed my bra and left the sweater unbuttoned down to between my breasts. Hiding my bra under my sweater I returned to our table. Sitting down I slipped my bra into my book bag. I smiled at Nick, he smiled back. Apparently he didn’t notice because he went back to studying. Now it was my turn to bother him. I undid another button on my sweater, pulled it open so that it would be impossible not to notice, but still covered my breasts. Then I accidentally kicked him. He looked up.

“Oops, sorry.” I whispered. He nodded an acknowledgement, started to return to his books when he noticed. I know because he did a double take. Just as he raised his eyes to meet mine I looked down into my book, pretending not to know. I’m not sure how long he starred, but it was everything I could do to keep looking at my book. I wasn’t reading, I couldn’t, I was wondering what was going through his mind. My nipples were beginning to harden.

After what seemed like forever I glanced up. He had gone back to studying. Slowly I moved a hand to my sweater and undid the next button down. Now only the bottom two were holding my sweater closed, if you want to call it that. I was getting excited. Standing up I stretched with my arms over my head. I could feel the sweater open all the way down to my belly. Still standing I leaned over the table towards Nick, leaning on my elbows, to give him a great view. I looked at him quickly to make sure he had noticed before looking down at his books. He had.

“What are you studying?” I asked, still acting like nothing unusual was happening.

“Ah…a…chemistry, advanced chemistry.” He stuttered. I’m not sure if he even knew what he had been studying 2 minutes ago.

“Looks hard.” I said. Then I reached behind me with my right arm as if to scratch myself. This motion pulled the sweater off my right breast, it dropped plainly into his sight. The cool air caused my nipple to harden even more. Keeping my hand behind me I sat back down, my breast was uncovered for all to see. I pretended to look at my book. I could feel his stare. Looking around I noticed a guy on a couch was staring, obviously enjoying the show. Smiling at him I pulled the sweater closed. On the last note Nick had written, the one about seeing more of me, I wrote, ‘now you have seen more of me – satisfied?’ and pushed it across the table. He looked at it, looked at me, and then added to the note. He pushed it back to me. It said, ‘No I want to see ALL of you.’

“You already did.” I whispered back to him. Kicking off a shoe my foot found its way to his crotch. I applied light pressure causing him to sit up straight. He stared at me, I stared right back while massaging his cock through his pants with my toes.

“I want you.” He whispered.

“I want you.” I replied. His cock was hard now, my pussy was hot, getting wet.

“Now.” He said.

“I’ve Alsancak Escort gotta go.” I said, starting to pack my things. He stuffed his books in his book bag quickly, then stood up and waited for me. After I got everything put away I headed for the back stairwell, only 20 feet away. This led to the closest exit to my dorm, instead of going to the main staircase in the front of the building. Pushing the door open I started to head down. Nick was right behind, grabbed me and pulled me up a flight of stairs. This led to the roof exit, which probably sounded an alarm if it was opened. At the top landing he dropped his book bag, pushed me back against the wall.

“I want you right here.” He said, leaning into me, kissing me. His tongue flickered over my lips, his hand reached inside my sweater and found a nipple. I dropped my book bag and wrapped my arms around him. I ran my hand through his hair, his hand found my ass. His other hand cupped my breast, then rubbed my nipple. He started to kiss down my neck, when suddenly the door beneath us opened. We froze, we didn’t even breath, my heart was pounding. Someone entered the stairwell and headed down. We heard the bottom door open and the person exit. The door slammed shut, Nick kissed me again, then dropped to his knees. He tried to pull my skirt down but it only moved an inch. Reaching down I unzipped my skirt enough for it to slide down. I stepped out of it while he reached for my panties. He pulled these down, practically causing me to fall while stepping out of them. Leaning forward he kissed me at the top of my slit. Then he took a deep breath.

“You smell so damn good.” Then his tongue slashed out at my clit, I spread my legs a little so he could have better access. Then the speaker over our heads crackled to life.

“Attention. The library will be closing in 15 minutes. Please bring any material you want to check out to the main desk now. Thank you.”

Nick kept licking me, with one hand on my ass, the other trying to push a finger in my pussy. Spreading my legs a little wider his finger slipped in. Undoing the final 2 buttons on my sweater, I pulled it fully open, rubbed my nipples with both hands. I was moaning when the door opened again. Again we froze, not breathing, his lips against me, his finger in me, our hearts pounding. The footsteps went down the stairwell, then exited at the bottom door.

Nick kissed my clit, pulled his finger free and stood up. He undid his pants, pushed them down. His cock sprang out, standing straight up. Grabbing me he spun me around so I was facing the wall. My hands were up next to my face, helping to brace me against getting my face slammed into the wall. My tits, my whole body was pressed up against the cold concrete wall. Nick got between my legs, pushed them wider with his legs. His cock rubbed against my pussy, I pushed back a little, but it wouldn’t go in. Reach down with my right hand I spread my pussy open. His cock found the opening and pushed in. It didn’t get in far, even with Nick totally up against me. He pulled back and pushed in again. I tired to tilt my hips a little but he pushed me flat against the wall. He started to fuck me, but only an inch or so of his cock could get in. He slipped out. He was trying to put it back in, the cock right at my entrance.

“Over the railing.” He said, still trying to push it in.


“Lean over the railing. Now.” He pulled out then pushed me to the railing. He pushed me down, so my tits were squished into the railing. He was behind me again trying to push his cock in.

‘Wait a sec.” I said. I moved so the railing was just under my tits, so they hung down free. Spreading my legs wider while I reached underneath me. I spread my pussy wide with my fingers.

“Ok.” He slide his cock in me, all the way in this time. He started to thrust into me, becoming more forceful with every thrust. I was looking straight down the stair well, just above the 3rd floor door. If anyone looked up they would see me spread wide getting fucked. There was no hiding. His hands were on my hips, pulling me back to meet his every thrust. My tits bounced back and force, as I was holding on to the railing with both hands, afraid Nick just might push me over with one of his thrusts. Balçova Escort He was pounding me good, grunting with every thrust.

Just then a door opened. Nick stopped, I was petrified someone would see us. It was the 2nd floor door, and 2 people entered. As they proceeded down the stairwell they were talking. Nick slowly started to fuck me again, but I didn’t breath. As they left the stairwell I left out a breath. Nick resumed his earlier pace. I was starting to relax and push back against him. Nick leaned down over me, reached around and found my clit. He started to rub it. Roughly he rubbed me. But it was wonderful. He cock was slamming deep into me with every thrust. He fingers forcefully rubbing my clit. My pussy started to tingle. His breath was on my neck, then his kissed my neck, never missing a beat.

An orgasm was building in me. His cock pushing hard into me, my clit was on fire, his fingers now pinching it, his kiss on my neck, then his tongue on my ear. Then the door directly below opened and several people walked in. I froze, I help my breath but Nick kept going. They all headed down the stairwell carrying on some conversation, not having a clue what was happening only 10 feet above them. Nick kept up the pressure and my orgasm continued to build. Then it hit. I bit my lip to keep from making any noise. My pussy was quivering as the orgasm ripped through my body. The people were still in the stairwell, now down a floor. Nick continued to plunge into me, to rub and pinch my clit. As they reach the ground floor and left the stairwell my orgasm was subsiding. I let out a breath and Nick just laughed. He stood back up straight, both hands on my hips again. He started to pound with even more force now, getting deeper with every plunge. His cock seemed to swell, and then it burst inside me.

“Yeah baby, cum in me.” I said as loud as I dared. He unloaded several more shots before his pace slowed. He stopped, then slipped out of me.

“That was great.” He said, pulling me up. Turning me around our lips met. We wrapped our arms around each other. His still partially hard and totally soaked cock press up against my belly. The speaker again came to life, startling us. We jumped apart.

“The library is now closed. You must exit the building at this time. Thank you”

He pulled up his pants as I buttoned my sweater. I reached for my panties but he took them.

“I’ll keep these as a souvenir.” He brought them to his noise, sniffed then stuff them in his pocket. “Yeah you sure do smell wonderful.”

“Are you gonna collect all my panties? You already have the pair from the other night.”

“I’m gonna try.” He answered. I pulled on my skirt, tried to straighten it as best as possible. We grabbed our book bags and headed down. Just as we got to the ground floor the door to the library opened up. In walked a security guard.

“I hope you two enjoyed yourselves.” He said. We stopped and looked at him puzzled. He smiled then pointed to a security camera aimed at the doors.

“There’s one on the top level too.” He said. “I saw the whole thing. Thanks for the show. You kids have a nice evening now.” With that he pushed open the door and we ran out laughing. Not sure if it was the embarrassment or the silliness of the whole thing. As we walked back to my dorm his cum was leaking out, running down my leg. When we entered my dorm I told him I had to stop in the bathroom.

“You’re leaking down my leg. I’d like to clean up if I could.” He waited as I cleaned up. He walked me to my room.

“Thanks I had a great time studying tonight.” I kissed his cheek.

“Yeah so did I.” Unlocking my door I stepped in and he turned to walk away.

“Hey.” He spun around, “Josh and I are going out Friday night, care to join us?”

‘Yeah sure, that will be fun. Here call me.” We exchanged number then he left.

The living area was empty, both bedroom doors were shut. Probably everyone is in bed. Opening my bedroom door it was dark, except for the reading light over my bed. There was a folded piece of paper on my pillows. Looking over it appeared that Amy was asleep. Putting my book bag down, I lay down on my bed face down. I opened the paper; it was a note from Amy.


After thinking about what you said. I too want us to remain friends. That was a wonderful time the other night, but I don’t think I’m ready to explore that side of life any further.

Your friend,


Well this turned out to be a great night after all. I changed into my nightie before slipping into my bed for a wonderful sleep.

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